✅ TOP 5: Best Backpack 2019

✅ TOP 5: Best Backpack 2019

I got really into everyday backpacks when
I worked in an office. Simply put, I found them to be the best way
to carry all my daily essentials — laptop, book for the commute, lunch when I remembered
to pack it — without destroying my already tension-prone shoulders. Before we get started with our video detailing
the best backpacks on the market, we have included links in the description for each
product mentioned, so make sure you check those out to see which one is in your budget
range. Starting off with the best overall backpack
we have the Herschel Supply Co. Little America Backpack. I know. It seems like everyone has a Herschel Supply
Co.backpack these days. But there’s a good reason for that. The company’s designs are iconic and they
go with everything from polished work clothes to more relaxed jeans-and-a-t-shirt outfits. The Little America Backpack is our top choice
because it’s roomy and durable without being over-the-top. You don’t need a hiking pack for a trip to
the office, but this backpack comes with a 15-inch laptop sleeve that’s padded and lined
with fleece for scratch-proof travel, an easy access front pocket, a key clip, and an interior
pocket that’s ideal for storing headphones and chargers. Padded and contoured shoulder straps allow
for maximum comfort during your commute. This Herschel backpack is beloved by many. It has more than 1,000 reviews on Amazon and
has been recommended by Popular Mechanics, Travel + Leisure, and NYMag’s The Strategist. “I’ve been traveling with this backpack for
a year and a half, and I love it! It’s big enough to fit all of my essentials
while being small enough to fit as a carry-on on all airlines,” travel blogger Raya Encheva
told The Strategist. “Most backpacks would leave your shoulders
or back strained but this bag is as comfortable as it gets,” an Amazon reviewer named Bobby
writes. Next up we have the best backpack with great
storage which goes to the Incase Icon Pack. As any freelancer on their way to make the
local coffee shop their office for the day will tell you, nothing beats a backpack with
lots of pockets. The Incase Icon Pack is basically the clown
car of everyday backpacks. It has 21 compartments! There are multiple zippered sections inside
the can hold countless items, including a middle section large enough to fit a laptop,
tablet, and other gadgets. You can store your electronics separately
from any food or liquids that you don’t want to spill and possibly ruin them. The pack is “tech-optimized,” according to
the brand, with individual pockets sized to fit your devices. “The Incase Icon manages to fit an almost
absurd amount of organization and storage into a bag that maintains the clean lines
of a more refined backpack,” says The Wirecutter, which lists this bag as a top pick. The backpack has also been featured by FastCompany
and Forbes, and we’ve reviewed it here at Insider Picks. “The pack itself is compact and slender, but
holds everything my (much bigger) model did before it,” writes our reporter Mara Leighton
about the brand’s smaller version, the Icon Lite. Up next we have the best backpack for bad
weather which goes to the Fjällräven Kanken Classic Pack. There’s nothing worse than getting caught
in the rain during your commute, only to open your backpack and find that everything inside
is soaked through. The Fjallraven Kanken Classic Pack is our
favorite weatherproof option. It keeps your electronics and papers dry,
even if you’re caught off-guard by a rainstorm. Though it lacks the sophisticated storage
solutions of, say, the Incase Icon, it’s still roomy enough to house necessary items, including
laptops up to 15-inches. Plus, it’s made of durable Vinylon F material
that is resistant to both dirt and water damage and easily cleaned. In addition to the main compartment, there
are front and side pockets where you can store items that need to be accessible while you
travel. The Fjallraven Kanken Classic Pack is remarkably
well-rated. It has 4.1 out of 5 stars on Amazon based
on over 2,200 reviews. “Even when I’m carrying heavy things, I don’t
feel much of the weight on my shoulders,” writes one buyer. “It is definitely spacious and can hold numerous
things; nice and rectangular shape which makes organizing easy.” Next we have the best stylish backpack which
goes to the Modern Snap Backpack by Everlane. Backpacks aren’t always the cutest, but come
on — It’s 2019 and there’s no reason why you can’t wear one without looking like a
middle schooler on their first day of classes. Everlane’s Modern Snap Backpack is as enjoyable
to look at as it is to use, with its classic color selection and simple snap-closure design. The Modern Snap comes in men’s and women’s
variations that are roughly identical. Both have a padded sleeve that fits a 15-inch
MacBook, two side pockets and a front zip pocket, and two snap closures. They come in neutral, cool-toned colors like
light grey and navy with black detailing. Everlane’s stylish and versatile backpack
is highly recommended by experts and shoppers. The women’s version has a 4.3-star rating
based on almost 600 reviews, and the men’s version has a 4.4 rating and 350 reviews. It’s been featured by Travel + Leisure, PopSugar,
and more. “Love the look and feel of this bag. I carry it to work everyday and can fit everything
I need in it and still look stylish. Lots of compliments on it,” writes one Everlane
shopper. “The Modern Snap Backpack feels very sleek
and comfortable as it hangs over your shoulders,” says another. “It is very minimalistic in its appearance,
but at the same time, there are many pockets and compartments for all needs. I’m very happy with my purchase!” And for our last pick we have the best backpack
for tech obsessives which goes to the Kopack Slim Business Laptop Backpack. The major downside to wearing a backpack is
that it opens you up to the possibility of theft since you can’t actually see what’s
going on behind you. This can be especially troubling if you carry
a lot of electronics with you on-the-go. Kopack’s Slim Business Laptop Backpack is
armed with several anti-theft mechanisms that help you breathe easier when you’re carrying
your laptop, tablet, smartphone, and whatever other valuables you don’t leave home without. There’s a separate pouch for laptop storage
in the back so that you can open the main compartment without revealing that you’re
carrying a computer, and the center compartment is fitted with a lockable and ultra-secure
zipper. This bag also comes with a detachable USB
cable on the outside to help you stay charged-up, and 17 interior slots that keep your items
organized. The Kopack Slim Business Laptop Backpack has
over 1,000 Amazon reviews and has been featured by The Strategist. “With all the pockets I can store everything
I take for my 10 hour days and have it all where I can easily get to it,” says one Amazon
reviewer. “The straps have a place you can hang your
sunglasses which is where I clip my work ID.” So that sums up our top backpacks of 2019. We hope you enjoyed. If you did please leave a like on the video
and if you’re new here hit that subscribe button. Until next time have a great day.

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