10 Packing Tips Every Study Abroad Student Should Know

10 Packing Tips Every Study Abroad Student Should Know

Hi everyone it’s that exciting time of the
year study abroad students are starting to leave for their new schools and I
just want to give ten quick packing tips that will help you with your journey Tip number one pack a Brita water bottle or any type of filtered water bottles drinks and water in general are so
expensive you are going to be spending a lot of time in airports on college campuses and big major cities and they make a lot of
money on upping the prices specially on drinks and if that’s one thing that you
cannot have to pay for the extra money in your pocket for trips and other
things that you can do you can bring into restaurants you can bring it through the airport just drained it before you go through security and then just fill it right back up in a bathroom or water fountain I just didn’t want to pay what would come to
sometimes seven or eight dollars for a bottle of water was crazy so definitely
try to find one of those Tip number two is an over the shoulder kind of bag I will put up a picture but just a bag that goes over that you can keep next to you so
you know if anything’s going missing or anything happening you are traveling a
lot you want to have something that’s right with you all the time plus you’re
going to be going to a lot of places we need your hands you’re you’re going on
exhibit through you are taking pictures don’t want to be constantly worrying
about have to carry this bag and lot of places will let you carry
backpacks if you’re traveling the backpack to go to hostels or something
like that you’re gonna need something to bring along with you for the exhibits
museums and things like that Tip number three cold medicine cough drops any type of those kind of things from home but you can zip in your suitcase
when you’re leaving when I got to school in England they called it freshers flu
and it was just basically something that all the students got but especially the
foreign exchange students who are coming its new types of germs new type environment new types of weather and is not used to it and you tend to get sick and the
medicines are there were different and some didn’t work as well and I just
kinda wish I had brought medicine from home I have heard from other friends that have stayed in other places that this is true there to Australia couple of countries in South
America that you get there and just for the first week or so you kind of have
this like flu-like unfeeling you’re tired you’re coughing sore throat just
gonna bring some medicine that you think you might need while you’re there Tip number four to go along with the germs and trying not to get sick aspect bring Wet Wipes people bring hand sanitizer everywhere
they go but if you’re traveling through airports and you’re keeping other things
your back with your passport stuff you don’t need that to dripping wet and
there’s so many regulations on how much liquid you can bring you want to
save that for other things that you need in the airport so Wet Ones just the
wet wipes they have little tiny travel packs you can sanitize your hands you can sanitize your luggage you can sanitize doors are going into just trying to say
as healthy as possible because you want to be as healthy as you can do you study
abroad experience and not be sitting at home sick people having fun number five would-be adapters for an
electronic products or anything like that if you have Apple products they
have a cool little kit that you can have anywhere in the world I think it was
like 30 bucks or something it had all the doctors your phone and your computer
and all of that if not just make sure that you’re planning ahead for the type
of countries that you’re going to because I’ve seen in England but I
travel to France and Denmark and Ireland and they all had different converters
and things like that if you don’t have them it’s not the worst thing in the
world you can pick them up in airports it will be expensive just try to plan ahead and
ask around if you plan a trip to Italy and you weren’t thinking about it oh no I
don’t have a adapters for that ask the people around you a lot of
people will come with extras Tip number six is clothes when I was looking
on YouTube for packing advice study abroad I was shocked at what a lot of the girls
were saying to bring one or two pairs of jeans you know one or two pairs of shoes
I work every single outfit that and I packed and I was there I bought seven pairs of
jeans I wore my seven pairs of jeans yes you can do laundry yes you can re wear
clothes but I wannted a variety and it’s not bad you’re not over packing if you
bring more than a couple outfits it but you know what you want to wear you
don’t bring that outfit that’s in the back of your closet that you think looks
really cute but you’ve never put on be realistic know you know what you wear look at what you’re wearing look at
temperatures for what countries are gonna be like you may be staying in
England but traveling to Italy it’s gonna be hotter there Tip seven is paperwork I kept a blue folder
that I kept everything in when traveling to different countries obviously when
you’re out of the country to keep your passport on you at all times its
identification have you ever get stopped or questioned you need to have that on you
no matter where you are you should either leave a copy of your passport a
color copy by the way because if your passport does get stolen it’s really helpful if you go to the
embassy in to hear my color copiers all the information and then they can help
you get a new one is fast you can so that you can leave the country and
travel and not have to cancel trips so keep an extra one in your dorm or with your
study abroad advisor usually get a letter saying that you attend the
school don’t play it off as a joke and be like yeah whatever I’ll need to keep
the letter around every airport that I came home to usually ask for the letter
and said hey you’ve been traveling a lot let me see your identification where you travel
from do you have a letter from the school customers can be really hard to get
through specially with everything going on in the world nowadays you know they
want to be thorough and you don’t want to get held up especially for kept
correcting another flight or something at customs because you don’t have your paperwork number eight products I had a lot of
people tell me as soon as I was trying to figure out things about packing don’t
bring any of your products it weighs down your bag you won’t have enough room
for other things you can buy all of that when you get there don’t worry about it bringing those things however bring
small amounts of them if you have a hair product that you use on your hair every
day and you know you’re going to be somewhere for three months and you’re
not going to use the whole bottle go to CVS and get one of those little
containers and measure out how much you’ll need and bring that instead
however if you have things like toothpaste that you’re not sensitive to
anything but you can just buy generically by that when you get there
I’m not one of those personal things that it’s really up to you obviously
don’t buy the Costco sized huge container in the shampoo and stuff and
put them in your suitcase you’re not going to need that and that’s just crazy weight to bring a suitcase but if you need
a little amount of hair spray her hair gel or detailer something like that
definitely go ahead and bring personal sizes of those Tip number nine a backpack I know I said before that if
you’re going in exhibits they don’t allow to have a backpack and you need one of those over
the shoulder bag but if you’re traveling to the country to country you’re gonna
be buying cheap tickets online and one of the downfalls those tickets as you’re
not allowed to check a bag and if you are they charge ridiculous prices sometimes
even more than the plane ticket prices so if you bring a backpack they let you
fit everything you need into that backpack so you want to be
small enough that you can carry on your back but you want to be big enough that
you can get things in it it’s really really helpful to be your carry-on cause
that’s all you get and they’re very strict they literally
you buy some pretzels in the airport and you’re walking on the needs to go on the
back of it doesn’t fit about he can’t bring it on number ten is your phone a lot of people
don’t bring their phones because they don’t want to be charged any of the
extra data or roaming charges or anything and then some people have their
their smartphones unlocked and use them while they’re abroad I got a little tiny
your phone probably like 30 pounds and I could call people around the country and
my friends and see where they were not I brought my iphone and i couldnt airplane
mode the entire time I was there and I was able to take pictures I was able to
connect to wifi in the airport and stuff but have to bring my laptop you could
still a Facebook message to all that with your family members back home from
your smartphone so make sure if you want to meet some people are afraid of losing
them and things like that if you want to keep it at home because you feel safe that’s fine but just
know that it’s a means of talking you know it’s expensive to call back home
and i use facebook video chat to talk to you back home so it’s really really
useful I hope this video is helpful to anyone who’s thinking about studying
abroad or having to pack for an upcoming study abroad experience I wish you all
the best in all the locations that you’re goingif you have any questions leave
them down below or message me also put a link down in the description of the
products that I mentioned thank you so much for watching it’s been great being
able to correspond with a lot of you from all over the world i’m hearing your
stories you guys helped me some of you said that you wanna study abroad or go
to some of the places that I went by watching my videos that mean so much to
me I never really thought putting one or two little videos online with the
meeting some amazing people I am so grateful for that bye

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  1. Thanks for the tips my sister is leaving for London in September we have been watching a lot of packing and study abroad videos and lots of girls did say that they only brought two pairs of jeans we are glad that you thought that was crazy too and thanks for the meds and water bottle tips she is going to bring both now  

  2. Thanks for the tips Lindsay and for always messaging me back about all my questions you have been really helpful I leave in a month can't wait!!

  3. I am studying abroad in the uk starting in January I am so nervous but your channel has made me feel so much better I hope to have even half the experience that you had thank you so much for sharing. I hope you make more videos!!

  4. Going outside of your place means you have too many things to do. And the given tips are really helpful for students who are going abroad.
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  7. This help me so much!!! Thank you!!! I subbed and watched a few other videos I really like your channel 🙂

  8. I work with many Chinese students planning to study abroad. Your tips are excellent, but unfortunately students who are still struggling with English as a Second Language find you hard to understand because you talk so quickly. So my respectful suggestion would be to speak slower. (I'm Australian and even I found you hard to understand at times!)

  9. Did you bring a hair straightener/dryer/curling iron with you? I'm going to Grenoble, France in the fall and my school told us not to because the voltages are different and they could explode or something. Would you recommend buying cheap appliances there or just going without? idk if I could go without a hair straightener for 4 months… thank you!!!

  10. Thanks SO much for your tips, wayyyyyy more relevant thank other study abroad packing videos. Going to spain in the fall so i'm definitely going to be using your tips 🙂

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  14. I'm about to study abroad in Greece and these are such good tips! I didn't even think about bringing a filtered water bottle and I'm glad you told me you're using all your clothes because I wasn't sure whether to pack a lot or not 🙂

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