10 DIY BACK TO SCHOOL SUPPLIES! Notebooks, Pencil Cases & Decor 2017!

10 DIY BACK TO SCHOOL SUPPLIES! Notebooks, Pencil Cases & Decor 2017!

What’s up guys? It’s Sara welcome back to my channel. It’s adrienne. Come back with chen Diys the back to school So if you guys like cute school supplies, or you just like diy install or you just love anyone, what’s this video? I heard you guys liked it give it a solothurn api blanking Diy videos or back-to-school bears The lower layers coming up and see I didn’t already here This is actually my second video in a week in videos because addressing five years on my channel this week So you guys the subscribe button to subscribe button so you guys get to see new stuff every single day older? I am having a back-to-school supplies giveaway at the moment So if you guys want to tell all you have to do in colliculi me on my instagram account It’s after doing that and this is what with Facebook slack I try to keep it as cute as possible, and then it’s a scepter Or you guys have to do is leave me a comment on my back to school supplies wall saying absolutely anything I’ll have that very link down below so you can check it out once you finish watching this one before I get into this video And leave a comment down below letting me know which I was prom I’m going to survey on because you guys didn’t already but let me go down comics way guys a faux metallic paint Krazee-eyez our pot of the lazy diy squad and you’re like I kind of want to school flies alike I don’t really feel like committing it and I think you guys are really going to like the first one so it’s a really easy Way to get you to keep binders See how I nibble on is to print out like coloring pages off the internet and just flip those into your binder I’ll link the pages. I printed out down below So you guys can find them super easy? but you could totally like care out a page of one of those mindful coloring books and just like put that in the front of Your binder as well also are you like Lurky the best part about this diy is the binder is like – finders can be stored? Expensive, but this is a really cheap way to get it done and if you guys get bored at school You can just cycle with that sand penza mentals and start coloring it in Sorry, I’ve never had a case for my computer and the main reason is probably because they’re like $40 Which is so expensive? So I thought I could just like diy my way through with this really cheap one that I go to ebay for like five dollars you guys can totally do this next diy on like a phone case or an iPad case Larry’s basically I just took some wet paint and yellow paint and just painted these like tiny little daisies all over the clearcase I just got this case of eBay I think I was like around $5 which is so much cheaper than buying like a snazzy case install because you guys can just Personalize it at home and make it super unique and no one else will have anything like it also Important if you guys try to see how I I would say dorie try and make the flowers all Symmetrical because it was really hard so I had to add in like 4 different sizes I am obsessed with junior books so comment down below if you guys want to see a video dedicated to just cute work posted back To school like Diy lon basically they’re used when I take a notebook and some magazines and destroy Your inside magazines and find any photos that alike your aesthetic. I mean not Gonna Lie I did not have lots of three pictures in these magazines or like photos of bedsore I just went to like tropical beaches and stuff like that But I’m get a lie if I did have like lots of food fighters I would probably have those all over the predamond books I just cut out all the pictures in today’s Triangular using a little stencil that I made I just trace them out and then stop them in Alternating patterns to get some kinda see how the pattern turned out here and it looks to me Cool. Make me realize how unorganized I actually am so you guys let all those people on organize, so it’s all gone I got you, or you guys need so the next diy is some paper pegs and string I just took this cartoon, and I traced around up But you guys could totally get the same shape by cutting out rectangles, and then it just round the edges So just kind of a bunch of different pages of paper in the exact same shape then I weigh in with a critic page just To make these extra cute and ver today’s the week on the tags Monday through to Friday I didn’t do the weekends because like I don’t really do anything on the weekend or at least I don’t schedule out the weekend and Then I just flood it in my piece of string and all the pieces of paper and when you guys do this diy You can have a little stack of these pieces of paper ready to swap out each week So you guys can keep being just all guys? If you guys have never tried eating trans veggies and then you guys totally showed it because I can literally make any material look super cute like hats and pencil cases and Clothing it so I just went in and did this diy pencil case So I just took some trans bedsheets and put them in my printer and print it out this really cute little watermelon design that I Actually made myself with one watermelon And I just like put it in word and put three and it’s like you guys can’t really make this your own and put whatever You guys want on there and if you guys do you put a quote make sure to flip it so that when you iron it On it doesn’t come out like backwards because that would really suck pretty much every single packet of transfer sheets I’ve ever bought have different instructions. So just make sure to read them Sorry that you don’t stuff it up, but when I finally pulled it off. This is what it looked like and I was so proud And maybe is gets storyboarding class, and you’re just like are we taking notes But you want something fun to do then totally try out this next diy I’m sure you guys have seen it before I kind of just wanted an excuse to do this because it’s so cool So just take two highlighters and just taking the lighter colored highlighter You wanna press speed Gothic color highlighter onto it and it will transfer some of the ink And then you’ll be left with these awesome robo highlighters to make your no It’s way more interesting and then to like refresh your highlighter. Just scribble, and it will go back to normal We are going to show you guys how to make the cutest cloth whatever piece How cute are these pins and subscribers send them to me her name is Mayor and like widget She is so creative you guys are so creative well They say ìwhy you’re just going to need some fabric a coke fold or a copePod roll I got it from – sorry so it was super cheap And then a frame which I already had and going in with a pencil you just want to trace around the inside of your frame And when you’re going to cut out the cork board Just cut it out with a little extra room to spare around the edges taking some hot glue I’m just going to go in and glue my fabric to my coke board instead of going out and buying Fabric you guys could totally use like an old t-shirt or something and glued that onto the cork board once you’ve wrapped out the cork Board in Fabric you just want to glue it onto the back of your frame, and you’re done Yeah And a-One guys, I’ll finally back to school you guys may be spending more time on the computer, sir I thought it’d be fun to make a diy Mousepad to make your desk suba cute All you want to do is take a piece of cardboard or a piece of foam and then just trace out a circle and cut? out the circle and Once you’re done. It cutting you just want to take a piece of fabric and just like cut it out super rough you Don’t have to do it perfect or anything because you’re just going to glue that on to the piece of horselord and then this is When you can go in and just like make sure the edges are nice and neat and then I just talked to some of these Pom-Poms during it that I pom Pom string if that was called. I don’t know He’s like pom-poms on a piece of Ribbon and just stuff that around the outside with hot glue The next Diy was also inspired by another thing that I found that was really expensive so I was in a store And I saw these find is that had like pockets and stuff on the inside, and I was like that’s really cool But like it’s totally not worth an extra $10. Sorry I thought we can totally diy it basically you just want to kick it off by cutting out this shape of paper I really don’t want to explain the shape and so I thought I’d just show you yeah I just I always go down another rectangle piece of paper So I could slip in some pins by the way shout out to my boyfriend canes for being in this video Ten models lovely I suck on envelopes and sticking roots And I was good to go with my binder that did not cost me an extra ten dollars to me Yeah, why is more like testicle? Which I still kind of feel like in school supplies Avenues, maybe not anyway all you have to do is take a clipboard and I kind of my white You could go in and paint it Whatever color you want through but I just gave it a white face and taking it some scrapbook paper I just trace it down to the size of my Clipboard and basically under sort of stick this on the bottom half because I saw these really cute clipboards in a store But they were so expensive. I feel like there’s a seam in this video I’m just like recreating stuff that I saw that was really expensive, but anyway I just cut out the scrapbooking paper in like a wavy pattern Because I started to be easier to do this in scrapbooking paper rather than trying to like paint on the design if that is loaded and then I just took some Mod Podge and I Just glued it down made it look three fuck you. I am so sorry guys I feel like I said the woods super cute so many times in this video And then once it’s all glued down you can put like to-do list and anything Important that you guys that may have it’s kind of like a little miniature Like bulletin board so you guys can put anything important that you might have you guys could put nurse or to do leave sometimes all? Like write notes when I’m studying, and then I just like to leave it on my desk and leave it But you guys can have it somewhere to quit I’ll stir those in slowly City area Chris. Lee. I left it linear down the cords which one will save diy I probably have to say mine was a notebook and some time not really cute flirty super Super proud of myself But let me hear me told me fuel things down in the comments below and also why guys I’m down the comments Don’t forget to let me hear about where you guys live Secure me give the video a thumbs up if you guys did like it and don’t forget to hit subscribe Because I have new beers going up every single day this week So guys don’t wanna be servers and make you guys all super blog then I’ll have my back to school I wish that links down below the guys who don’t you come out and some school inspiration, but anyway of the guys here No three tomorrow

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