💣 Прохождение Borderlands в кооперативе #02: Тачкомат, Ворюга-раздолбай, Следж

💣 Прохождение Borderlands в кооперативе #02: Тачкомат, Ворюга-раздолбай, Следж

Hello everyone, dear friends! Broadcasts and broadcasts XakMaH. Today we continue play a game called Borderlands. Narin will play with me. Hey. Che, let’s go! Let’s remember what we stopped there? Lan now remember I honestly don’t remember either, so you need to return somewhere to find a wheelbarrow. A wheelbarrow is in progress so if someone is not nearby farstone can only to form. shakes south of the city there the activist has not been seen for several months and you already found for some reason but go get it to him then to whom this one here as I was in his stories you can always need it but no rains anti. mate come back here like you won’t burn where we need to go let’s go to this thing already successful to that man probably give over the beast protection that so it stands there on the right then the plaid skud rose with them this so he where you creatures came from lenses cookie it’s all scary as not not all bought where everything comes from your mother you who will end zadolbali Well, shoot the bastard, let’s all go to find . mat return to where it shows where else get a reward all mending couriers all vodka tahir no need so task Thief-gouging. Take the module … Kill the gouging and take the crowd module I took I kill the gouge and take module yes so gouging is not the same one that my very how well how with whom do we bargain during the day neither was he don’t look where he always shows you go with me nickelback flow tank loot you need to take so little 21 bucks yes he only only needs it no on the other hand went on the other hand where did we come from these booths we went there they followed me you go and there you can often jump over a packet from a raid to search great let’s go only together so what life style normally send us here in short you have more life than yours me and level of pumping than mine 8 it’s 7 I have 8 so quiet so far no one he is to us private and private perk is there or you can see on do if you see he damn yourself even a beard I since the city does not need to take off with this, hold on to us not somehow differently let’s come up with a different report so I have firewood what else is the pestle from rubbage and the program is squeak so i forgot in the booth this trip yet there they go neatly head of the country I try I try Karina cheap recidivist not this shit not gun ancestral home so stop and what not looking for you can take a crumb Now let’s see what we still have faithful wise soot on as input 16 plywood plywood slider we also have a sniper Now we’ll try to shoot them from here to this one more accurately what am I looking for pomegranate you’re not ours here is ours in my opinion yes she he doesn’t even hear there so he is on her den of shit so looking sloppy step back back step back they are still behind and from where so stop let’s get a treat quiet-quiet-quiet-quiet so so stop first aid kit first aid kit everything another pharmacy drain there he is still taking them saying so did not save you and add between weak sniper some pancake is coming again while we will you shoot to him come with us black creatures hiding I missed what is what already so not to heal with a pestle from where and try on top for get around on the other hand yet well then again no i’m just dying i want a nature i dont understand what the hell yeah i’m dead again why how they so carefully removed We hope you enjoy our new one. You’re right what they did. You and I are bad. are we guys really cool hold-hold and tapes the most interesting thing is they get out here they are so cool I wanted to press the engine that they transferred by itself neatness get away from him live food like captivity and off-match what is wrong to fly please, I am being treated by clients with a dick Where supplies it’s 9 to level already yes so tempered increase maximum health and ears maximize bill charges forged everything shorter than health look at the Cossack, yes, here, here, and here, look at you, reading what’s there have you megastar he shouldn’t be anything at all here’s someone’s skull those are some kind mean but this is stop fly lunch for some reason I started pecking at you friend lady vamp to distinguish a bird pablo so i’m there let’s go all the same let’s go money where so stop come on now. Tychonuk with you so with a pestle it’s better to have a little medicine bottle so go up wow what gouging fuck you yourself saw powerful kid they shot him on the head with this video So nikhera cool kid so he killed me creature so hold on i’m running hold on i’m running the same bible went city not only living kurt little what a chicken scratch this cry how many corpses put kapets I’m major over their not views right again with life then broke quiet-quiet-quiet where didn’t go and where did you go I will not resurrect you besides here So are you fucked up and supplies no oheren fuck at all just buy take a bastard creature reduce no and there’s nothing that’s exactly what kind of wobbler you’ve already used so I’m alone the choice of firms, of course, thank you, step 5, having read it there and yes I hear poker so right now it’s fixed again and not now again reconstructed cast it over at a time it can break it down my pernik go to fig not i have you can go abruptly buy weapons now she is on the other w what a creature and those grenades are still left let’s you two sides she’s showered went around fuck like he even kills wow damn Dublin you go and I’ll die now do you go to me or not with a new one how many liters write father charged clothes, take a pancake, he restores again what the creature and with it nothing did you kill him somewhere with us so far anyway there’s no other weapon you can buy well and what kind of garbage is there now better it helped me here so until you come he will not kill the axis of the beam then brings and restores as I do with a new kitty where is your help I’m already flying oh you fly I’ve already killed a black guy I’m all sprinkled on the table. It seems help. Come on. How to play harmoniously. If we trade. gouge nothing fucking we won’t do anything worth it don’t go anywhere I Now I’ll try a gun too, and what kind of candy to buy there is no vental, but if you lose express today thank you and Pushkin, I know him compiled better not friend wik 15 optical ventari no cheap ventari so i have cho come on now ladies finger double relapse nerve slider casadei seconds 11 shorter double repeaters ladies’ finger in short your motto needs to be welded sell find this game high so crushed shields so my moment but there is also an optical vinar, so if I put a cheap ventari so what else is there a terrible fragmentation shotgun if not an attack on him taxi you ammunition at the girl pomegranate so run alone for two years no chest so the report I don’t understand where is here compare behind the domes cable us the tip of a terrible shard 8 x 11 6 x 11 shorter like this you can starve possess the power of paul so this is sell now i have shotgun so you die and only gender improvement so so so so so so weapon modifier shields counting milk heart 8 reload 13 here there is a shield another look for change looked like the Corinthians are nenen and you look at what you have have a look here climb into a backpack and you look at the student report that she sold everything that I was not fools good what take yourself his future better capacity as the only one didn’t help ty the plague can’t call to do should be able to you still that reload speed, but everything seems to be so shameful and I drove and I do not want to kill this shit no ammunition pistol no more normally earn money then you get take optical sights a gun or a revolver with us where it says take it check that this is a gun pistol from so now the gun improvement has been treated maxim supplies perfectly so fuck the gun still so great now grenade we need to throw grenades fuck a nut buy vodka nearby stands a stall with a cartridge remember the power of the people than programs already in progress his name was let’s go smash Shabbat come to me no side watch come on come on we even became love let’s go gouging already sick of you look hollow pillar it’s so interesting to know, and in general, what a freak so marie here this one remained I’ll gouge there with grenades and now for cyber, in short, don’t I smoke you live there you live so where to try you hurt yourself why or what not I did not believe me yet how I write this cartridge was at the machine in which all the cartridges were not struck for the sake of understand what it means you had these sew already have an indicator of damage writes that there would be no benefit to me they killed the city the fight went to blame personally, let’s somehow I don’t understand the captivity let alone what here the cartridges were, I’ll put it now, it’s shared, then it’s covered this gep of course when drink times this with a whole team scored gun and where there is no gun from a machine gun where do you get the creatures from and come quickly come I don’t know which ones to buy not cartridges open your weapon you are not there those outs wait the order 6 you see it’s written to you and such foot spars it’s up to a submachine gun somehow you can sell the previous ones I found something for ours, but you can somehow grieve to sell those that you don’t need to be able to sell it, but today this gouging parties you go to me clothes almost killed everyone wait come on first the boy’s husband, how are you afraid of me no grenades I also have a back you can’t kill him damn how even gouging then when can I collapse too gouging it turns out we are he somewhere in front there not counting fuck like that, but in my life there were so many come on me under this cry rather, where do you climb on it, you don’t need to climb on it Well, Che is not over it leaves must be shot with this hear me so what have you got right now again you’ll recruit a team of your Chevalier I still hike the money ran out before mine found chopping I haven’t seen this yet how are you and this one is ours it might turn out like this right now wait a minute so what is there key button straight fat kapets you follow him what is he fat sea to almost come on come on let’s all some mania has collapsed, but this is people’s taste. measure hitrozhop like a normal woman normal woman of course everything in the house from changing is also going to get around yes oh some kind of weapon some kind of video with a purple bone-crusher but the gun there is cool it’s necessary and take everything I remember at the exit you don’t take it horseradish you take a gun all the best girls module on color knot yeah i think it’s a gun i’ll look at the table what level do you need 3 by right there is still a terrible shard there just for him 10 level scabbard 8 things like its cool impenetrable a little i can’t take a nightmare what a sight I also took a candle all went went giving put the exact score prolazil No, of course, well, no, then I also cleaned everything that I conduct it’s necessary to return everything that is bad I’m already well done on the upper ones too, we are looking to go maybe something lies here by the way, you can not return to the old way here You’ll go to the top floor, then you’ve climbed all this further on chanson she’s ready and stop skagi there but come to me come to me go to me I don’t speak You haven’t found anything. Come to me. Immediately, if now I will take it one by one. kill one hour kill wynn’s maria yes publish still there we will find out of them ammo counts then count cho there’s a way to dig it out so we’re not going any further let’s go shorter, let’s hand over it’s all garbage, it won’t have to be back which apparatus he wound back again the creature killed went to this pillar come on come on now the ninth level of what we have there with glasses and stop who is there who bit us and he again at her campaign every time we mission perform hand over there five more archer lies all courier taken, urine stream overcome …. urine stream))) I’m still healthy while I spend the charge of counting a stream of urine open the city of bandits so where do we go but it’s mitino candle where does it go next good missile courier candle instinct she to this garbage and create a fleet teleport car to the driver’s teleport seat arrow you shoot yes let’s go like this look exactly shoot you don’t understand here such them too shoot before the trip not I will make you believe so pulls peace and not only the front machine gun works like that what you need to jump over there is no no jump over I also correct often the frost seized means with there is a stream of urine called just to jump, I print you cook part turned over a whole stream of urine about how the first-aid post is, let’s go see what is there any account there is at 118 perry buying yourself there not to leave heresies of Russia, so you took this too, not knowing just for age type on can move here again you can choose a car so well everyone drove over there there is some kind of he thug they can wait they can shoot sniper from here ok let’s go cars to car climb in drove for all of it and why there is no gate bone wait gate switch now i here it seems this yummy poop lies everything stream of urine. Back to Zed, he has something for you ice who are you and help what kind like this and all the creatures what else do we have this luck de climbed here an open suitcase and Tambova very and took everything smoothly from you and so let’s go and shorter go twitch we all open here so stop there like from so not how are you really straight we’ll go to such a machine, there’s no hunting, we’ll have to leave agree on health a little day it’s a house now you come and buy yourself what problems to the king sparkle on the way to you will meet a guy named shab show refreshed all members of his family and if in coffee made a canopy unlucky step but he is a good guy it will be great if you can help him I rarely give out compliments, just the number of weapons that I can temper my hair. I have a weapon. I don’t have three types of mugs. Sledge, meeting with Shep Sanders and this assignment is given to Artyom may also eat yes over there, where we are also open Now there is a level here to use, wait a minute level ladies finger repeat offender cheap ventari valaam so it would be a wifey bookmark ethnos weapon grouping can now troubling times normal so we need to meet chef sanders now in a car before eating for him oh you are scary square spoons but I’m also not you are not a man I don’t wear a man’s so stop a grenade there come on the right its limit that there is no since she’s 100 years old, she’s also a chamber from me, as I also advised you to dial I forgot what you got here is a decree on a stick to snipers what to take yes go dali everything is fine so you and I went for a car of 9 and you also heard you know heard whether it is possible to stand on ceremony with this glitch just wars crap you you go cars yes I’m flying straight while I’m hiv shooting loot earned no wait I I’m better to show you. I know how you want. I liked the flow, the fire was good, even though the game went through, look, go into the box on the right which offer I leaked I’ll go from the sea to not support everything and hurley that with you loot she never happens everything here about patches do not laugh at it shorter through this garbage through the portal to go along gave given through the portal going went here where to jump here is the portal so come on neatly here we have a zone still unknown so neatly so while everything seems to be ok with marion heaps you see highlighted back come back come back on yes look it hiv beam is highlighted yes in grant trucks I shot it. Look at the fireflies. You can dig a cage. dig in short you make me feel you are so these aren’t you just talking dig Britain well, dig through the mud is useful to you so there is standard from earthlings looking for not so garbage not a shield shields by the way also better sell than I picked them up myself and it’s very possible to sell it out; have a chat u trade when i have my cars with my scary needles so it became 17 Now they sell everything on here, there is that Finn from 18 to no need to see no so wait there is an improvement the gun cartridge 400 can hold a shotgun, too, a grenade 5 pieces can be bought I can afford and rusty between that a lot younger sniper rifle say okay then let’s go slowly everything is so normal, and count such and this game already three parts came out that is, we play life with you for the first time 2 3 wow you’re an adult with how come their hands here dohera, don’t let’s know better it’s worth going up, we’ll shoot them from above go pick up pick up hand over them We’ll shoot another one. will rise not a day so great look, he’ll come here now through this garbage but you see through the pipe so karyych here I am now baiting about mine with you right here from here the battle to wet the pipe for up to an hour only this rubbage I’ll probably get a place and on the table, wait for the straight shivaki shrobaki okay then then you are not just I have hi guys they all go I’ll water you them a little bit asm remained and this will not pour garbage come on let’s go cook one left yesterday not a single come on wali wali him helping since damn then everything is so all fell apart but how to sell cartridges that you don’t sell techno, you cannot sell a cartridge when not yet walks there two no two or three I’ll finish it with a gesture. So excellent meta there one more stayed with dotka you are available here at dota go through the pipe one hundred clasp an orphan is not an estimate when a hero Yes, it seems we want to finish everything is fine they all ended the buckle somehow hirat was a cop pooh I’m a whim of a colossus, so it’s like trying everything at all, and there you’re not strange but to do so would know that it was necessary three people did not blow it possible so there he is a bunch of pile of shit the table you still have another one fucking crazy reckless paints look you for what I do not want to mess with him level 13 You see, I don’t stop them too, but here there is a rise only I rose let them you can go somehow without contacting him for you we’ll bypass them this poets found more of Russia raise me health on e come on come on excellent on those most importantly don’t hit these this is christoph I have from the branches wait while I have I think a point I passed again heck Yes, something nonsense, some of my moose is a copy of where you will not regret Christie masks set you never know what I better lightweight immediately take so the rocket launcher cartridge we are not so ammo i can tyrant money give a coupe transfer since 51 because it’s better to lie to us than the old one somehow somehow wanted to fly but the only way they show when the level here is the wind can a terrible splinter goes here the progress should be so too snap horror us classic I don’t have a helminthic height report let’s drive we need to bring of all those shit I don’t know steam green worth contacting or not me there sweet same kapets it would be necessary to set some on others I don’t know how you can’t brew me, I’m most likely to be healthy and look at how he stopped no, but the thing is that he is guiding the decision on nutrition, well, yes, I tried to break it down, and here while we run back back we go to quickly we leave we leave grenade tossed another grenade another grenade there are still grenades wow you fuck yourself ready to the enemy’s side this sea did not rise the scourge of fuh this creature need to be treated So So in general, dear friends, we are forced to finish early for us. Thank you everyone watched, be sure to subscribe to the channel, like it, the continuation will definitely be! Continuation of the Borderlands. Everything! Bye everyone!

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  1. Прохождение Бордерлендс кооператив на русском языке по миссиям:

    00:00:50 – Найти тачкомат

    00:04:40 – Ворюга-раздолбай

    00:48:25 – Преграда: Струя мочи

    00:54:30 – Вернуться к Зеду

    00:57:00 – Следж: Встреча с Шепом Сандерсом (начало)

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