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Frugal Style Hacks
[0:00:00] So, I’m not a cheap guy, but just like you,
I hate it when I overspend. When I go buy something and then find the
same product the same service somewhere else, but cheaper. It drives me nuts. In today’s video, frugal fashion hacks. Ten tips to level up your style without spending
much money. [Music]
Tip number one. Ask for the discount. Gentlemen, ask, ask, ask. If you don’t ask it, you’re not going
to receive it. I’m at Walgreens the other day with my wife,
we get a prescription filled, $150. We’re shocked. Normally, that’s $35. We mentioned this we asked if they have any
discounts. Boom! Down to $35 magically because we asked. Whenever I go to a hotel, whenever I’m traveling,
whenever I’m buying something, do you have a veteran discount? I’ve got my veteran ID and guess what? Oftentimes I get a discount with that. Well, do you accept cash? Guys, there are cash discounts. All types of discounts out there. The key, gentlemen, is to ask for them. The next tip to level up your style without
spending much money is to ask for free clothing. Seriously, ask your friends, ask your family,
put it out there on Facebook. Let people know that you’re upping your
style and you would appreciate, hey, do you know anyone that’s looking to get rid of
old suits, maybe some shoes that they never wear, maybe a nice leather jacket? Yes, this jacket right here, Aaron Marino,
my good friend he simply said, “Hey, I love this jacket, it doesn’t fit me. It’s too big, would you like to take this
off my hands?” I’m like, “Sure.” It’s $1,500 jacket, $2,000 custom suits. I’ve heard of these things being given for
free when people ask. So, my next frugal fashion hack, buy from
a brand buy from a company that’s relatively new or isn’t a household name. When you buy from established brands ones
that have been around for a long time, yeah, there is a lot of trust there, but oftentimes
they’ve got very high margins and what you’re getting the product is not exactly equal to
the price. Now, a lot of up-and-coming brands they realized,
okay, we need to get in at a great price, so we’re going to sacrifice margins, we’re
going to do something different to be able to offer an amazing product at a very fair
price. MAHI Leather right here, the paid sponsor
of today’s video I think does that perfectly. When I examined their leather bags, okay,
we’ve got YKK, well working zippers. We’re talking full grain leather. A full grain leather bag can last a lifetime. This bag right here jus approximately about
$150. Yes, $150 for this. Now, all of their bags are made over in India. Every bag that is ordered, they actually make
right then and there. So, they’ve got pretty much no inventory
and what that allows them to do is to run a very lean operation. Within I think it’s less like five to six
days they’re going to have your bags shipped out to you. And, by the way, you can get customization
done on this. Notice we’ve got RMRS right here. Every MAHI bag comes with a thirty-day 100%
money back guarantee. They’ve got great customer service. And go to their website, look at the hundreds
and hundreds of reviews what people are saying about this company. I’m linking to MAHI Leather down in the
description of this video with the best discount code you’re going to find out there. So, use it or lose it. If you would like this bag right here or this
bag right here, I had them made some extras, I need to know the exact style, how you’re
going to bring this bag into your wardrobe. Be specific about the bag type, so I know
you visited the website and I’m going to choose a couple of you guys here in the next
week. But, go check them out, guys. Again, I’m linking to them down in the description. Awesome company, very affordable bags, great
quality for what you pay for. My next frugal fashion hack, learn to love
thrift stores. So many great deals especially when you go
to the right thrift store. You go to one in the higher end part of town,
yeah, where those rich guys are throwing out all their clothing because guess what? You just found a pair of Church’s. These are $500 shoes. Oh, they fit you well, you can even get them
rebuilt because they actually use a Goodyear welt. Boom! Huge win right there. Maybe you find a pair of Allen Edmonds. Again, so you got to know these brands. You can find a pair of Cheaneys. But, if you know what you’re looking for
you know some of the brands, you’re able to identify something amazing, you can walk
out having spent just a couple of bucks with a, you know, pair of boots pair of shoes worth
hundreds of dollars. So, these next two frugal fashion hacks, I’m
bringing them together; buy timeless and buy interchangeable. So, when you buy timeless clothing, you’re
thinking, okay, this is something that is classic, this is something that is not going
to go out of style in the next few years because even if you save money you buy something really
cheap, but it’s a fashion piece, all of a sudden you’re going to find I can’t
wear this in a year. You waste a lot of money when you didn’t
get many wears. But, you buy something that’s classic something
that’s timeless, you may even spend more money on it, but when you buy something that
is going to work for you five years from now ten years from now, you are going to be able
to get a lot of wears out of it. Next up, let’s talk about the interchangeable
wardrobe. This is the idea when you buy items that they
all will work together. So, I’ve talked about this many times, but
a very simple concept where you buy three pairs of shoes, you buy three shirts, you
buy three trouser, you buy three jackets. Twelve pieces of clothing, how many different
combinations do you think? It’s not a total of twelve, it is three
times three times three times three. We’re talking eighty one outfits when you
buy interchangeable, you get a lot of wear out of it and the most expensive things you’re
going to own are the items that you don’t wear. [0:05:07]
So, piggybacking off that last point, gentlemen, keep your receipts and return items that you
do not wear, items you do not use. You go out there and you find that great deal,
it was 70% off and, yeah, it’s sitting in your closet. Well, return it before that return policy
gives up thirty, ninety, whatever day how many days it is. And, if you missed that return policy, don’t
give up, simply take it in talk to the store manager and say, hey, can I get an in-store
credit? You do not want to be sitting on clothing. As much as I say clothing is an investment,
it’s not something that you put into a safe and it’s going to improve in value over
time. Unless – unless it’s a watch, maybe, maybe
then. So, my next frugal fashion hack, have a hit
list. You want to have a list of items that you
need to build up your core wardrobe versus wandering into a sale for an item you actually
don’t need. Okay, you just spent money on something that
actually isn’t on your hit list. Again, if it’s on your hit list and you’ve
planned it out and you know that this is going to work with your core interchangeable wardrobe
of classic items. You notice I keep using those words. Guys, it’s a good purchase and it’s going
to save you money over time. So, my next frugal fashion hack, get a job
in retail. Even if it’s part time, you get the discount
you get all the deals. You know it’s going on, you’re going to
learn a lot, that right there can transform your entire style and you can make money doing
it. Or, okay, a little bit too much, then become
friends with the people at the stores at the thrift store at the box store at the best
menswear store. Get to know their names, treat them with respect,
guess what? They’re going to start putting aside clothing
that they think you’re going to absolutely love and is your size and they wanted to make
sure that you got first dibs on. They’re going to call you when that sale
is popping up. Basically, you got other people looking out
for you, all of these because you decided to go deeper into retail. Now, gents, this video is just the tip of
the iceberg for my tips on how to save money when you’re out there building your interchangeable
wardrobe. You want more? Go check out this video right here. I give a lot of Ninja techniques, areas that
you when you’re shopping online when you’re shopping in the store, how you can save some
big bucks when you’re out there simply trying to build that wardrobe. Don’t forget, go check out MAHI Leather. I’m linking to them down in the description. And, if you let me know, you know, the bags
that I showed you earlier in the video, I’m not going to show them to you now. You’re going to rewind go check it out. But, let me know those bags and if you would
like one of them how you’re going to match them with current items in your wardrobe how
you’re going to look great how they are going to level up your style and why you want
those bags. You got to be specific about the bag number,
the bag style, the color because these are beautiful bags and they are at an affordable
price. Guys, it’s amazing deal. Again, I’m linking to MAHI down in the description
with the best discount code you’re going to find out there. That’s it, guys. Take care. I will see you in the next video. [0:07:46] End of Audio

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