hey everyone It’s We Are The Davises I’m Kayla I’m Tyler and today we’re doing the $10 target challenge but before we get started we’re going to show you a clip of us actually in target only a couple seconds the rules of the game are we have to get 10 items or more for less than $10 and the first way to win is you get $10 or less so the person who has less money under $10 wins or the second way to win is that you just have some really cool stuff you guys get to vote for the second way Yes so basically lowest price wins first round second like section you can win in is who has the coolest items and you guys get to pick who has won on that category I care the book so let’s get started so I won a bow off camera so I’m going to go first and my first item is what’s you say these are I’m just going to say are are some glow sticks and we find these in the clearanc section they were just super cute and I love the pink color and so we got these fun for just like a glow in the dark party it’s like there’s a little picture of the necklace so I thought it was cool because you can only find the bracelet and these were only a dollar so 2 now my turn I thought this was kind of cool with the W because we’re going to win and it was only dollar 49 cents and here’s the beautiful W because when I get the win the beauty challenge then beauty part beauty part part the beautiful part okay my second item is these cute little paper windmill straws you can stick them in little cups and we thought they were super cute so we got them and on the back it shows them in little glass containers so it’s just it’s like a normal straw just a little pin wheel attached to them and these were only a dollar so this is what they look like it’s just a pinwheel clipped on to a paper straw but we thought they were super cute oh it doesn’t blow wrong way wrong way get to blow it this way it keeps getting caught on the straw but it still kind of works and I just thought they were super cute okay my time cool baloons we saw that were we thougth like I was going to like blow away into the clouds but you know we don’t have heiem so they were only a dollar 49 also so yea just going to blow you guys are buying some expensive stuff we’re buying everything for a dollar or less wow can I blow one scared me sorry this is just so amazing okay sorry I had to do that alright your turn okay you’re going to let go don’t let it go yea I feel light headed okay my next item were was this big box of whoppers I know and these we were like trying to decide between milk buds or whoppers but I just thought that the whoppers were so delicious and that I’m just going to get some and these were only a dollar a dollar oh no someone straws Tyler’s turn okay we found these cool sharpies highlighters or highlighters from jack yes I got Kayla would love because I know how much she loves highlighting and they were only a dollar 29 yea open them up so there’s 2 yellow ones and there’s a pink one I think I might like the pink one and this is just great because I just lost my pink one your welcome thank you I just lost my pink highlighter I’m so upset about it now I have a new one I’m helpful it’s not opening the part about it so here’s the pink one adn then here’s one of the yellow ones and there’s also another yellow one and it’s only a dollar 29 which I thought was awesome and they’re so thin that I could probably bring them anywhere they’re not like the big fat ones so I like these okay what’s your next item my next item is this cute little glass jar it’s left over from holloween I tihnk because it’s got a little pumpkin on the front and then it’s got a cute little orange straw and I love these kinds of containers because i just think they’re so cute and this was only a dollar a dollar a dollar a dollar we also got a beautiful cup and it’s also left over from holloween it has a beautiful spider on it also only one dollar and it has a straw that doesn’t you can’t take it off because there’s a little thing on the bottom so you can’t even lose the straw which is great for me because I lose everything okay so you can probably drink milk out of it because it’s the milk bottle made from a cow my next item is tihs hot wheels car I got this for Tyler and I got this one because it got a shark right on the front it’s the coolest one out of them and we play it for the sharks yes and so this was only 79 cents dang thank you it’s got like lightning bolts on the sides they can’t even see it okay I got some wonderful deodorant because I stink so much my mom hates my smell did you get that in the travel section the small little items I think I don’t know I’m pretty sure we did since I smell so bad and my mom hates it wait what’s this scent it’s oh cool rush yea and it was only 97 cents I have a bigger one but still adorable it’s adorable for the size it’s for very smelly people like me travel size my next item is this little bow shaped cookie cutter and I thought this would be perfect because christmas is coming up and I’m a cheerleader car just ram right into my beautiful cookie so yea I picked this up because I’m a cheerleader and Christmas time is coming up and we love baking sugar cookies so this will be perfect for christmas time and it was only 99 cents oh my gosh not even a dollar not even a dollar I also got this for Kayla it’s this cute little skeleton thingy with pink white and black colors and I thougth it was just amazing because I know how much Kayla likes painting art yea and it was only a dollar so a dollar here you go thank you another hug yea three hugs my next item is an edible we found this next to all the chips and cookies and they’re nilla wafers which I am obsessed with I love nilla wafers I hardly ever have them so I will I was like I need them I never had one in like a year so I’m planning one sharing these with Tyler because it’s they’re little babbies and this is such a big container for such small cookies and this was only a dollar a dollar a dollar a dollar Tyler’s next item we got some cat food for my invisible cat Tyler’s obsessed with cats if you didn’t know that yea this was for my invisible cat you know I don’t want him to get hungry and starve so I got him some cat food and it was only 49 cents so here you go cat don’t you have to open the can for him so my next item are these fuzzy socks they might be a size too big but they’re still adorable and they’re black and white and we found them in the clearance section these were only a dollar and we just thought they would be super fun and cozy for like winter coming up so i’m going to see if I can put them on I’m going to put them on okay okay my turn so while Tyler’s doing his thing i’m going to try and take these out okay here are some scissors for Kayla because how much she loves doing crafting yes so they were only 97 cents and like the rest of the stuff I gave you it’s for craft so here it is yay oh gosh I’m still trying to take the out socks I’m got so much stuff for Kayla put on my socks they’re so warm Tyler you want to wear one got to take off your other socks they’re so warm I love them they’re so soft oh my gosh okay so my next item is another edible and it is this a sparkling ice kiwi strawberry drink so it’s like a fizzy flavored water those edibles I’ve seen other people have these and haven’t tried one yet so I just picked out the flavour that looked the best to me and I’m excited to try this oh it just sprayed on me I think I should get up too much I’m going to try it and this is only a dollar here’s a teenage mutan ninja turtle cup and it was only 64 cents I thought it was super cool because now I’m here oh okay thank you here you go it’s actually really good Tyler’s chugging it chug chug chug my little turtle my invisible turtle my next item and my last item is this watermelon long lasting extra gum everything everything they got was edible we got nothing we were obsessed with edible things okay so this gum was only 99 cents we found it at the front and since my favorite flavor in everything is watermelon she loves watermelon And I love gum even though I have braces so Tyler probably eating most of this and this was only 99 cents as I said before so that’s my last item Tyler has something else this one here are some tissues I got them for you because how much you’re going to cry at the end of this when we win they were only 49 cents my grand total was 9 83 mine wasa 9 77 can I have those tissues over there you can go get them peasant after everything I gave you you call me a peasant I’m sorry I’m going to eat my nilla wafers want one yea gimme that so that was our 10 dollar target challenge hope you guys enjoyed it put down in the comments below who do you think won or in the I card above who do you think won for coolest item spot well until next time bye

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