🏬 BACKPACKS! BACKPACKS! BACKPACKS 2016 β—„ Super cheap deals!

🏬  BACKPACKS!  BACKPACKS!  BACKPACKS 2016 β—„ Super cheap deals!

– Today, – Huge backpack deals. – Sorry, and a major
Deal Guy announcement. I tripped. (bright music) – Hi, I’m the YouTube
Deal Guy, Matt Granite. You’re not gonna introduce
yourself yet, are you? – Yeah, I was gonna say, how do I introduce myself? – [Voiceover] Just say hey, I’m Casey. – No, no, Cody she’s
not gonna say anything. Everyone watching right now, that’s part of the big announcement. It’s comin your way. – Are they really gonna care though? – I don’t know they might, you, you, we’ll see. If no one cares, then I think
that’ll determine your future. Hi, I find huge deals every day. None of the companies involved pay us to talk about their products, and we are wearing the second
round of backpack deals. You’re here for two reasons. – First reason, is because I’m a Student, and I’m here to give away some backpacks. – Yes, huge backpack giveaway coming up, if you are a subscriber, and you’ve commented
in the last six months, and you have notifications turned on. The second reason Casey is here, is going to be announced
at the end of the video. (clapping) We’re excited. We are also going to put a light bulb into one of the backpacks and
smash it with a giant brick, to show you how protective they are. – But first, we have some
amazing deals to get to, that are underneath this video screen. – The deals I found,
knock up to 75% off MSRP, for the top rated SwissGear backpacks, this one for $45, this one for $49, all with free shipping, these are exclusive models, sold only by eBags, and
they still happen to be our number one source
for school backpacks, and a price-match guarantee. Our last backpack test
involved a wine glass. This was the test. For those of you that thought a wine glass might be more durable than a light bulb. – We are gonna put this
light bulb to the test, and put it in the front of our backpack. – And I am once again,
gonna drop this wood brick, that’s really a wood brick,
on top of the backpack, we’re gonna do this in
one take, no camera trick, we don’t care whether or not you buy it. Alright Casey, take it away, show them the light bulb’s in. – Here you have the
light bulb, front zipper. – Now this (mumbles) works
with all of the backpacks, Cody you ready? – [Voiceover] I’m ready. – Alright, droppin the brick. Alright. It’s still intact! Wait! If you’re not yet convinced,
let’s just drop it right on the light bulb. Light bulb is here, here’s
the brick, let’s go! Bam! And let’s see if this one worked. If this actually worked, I
will be, oh my, seriously! What! – Wow, that was seriously amazing, I need to get myself
one of these backpacks. This one’s definitely my favorite, I really like the grey color it has, and there’s tons of pockets,
and padding in the back, which is probably super comfortable. – And I wanna point out,
that for those of you that aren’t Students, these are amazing for Labor Day travel, for going to some type of
overnight trip, I take a lot, we travel a lot for work. Did I just say we? Oh, am I eluding to the secret? Alright. People, here’s the announcement. So Intern Amy, who is unbelievable, who’s been with me for two years, is still going to be a
major part of this channel. But, Amy is away two and
a half hours from us, so, we are bringing in another Intern. It’s not Intern Cody, who
is staying on with us. – It’s not me? – No, you’re still here Cody. The Intern, is Casey! Out of more than 300 applicants, you did awesomely well
during your job shadowing. – Thank you. – For the most part. And we think that you
have a lot of potential, and you’ve been so
incredible to work with, and you happen to love deals. – I do. – Before the giveaway,
I just wanna point out, that we are also giving
away free iPad Airs, for someone who has
never commented before, our random Subscriber selection, cuz I know some of you just watch, and you don’t always comment,
and I totally get that but, we have to fine-tune the system. As long as you’re subscribed with your notifications turned on, you are eligible for a free iPad Air 2, we’re gonna make the draw
in the next three weeks, but for today’s giveaway. – We’re giving away two free backpacks. All you have to do, is be
subscribed to this channel, and have commented in the last six months. – From comments made back in July, our randomly selected winners for today, who are subscribed with their
notifications turned on, so they can hear this. Congratulations Jay, just email support at Matt’s Daily Deals
dot com for your freebie, and congratulations Amanda,
we love your comments, you are amazing, we are also donating five
backpacks to local charities. Intern Casey, that sounds
good, just sort of– – Has a ring to it! – Yeah, I really enjoy that. Do you have a dance that you can do, to now congratulate everyone who did win? – A little bit of this. A little bit of that. – There ya go people, you’re all winners. What do you think of our Subscribers, cuz they are about to become your closest friends and
family, they are unbelievable, you are gonna be interacting
with them night and day. – I think they’re incredible,
and I honestly can’t wait to get to know them more. – So, you’re gonna be able to post, Casey’s gonna be able to respond, for those of you that are
tired of talking to me, I’m still gonna respond, cuz
I don’t have many friends, and thank you in advance, for
making Casey feel so welcome. Casey, I would say that your
first video as an Intern, you did really well. – Thank you. – What do you guys think? If you want us to get
rid of her immediately, please leave a comment. – And I can’t wait to follow
in Intern Amy’s footsteps. – Well said Casey, well said.

100 thoughts on “🏬 BACKPACKS! BACKPACKS! BACKPACKS 2016 β—„ Super cheap deals!

  1. Cmon now. That's an LED light bulb. Try that with a Edison style incandescent. Not a realistic demo deal dude.

  2. I love the Deal Guy, Matt and all your interns….great deals every day!Β  I'm a grandmother of 12 and always looking deals not only for myself, but for my 4 grown kids, their spouses and 12 grandkids!Β  Awesome deals…..and our family LOVES DEALS!Β  Thanks for all your work to find the BEST DEALS every day.

  3. Welcome Intern Casey!!! You did a fantastic job. You remind me of Marsha or Jan Brady,u are so cute!!! (Yes,I'm the one who had to say it,Lol) Thanks for the great deal guys! Keep Matt in line.xoxo

  4. I think you guys are finding some serious deals.I have to be careful how often I watch because I want to order everything but I can't afford it keep up the great job thanks

  5. Haha, I just figured it out. What ? I need to comment in order to be winner of give away. Not, just enjoying everyone's dancing πŸ™‚

  6. Swiss Gear is the BEST…I've had one for years! We care Casey…except, probably for those who always give a πŸ‘Ž

  7. Welcome Casey. Great job! We need a sunny disposition like yours to help brighten our day while we are missing Amy. Keeping Matt from hurting himself seems like it might be a big job!!!

  8. Great backpack for contents but how is it for comfort? Our problem like many other family's is that backpack contents weigh a good 20 pds or more. Will this backpack provide the comfort & cushion needed for neck & shoulders? Yes, I weighed the pack at the beginning of the year. Without all the books in it (we hadn't received them all), it weighed 20 lbs 😳 I'm sure it's heavier now & they still carry books in their arms….school lockers are a 1/3rd of a full size locker IF the school even has lockers

  9. WELCOME ABOARD CASEY. You will find that you fit in perfectly with this group. This deal is Outrageous. How do you guys do it? Matt you made a great choice in the Deal and doubled up on it with the addition of Casey. Great Job. Ron

  10. I love seeing all the deals Matt shares. I have not always received an email notification but hope I will now. I look forward to them every day. Thank you!!!

  11. Congratulations Casey!!! I was so happy to hear you are donating some of your backpacks to a charity! Paying it forward! Very cool.

  12. CASEY! CASEY! CASEY 2016! WELCOME TO THE WACKY & WONDERFUL WORLD OF THE DEAL GUY! (side observational note: you not only have an INCREDIBLE smile (that's a no-brainer) but you seem infused with INCREDIBLE joy…and that's VERY refreshing!)
    I'm glad Cody wasn't cut and intern Amy is ALWAYS welcome. Keeps dem good peoples, chief…fo' sure!
    Awesome backpacks! I couldn't believe your demo with the light bulb! (just so you're covered… Disclaimer: no light bulb was injured in the making of this video) πŸ˜€
    Have an enjoyable weekend!

  13. Oh, I forgot to mention, THANK YOU for donating five backpacks to local charities! What a nice thing to do…YOU ARE AWESOME! πŸ™‚

  14. This is great, I actually need a new backpack as well since my last backpack that I have used for several years for school. I will look into getting this type of backpack.

  15. I've had a swiss gear backpack for about 6 months. 3 international round trip flights. a couple of overnight trips. this backpack has pockets for everything and is very comfortable to wear.

  16. These are AWESOME FINDS!
    And, may I say, most TALENTED INTERNS – almost as TALENTED AS YOU, MATTπŸŽ†βš‘οΈβœ¨πŸ‘πŸ»βœŒπŸ»οΈπŸ˜ƒ

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