😱 BEWARE GIANT STEVE?! | The Minecraft Life of Alex and Steve | Minecraft Animation

Come on, come on. Hurry up before Alex wake up- What are you up to, Mister?! Oh boy.. here we go. I mean, Alex, hey. Long time no see. Who are you hiding from? What? Hiding? Hah.. no way. That’s crazy talk. Mhhmm. So you’re not spying on Ben over there? Okay, so what if I am? He has been working all day on that.. ‘thing’. Any idea what it does? I think we’re about to find out. Woah. You thinking what I’m thinking? That we should leave it alone and not go near it, and.. he’s gone. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh! You can tell it’s real science because of all the blinking lights. Steve, whatever you do- OOPS. Haha! Do your thing, baby!! No, wait! Woah! Woah. In awe at the size of this Lad. What an absolute unit. Okay, buddy. Move along. Nothing to see here.. How.. how did?.. Ok, bye-bye now. But.. but.. I said, SCRAM!! Hey look, birds. Rawr!! Woah. Woah!! Why am I getting bigger?! I don’t know. Make it stop or else I’m going to fall over!! The machine isn’t listening to me. I can’t stop it! Pull the power cord! Power! Okay, umm.. OH. Redstone carries power! Phew. I think I got it. B33P B00P. BACKUP P0W3R, ACT1VAT3D. Oh, COME ON!! Ladies and Gentlemen. I bring good news. Good news? I love good news! Good news is the best kind of news. Yes. The legend is true. The TNT, it exists (gasp) Wuhh? Where is it?! It’s in a secret place, far away. Where nothing bad can happen to it. ..What’s that noise? (distant screaming) (gasp) ..Sorry. Would you like some cheese?

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