💙CRUISING GREECE ⁄⁄ CatCreature 💙

💙CRUISING GREECE ⁄⁄ CatCreature 💙

-find stairs! wait no, elevator! thank you thank you -so look around, feel at home, if you need any help im here we’re wearing both of my prom dresses, and my mom is wearing lilith’s prom dress. so we’re really making.. an economical situation out of this pretty! hi! let’s go downstairs – *snickers* look at you two, so silly you don’t get dizzy jumping around ?? *laughs* just like that? today is tuesday, and we’re currently in athens. it’s been over a week since we’ve been in europe, I’m still recovering from a cold, which is why I’m a little bit lethargic, also, after we came on the cruise, the 3 of us, our energy level has just gotten so comfortable with being.. *sneeze* with being at sea, but we’re almost about ready to go, I haven’t really talked at all, hold on hold on- another sneeze just not been feeling super well, but I’ve been.. documenting some really nice moments, and meals during our trip, but there’s a lot to show, and I’m really excited, because we’re gonna take the metro up to the acropolis, we’ve studied this in school, I’ve kind of forgotten, it’s beena couple years the 3 of us are a little bit worn out, from a week in venice, we might come back early. and not stay until 8pm. -let’s go! -oh my god are you okay baby?? -yeah! -ohh it was a gentle fall. -thank god I think I filmed it *laughs* aiya *sighs* -he talked to you! *gasp* -I didn’t get the meowing part -aw *meows quietly* we have somehow made it back to the ship, with a combination of.. using the metro, and then walking all the way around, as i said, we ended up coming back early. so we can make dinner, and then finally rest our feet. -just one piece of bread. or else I won’t have room for the rest of dinner *giggles* deck 4 -oh that was fast we’re very happy, we’re very excited about this, my mom loves little towel animals, and tonight we have a snake. the other night, we had a snail. about to go to soak in the jacuzzi, my mom has this cover up, and then I’m wearing what I got yesterday so we’re about to go to the jacuzzi! this morning, we are going to mykonos, and I forgot- I almost forgot my memory card in the room, so I’ve come to get it, and my sister and mom are waiting for me outside, this is my outfit today, I’m so excited, my mom is really excited also, to take a bunch of photos, so we’re gonna take the tender to shore! bye bye! we are here in argostoli, and today is our last port of call. so tomorrow’s gonna be our day at sea, until we go home so we didn’t do any planning ahead, or excursions, because it’s just all about relaxing my mom is taking a lot of photos of the- -with the stick! *laughs* so we’re on our way to the downtown area, where we might spend an hour, before driving over to the beach, and relaxing and that’s kind of our whole plan. -yeah
-and then we’re gonna go to the ship for dinner. and that’s our last relaxing day. I suddenly remembered, they don’t allow us to bring water onto the ship hmm? returning… for the last time -yeah mom: hey this background’s not bad. should take a pic we just finished dinner, and we wandered up here to the lounge, while no one’s here, sister is taking photos of my mom. *watching a documentary on the great barrier reef* say goodbye to my brows *bye* it is the end of our last day here. I didn’t vlog any of our day at sea, because we were just getting things together, we ate, spent a long time fighting for a spot to eat, so most of the day was just eating, and resting, in our room. and now, our luggage is all ready to go, and we have to place it outside. so yay! it’s out last night! -wheres my hand?! I didn’t see that -you’re right there!! huh? I cannot see mom, you’re in the middle … oh oh now i see -what is that thing flashing on your camera? -it’s low battery oh okay, goodnight! *mom crying in exhaustion* *pants in relief* bye! love you!

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  1. You're family is so beautiful, while watching I was getting Jane the Virgin vibes? But except for a grandma its a sister because you guys give the most wholesome energy ;___;

  2. The quality of your videos never fail to surprise me! This was such a beautiful snapshot in your life – I'm really glad you're taking time to enjoy yourself 🙂 Please rest up though – work can be so draining and I hope you know it's okay to take a rest sometime and enjoy your youth before the rest of your 'unknown' begins. Please know I'm wishing your dad the speediest recovery xx lots of love

  3. ⚠️⚠️⚠️CRUISES POLLUTION is KILLING the planet , please if you want to care for the planet don't use one as it's effecting the animals too. GLOBAL WARMING is REAL!!!!!😡⚠️⚠️⚠️

  4. I love how your mom stops to take pictures of every cat she sees! I'd do the same haha ^_^
    I also really enjoyed the montage of you and your sister dancing around in your fancy dresses!
    Sending you and your family all the positive vibes <3

  5. This is such a touching and emotional video, even though I wasn’t there and have never been anywhere there. Your vlogs and editing are really amazing and I’m so grateful you spend your time doing them for us. They’re so relaxing and inspiring for me!
    Sending my biggest wishes and prayers to your dads health and recovery. 🙂

  6. watching this makes me feel nostalgic 🙁 my family and i were just on a cruise with royal caribbean a couple weeks ago and it was an amazing experience. thank you for bringing us along with you :)))

  7. i first found your channel in 10th grade, two years ago when you were moving into risd for the first time. i still remember your “calm and collected” vlog that resonated with me on so many levels. you are one of my favorite channels because of how raw and passionate and articulate your style, words, editing are. and truly, this vlog made me tear up once when you were having the time of your life dancing with your mom and your sister in the prom dresses, and twice when you fell down and your mom and your sister were there to instantly pick you up. i don’t know if you’ll see this, but your vlogs have truly taught me how beautiful life is, and how important the little things and our most important people in our lives… are. Love you annabelle. you are such an inspiration; i’m not sure what caused me to get so sentimental all of a sudden😅

  8. the sunset cruise / you dancing with your sister portion of the vlog while the piano plays gently in the background reminds me of a Pride and Prejudice (2005) moment and it was so beautiful to see

    Thank you for working so hard to make these vlogs as beautiful and ethereal as they can be. They are a treat to watch ✨💛

  9. I have had not the happiest of days and was feeling really anxious. This has made me feel so very peaceful and a lot less depressed. I absolutely love how pure and lovely your videos are. Thank you so much for sharing such beautiful videos <3

  10. Oh my this is so beautiful (cry) Love your vlogs!! Favorite part is in the end little glimpse of all the memories and your mom!! <3

  11. This is like watching a dream. Your vlogs give me the same feeling as when I watch Anne of Green Gables: sort of an ethereal, nostalgic hopefulness with reminiscing, if that makes sense. Love you Annabelle!

  12. honestly all of your videos are so peaceful to watch and so appealing. it makes me wanna travel even more, please keep being as great as you are! much love <3

  13. It seems like cruises overseas (the food) is wayy better. I took a cruise recently to Mexico & Belize with my mom and sisters and the food everywhere but the main buffet was horrible….

  14. My favorite part was of you three twirling in the prom dresses. You all looked so lovely! I thought I hated prom dresses until I saw yours and your sister's. And Mykonos is always a delight to see (in vids and pics until I get over there one day).

    Be kind to yourself, and practice letting those worry thoughts come and pass, acknowledging them as habitual, but not helpful, and not true in the moment. You deserve rest and lazy times in the midst of lots of activity. Saying all this to you is a reminder to myself too! I am grateful for your slices of beauty, always. <3

    Oh, and I live in the Bay Area and if I recall correctly you're somewhere in northern CA. I hope to run into you one day. 🙂

  15. When you're dancing with your sister and your mom was laughing– it made me cry and reminded me of how much I wish I could have the relationship two sisters should have. You are blessed and I'm so grateful you shared such a beautiful moment with the world.

  16. Ah, another masterpiece. ♡ I highly enjoyed remembering my own trip to Greece through your vlog (and all the street cats). Now take your time to relax and regain your health. Prayers to your dad! ♡ 🙏

  17. All those clips from Corfu oh dear … I loved there for five years, just moved from there in March. Every single clip, every single place was a part of my everyday life. So nostalgic for my Corfu days but it is a chapter that is slowly coming to an end.

  18. I once met an American who hadn't heard of Greece. I was astounded. Whenever traveling comes up, I often tell the story about the American who didn't know what Greece was.

  19. i always love watching your videos, it makes me feel so full it's like i'm there on holiday with you. thank you for sharing with us a peek into your life in the most beautiful way <3

  20. your vlogs are always so beautiful. ive always wanted to travel and to be able to watch you do so with your loved ones is absolutely amazing. i love your mom so so much she's so precious.

    also thank you for the abundance of european cat footage i deeply enjoyed it

  21. Ah, Annabelle. It truly feels like you’re my friend and it’s always so nice to see how you’re days have been. I love watching how much you really indulge in life and embrace every moment. It’s so inspiring to me and it makes me want to love my life more. I love you and am sending all my love your way!

  22. This vlog was beautiful and I wish you the best of luck in your thesis, I remeber how tiring my own one was last year! Sending light and positivity in a dark time with your dad in his state and hope that everything gets better!

  23. awww Annabelle thank you for sharing your experiences with us, you inspire me everyday <3 sending my love to you and your family!!!

  24. I hope to get to a point in my life where i can live like you guys.. you are such an inspiration to me thank you annabelle and family

  25. OMG i've actually been to the Acropolis! My boyfriend is from Athens and you can even see it from his parent's house!

  26. Annabelle, I absolutely adore you and your family and have so much love for every thing you do but I wish you wouldn’t promote being on a cruise ship on your channel. It’s one of the most harmful things one can do for the environment. Sending lots of love, enjoy the time with your family ❤️

  27. Watching this made me very emotional about my mom
    Happy to see you spending such a great time together ♥

  28. Dear Annabelle, I really really enjoy your channel and you seem like a genuine and kind person, but I've been holding back this question for a long time now. Don't you feel bad about going on cruises (and planes) so frequently? I remember a few from your past vlogs. Sure they might be nice and fun, but they are the most terrible thing you can probably do for our environment. Please research a bit into the topic and maybe even reconsider your choices. I'm sure there are other options to have an enjoyable holiday. Love, Sarah

  29. The Europe travel videos are so beautiful! My Ma watches them with me together we live in Germany but never really had the chance to see the other countries here so we are kinda planning what place we could visit by seeing the vlogs

    Also we are jiggle all the time because I really like to Vlog our vacations all the time just like you and my mum takes a lot of selfies like your mum 😂🙈

  30. Such a pleasant video to watch, I visited Greece when I was a kid and watching this made me run to grab the travel album and take a look at the photos from that trip. 💗

  31. So happy you visited my country! You did an amazing job capturing all this Greek beauty
    Keep inspiring us 🌈

  32. so, so special. thank you for sharing, annabelle. traveling with family is something i don't do often, and when i do i always expect it to be perfect and magical but the reality is that it's not. and i know that it's not perfect for you, either, because nothing is perfect. but there's nothing wrong with cherishing an showcasing the good memories, especially because you do it so well and i so enjoy watching it <3

  33. the part of you and your sister dancing around on the deck was so sweet n cute, i love the relationship y'all have, its endearing!!!

  34. I teared up a bit at the end when you thanked your mum for taking you two around the world and then the montage, oh so beautiful 😭💕

  35. Everything about this is beautiful 💙 Thanks for always putting me in a great mood with your videos 🙂

    Also, praying for your dad–hope everything goes well

  36. I’m so jealous you can eat all that nice food and still stay so beautiful
    You are your family have such a cute bond

  37. my fav part when mommy taking selfie cause that cute and everything is so aesthetic and love the bonds between mother &daughters. <3

  38. Hi Annabelle ☀
    Just watched your video for the second time, and I got to say, your videos are like a warm bath for me. After finishing them, I feel 50 pounds lighter. I, just like you, got back from a month of travelling (I went to Austria 😊) and really need to get some rest. So I hope we both get to sleep more, eat better and instead of feeling sad or melancholic because it all ended, we feel hopeful and excited for the great things that our future holds❤. With that being said, I loved your video, and I really liked how your outfit in the Acropolis matched your surroundings. Your mom is a QUEEN and we don't deserve her hehehe. Anyways, take care and honey 💫
    Lots of love, Lykke ❤

  39. Too bad I wasn’t able to meet you in Athens because you stayed for only a few hours. Greetings from my city. ☺️

  40. You, have gone through a lot with your family and experienced loss, made me subconsciously learn that it is possible to experience that wrecking type of pain and still find joy in life. I teared up reading the last few lines in your letter. Continue to be strong and resilient.

  41. you, lilith & your mum dancing together was beautiful. wow. also thankful for your subtitles & your dedication to the vlog – the way you captured yourself slipping over :') haha

  42. This has to be my favorite travel vlog of yours! I appreciate the energy and happiness this video radiates so much!!! ❤️❤️

  43. I usually get really jealous of how people get to travel around the world while I haven't even ridden a plane in my 22 years of existence , but everything you film and edit is just beautiful that I get to appreciate the world more instead of being a sorry a** for myself lol

  44. Annabelle,I watch you from such a long time and I have never commented on your video but I want to say that I love love love loveeeeee your videos. I am a very anxious person and watching your videos make me feel so peaceful and happy! I just loveeee them! I love the person that you are. Sending all the love💛

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