10 of the World’s Smallest Working Products!

10 of the World’s Smallest Working Products!

it’s just there’s tiny little wind gusts
in here you know what’s going on guys I am Matthias and we are bringing you a
brand new video and this video is called ten of the smallest working things in
the world where tanner tried to find ten of the smallest little things he could
find that actually work I’m holding it right here I guess this is your dignity
I don’t let you know if they’re micro or no-go
obviously micro is good first product world’s smallest blower perfect for
desks at home work or on-the-go on the go why would I use it you’re like
walking down as many leaves it though yeah your bonsai tree just like it’s
wintertime and all the leaves fell so yeah I’m good now strong air power
there’s some reason I doubt that no batteries required that’s concerned
about thanks dude I love being extra add to cart okay so it’s not super tiny
but it is obviously tiny compared to an actual blower it’s just so funny that
companies make things like this like is this a gag gift or is someone like
buying this with a use what what yeah it is the first what you put of you what do
you blowing dude maybe it’s like like instead of using canned air that would
actually make sense and it’s cabled so you don’t have to worry about running
out of it maybe it’s still really just annoying your dogs look at this little
thing dude it actually has an extra long cable ready for this yeah ready it blows
is a blow powerfully is it higher mutual air-cool there it’s
cold no now look a superpower but what’s the purpose it’s actually
blowing things off my desk right will it blow this little thing yeah
blew it away what else will blow away oh I made a mess of skittles Oh bummer
it’s slow it’s got to be for dusting your keyboard pen thing right maybe it
doesn’t blow that hard to deduct your keyboard all right
the skittles have been cleaned you ever do yard work as a kid do dude I’ve done so much yard work it hurts that I did that’s why I’m so tan now this is functional fourth size so
I’ll rate it a micro not a no-go okay though though the world’s smallest voice
changer random color tiny megaphone that can actually modify
your voice worse I started reading the next word distorts and that wasn’t done
with reading voice so my dyslexic brain was like is that ball yo the beat looks
just like balls like clearly not this beard yeah or this beard it’s definitely
not this beard you know what I’m gonna do I’m gonna start doing this thing I
coined this alright that you see you saw here first
you know how the lady’s in like the 60s would be and like pump their hair just
pump your beard dude oh it does you can get a little motion on it
that’s what I’m talking about that’s just to exert the dominance over the
beard it just reminds people that you like I can grow this you have the burly
version of flexing on something alright I because I mean these things are living
up to their word they are tiny a normal megaphone would be way way bigger beep
like this big so it has been miniaturized there is multiple options
right here let’s to go with number one yeah now the voice changer just a well
dial up well this works so I’m gonna rate this a micro small world tiny piece pure
hell the great your hell did great what is this oh my gosh it’s a puzzle because
you’re racist because I’m rice-ist- I don’t know if you can take over this
channel if you’re racist difficult small please do beginners never buy what does
that mean I don’t know I think it they’re trying to say
beginners shouldn’t buy this but look how big these pieces are compared to
this guy it doesn’t look tiny at all Add to Cart yo this doesn’t look small
at all this looks enormous yeah but there’s 2,000 pieces oh my gosh and it’s
all white wait now I understand why people hate white things there’s too
many of them Oh does it come with a sticker that’s actually a cool sticker I
want that click like if you cringe you know if you could just do me one solid
guys if any point in this video you cringe smack that like button
smack it hard to make sure the cringe continues I’m like actually excited
about this sticker it looks like a golden ticket from that’s not a slam
dude look at this sticker dude what should I put this sticker on if you cash
it I’ll give you one anime is golden ticket good for you dude look your water
bottle what about it it’s perfectly on that I was like what if we just made
this water bottle worth two thousand dollars and just cover up this hype
sticker you see this now I’m not gonna lie I wish this was my water bottle you
can have it if you want go on that looks pretty cool though yeah I just
all over you that’s probably been in your mouth you spit back I’ve seen you
oh my gosh look how small these pieces are ready to make a puzzle like I’m not
even gonna pretend to try really are you kidding me
do you know how long it would take me we’d be here for like 30 to 40 minutes
before we even found two that fit together unreal
look at how small these this is just so small they all look identical yes I know
this would be so impossible is that like does that fit no that’s not a fit that’s
not a fit either all right like that puzzles give me anxiety relax I’m gonna
write that one uh no go Oh miniature cello oh my gosh it’s so small
oh my word it is so small do you think this actually works I play the cello do
you do yeah not well but I can rub the string on the other I can play it not
well – we made a quality resin polymer stone material figurine measures
approximately 1.5 to 3 inches miniature of replicas perfect for displaying on
desk box with protective packaging I really want this to work and the cart so
tiny look at that dude oh wow the strings are like metal it’s so cute it’s
so cute Amanda loves tiny little things like this bring it
no no sound comes out guys let me know down in the comments
below would you buy this if it was $100 but it wasn’t actually a working violin
would you buy it get this pole right there so you don’t
have to comment you lazy hippies I don’t know there’s something that’s so cool
about this little case – it’s just so tiny
this is so tiny wait did we ever think about the fact that cases are just cases
for instruments are pretty much just like things about to hear something
really stupid if things you get when you die you get put in coffins chopping it’s
just an instrument coffin no cuz you pull the instrument back out you doofus
yeah and you pull your dead uncle back out well I hope they pull me back out
for the apocalypse oh I’m not to rain heck on people because of zombie exactly
okay I’ll rate that one what do you rate that one to a man who ain’t sometimes
gotta be that’s a micro or no go because it doesn’t actually work we have to rate
that one a no-go we’re gonna write it in no but it’s close to a micro for being
really cool yeah it is really really cool I just wish it actually made noise
before we get into the next product big shout-out to elite gamer hi Mathias your
mouth looks bunny in the intro thank you if you want to get your own shout out
make sure you do just as dumb as a comment as this one comment down below
in the first 30 minutes hashtag notification swab but make it a funny
comment and then I’ll pick you okay okay alright guys this is the first time
we’re finally looking at our subreddit alright so in case a lot of you don’t
know looking at the subreddit here that is strangest products as you can see
right there I made this subreddit so that you guys can submit crazy products
that you have seen this product right here was the product that spawned this
entire video so thank you very much Queen rook that’s awesome thank you much
appreciate it someone else says I bought one of these in it sucked you guys you
guys so yeah there’s not much to it I got a record label there and I believe
we did find the Amazon link right here world’s smallest coolest turntable
collectible I mean like I can understand how you can label something the smallest
but I’m the thing you could label something the coolest yeah yo guys
I’m the world’s coolest youtuber we know that’s true pinkasey nice that Casey
nice that they don’t retain her mom at all just kind of stops
it says actually works right here I’m gonna be lit if it doesn’t work yeah I
know I used it wrong but I’m making it new no sound wait this actually works
but it went right under that it says no sound I had the car Add to Cart we saw a
mini ketchup bottle yeah I had ketchup in it is this big and Amanda went up to
it and it like made her day really she was like it’s so cute
and I’m like this bodes well for me this will end up good for me in the end very
delicate with the tiny product you can actually put this on a keychain this is
as much as I can even zoom looking at the screen I was like why it’s so small
on the screen I was like this is my second so with knives lies to his
beautiful wife okay so let’s see how well this works where’s the on button is
there an on button or do you just put down the thing look at that this is like
a little light there – I’m just so disappointed that it doesn’t make sound
I feel like I got click baited hard yeah we did and so did you if it was the
thumbnail this is pretty cool but I’m have to say I don’t have to say no go
cuz it doesn’t make sound maybe make it a little bit bigger and include like a
tiny little speaker in there it’d still be the world’s smallest world’s smallest
glitter lamp I don’t know it just doesn’t look small in this picture what
is a glitter lamp it’s like a lava lamp just with glitter that floats around you
imagine what a weird item you’re anything that people used to have why do
people love lava lamp so much zero functionality it’s just that it moves
around it’s like I think it was like a 60s version of like a screensaver burn
real life but in real life look it has horrible reviews I have
several of the world’s smallest toys and so far this is by far my least favorite
cute but barely works at all doesn’t just collects world’s smallest
things I’m throwing my way after this ad the card you just meow now you’re being
racist again you know this is going to stick to my name today’s our ulema
thighs day everyone’s just like this does not feel like the world’s smallest
at all III just don’t think that’s the world’s
smallest that is just absolutely the least cool thing ever oh it lights up
how do we get this light working this doesn’t even work I’m shook I’m shook
I’m lit not this again I’m so lit right now dude it’s gotta be that you twisted
oh hey I got it to work do you see that Oh a little bit oh oh oh we read now
this is a read written read write and breathe all right this thing sucks this
is definitely a micro Oh world’s coolest i’ma spread that is paranoid the world’s
the most paranoid camera take pictures of everything
wagon so close to me snap snap world’s coolest Polaroid camera collectible this
miniature Polaroid camera is a replica of the original feature sound clip the
camera to your backpack or keychain and say cheese dude it actually pops out the
little photo but it doesn’t take pictures though stop don’t tell me this
Add to Cart don’t break this is the camera dude this would be so cool if it
works mm-hmm I feel like I keep getting baited okay it doesn’t say anywhere that
it’s not real does not say anywhere Oh with sound and simulated film does that
even mean tickle my nose your how’d that happen
no I have hair in my does it tickle my why don’t you trim it I do they just
keep coming back notice that yo why are they attacking tanner let’s attack matt for once
pull them out you spit in my eye or shirt oh why you’re about his nose
hairs oh my god no no no anyone knows oh by the catch some military boy wait you
look your shirt stop there’s a little nose here oh yeah I was a big one I
didn’t believe him for a second but I didn’t move in case it was true so look
at how tiny this little camera is well how does it work though isn’t there like
a button on the top or something give me the photo
no it can’t develop if it’s in the light I hate that button that button
I hate all right mr. poet stop I can see through it I’m not kidding I’ve just
been developing the same photo 80 times did him you can see through oh you’re
right surely better move through that understand better through this it’s like
the best thing honestly now that I’m thinking about it just the fact that it
doesn’t take pictures is okay because this is like the best meme to pull yeah
you know and I mean when you just like there’s a hilarious moment or someone
does something stupid you pull this off your keychain you just like that’s a
funny meme that’s a quality man I like Connor Connor talks about himself really
kind of call Connor call me girlfriend smart one I’m gonna do that dude I’m
gonna do that today at lunch and everyone’s gonna laugh and I’m gonna
feel loved alright so I’m gonna say this one is a
micro yet another product found by our awesome audience this one is a link as
you could see here space invaders tiny arc tell us what you think oh I don’t
get to type out things I was gonna type out stop bugging me right when I get
onto your site it’s like I haven’t even used your site yet it’s like what do you
think of our site looks like have you used it yet pretty dope right
look at this thing okay that’s like the guy from split all of his personalities
are fighting to become of advanced age stop there’s no way this works
I keep getting baited so if this thing doesn’t work I’m gonna actually be lit
when your dad tries to use like maymay words fully functional don’t you lie to
me right now I will kill you in your sleep
bag okay I really like the packaging here and it is tiny okay so check this
out this thing was from a previous video this was a miniaturized working arcade
system now let me show you the size difference wow that is way tinier look
how tiny that is hold up so see the difference well holy moly out of the
package that’s a huge difference that’s a huge difference that is an absolute
ginormous difference between the size of these things and this one supposedly
still works that’s not a good start hmm wait is it just playing video stop you
can’t actually play I’m so sure I’m so shook like they have it so close to
being man you know what I mean just actually put the game in it’s not like
it’s more than like 10 kilobits it’s like so close look how awesome this
thing is look how close I have to get this like it’s so close that it’s not
even in the normal frame that looks so cool this thing even moves left and
right and stuff but I just don’t understand
I got baited again it’s said working I put that back by the other non-working
ones sure Oh world’s smallest quadcopter I think I’ve seen or I think I’ve seen
something on this channel I think we’ve seen I think we’ve done I I think it’s
been on this channel oh it’s via Hammacher Schlemmer it’s via
Hama it’s via Hammacher Schlemmer I feel like I was like celebrating a
holiday Hammacher Schlemmer only available from
Hammacher Schlemmer that is hundred percent not true I’ve seen this drone
available from every Chinese manufacturer on the planet this is one
of the world’s smallest quadcopter requiring a launching platform no larger
than the tip of one’s thumb I’m sure I can bounce a drone this big on the tip
of my thumb oh yeah actually really is because it’s full surface air of your
thumb so I mean like that’s not that’s not cool like impress me six axis
stabilization that’s great I don’t even know how many accesses I have to
stabilize myself why is only six accesses on a quadcopter wouldn’t it be
– AXI no what are you talking about oh no it’s hot move you’re right that’s a
new dance move it’s called the six axes this guy choreographed dance don’t you
eight yeah so deuce do that do that the six axes that’s not a six axis that’s
not six axes he’s just trying to hypnotize me fall in
love with them but it’s not working that’s pretty cool yeah run in a remote
why would you have the world’s smallest drone but the world’s largest remote
what else could you put in the remote that a remote controls all right like
what if you had your TV in the remote that’s what I was asking with you know
I’m sanded we’d like put a person in there and you control them that space is
called high-five Studios for me kind of actually pretty cool outfits in the
remote it’s so tiny oh my goodness so cute I feel like we need to get like a
like a tighter lens for this video you know what I mean yes everything’s so
tiny whoa did I just break that okay let’s see how well I can actually do
this Hammacher Schlemmer and I fly into my mouth I’ll try to eat
it okay dude this actually works well whoa whoa Oh got it one more time one
more time I can do this one more time I almost had that dude ready for this yeah
this is gonna change lives it’s just there’s tiny little wind gusts in here
you know swallow yeah I’ll call that one a micro fish way that’s awesome
edge a sketch world smallest edge a sketch collect double CI this I think
I’ve seen before and this should work twist you’re way too exciting drawings
powered by skill and imagination it just works like the original turn the knobs
to draw shape to erase Add to Cart whoa we got a book whoa holy mackerel guys
click like on this video if you want to see this video again and then if you
want to see this video again just literally click replay but if you want
to see the second version of this video click like not again click like 3 times
so it’s the same thing as clicking like once that’s the math for you go tiny
this is it is so tiny oh look look look look dude I love that sketches there’s
like infinite amount of possibilities you do the metrascan I don’t know about
infinite it’s actually working look at my drawing of Texas you want to hear a
joke woods dad said about Texas he told me he did know why does it
why is Oklahoma always so windy why cuz Texas sucks
it’s Oklahoma’s to the right of Texas Texas sucks so that’s why it’s so windy
you don’t like that joke alright whatever I guess I just don’t know much
about Oklahoma or Texas why does Texas sighs I’ve been that’s nice
that’s the nice place dude Texans are nice I like the ex
I like the ex kids I say it’s a micro this video right here is 10 strange
projectile weapons that I tested on Tanner yep that’s right shot him a ton
this video right here is a bat 19 video yeah it thumbnail is actually asking if
I needed to sit on that and it’s true it wanted me to sit on that pole click
Subscribe if you’re new here cuz if you thought that joke is funny I need you to
regularly watch these videos no one else thinks I’m funny
alright high five

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