Во что одеты топовые российские дизайнеры одежды / Гоша Карцев

Во что одеты топовые российские дизайнеры одежды / Гоша Карцев

Hi. This is Gosha Kartsev channel. I’m Gosha Kartsev. And this Kartsev Street because you can never get too much of Kartsev. So I’m thinking, do designers wear clothes they design? Is it okay that we wear their clothes but they don’t? If they don’t. Whether they wear them or not, we’ll try and find out. So stay tuned because this video is without ads. I’m off. Kartsev Street My name is Oleg Ovsiyov. I’m the designer of Viva Vox. I live in Moscow and another wonderful city. Which one? Amsterdam. Stan Smiths, I’ve got about 25 pairs of these. They cost €95 I guess. The trousers are from H&M x Lanvin. They cost ₽3-4. Yes, maybe. The polo-shirt is also from H&M. €30 maybe. The sunglasses were bought in an underpass for ₽600. The backpack is from Givenchy. Thank goodness. Thank goodness? So you’re snobbish about dressing up, aren’t you? Get lost then. Okay, bye. This one cost about €900. The watch, it’s too difficult to pronounce. About €2,000. Do you think a designer should wear their clothes? I’ve got shirts from Viva Vox. I’ve got jeans from Viva Vox. I mean I don’t want to hunt for the trendiest one of this season from Balenciaga. You don’t have to care too much, right? It’s my opinion, you don’t. Okay. Thanks a lot, Oleg. But you can if you want to. And the most important thing! You thought we’d shoot this video without Zina? No way! Here she is! Zina, do you copy? Howdy doody! Did you miss me? Good evening, Igor. I got these sneakers from my friend, a premier danseur at Bolshoi theatre Denis Rodkin. So I don’t know the price. The T-shirt is from Chapurin. The jacket is about €400. The trousers are about €200. They’re last season, a bit out of fashion. Tell me please, do you think a designer should wear clothes they design? A designer should wear clothes he designs because he proves they’re comfortable, he likes them. But he doesn’t have to wear only them because life is many-sided. One more question. Do you think a designer should look trendy? I think it’s individual. I had this fetish, during all 12 shows in Paris, I’d buy a V-shaped cashmere jumper from Saint Laurent before the show. There was a line of basic models of really complex colours. When I came to the shop, they’d show me 101 mint-coloured ones, for example. And if the collection was mint-coloured, I was also mint-coloured. It was just a game, just for fun. So I’m for freedom. Good afternoon. Good evening, my dear friends. Or what time of day is it? Good whatever time of day it is! Hi, my name is Konstantin Gayday. I design a lot of things. But I’m best known for accessories and headwear. These are from Kim Malygin, a Russian designer. About $400-500. Rick Owens, about €500. It’s from Zara I guess. About ₽3,000. The bag is from Prada but it’s a gift. The sunglasses are from my Thai friends. They’re made of horn, natural. They cost $200. The earrings with black diamonds are from Konstantin Gayday. This ring is mine too, with Buddha, ruby. The watch is from Girard-Perregaux, about $500. Should a designer look trendy? They should look trendy because first impressions count. If a designer looks so-so, people wouldn’t trust them. And the sales would be so-so. Should a designer wear clothes they design? I think it’s common courtesy. I wear my clothes. This is karaoke. Welcooome! To VDNKh-aaah. Hey. – Hey. What’s your name? Where are you from? My name is Roma. I’m from Maikop, Adygea. But I’ve lived in Moscow for quite a long time. What brand do you design for? Roma Uvarov design. Today I’m wearing boots from Kazak. They cost about ₽5,000. These super vintage trousers are ₽700. This super vintage shirt from a second hand store in Sochi is ₽50. The bag from a flea market is ₽30. The hat from the art store Leonardo is ₽300. The belt from a second hand store in Moscow is ₽100. The mermaid’s tale is ₽30. I bought it at a flea market. Cheap but expensive-looking outfit. Tell me please, do you think a designer should wear clothes they design? A designer who designs clothes for their brand is supposed to like them, so they’re supposed to want to wear them. Thanks a lot. Have a good time. Hey, everyone! My name is Jean Gritsfeldt. Today you’ll see something unforgettable – the VDNKh fountain. I work as a designer, model, blogger, food-blogger, face-blogger. I’m from Kiev, Ukraine. Welocme! The shoes are from Zara, about ₽5,000. The socks are from Calvin Klein. Yes, about ₽1,000. The suit is from Jean Gritsfeldt, with hearts. The suit is about $1,000. It’s hand made. It’s made by weavers of Ukrainian villages. About $2,000 because it’s hand made. Is it important for a designer to wear clothes they design? It’s very important of course. We can show how to wear it right. Is it important for a designer to look trendy? Not at all. Nowadays, I think looking trendy is a kind of mauvais ton. You just need to be clean. You must keep off. Understand? Ill-bred. This shows where you were born. Hi, Nikita. Hi. Where are you from? I’m from Moscow. Converse, to be honest I don’t know how much they are. ₽3,000 I guess. The trousers are from Sorry, I’m not, about ₽8,000. The T-shirt is from Sorry, I’m not, ₽4,500. Tell me please, do you think a designer should look trendy? I think they should propel the idea they’re trying to express in their clothes. Yes, they should. And wear their clothes? In fact I have to do it because I need to test them. I personally wear all the prototype men’s models. And I give women’s ones to my girl-friends to test. I’m Yura. I’m a designer from St. Pete. I’m the designer of Saint Tokyo. The cowboy boots are from Jean Baptiste Rautureau. They cost about ₽40,000. Uniqlo, about ₽2,000. Saint Tokyo ₽8,000, hoodie. It’s a good and warm one. They’re different items from different trips. From Castle Rock and somewhere else. About €10 each. ₽500, Castle Rock again. Look, it’s like an Everything for 500 store! It’s from a cool concept store of jewelry for men in Volynskiy lane in St. Pete. The ring costs about ₽50,000. The thread is also a gift. I don’t know where I got it from. The Apple watch, good evening, cost ₽60,000 when I bought it. I can’t even give it to anyone, it’s too old. Is it important for a designer to wear their own clothes? When I wear my clothes, I feel great. Of course you should! You design clothes! Wear it what you design please. Is it important for a designer to look trendy? Not at all. There are two groups. Those who like Brazilian Carnival. And those who, like me, put on something from Uniqlo and go. They feel good. I prefer being in the shadow. Follow me. Take my hand. What are you waiting for? We’ve got work to do. We’re fashion designers. I’m Nikita, he’s Ilya. Ilya. We’re the designers of Hovanskie. The sneakers are about ₽5,000. Nike. The jeans cost about ₽700. These are from Zara. What about the socks? They’re from Uniqlo, ₽800. I don’t remember how much the T-shirt is. I bought it on Stockmann. The jacket is from H&M. Mine too. Yes, it’s about 3-4 years old. I don’t know how much it is. I forgot. The rings are from Fatality. ₽4,000. ₽4,000-3,000 I guess. Just the same, Nike, ₽8,000. The socks are from Uniqlo. It’s a shopper-bag from Calvin Klein, which is a gift. It’s also from H&M, 3 years old. Is it important for a designer to look trendy? Sure it is! Sure it is! Howdy doody. – Howdy doody. He said that. Where are you from? I’m from Moscow, but today I represent Armenia. Because I’ve got Armenian roots, which I’m happy about. These are trousers with a high waist. These are from All Saints. They cost ₽8,000 I guess. The shirt is from Asos. It costs about ₽1,500. The T-shirt is mine. It’s expensive. These are just simple sneakers from Puma. I bought them on sale for ₽3,500. The belt is from Zara. It was with other trousers which were about ₽3,000. Do you think a designer should wear clothes they design? I think they don’t have to wear clothes they design, but they should express the style and the mood they present at their shows and on hangers in stores. This is wonderful, magic, inspired Arut. Yes! Thanks a lot! Good luck! Dasha Samkovich. Founder of I Am Studio. We make, sell, do a great brand in Russia. Where are you from? Minsk. But you live in Moscow. Yes, for over 10 years. The shoes are from Balenciaga, they cost about ₽50,000. Good. The trousers cost about €300 I guess. The T-shirt is from I Am Studio. ₽2,900. And the jacket is from I Am Studio, ₽17,000. The bag is from Saint Laurent. About ₽120,000. The watch is from Audemars. It’s a gift, I don’t know how much it is. And the ring? Graff. Is it important for a designer to wear clothes they design? Yes, of course it is. A designer is the one to show how to wear and combine their clothes. Especially if they’re as beautiful as you. Should a designer look trendy? A designer should design cool clothes. If they fail to combine something, there are stylists. It’s their job to show us what’s trendy. High five! Greatest quotes, YouTube. You can wear and combine them better than I do. But do it reasonably. I didn’t get it to wear clothes or not to wear. To look trendy or not to look. It’s too complicated. Write the name of your favourite designer in the comments. Write who else of Russian designers you’d like to see. Not only Russian. That’s it for now. This has been Gosha Kartsev on Gosha Kartsev channel. Kartselove and kartsekiss. Subscribe!

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