Водопады Игуасу. Орёл и Решка. Чудеса света (eng, rus sub)

Водопады Игуасу. Орёл и Решка. Чудеса света (eng, rus sub)

Hi there! This is Heads and Tails. Wonders of the World.
And we flew to the Iguaçu Falls! IguaçU!
Well… No! IguAçu! IguaçU! What is the difference? Well, there are things that constantly lead to confusion. IguAçu — IguaçU. Alina — Regina. Well, this is ridiculous. Throw it up! Heads!
Tails! A large eagle flew to large waterfalls! This weekend I plan to visit both Argentina and Brazil. Therefore, I thought about the car in advance and rented it at the rental centre. Okay. Come with me! I will give you a ride! A car is the most convenient way to cross the border. You just need to come, put a stamp in your passport, and go to the waterfalls! I do not have money for a car. Therefore, I will stay in Argentina and begin the journey to the waterfalls from the Argentine city of Puerto Iguazú. For those who want to quickly go through the quest entitled “Get to the City”, I have prepared some tips! Buses do not have a schedule here, since they are oriented to arrivals. Today there is… One, two, three, four, five… fifteen! That is, you have fifteen buses to leave the airport. However, here it is important for you not to linger because you can be late. Do not waste time looking for a currency exchange office! It simply does not exist here! Take your dollars and go to the ticket office for the bus!
Hello! One ticket for bus. I cannot exchange 100 dollars for you.
Don’t you have enough money? Unfortunately, I do not have it.
What should I do if I have only 100 dollars? You should go to the store. So, having bought a bottle of water for a little more than one dollar, I exchanged my 100 bucks for local pesos.
This exchange rate is not very profitable. However, now I have both local money and water. And most importantly, the main thing that I have is a bus ticket that costs 4 dollars!
Well… After half an hour, I arrived in the city! Puerto Iguazú is a small Argentinean town located right on the border with Brazil. This is a very nice and green small town that resembles a village. If I had only 100 dollars, then I would spend all the time here. Nevertheless, this weekend I do not deny myself anything. Hence, I am going to watch the Iguaçu Falls from the Brazilian side. I will do it because the views are cooler there. And here is the border between Argentina and Brazil. In Argentina, they put a stamp in my passport. Thus, I had to go through the Brazilian border. Here I already need to get out of the car and go though passport control. The flow of tourists is large, so customs officers will not conduct lengthy security checks. A few minutes in line, a couple of stamps in the passport (so that I can brag to the girls), and I am in Brazil. If there were no waterfalls, nobody would ever know about the small picturesque town of Puerto Iguazú. And now this is the point of attraction for a million tourists. Here they throw their suitcases and go to see the wonder of the world. However, on the way, everyone must make a stop in one amazing place! Wow! This is a unique place known as Hito Tres Fronteras or a Place of Three Borders. Let’s go and I will show it to you. This is a place where you can simultaneously see three countries at once: Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay. I am shocked! Dear guys! We are in Argentina! Paraguay is located a stone’s throw away from this place! If you really want to visit Brazil, you can jump to it! Argentina’s neighbours also built such observation platforms for themselves. On the Brazilian side, entrance to the observation deck of 3 countries is paid. At the same time, by paying for the entrance, you get a bunch of additional entertainment. You can have a meal in the restaurant.
You can stand with the Indian. You can save the girl from the fountain. Come on! Give me your hand! Come on! Baby, I will save you! You can kiss your loved one. And most importantly: you can see 2 countries (that is, Argentina and Paraguay) at the same time. These three countries are so close! And Iguaçu Falls, by the way, are actually located somewhere here, that is, between Argentina and Brazil. Tourists who have a lot of money first go not to the waterfalls themselves but to the airfield! The advantage of the Brazilian rich side is that here you can fly over waterfalls. And this can be done not only by tourists with an unlimited card. It is actually very simple. You just need to collect the right number of people and divide the fare between all participants. The only thing missing is a woman with this cashier’s ticket bag who will shout something like “Iguaçu Falls! Who wants to visit the Iguaçu Falls? Dear girls and boys, the helicopter leaves in a couple of minutes!”. No, this option is not for me. Sure, I will have an exclusive option, that is, a personal helicopter and a longer helicopter ride. Iguaçu Falls hid behind the green caps of dense jungle, and only pillars of snow-white steam indicate its location nearby. Oooh! Everyone should get ready, open their eyes, and not blink. I see the wonder of the world! We are approaching the waterfalls! What a beauty! Iguaçu is not just one waterfall but a three-kilometre valley where a turbulent river stream splits into 275 waterfalls.
Right now I am flying over the wonder of the world. Well, my life is good. Another wonder of Iguaçu Falls is their rainbow! This rainbow is here all year round! This place is considered the most rainbow-coloured in South America. Besides the fact that I saw the waterfalls, I also saw a rainbow. It turns out that I saw two wonders at the price of one! I am a happy person! I got goosebumps! It is incredibly beautiful!
However, the coolest sight is the Devil’s Throat Waterfall! Almost two thousand tons of water fall from a height of 80 meters in one second! It is such power that even inside the helicopter I feel the earth tremble! Such a stormy stream erodes even the hardest rocks! Therefore, the horseshoe is slowly melting away and moving upstream. I was not mistaken because this is the best viewing platform from which Iguaçu Falls can be seen. The best one! I also cannot wait to see the waterfalls. And, in order to get to them as soon as possible, I arrived at the Puerto Iguazú bus station.
At the bus station, you will find dozens of companies. However, the price is the same everywhere: a little less than six dollars in both directions. Therefore, this option suits me!
I do not have to go far — only 18 kilometres. After 30 minutes by bus (about the same amount of time I had to wait in line for a ticket to the park) I will see a wonder of the world! I hate to wait! I hate to wait! As you can see, we are all equal before the wonder of the world. Therefore, even with an unlimited card, you have to stand in line. However, I really want to get to the waterfall. Excuse me! May I go further? Sorry! I just have to ask. You are still young! You will see this wonder! It is not known how many years I have left. And there is another line! Here people are waiting for the bus. And here are the first advantages of the Argentinean side: firstly, the line is shorter; and secondly, here you can save 4 dollars for an entrance ticket. The Brazilian side is the most popular. Hence, there are always crowds of tourists… Therefore, I do advise you to come here in the morning!
It seems to me that until I get to these waterfalls, will become shallow and dry. And even if you have an unlimited card, you are not allowed to use your Jeep in the reserve. All the tourists are transported by buses so that there are no traffic jams. Now there are only a couple of kilometres to the wonder of the world, and I can no longer wait to see it! Do you hear the excitement of the waterfalls? They are waiting for me! On the Argentinean side, they do not drive cars either, and all the tourists are transported by train. And then the maze of paths lead you directly to the wonder of the world. I have never seen such a wonder! I swear to you! Ahhh! What power! Oh my God! In general, it is not even beautiful! It is not enough for the word “beautiful”! Oh, gosh! I am soaking wet! Ahh! It is windy again! These waterfalls are not for nothing called the Throat of the Devil. When I look down, it seems to me that under water everything disappears, disappears into the abyss, because apart from this “milk”, nothing is visible. I do not know. I have never seen anything like this anywhere! Nowhere else in the world are there such waterfalls as Iguaçu Falls! It is 30 meters higher and twice as wide as the famous Niagara Falls. No wonder when Eleanor Roosevelt was here, she said, “Poor little Niagara”. Indeed, it is impossible for Niagara Falls to compete with Iguaçu Falls. This is a real wonder of the world. Olezha, here is the element! Come closer! From the Brazilian side, all the waterfalls open in front of you. They collapse as if from a huge pedestal! If a volcanic eruption had not happened here millions of years ago, this beautiful crevice would not have appeared. In this case, the Iguaçu River would flow calmly and there would be one less wonder of the world on the planet. I have been standing here for several minutes now and understand that this is one of the few wonders of the world that you need to not only see but also listen to. Listen to this wonder of the world! And the most interesting thing is that throughout the year the species change here, some waterfalls crush and dry out, and then they reappear. That is, in fact, it is a living organism. And of course, everyone wants to take a commemorative picture with a wonder of the world! There are special photographers who will take the picture for you. That is, specially trained people will take money from you! And can my cameraman do this? Thank you! Denchik! And if you are not travelling with a cameraman (just like me), then take a monopod! I will demonstrate it to you now. This is how a picture taken using a telephone looks like, and this is how it will be if you take a picture using a monopod! I am soaking wet! We can say that I had such an “adult kiss” with Iguaçu Falls. Now I also want to touch it and I have an idea how to do it. Who are we?! We are the TV presenters of Heads and Tails travel show! What do we want? We do want a runaway extreme! How do we want to do this? With the help of death swimming in a waterfall! When? Right now, while cameramen still filming? On the Argentine side, there is a secret place where you can swim for free under the waterfalls. Follow the Macuco Trail, which will lead you to the Salto Arrechea waterfall. Of course, this is not a Devil’s Throat. Nevertheless, I am not a suicider. By the way, in many tribes whole rites and initiations took place precisely under the waterfalls. People stood under these jets of water and seemed to connect with nature, which I will do now! Ahh! It hurts me! Ahh! It is like a Charcot’s douche! Such a force of water! Just such a baby! However, I can hardly stand! I am trying to get right under the stream, which literally shoots me with these drops. In addition, it is very slippery here! It is almost impossible to stand here! Oh my God! They made me do it! I did not want to go here! I swear! It is good to be a rich tourist because you cannot risk your health and not climb slippery stones but take an extreme tour to the waterfalls for 480 dollars. I have already flown over the wonder of the world, walked near it, and now I will take a shower from a wonder of the world! Bring me the shampoo! Bye-bye! I am heading to the Iguaçu Falls! From the Brazilian side, you can get very close to the waterfalls. It sounds beautiful… VERY beautiful… I have not yet seen the waterfalls. However, I already like the adventure, since this is not some old tourist boat with senior citizens but a real extreme drift! Wow! This is rafting! I see the Iguaçu Falls! I am rushing towards you right now. From a distance, it seems that this is a small harmless trickle. Nevertheless, it has such power, as if a stream of gravel are falling on you! One, two, three! Who was the first to see the Iguaçu Falls, give them a name, and can safely say that this is his / her home? Local Indians, Guaraní tribe. My name is Alina!
You are welcome! And what is your name? My name is Lidio. Lidio is in Spanish, while in the Guaraní language it is Krai Tatandych. Any tourist can enter the village of Guaraní for free. At the same time, if you buy souvenirs and pay as much as you wish, then they will show and tell you everything in detail. Only 55 families live in this village. They live here in such wooden houses. Their children go to school… And they cook everything in a shared kitchen.
Aujevette! Aujevette! Oh, what is that? Potatoes?
This is our bread, that is, mbojape. As you can see, there is something that has been preserved for centuries, that is, open fire cooking, since there are no gas stoves.
You can try it. It resembles such ordinary lean bread made from wheat flour, water, and salt. Well, due to the fact that there is this smell of a bonfire, it is really very tasty. And in order not to eat dry food, locals eat bread with herbal tea and coal! I do not know what surprises me more: bread with coals or the fact that the same coal is now in my tea. You need to drink this tea from a spoon. Due to the fact that they extinguished the coal with boiling water, you feel the aroma of a bonfire from a cup. For people of Guaraní, charcoal in tea is like activated carbon for us. This is some kind of sorbent that somehow cleanses you, my dear organism. By the way, did you notice this packaging behind me?
These are coals. And they are not used for cooking but for making souvenirs! These coals are heated. They heat this iron bar. And then they make prints on such wooden toys and crafts. Well, actually this is wood burning. This is coati. It seems so. Another country that claims waterfalls is Paraguay. However, this country did not get waterfalls but the river on which they built a real colossus. Itaipu is the largest dam in the world! Its length is seven kilometres. There is information on the site that Itaipu Power Station provides electricity to 15 percent of Brazil and almost all of Paraguay! Such power fits poorly in my humanitarian head! This scale can only be estimated from the air. However, so that your flight does not seem boring, you can jump over the dam with a parachute for 460 dollars. Of course, I will do this if I overcome my fear. Is it safe? The section called “Get Rid of the TV Presenter” (beloved by the producers) continues. Despite the fact that there is a lot of protection, it still seems to me that this is just a set of ropes. Do not touch the belts! They are properly tightened! Do not worry! Although they ask me not to touch anything, I will do it! I will tighten all the belts three times as much as they required. Yeah! I will not run away! I will not run away! Although we have not yet taken off the ground, this idea already seems to me very doubtful. Olezha! Take me out of here! Bye-bye, dear guys! They say that it was the people of Guaraní who found the waterfall and named it Iguaçu. Is that true? Yes, it is! However, Iguaçu is a Spanish name. The people of Guaraní say “IguachU”. “I” means “water”, while Guachu means “big”.
What does this waterfall mean to you? The evil serpent god lives in Iguaçu. Every year, our ancestors sacrificed a young girl to Him. However, now we rarely visit him, so as not to anger evil spirits. I am shocked because it is such a place where people from all over the world come! Can you imagine this? From all over the world! People from all over the world come to see this beauty while people who discovered this place do not visit waterfalls!!! If someone wants to go to the waterfall, then we conduct a special ritual for him or her. Our young people are going to the falls, so you can join them. Wow! They meet us with a guitar! They are so beautiful! This small building made of red clay and sticks is called the Guaraní Temple. All tribal rituals are held here. This is a very interesting detail. The fruits that they offer to their spirits must not be picked from the tree. They should only be picked up from the ground. So they show the spirits that they are not going to harm nature. It seems to me that this is a very good tradition. They sing the same words. Thus, they ask the spirits to allow them to go to the waterfalls and let everyone come to it. Around the bonfire are those people who want to visit the waterfall. And they could do such a simple combination of words and dances for hours. They do this in order to enter into some kind of special trance and connect with their spirits. They are beautiful people with a beautiful culture. Yeah! I will not run away! I will not run away! Bye-bye, dear guys! Well, he fastened me tightly to himself. Apparently we will jump down soon. F*ck! I am really scared! F*ck! It was just f*cking awesome! I just need a second. During this jump, I died three times. Now we are flying between Paraguay and Brazil. Behind me is Brazil. Paraguay is ahead of me. I am a happy illegal immigrant. Ahead of me is the famous dam. Aaaaaaaaaah! It was so cool! It was so scary! It was so awesome! It was incredible! F*ck! I have discomfort in my groin! If you only knew… However, it was worth all these minutes of fear. Another advantage of the Argentinean side is housing prices. For 30 dollars, a budget tourist can rent here not a room in a hostel for 8 people but a personal hotel room. This seems to be it. This is my palace for today. Yeah, Managua Apart Hotel. Hello! My name is Alina.
Hello! My name is Patricia. Dear guys! It is even… It is just… Luxury… Chic… Wow! By the way, there is a bed, air conditioning, and a plasma TV! This hotel room also has a fridge, kettle, an electric kettle, and a large bathroom with a urinal. Bidet! This is a bidet! I am just shocked that I am in a hotel and there is everything you need! I would really much like to have a swimming pool here. The gym! Some of us may break down: either he or I.
And hammocks to relax. For some reason, so many failures have befallen me. Oh, gosh! Yeah! These women are so gracefully lying in hammocks when posing! They look so relaxed! Well… What a beauty! Now we can shoot. Chill… The Brazilian side is famous for its entertainment! The most famous of them is Rafain Churrascaria, that is, a show that entered the Guinness World Records! Judging by the queues for food, it is felt that people, first of all, came to see creativity. Rafain is the name of the show, while Churrascaria is a Brazilian dinner with all kinds of meat. This format is called a diner show all over the world: this is when you take yourself a full plate of food and watch a performance.
Please do not eat all meat! Chicken or pork?
Pork. Chicken?
Chicken! I will try all the animals. As for the first snack, this is quite normal. We will take something else now. Will we take it? Yes, we will. Will we take it? Yes, we will. Will we take it? Yes, we will. We will definitely take Olivier salad. Arrogantly! Arrogantly! Now we will go again. Well… And here the show begins. Listen! Well, the beginning is not bad. There are bright colourful costumes, dancers, lights, music, and men who fight in leather clothes.
This program is very similar to my Olivier salad. It contains songs and dances of peoples from South America. By the way, for the fact that this show shows the largest number of national dances, it was entered into the Guinness World Records. We are happy and drive flies away from food. Wow! I hope she does not drop a single bottle, since none of us will forgive her. One of the bonuses of this program is traditional Argentinean tango. Olezhka! For some reason, I feel a little redundant at this holiday, that is, like the third wheel. What a passion! What a grace! What a dress!
Well… Listen, I am surprised. I was expecting a school amateur concert, and here there is a very good show! At the same time, I am waiting for the beginning of the Brazilian dances, since I want to see this breadth of the Brazilian soul. This is not real! You should not exist like that! My favourite country is Brazil. I need some kind of vaccination against Brazilians, as I am completely sick with them. Please do not leave my life! During the year, two million tourists visit Iguaçu Falls! Wealthy tourists were not deprived here because they built five-star hotels for them (just like mine Loi Suites Iguazú Hotel). A night here will cost me 18 thousand hryvnias! Well… Listen, it is very late. Can I tell you about my hotel room tomorrow? I will tell you about every pillow and every villus. Frankly speaking, there was not really a better story in Heads and Tails. Good night! Tomorrow you will hear such an interesting story. You are very lucky! In the vicinity of the waterfall, it is impossible to pass by its fluffy locals. These are coatis! Oh! Hello! What a fat coati!
With their long nose, these animals smell food from afar. They live in the jungle. At the same time, in search of food, they go to the tourists. I have no food. You are such arrogant little animals! Sure, you cannot feed them. However, they are well aware that tourists have delicious food. Therefore, they are trying to get it from their backpacks in every possible way. I have nothing there! I have an empty backpack!
Just check whether it is damaged. No, it is not damaged. Nevertheless, there is no food there. These cute animals really behave like bad guys. They may bite you, scratch your face or steal your belongings. Therefore, we would like to recommend you stay away from them. The day of any Argentinean begins with a cup of maté. This is a strong tonic tea that invigorates you better than coffee. This is a genuine Argentinean drink.
Argentines drink it always and everywhere! They walk around the city with a Thermos flask under their armpits and cups (just as we do it with coffee cups). For a little less than three dollars, you get a full Thermos flask of hot water, a special cup, a spoon (which, at the same time, is a tube), and actually the mate itself. It smells like some herbs. It smells like autumn… Just like autumn…
Mate is made from dried leaves of yerba mate. This is a tree that grows in South America. Oops! Maybe I did something wrong? Well, it should be bitter and sweet at the same time. I got it bitter like wormwood. Well… It is not tasty.
Sorry, can you taste it? Is it okay or not? Okay? Thank you! No! It’s not tasty! Guaraní Indians considered mate an elixir of life and treated all diseases with its help. At my hotel, they do an ancient procedure, that is, an invigorating mate massage. This is probably the most effective and enjoyable way to wake up. You know, it feels like a scrub massage. It is as if they took a handful of sand and are trying to erase all the husks and old skin from you. And the most awesome thing in it is its smell. It smells of freshly cut hay. You should give it a try.
No, it is fine. Fine? Do you think it is fine? This means something is wrong with me because I do not think that it is fine. This means that it is not my drink. No, I do not like it. You are probably wondering how my hotel room looks like. Everything is here. I will tell you everything that I remember. Hence, in my room, there is a large wicker chair, several tables, two wicker hassocks, air conditioning, a huge bed, 4 bowl shades, two masks for sleeping, a large plasma TV, a chic marble bath, and two sinks with a mirror above them, a wardrobe, a shower, and a toilet. And, as it seems to me, this hotel room is made in an ecological style. Against the backdrop of such a wonder of the world as the waterfalls in Puerto Iguazú, there is still a small wonder, just a tiny wonder! Let’s go and take a look at it! This entire auditorium here was gathered by a small bird, the smallest in the world, that is, a hummingbird! Here it is! Here it is! Yeah, I see it! Such a baby! For me, this bird is from an encyclopaedia. You know… I never thought that I could see it live. To look at hummingbirds, you need to go not to the zoo but to the garden of a private house along Fray Luis Beltrán. Entrance here will cost a little less than three dollars. Just one of the locals came up with the following trick: to hang up drinking bowls with sugar syrup, which hummingbirds really like. And now tourists come here, and the whole business has grown. Hello my inquisitive friends! I am an ornithologist Astrovskaya and I will tell you the facts about the wonder bird, that is, the hummingbird. A small hummingbird heart makes from five hundred to a thousand beats per minute! And throughout its life, it makes up to 4.5 billion beats. Hummingbird wings make up to a hundred strokes per second. So fast! It just hangs its wings with such speed that you do not even see them. Oh! Wow! I also want to take a picture with a hummingbird! It flew away! I just have to hide. I need to pretend to be a tree. Oh! Look! Do not breathe! Do not breathe! Did you do it? He did not show a bird at all! He showed a… In short… What an awkward situation! We thought that we were exchanging pictures of birds. However, there are female underpants! F*ck!!! I will never do this again! I will never look at other people’s phones again! On the Brazilian side, especially for tourists, there is not a courtyard with one bird but a huge park with birds. Here they gathered SO MANY feathered freaks!!!
Spectacled owl. Blue-and-yellow macaw.
Black crowned crane. If I knew the birds listed above thanks to textbooks, then I did not even know about the existence of the remaining birds!
Cassowary. Southern screamer.
Razor-billed curassow. Black-fronted piping guan.
Great blue turaco. And these fiery beauties are Scarlet ibis!
Do you see how they turned red? For the first time in their life, they saw the TV presenter of Heads and Tails from such a distance. Just take a look! This guy looks like he has just got a hangover. This is razor-billed curassow. In general, it is a very rare bird. In an ordinary environment, about 200 individuals remained. Previously, it was generally considered a mythical creature. And only in the 19th century, they proved its existence. So now I am really close to the wonder of the world. Although it is not turned to me by the most wonderful side. Well, sure! It is a sure thing! However, the long-sighted toucans are considered the main attraction and symbol of this park! Oh my God! It is so beautiful! And here it is even more beautiful. Just take a look! He poses for you, Olezh. I wonder how they can fly with such a beak. However, in fact, it is very light! It is like polystyrene foam! They say that toucans need such a large beak to get berries from long and thin branches. I was warned that I need to feed toucans very carefully to get back with 10 fingers. Show with a toucan for your holiday! Dear guys! It is a flamingo, a child of sunset. Here they are… They are graceful and beautiful… Such a mixture of birds with absurdity…
Of course, flamingo cubs look awkward. And only at the age of two they turn into amazingly beautiful birds! How do flamingos turn pink? Because of food?
Yeah, because of food and age. At the age of two, they have a mating season. Flamingos become brighter to attract a partner. And of course, flamingos eat a lot of shrimp and crustaceans. Therefore, it turns so pink. And do you see mirrors in aviaries? They are here so that the pink creatures do not feel lonely! When flamingos see just such a flock, they feel safe and quietly lay their eggs. Lifehack. For an extra 48 dollars, a tourist can touch beautiful birds and even feed them. There is a security guard at the entrance. It is forbidden to have piercing and cutting objects with you. Do you hear these divine sounds? It is like a mother-in-law swears. Well… Wait! Wait! Wait! I am not a stranger! I am not a stranger!
Wait! Wait! Wait! Ahhhh! It sprinkles more than it eats! Well, of course, you are dirty. Okay, the flamingo came up to me. The way they eat is, of course, a separate show. The small engine is working. Do you hear this sound? Flamingo blender. Well, sure! What are they eating? Let’s try it! Some kind of soy milk with some beans… How did you eat it? Frank? Bro? It is like sour milk. I have a feeling that Frank is stuck in my bowel because it has not come out for 20 minutes from there and puffs like a steam locomotive.
The flamingo’s beak looks like a colander. During the meal, the bird lowers its head under water. Hence, the liquid is filtered through the beak. It eats the most delicious food and spits out excess water through the holes in its beak. Well… Listen, I fed flamingos for the first time in my life. I am satisfied! Despite the fact that now I do not look untidy, it was cool. They are still cute animals! Bye! Thank you! Bro! Frank! See you! I am hiding a bottle near the wonder of the world. Soon there will be several potential bottles of Argentinean wine and a large juicy steak.
Please find the Sol Cataratas Hotel in Puerto Iguazú. Just a couple of steps from it, there is a tree, behind which our treasure is hidden. Dear girl! Right now I wish us to get better acquainted. Do you need additional adventures? Hello!
Hello! Well… Tell me! What should I tell you, Anton? You need to feel it! These waterfalls are just unbelievable! I do not know how to explain it! How to tell? It is like our photo wallpaper in the corridor. However, they move! Incredible beauty!
See you in the next wonder of the world! Remind me! Lake Titicaca! Peru!
There will be a lot of water! Wait!!! And I have a surprise for you! Close your eyes! Close your eyes! Seriously?!
Be honest! No cheating! Come on! Do you promise me? Yes, I do! Give me a second… No cheating! Come on! That is, now he took the gold card and drove off somewhere by car. Is this a surprise?! This is a gorgeous surprise! And believe me… to make you feel just like me. Well, how? Well, how? And believe me… to make you feel just like me. Became a wonder of the world. Are you crazy? Are you crazy? It is just a joke! In the headings, they will write: “Zaytsev ruined the reputation of Astr…” It is just a joke, Alina! After all, it is a daring season! Zaytsev VS Astrovskaya. Alina! Alina! See you in the next wonder of the world! Lake Titicaca!

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  3. Любить водопады, Парящие горы, Голубую лагуну, Пальмы-море-песок, Западно-европейское зодчество, Белить стволы деревьев… – по моему это всемирная шизиловка. Я бы посоветовал вам всем голову свою проверить, да вот только психологи такие же шизанутики.

  4. челенджа, тема "отписка от Ивлевой и Батрудинова во всех ресурсах интернета" пусть те кто связан с интернетом будут боятся приходить на подобные мероприятия и "типа представлять интересы аудитории, которую они представляют". Конкретно Ивлева и Батрудинов в моем понимании должны забыть что такое интернет!!!!
    Откуда самолет у Светланы Медведевой. Батрутдинов и Ивлева после их присутствия на этом мероприятии и игнорирования самого актуального вопроса из интернета, должны забыть что такое интернет!!!! Те кто хоть как то разделяет либеральные ценности должны с этих пор считать этих людей пустым местом! И так должно быть со всеми кто облизывает Медведева и Путина. Мой лозунг " Бадрутдинов и Ивлева полный игнор в интернете"!!!! Отписывайтесь от них!!! Ставьте дизлайки под всеми их видео! Пусть получают деньги там где лижут!!!!

  5. Честно говоря люблю передачу Орел и решка, но блин с приходом этих ведущих всякое желание отпадает смотреть. Поменяйте ведущих или верните стареньких.

  6. заебли со своими коментами про ведущих. посмотрите лучше какой материал для вас,тупицы, сняли!!!!!

  7. выпуск огонь но качество отвратное из-за кенона камер. переходите на панасоник с 4к60

  8. смотреть вашу передачу стало невозможно! вы где этих гоблинов находите, один лучше другого? "ООООО ААААА УУУУУ" – вы их хоть разговаривать научите для начала))))

  9. Сезон по местам очень классный. Алину природа наградила только красотой. Антон без продыха шутит и истерит; иногда бывает прикольно, но чаще просто бесит. И Пы.Сы. перебор с рекламой и филлерами.

    Уже давно нет желания смотреть каждый выпуск и тем более бежать и включать ролик по первому уведомлению. Это закат шоу.

  10. Самые… раздражающие(мягко сказано) ведущие. Особенно все время орущий, дергающийся с улыбкой гуэмплена, ведущий. Передача сильно проигрывает.

  11. 18.36 фигура шикарная всей командой во все места ,губы видно буферами стекло резать,и да тройное проникновение нужно

  12. с криками перебор, задолбали орать весь впуск -ааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааа.

  13. Ведущие – КЛАСС, КЛАСС, КЛАСС!!! На данный момет – самые лучшие! Антон – очень отважный, искренний,эмоциональный! Алина – милая, обаятельная, интеллигеннтная! Очень гармоничный дуэт! Спасибо, ребята, за работу!!!

  14. Прочитала комментарии: люди, какие же вы злые и неудовлетворенные жизнью. ВЫ обращаете внимание на такие ненужные и ничего не обозначающие детали…Работа командой проделана прекрасно! СЪемки-великолепные! Шутки и подача – очень хорошие! Ведущие – молодцы! С удовольствием смотрю этот сезон и всегда с нетерпением жду следующего выпуска. Спасибо всем за великолепную работу!!!

  15. Куда вы подели Антипову? Только не говорите что уволили! Без неё грустно(

  16. Какое у Алины шикарное тело, и купальник. Я бы её "сочепего"

  17. Алина – самая скучная ведущая в истории Орла и Решки. Ни харизма, ни шуток, никаких эмоций. Кроме улыбки и красоты, у нее больше ничего нет. Хуже её была только Натали Неведрова. Пожалуйста, продюсеры Орла и Решки поменяйте её, даже Ольга Антипова по сравнению с ней в 100 раз лучше.

  18. а сделайте арёл и решка закуп в играх данатите и покупаете скины

  19. Колхозница,а Антоха то в "топчик" ведущих уверенно идёт)))) Алинка как всегда,девочка,но в этот раз в убогом прикиде. Но во всяком случае лучше,чем "рыжня" толстозадая одевается!

  20. Зайцев пошутил совсем не смешно, с его стороны это выглядело глупо.

  21. Пожалуйста ,верните предыдущих ведущих 😤они проста НЕ СМОГУТ 😲с такими ведущими вы точно ПОТЕРЯЕТЕ своих зрителей 😟

  22. Люблю Алину,но у бедной на водопаде соски возбудились на холоде ,не должны посторонние люди это видеть 🙈

  23. После выхода очередной пародии на Мир наизнанку где-то плачет маленький Комаров)

  24. Пересмотрев несколько выпусков этого сезона моё мнение сложилось, что Алину надо бы заменить или Антона т.к. вместе они не смотрятся вообще, чувствуется разница в возрасте хотя оба выглядят хорошо.А сам сезон очень хороший и красивый, но ведущие конечно подводят(((

  25. Самый добрый и эмоциональный сезон. Антон вообще заводила)) а Алина красотка!

  26. Благодарю всю команду и особенно ведущих за прекрасный материал! 😘😘😘

  27. Блин, этого парня приходится перематывать… Не могу его смотреть и слушать. Алинка отличная!

  28. а мне очень нравится ведущий.Он какой то настоящий)Вообще каждый сезон будут ныть из-за ведущих?все очень классные,обажаю

  29. Боже, сколько негодования из-за ведущих, а ведь все они потрясающие – в данном случае, что Алина, что Зайчини прекрасны 🙂 И я уверена, что многие довольны, просто, о хорошем обычно не пишут (в нашем менталитете), но я напишу! Спасибо за такую чудесную передачу, за формат чудес света и невероятных ведущих!

  30. Ахахахах как же много комментов от диванных сексологов,которые оценили этот выпуск как порно фильм))))Хотя всего лишь девушка в купальнике под водопадом ,казалось бы,что такого там можно рассмотреть,но нет же люди уже нафантазировали себе как и что у неё там ахахахахах))))Ребята займитесь сексом,снимите напряжение и для здоровья полезно!!!

  31. Антоха офигенный! такой обаяшка мм! без комплексов , открытый ..классный!

  32. Антон такой милаха, море обаяния, талантливый актер, отличное чувство юмора, выпуск супер, смотришь не отрываясь!

  33. Алина крутая ведущая!) Очень позитивная, легкая .. 😉 Без нее это программа была б скучной. Спасибо, за правильно подобранных ведущих и очень красивые локации !!!)

  34. Самое крутое-это конечно водопад!!!ахахахахаах-подмочил репутацию))))клево!!!!

  35. Замечательный выпуск ! Игуасу впечатляет ! Алина – Прелесть ! Про широту Бразильской души – Прикольно !

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