10 фактов о Xiaomi UREVO college casual backpack II Жду лето

10 фактов о Xiaomi UREVO college casual backpack II Жду лето

Summer is coming … rains … holidays … trips … Yes, just walking in the fresh air … xiaomi remembers … xiaomi knows
Tube 170 Motor Hello everyone, you are no use on the channel. And today I will tell you about a backpack, which, after a first glance at it, I wanted to either resell or burn to the camera. And this is not just to be witty, subscribers are well aware of how quite easily and quickly I destroy things. I bought what I want myself and turn it over. But two days of tests passed … And as you understand perfectly well – I go with him. No, I have not abandoned my Pabg syaish backpack. But not everywhere to go with a mine of fan of shooters. Okay, finish my speech. As you remember, here everything is told briefly, quickly and succinctly:
And now 10 facts about xiaomi UREVO college casual backpack: Okay, finish my speech. As you remember, here everything is told briefly, quickly and succinctly:
And now 10 facts about xiaomi UREVO college casual backpack: 2) It is made from 600 d denier fabric, which means it has 600 denier fabric density. And while you are considering it, this time I simply have to give you a brief educational program about this fabric. Fabric CORDURA Developed by Dupont (USA), also for the army. Cordura is a thick nylon with a special thread structure, with water-repellent impregnation and with a polyurethane coating. Fabric processing is carried out in several passes, so the coating is very high quality, and serves for quite some time. In addition, (according to rumors) up to 10% of HB is added to the thread, as a result of which the fabric is obtained as if shaggy, with a nap. This increases the resistance to abrasion (about the same effect “fur” on a used climbing rope). ADVANTAGES – durable and beautiful fabric, suitable for any products (since it comes in different densities, you can choose the right one), good resistance to abrasion, does not crumble when cut, do not creep holes, has very good water-repellent properties. FAULTS – expensive and heavy fabric (with equal strength – one and a half times
heavier than avisenta), in the cold impregnation even with plasticizers dubeet cool. YES, and that which gets wet hard, as you know, always dries for quite a long time.
This is if quite briefly. And the fabric as you understood is not at all cheap. 3) And this is the most pleasant thing – a backpack is very difficult to wet. Right hard. 4 I declared splash protection. And this is a simple rain. In fact, as you see, it turned out to be at least 5th. No, water will definitely fall into your pockets. And maybe even in the external. But in any case, except for drowning, the things that are inside the bag, and especially in the laptop compartment in the pouring rain, if you do not decide to sink it for ten minutes in a puddle, they will not be wetted. The main test backpack passed. 4) Appearance. You will stand out. Not sure if you need it. But if you do not need it, you will not buy it. But you will definitely stand out. And its shape is non-standard and there are already three colors to choose from. As you can see white, which is naturally quite dangerous to buy, although it looks very cool. Yellow, which I bought myself and burgundy. Probably still the most winning color. 5) Price. I bought it for 35 bucks, in rubles it is 2400 rubles. At the time of publication of the video, as you see, the seller raised the price to almost 2,700 rubles. I will leave a link to it in the description of the video. Maybe he will lower the price. Yes, in the end there are coupons. In appearance and feel the backpack is worth the money. For those who live in Moscow or St. Petersburg, everything is generally simple, at the moment it looks like there are all three colors in the Rumicom, just you can try it on. And if you use 300 p for registration, you can basically buy for the same price as Ali. And right away – from what he remembered this store – 1e personally bought expensive equipment a couple of times, since I don’t risk without a guarantee. 2nd – my friend works there. 3e – they have a price for this product, as if they were at a discount. Yes, and I believe friends. For reference. This is not an advertisement. As soon as I do something advertising, I will inform you immediately. Maybe someday I will make a video with screenshots of correspondence, how much I sent advertisers, starting from an ekatalog and ending with a girbest, literary and other people who are not good in my opinion. 6) The size of the backpack – I would say it with an easy search. At 76 pounds and a height of 182 cm, as you can see, they look normal. But on a person below 165 centimeters it seems to me to look very well square and cumbersome in the end, its dimensions are 44 cm by 28 cm and 12 cm. 7) Volume of 13 liters. Half of my combat gnome fits there freely. But seriously, I use it to go shopping. That’s all so trivial.
8) The laptop is 17 inches. My azuz horn striks 702 VM. Why do I single it out separately, but because it does not fit in my Xiaomish Pabg backpack. This is such a sadness, it is clear that you cannot take it out of the side pocket. But the backpack with him inside looks decent. As you well understood, the side pocket for the laptop can be used for laptops up to 14 inches. And the main, in which only one department, up to 17 inches. As you well understood, the side pocket for the laptop can be used for laptops up to 14 inches. And the main, in which only one department, up to 17 inches. Although it is not designed for this. 9) Pockets. It seems they are few. But their sea. Straight sea. Two side bottles or lenses. Three small front. While one of them is zipper, and two are in the closed state covered. Another additional front side pocket easily fits into a ten-inch tablet. I couldn’t get a 13 inch laptop there. But the laptop is 12 inches, it seems to me there would fit without problems. As I said, the main pocket with an additional side zipper and a safe compartment for carrying a laptop, which is fixed with 2 straps velcro. 10) Accessories. I never thought in my life that a magnetic lock can be reliable, that the buttons can be so tight. Well, rubberized zipper sliders and pleasant and comfortable tongues are always xiaomi. Add to this orthopedic back, otherwise they would not declare 20 kg for a possible carrying. And this is such a stylish backpack. I summarize the fact that the backpack in my opinion turned out to be quite stylish summer and youth. Qualitative in execution and cheerful in spirit. For those who are not subscribed to the channel every 2 weeks, there is a draw of band 3 and it is a band of 4 wounds edishen, randomly among subscribers. And until April 20, I’m playing headphones on-free fries badges and a gamepad for a phone from xiaomi. Just for the subscription and repost. Also randomly. Full conditions in the description of the video. The following video is about half marathons from xiaomi. Video at least three times a week. Benefit no recommends xiaomi backpacks. Subscribe to my groups in the contact and facebook, as well as my instargram and channel in the telegram. All contacts in the description. Good luck and good luck to you dear friends. friends.

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