🌊 WATERPROOF DRY BAG β—„ Keep your gear SAFE!

🌊 WATERPROOF DRY BAG β—„ Keep your gear SAFE!

– Today we protect your
tech for under 11 bucks. Waterproof, life proof, and awesome. (bell dings) (light music) Hi, I’m the YouTube deal guy. I find huge deals every day all handpicked for the amazing subscribers. I also give away everything I test to you. We’re gonna have a giveaway
at the end of this video, also an update on the free iPad Airs coming the way of subscribers who have their notifications turned on. But before we get to that, this Ocean Pack, which I finished testing, thanks to our intern, Cody,
protected a $700 phone he stole off my desk
and threw into the water in the middle of a storm. Before we get to his deal test, the deal, which I found which is located right under this video screen, is at its lowest recorded price, $10.99 for the Dry Waterproof Tech Bag that actually just hit market. It’s a brand that’s very well known, but being listed by this Amazon seller at its lowest price as
my favorite grab today. In turn, Cody shows us how it’s done. – What’s nice about this
product is it gives you the directions right on the bag. First, you have to fold
the top three times around the stiffening blade. Then you close the buckle. Then you’re good to go. Matt, thanks again. So I took the $700 phone
that Matt was testing, stole it off his desk, and attached it to my dad’s fishing pole. He cast it out in the middle of the lake in the middle of a storm. Moment of truth. Did a good job keeping
water out of the bag. You can see the screen
is not even wet at all. – Dry, awesome and insanely well-priced. For me, I travel a lot, almost every week, so whether I’m on the water
or being hit by water, this is just that extra
piece of mind and security. For those of you that live
in areas of the country where there are winter storms, I’m constantly transporting
things like cameras or laptops between my car and the studio
and I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve dropped
things into the snow. For me, this isn’t just
for summer and water, this is something I could
use during the winter in other situations where
we have inclement weather. Again, you want to take a grab it, this is located right
under this video screen. And now it’s time for the giveaway. Come on into my laptop. Using two buddies pick
a winner tool will find a subscriber who comments with their notifications turned on. The winner is Gayle Horner, congratulations. Just email support at MattsDailyDeals.com and we will hook you up with your freebie. Yes, free, you did it! Whoo, yes! And I would like to mention
that the free iPad Airs return in the next few vlogs from now, so if you’re not yet subscribed,
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come up as freebies, you’ll be eligible. For anyone else looking for today’s deal, you know where to find it. Thank you so much for watching. We’ll see you soon. Wanna win an awesome item I test for free? It’s simple, subscribe,
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right under the video window, all the links you need are right there.

100 thoughts on “🌊 WATERPROOF DRY BAG β—„ Keep your gear SAFE!

  1. looks good! my son just got a small boat and this will work great to keep his things dry!
    Thanks Matt! !

  2. Wow — this could be a budget-saver, and a fantastic price! Thanks Matt and Cody (and Dad, of course!)

  3. Wow!!!! We go to the beach often so that would be great!!!!!!!!!! πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’

  4. Hi Matt, these are GREAT! I have not seen the prices lower on the big bags before.Β  Have you tested the smaller ones? I need to get some of them and they are usually clear.Β  YOU are Awesome!! Thanks for the visual demonstration Cody.

  5. Now this is a great deal a deal I can get my hands on. I own several dry bags. These go great on great hiking bag packs or camping gear. Will def get a few to try out and compare to my high price ones. Awesome deal as always Matt πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

  6. What an awesome deal! The fact that you tested it makes it a winner! I have bags but water still gets in them. Hopefully they'll make this into a sling bag.

  7. I'm going to get one of these for my trip to Antarctica later this year! I didn't even know this product existed before, so thanks for the video!

  8. I've never seen a product like this one, thank you for sharing man! This would make a great gift. Stay blessed everyone!

  9. I ordered two… one for my scuba diving nephew and one for me, of course! Thank you for finding these great deals!

  10. Dude thx so much i realy needed this as i am a kayaker and good dry bags seem to be sooo Expensive, The Deal Guy HOOKING ME UP YET AGAIN

  11. Can someone tell me what I need to do to collect on my freebie.. I havent received any emails or notifications as to the "next steps"

  12. I got this deal for my husband who bow fishes regularly. He was excited as he has had a few close calls with his phone. This is a perfect solution! Thanks Matt for hooking us up with another fantastic deal!!!

  13. Maestro, a very useful item to have for the summer and at a really good price point. Cody (and Dad) did a great job "borrowing" your phone and demonstrating the product. Congrats to Gayle and I hope she can enjoy it for many years. Enjoy your weekend and God bless!

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