100 thoughts on “✨ NEW Nintendo Switch Backpack and Cases + Zelda / Mario Kart Gameplay!

  1. I have the backpack and just the regular black Nintendo switch case it’s perfect for me I use the backpack for school and if I bring my dock to my friends house I use the regular case for if I go to my friends house do a day

  2. Guy:what’s your favorite color
    Justine:because I’m dark
    Guy: CALL 911!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Ijustine when you said “if your out and about if someone sees the Zelda case they’ll be like I’m stealing that that’s a Nintendo switch” I thought about that the leather case looks like you would have a wallet and there are probably bigger chances of someone stealing that😅😅

  4. Yoshe is awsome =) i just got a nintendo switch and got zelda breath of the wild! Love this game itd amazing lol can't wait to get mario kart 8 deluxe looks wicked fun =) happy to see other people playing nintendo always number one cool

  5. You k ow that honk-horn thing that you get in MARIO kart? Well idk of you already k we this but you can use those to prevent the blue shell from hitting you.

  6. That Zelda blue case looks totally awesome makes me want to get it and I don’t even have the Zelda game … lol

  7. Don’t feel bad on the protector for your switch .. I have a glass one and i still have bubbles on it .. I don’t feel bad if it breaks because I got my switch at Best Buy and add 2 years geek squad protection for $50.. best investment I have ever made

  8. Jo i saw your channel for the first time yesturday and i instantly subed thats how great your channel is 🙂 and im getting a switch on my 13th birthday:)

  9. its 2019 and you have got me sold on the switch i never look into it tell yesterday and iv watched every video you have about the switch, but few games an the switch an some extras case etc going run around 500 so thats kinda scary but i hope its worth it an i dont regreet it, great video love the channel

  10. Its cause you have smart steering take it off and you will be Able to go off track noobs uses smart steering

  11. You know when a girl love something, they will love everything about it. They buy accesories and they give loves. Thats why i prefer gamer girl.

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