10 essential accessories | CAPSULE WARDROBE GUIDE | Justine Leconte

10 essential accessories | CAPSULE WARDROBE GUIDE | Justine Leconte

Hi everyone, it’s Justine. This is episode 4 of this month’s series of capsule wardrobe making. Last time I said that accessories don’t “count” towards your goal – the number of pieces that you’re planning to get for your capsule wardrobe, and I left them out completely in the planning. So today, let’s talk just about accessories. I’m going to show you my own essentials – I have more than that, but in the end I end up wearing mostly those ones because they simply work with everything. You’ll see. The first thing is a pair of comfortable black flats. They can be ballerinas, but they don’t have to be. If you find ballerinas uncomfortable, or you can’t wear them with an insole, there are also flats with a gum sole, a bit thicker and goes thicker towards the heel, which you can walk hours every day. The point of the flats is that they can be worn with trousers, chic trousers, with jeans, with a skirt, with a dress. With everything. If your outfit has different colors and it bothers you that only your feet are black, then you can wear a black scarf with it or a black hat or a black handbag. Problem solved. Because then you have a color match. Since we are talking about handbags, one elegant, timeless, chic, perfect black handbag is a useful thing to have. I’m still looking for “the one”, I am also extremely picky maybe that’s the issue. But I have two that come quite close to that. The first one is this. It’s almost like a clutch but it is in fact a cross body, with a tie that goes diagonally over my shoulder, and hangs on my hips, with fringes, so that’s the practical one for every day. And then I have a chic, very simple black clutch to go out. And if I’m honest, everything I really need to carry around with me fits in those two purses. If I’m working and travelling, then I have my laptop, paper, pens, a lot more stuff anyways. So I’ll switch to a shopper, to a backpack (which is black) or to a suitcase. But for most jobs where you have an office and a desk and your material and supplies are there waiting for you you don’t really need a bigger purse. A scarf is a great way to just pimp up any outfit. Around the neck, there are plenty of ways to tie it off. You can have a favorite winter one like this one, two meters long, super chunky. I love it. I wrap myself five times in it and I am never never cold. A summer one. This one is also very long. Or you can have different fabrics, different weights and a lot more choices. The thing with scarves, is that they never wear out. When you buy one, it is forever. It’s actually a good piece to invest on. I’ve done a video on 25 ways to tie a scarf around your neck. Example, with this one. So if you need some inspiration, have a look there. It’s linked here and in the description, right below the video. A good belt would be the next item. I wear belts mainly with jeans, if we are talking about a functional belt. So, this is mine. P.S.: It matches my black flats, my ballerinas. So that’s good. I also wear some more “decorative” belts, um, and I’ve done a video on how to style different types of belts in different ways. Same thing. I’ll link it here and down below. Then hats. I’d love it if more people wore hats instead of caps and beanies. Because it’s so much more elegant. This is mine. Winter hat. That’s a trilby. I don’t like to get it wet, because I don’t want it to loose it’s shape here. So when it’s raining, I use an umbrella on top. But technically, a hat like that protects you from the rain. So it is really functional on top of being aesthetically appealing. I have a video about hats, too. It’s not a coincidence that I already did separate videos on the accessories I’m ‘mentioning today. It was in preparation for this series here, for you to have more inspiration at your disposal when you get into wardrobe planning. Moving on to jewelry. Simple studs like those ones are perfect if you don’t feel like wearing large earings on a given day. They prevent your ear holes from closing up. Which is quite a thing. And they just dress up your face. Even if you’re not wearing any makeup. People also sometimes prefer a little diamond or a little, little golden ball. That’s the smallest I have. I don’t like small. But it’s a matter of taste I guess. To dress up your fingers now. One statement ring is actually already enough. It can be your wedding ring, of course. But I am thinking more of something slightly…bigger. Worn alone or together, or stacked, like those ones: two identical ones on top of each other. You have plenty of options, it depends on your taste. Some people wear thinner, smaller jewelry. But with one statement piece, you’re dressed up already. Then a bracelet that you can wear alone. And that you can’t lose or break. It must be something that you can re-wear every day with any outfit. So probably, preferably, in your favorite metal. Gold or silver. It could also be in a different material, but then matching with the color palette of your wardrobe of the season. A black watch or a metal one is another essential. Here is mine, black and metal. I also wear a white one where I’m wearing outfits in lighter colors or when I just want to add contrast to my outfit. So with black and white, I’m pretty good. Metal works too. Other colors, again, would need to be mixed and matched with your outfits, so it’s a bit more complicated. Sunglasses would be the next thing. Sports ones don’t do the job here. I’m talking more of a pair that you could wear in the office, on a really smartly dressed occasion. Brown is good because it’s less that a statement than black. Which means that people can still see your face behind the glasses. You want to attract the attention on to you and not on to the accessory itself. But if you prefer to have more options and be on the safe side, you can a black one and a brown one and then you’re fine. I mentioned black many times throughout this video. There are people who just don’t like to wear black and say, ‘my basic color, my neutral is gray.’ That, in this case every where you heard ‘black’, replace by gray. But one thing is sure, your essential accessories, since this video is about that, about the basics. They should have the color, colors, of the neutrals in your wardrobe. Especially if it’s a capsule. Otherwise, it’s much more complex to mix and match the accessories with the garments. And it limits the options. You have a limited wardrobe, so you really want everything to work with everything else. If you do like colorful accessories, then I would add them on top of those basics. Thumbs up if you enjoyed this video. Thank you very much. In the description below you will find all the previous videos about the accessories mentioned. This series goes on next week on Wednesday. But before that, I’ll see you on Sunday as well. Until then, happy wardrobe planning. Take care. Bye Bye.

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  1. Hi everyone! Feel free to add your favorite accessories (and why) in the comments. Also: I'm planning to do a fall Q&A sometime soon (probably next week), so write any pending and burning question you have right here 🙂 Thanks!

  2. I had a bracelet tattooed onto my wrist. It's an infinity loop of wire with grey ballas (industrial) diamonds.They are tougher than usual diamonds. I did it because I wanted a bracelet that no one could ever steal and subsequently pawn. I think it's quite elegant even for a tattoo.

  3. Justine I've been watching ur videos for so many days and I really really would love to have an idea about minimalism in Indian style. We wear mix and match kurtas with legging and patiala, sarees, and western clothing.. But in South India wearing western clothing everyday is very less, we mostly wear kurtas not even sarees that much… Please help me

  4. I watch your videos again and again.Next week i will start watcing all of your videos from the beginning. I try to make a capsule wardrobe. i follow other youtubers too, but you are my NO1 for my tastes. Thank you very much, Justine! I m so glad i have found your channel. Keep up the good work!

  5. Such an informative video. Even I have a capsule wardrobe and now, I have got more ideas to arrange it better.
    Thank you😀

  6. The only time I see myself wanting a larger bag is if I'm going to wait at the DMV and I need to bring something to read, like a book or a rolled up magazine. Magazines are pretty long so it would stick out or not fit at all in some bags.

  7. @Justine I'm confused… In the video about creating a capsule wardrobe for a chic French look, you said it was important to have a large shoulder purse that one could put EVERYTHING into. Yet here you say to minimalize (the timeless black handbags).Which is it?

  8. Hello! Tu ne penses pas que la question de la taille des bagues dépend de la taille des doigts? Grands doigts, grandes bagues?

  9. I'm looking for an elegant handbag that's larger than a clutch. It has place for shopping ( not too much) but it isn't a "shopper" because those are like garbage cans. My ideal bag is of leather, it has at least one zippered compartment ( but two are better) and the handles are long enough to wear the bag on your shoulder without using the strap. Last requirement, it doesn't cost a fortune. I've been looking for YEARS. Who can help me?

  10. My current fave must-have is light weight poncho style top that isn’t a swimsuit coverup (they tend to be thigh length). Poncho style, if not proportion well (no longer than half of your body) adds weight and width/bulk. This is why I like it as a top and prefer it done with thin and flowy fabric with some weight (poly or rayon). I can wear a tank under or a flowy scarf if weather isn’t super hot. I can pair it with skinny jeans, tailored pants, culottes, and shorts (any length shorts work well). If I wear a skirt with it, it has to be long body con type of maxi skirt, not A line or knee/midi/thigh length. These type of tops pack really small and wash and dry within minutes. It also looks super cool with a trilby, fedora, or Panama hat.

  11. I hate black (kind of). My ballerinas are dark brown and the always go-to purse is light brown, so are my belts. The rest of my purses vary from black, brown, blue and creamy color. In black I have a pair of stilettos, a pair of pumps and a pair of boots, and the rest of my shoes are shades of brown =] and two other pairs of high heels are in dark blue and turquoise. I have two scarf, one has shades of brown (like very Autum) and the other has all the colors of the rainbow, I live in the Caribbean, it's hot most of the year. My wardrobe is very colorful. I have a lot of golden jewerly and I dont like small earrings, I wish I had more rings like Justine's.

  12. Flats don’t usually look great on larger legs, they look squished and a little frumpy. I would recommend a flat with a slight heel.

  13. I'm someone who is not into jewellery at all! I only wear one ring on each finger, and a rose-gold watch. I don't have my ears pierced. I have some necklaces, those clay oven-baked ball ones. I've got three that I can mix with different outfits. I think what I lack in jewellery I make up with my scarf collection – it's pretty insane actually. I will definitely be watching your scarf video because I'm always wearing mine the same way and need some inspiration! I love what you said re wearing black flats with anything, and if you need to match it wear a black hat or black handbag.

  14. Or you can be like me who had my perfect scarf and then lost it running through an airport. Omg the ring part made me laugh. You had all of them on!

  15. i used to watch your previous videos about choosing the right color outfit and others and found the sentences of u saying to get rid of it .. at first i thought "oh what a waste !" but now .. watching about how u plan for this capsule wardrobe i simply understand why u said those things and .. deym. i realise how much things i own and does not actually suits me in terms of how i look and the convenience of wearing them ._.

  16. I really like brown but it's hard to get pieces in this colour sometimes. Wish I could get in a time machine and travel back to the 1970s when it was in plentiful supply. 👜👞👢💋

  17. Ballet flats: Could you recommend a pair of flats for women with high arches? Are there any with a little added height? I’m already very petite, not 5’11”! Mercì.

  18. – I'd hate to get in a fist-fight with you!
    – Agree 100% with the purse size. In the US, women have these giant purses, and it is, what is the word I want, not feminine?
    – Like the winter scarf. The summer one is nice too.
    – Not a fan of the earrings. It's not the size, it is that they look flat and dull.
    – Loooooooooooove the black watch. Exudes style and femininity. Not a fan of the white watch. Don't like large face watches on women.
    – Your sunglasses are nice. But, if you travel and go in the mountains or sunny places in general, maybe a more engulfing one to protect eyes from side. Not chic, just more defensive.

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