✐ What’s in Our Backpacks ✐

✐ What’s in Our Backpacks  ✐

Hola guys, how are you? Today we’re going to be doing a Back-to-school giveaway, I hope everyone is SUPER excited for school I’m not really ._. I’m not looking forward to school at all, so no, but like. To help everyone get back in the mood for school and like happy and excited and ready to go. We thought we would get you guys some stuff so we can do a giveaway! So you want to show em’ their goodies? Uh-huh all right? Let’s do this okay to start off. We are going to show you our backpacks! Very cute, we got him from Roxy, and they are adorable. And just to let you guys know you are matching us so we are going to wear these backpacks to school. I have this one She has that one. So whoever wins we will be the ultimate supreme twitter’s because they’ll be four of us. Twinalicious anyways Anyways, do you want to start now. Yeah, okay? Let’s pull out these Binders everyone needs binders for school! They hold your books, your notebooks your Everything, pretty much carry school oh sure !! We found these VERY cute folders, super cute at Target They will match your binders. Yes. Thank you much next everyone needs. Just plain notebooks, so There’s nothing really special about those, but they’re notebooks, you write all your stuff from school in here right well They’re no fun, while your homework NEXT :3 Pencil holders and Bailey’s is Cute mine is awesome, hers is awesome We sat at the store, and we were like it was zipped up so we don’t think about it was epitome I was like why do they have eyeballs on a pencil holder Hold on, and then we go over more like unzip it and and there’s oh, a MOUTH to the monster And this one’s even got eyelashes, so it’s both girly and cute and just fine no problem You’ll get a lot of complements. To us, it’s awesome Next is your locker decoration we have memory or magnetic mirror for your locker so every time you go to your locker you Can be like oh, yeah 🙂 Look at myself Next is, Water Bottles! Everybody gets thirsty at school because school is hard work And it’s kind of annoying to have to go get your layer and their drinking, but every time so you can bring water from home Hey-oh special place all right, let’s do scissors we got kind of matching so there’s that sort of they’re super cute, cute designs and Decoration – decorations, adorable, they’re not like Nomi scissors because they’re cooling Outoolts so when your breath stinks you eat one of these and they will not stink anymore. And it’s really nice around especially when since you’re not supposed to chew gum at school so you can eat mints instead Yeah – yeah, don’t worry. We still got chu gum cause’ everybody needs gum ._. I need gum gum and it’s a five gum too good at that sounds bueno good stuff All right, let’s do pencils, – mm, of course you need pencils at school. You need to write stuff and um Use them, and erase them. – Ha – Most of the time erase them. Anyway, how’s the timer great stuff? speaking of erase stuff>:D This is the ultimate, ERASER. You wear, it as a ring turn it upside down and Yeah erase those these erasers Alright, let’s do some hand sanitizer Hmm you need this school not Necessarily the most sanitary place in the world so hands up guys. It’s very good for you. Yes, and also hangs on your back Yeah, cool Next just some little note cards there Note cards or you can write like Words or notes or whatever on you can study all the time, and they’ve got a little keychain so you can hang on your backpack – you need – yep along with your hand sanitizer, so you remember – Nail polish doesn’t we’re gonna read kicks and giggles everyone likes nail polish. That’s a girl. I hope I See – and we picked our favorite colors. This one is Ja-making me crazy And this one is Sunday Funday cause’ Sunday is during the weekend instead of a school day – ha Yeah Alright – next My ultimate ruler that says I love bacon on it who doesn’t like bacon. I’m sure there’s something and it’s like ruler and a bracelet! BFF It’s on a bracelet. Let’s get this is Magnets for your locker brain locker to hang things up, with and just to decorate it so it’s not sitting or in metal box. Yes, so Magnets are always movie lipstick We just actually got our first baby lips and we loved it so yeah Hey Let’s get some for everyone else too. Mine is “Peach Kiss” and it’s kind of an orangeish nude and – mine is “Pink Punch” So it’s pink mm-hmm I’ll just help tint your lips, so you look nice and…. vicious 😀 NERD GLASSES!!!!!!!! So you can look smart at school :3 And cute, smart flash drives, and they’re cute flash drives, so you can still be in style and Have your supplies 🙂 Okay Let’s do these – alright If you don’t know what this is My mom owns channel, called CuteGirlsHairstyles, and this is one of the t-shirts so as she teaches you how to do hairstyles and they’re really awesome So you should go check it out, but here’s a t-shirt for you to go with that okay, the ULTIMATE grand supreme Title whatever is called. Let’s do it daaaaaaaa!!!! Polaroid camera these are super in right now, cause you can go to school and take a picture with your friends And it will immediately pop out and you can hang it locker. Yeah
Like magnets we got you, so as soon as you take a picture it pops out and there it is and it’s also a cute Blue yeah – very cute, there’s camera. I really like this weight sighting and That is all got you guys there are two rules to enter our giveaway N1: Be subscribed to Brooklyn and Bailey *This channel* & subscribed to my mom’s channel, CuteGirlsHairstyles. woo woo, click on those. N2: Leave a comment below on what was the COOLEST thing you did during your summer so yeah, tell us all about it It is open internationally and you can enter as many times as you want to it Gives you a better chance of winning it will end on August 20th at midnight And then we will announce the winners, the next day on August 21st that is all we have for you today So we’ll see you guys later, bye See ya!

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