10 Famous Unrecovered Bodies On Mount Everest Till 2017

10 Famous Unrecovered Bodies On Mount Everest Till 2017

Just the thought of climbing the Everest gets
our adrenaline rushing, so what happens when you actually attempt it? For every 4 successful summits a death is
reported, though the numbers seem to be coming down now. Over 200 people breathed their last on Everest
and rest there till eternity. Their story needs to be told and through this
video we pay a tribute to all those brave hearts who lost their life in an attempt to
conquer the highest point on Earth! Number 1. George Mallory, 1924
In an attempt to be the first person to set foot on the snow clad peak, Mallory fell to
his death during a storm after he was separated from his team. His body was found in 1999 during the Mallory
and Irvine Research Expedition but the position of his body did not clarify whether he was
ascending or on his way back. So there is practically no clarity if he had
made it to the summit. After 75 years, he was found in a bunch of
shale face down with his skin in a good condition. A short rope was found tied to his waist and
so experts feel that his rope had failed which led to his fall and a big hole on his forehead. Sadly, Irvine was never found. Number 2. Hannelore Schmatz, 1979
On the fateful day of October 2, 1979 Hannelore became the first German woman to die on the
upper slopes of Mount Everest. They were a big team headed by her husband
but they had divided into smaller groups to summit Everest. Hannelore made the journey from base camp
with Ray Genet and a Sherpa named Sungdare. They had made it to the top and while coming
back they decided to stop for the evening and rest in their sleeping bags against their
sherpa’s advice. The night saw a heavy storm and by morning
Genet had died of hypothermia. While coming back Hannelore was exhausted
and died just 100 metres from the base camp. Sungdare stayed by her body and thus lost
his toes to frostbite. For years her body lay there in plain view
leaning against her backpack, known as ‘The German Woman’! Number 3. Green Boots, 1996
Tsewang Paljor, better known as Green boots due to the color of his boots when he was
found on the Everest is probably the most famous body there. He was a part of the 3 man group attempting
the climb in 1996 but sadly, the timing wasn’t good for them. The weather was extremely volatile and it
became the deadliest year on Everest. As the temperature and visibility both dropped,
Paljor after being separated from his group took refuge in a small cave, which became
his final resting place. The cave is currently known by his name, Green
Boots and is a major landmark on the Everest trail. Number 4. Sergei and Francys Arsentiev, 1998
This American couple got separated during their way back from the Everest. The trail of unfortunate events had just begun,
Francys fell a prey to snow blindness and lay in there calling for help. Though she was on a steep cliff and reaching
her was a risky business, Ian Woodall and Cathy O’Dowd reached her but couldn’t
do much apart from providing her oxygen. They went down to the base camp to call for
help but it was too late. They returned 8 years later to give her a
burial in snow, covering her with the American flag and left a note from her family. On the other hand Sergei was far ahead of
her on the descent but came back up to look for his wife knowing that the oxygen would
not last. But he fell to his death before he reached
her. They were surely partners beyond life! Number 5. David Sharp, 2005
The English mountaineer who attempted his ascent in 2005 was a part of an organized
expedition but when the weather deteriorated, he continued his journey alone. He took a halt at a cave but later froze in
place. It has been reported that though about 40
people crossed him then, nobody stopped to help him. While some believed him to be just resting
others mistook him for Green Boots because it was the same cave where he took refuge. He was later found by a group of Sherpas who
tried to help him but it was too late. They left him in sunlight and came back later
with help but by that time he had already left the world! Everest may be a dream backdrop for many and
the witness of triumph but it will continue to take lives. To those who have lost their lives to the
highest peak, may your soul rest in peace. Will Everest still be your dream expedition? Tell us in the comment section. And while you’re here, check out our other
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  1. Hi interesting video but Wanda Rutkiewicz's pic was mistakenly used instead of Hanelore's, Wanda also died but much later & on Kanjenjonga during her expedition

  2. Title says 10 Famous Unrecovered Bodies. But you only show 5! And why are you classing David Sharp's death in 2005 where it was clearly 2006?

  3. mount Everest isn't even close to being the tallest theres a mountain in turkey that is 2000 meters bigger that everist

  4. There is nothing factual about Ian Hall and Kathy O'Dowd. They found her on their way down, and left her when they didn't want to help.

  5. The pictures you used for David Sharp and HAnnelore Schmatz aren't correct… One is a woman from poland.. the other is Lincoln Hall who was rescued after surviving a night on Everest… after he was declared dead..
    Also.. Sharp died in 2006… Ten days before Lincoln made his attempt.. He actually saw David Sharp still in the cave since his body was not removed yet.. And many actually did try to help David Sharp.. His whole story was butchered by the media so they could blame a guy with no legs….

  6. so 14% of drug addicts will overdose but I/4 of everest climbers die on everest and its still legal to climb it. 13% of alcoholics will get liver disease.

  7. I think, that at least Mallory, if not both Mallory and Irvine, made it to the summit. Mallory had a picture with him and he was going to leave it on the summit. The picture was not found in his pocket, yet everything else was there and well preserved.

  8. Hannalore Schmatz died before reaching camp 4, not base camp. She stayed where she died for years. Her body was eventually blown off the ridge where she lay.

  9. Pay tribut, want aload of crap, they shouldn't of been up there in the first place, SHERPA'S have to lose there lives and leave there wife and kids for the sake of the western world, it's so morally wrong.

  10. Tbh this lowkey made me angry bc they didn't put Rob hall in their or anyone else from the disaster in 1996

  11. What a bunch of fucking idiots. They're going to "Show the world" that they "climbed Mount Everest!" Starting in 1990, the climb became far more of a tourist event than a death defying climb. Unlike Mallory in 1953, there are trials, maps, resting locations, ropes, ladders(!) and guides to direct your every step. I wonder if people mention this when they brag to their cocktail party friends that they "Climbed Mount Everest." You have people all around you suffering, children without enough to eat and no pencils to do their homework but you climbed Mt. Everest? Fuck you and your whole family. Fucking dickheads. Almost 5,000 individual people have made it with about 9,000 total summits. It costs between $25,000 and $150,000 to try. Sympathy for you wasting your time, money and opportunity to put a feather in your life cap but instead freezing in place for all to see = ZERO.

  12. If I remember correctly, Mallory took a picture of his wife on the climb with him and promised to leave it on the summit, when they found his body the picture was not in his pocket. So in theory he did reach the summit and was descending.

  13. Thousand of idotic, stupid and arrogant people pay money to "make summit" while risking sherpas lives who carry the most of the trial, stupidly thinking they are prapare just by paying. There are thousand of stories of summiting while killing sherpas. Between these idiots and Nepal's government, they are risking thousand of innocent lives. This must stop!!!

  14. It was Wanda Rutkiewicz on photo not german something, read before you put something to YT….. sad stupid kid

  15. this video is full of misinformation no wonder they all died what a crack up and the j.nicholson photo far out man

  16. Interesting video but there are certain incorrect references. Mallory and Irvine didn't get separated from the team. They were the only people heading for the summit (second attempt of that expedition).

  17. It does not matter that anyone passed David Sharp that evening because there was nothing that anyone can do if you cant get up and walk on your own at that height. I wish people would stop saying nobody stopped to help him, because several people DID stop but there is nothing they can do since his dumabass went up on his own without oxygen which is HIGHLY discouraged but some people keep thinking they are above all that and can do whatever they want because they are all entitled. He died because of his own folly. Straight up.

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