01 – Backpacking The Netherlands

01 – Backpacking The Netherlands

James Bond location Its time to reward ourselves with delicious brew! Amsterdam by night! Some “Do it yourself” fastfood! I don’t know what it is that I just got but…. This is the Venice of the north.

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  1. Hey! You captured the atmosphere here beautifully. 😀 Wonderfully done! Make a video about the preparations. How you prepared for this 'time off'… I know it's been a while you started, you are back now, but if you remember the details then I'm sure many of us would like to hear it. Like how does one prepare for a year travel? How did you break the news at work, how did you save up for it, how long did it take, how much did you plan ahead or was it all improvising? That soort of thing. xx

  2. Good for you, enjoy every minute off it, the experiance will be eternal and guide you ahead on what ever may come your way, cheers Leen

  3. Beautiful video. I am sure you've seen more of the beauty of the Netherlands in a week than most Dutch have seen in 10 years.

  4. Random question: When you post prices for the places you've stayed (this video and your belgium video) is that the total price including what your partner is paying as well? Or just your cost? Cheers!

  5. My compliments on making this great video of my country, or at least a little part of it. I wish you a fantastic backpacking journey around the world. Enjoy and be safe.

  6. In the Zaandam i always find it amusing to hear mostly American tourist say :"ill buy one of those cute little homes" not realising you have to pay €800.000- at the minimum for a small one and around €2.500.000,- for a bigger one, hahaha, yeah that's more in $ US !

  7. The skies, the wide horizons, the golden light, the crisp fresh air and the vibrant, but yet ordered atmosphere. It's all there. My compliments young man.

  8. I love how you travel to al those places ( besides Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam ect) even I havent been as a Dutch person! Hope you had a nice time !

  9. It’s amusing to see that the majority of comments on this vid come from Dutch people. My guess it’s the same with regard to the amount of viewers, while it – apart from the concept of choosing your own path – most likely is meant for those who are not (well) acquainted with The Netherlands. And that’s a good thing I guess. Seeing these vids, certainly set in context with the music you chose, avoiding daily negative aspects, made me realize how you take your daily habitat for granted, and how focused you can be on negativity instead of focusing on the beauty of it all. Thanks for reminding me of that.

  10. Stuck on these videos of people visiting the Netherlands for some reason. As a Dutch person I love seeing this and I love hearing people talk about our culture and how they perceive it. Nice video. Did you also visit other cities more in the east and north? I'm from Groningen myself a very nice student city and province. Very pretty video 🙂

  11. Finally, one American who seems to realise Amsterdam is just one city in the Netherlands. Thank you, and safe travel.

  12. You could save yourself money and time. By going with the train to Zaanse Schans. And btw Zaandam is also pretty cool.

  13. This video is excellent. I know the places you visited well and except for Utrecht you did a very good job capturing the essence of them.

  14. with modern when referencing rotterdam, i assume you mean ugly? :/ Modernism has ruined much of europe

  15. You need to visite Spakenburg the hidden jeem of Nederland on saterday there is a weekly market. And 1e saterday of September it's then fishery day in Spakenburg. Take the train to Amersfoort and then the bus176 to Bunschoten Spakenburg .

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