❤️ Elaine Hau – 我的包包收納 👜 How I Store My Handbags 👛 Handbag Storage

❤️ Elaine Hau – 我的包包收納 👜 How I Store My Handbags 👛 Handbag Storage

86 thoughts on “❤️ Elaine Hau – 我的包包收納 👜 How I Store My Handbags 👛 Handbag Storage

  1. elaine你ins度share的新CHANEL包包們真係好令呀 希望你出多D haul片 vlog之類 之前Jessica去搵你玩有冇拍片呀 好期待 永遠支持你 做你自己 follow your heart💕

  2. 想問下,射燈射得耐d真皮袋咪好容易變色囉?By the way, 講得好詳細,繼續做好自己,我都贊成妳一舉三得的講法,希望妳能在香港舉辦二手展益妳的粉絲(例如我)哈哈哈哈⋯⋯😂

  3. Elaine~~我突然有個奇想,你有咁多包包同鞋子,想問下,如果之後既日子只可以俾你揀三對鞋同三個袋黎用,你既最终選擇會係點😎

  4. Elaine你好可爱!很开心看到你没有让haters跟妒忌你的人阻止你开开心心拍片enjoy做YouTube。我是新subscriber,会继续关注你的~

  5. 加油 虽然有时觉得你买得太多 特别系一个款好多只色😂 例如系chanel噶鞋 但系我地中意睇 哈哈

  6. love to see your luxury collection. will you start collecting chanel accessories? they are nice art pieces too…such as brooch, chain belt, earrings and necklace etc

  7. 想睇更新版嘅handbag collection呀!😍 (上次嗰段我睇晒 仲睇咗幾次 哈哈😅)
    認同手袋就好似一件藝術品咁 望住佢地已經好開心 睇你啲片都好滿足

  8. 我不欣賞手袋,而欣賞你多笑容、注重細節、能打理自己井井有條,禮貌周周、舉止端莊(可能係咁你様成熟d),同熟朋友說話都恭敬,有教養的人令人感覺舒服😊

  9. Hi Elaine! I love your video, can you pls add english subtitles?? You have amazing handbag collections btw, love from Singapore 😘

  10. ah! you bought all those bags so you can fill up your storage, right? i mean if i had the money, i'd probably do that too lol! more power to you girl!

  11. Hi, I have a domestic helper at home and would like to have this closet if yours, but could you let me know how do you keep it secure? Is there a lock that can be fixed to it? Thanks!

  12. Hi Elaine, I don’t understand what you are saying. But I love to see your collections! I have searching for the black Chanel tote bag, the same one with the price still hanging on your bag. Which year was it sold? Are you selling it?

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