10 Reasons Why Younger Women Like Dating Older Men

10 Reasons Why Younger Women Like Dating Older Men

10 Reasons Why Younger Women Like Dating Older
Men That was a nice title, we managed to get you
here so we deserve a pat on our back! Alright now back to the point, we know we
said that young women like older men but before you young boys decide to dye your hair grey
to get them, it doesn’t apply to every girl! But you probably have faced a situation where
you were trying to woo a girl and did everything right, from dressing to texting to one liners
but she still ended up with your senior. We totally get you buddy, we’ve been there
and done that. So we thought why not help the likes of you
to understand where you went wrong or rather what are the young girls looking for. Are you interested in this ride into a young
girl’s mind who goes gaga over older men? Number 10. They have an old world charm
What do you expect to happen on a first date with a young boy? He’ll probably come late with a goofy expression
plastered on his face and say “Heyyy whaddupp babesss”! While some girls would fall for this carefree
attitude and expect some of his “coolness” to rub on them, others would find it a turn
off! Pulling a chair, getting flowers or giving
a peck on the cheek instead of pushing your tongue down her throat might impress her more. After all, there is nothing like going old
school in a budding romance! Number 9. They’re more established
We’re not saying that younger men can’t be successful but the chances are bleak. Older men have spent years establishing themselves
and thus have higher chances of owning the luxuries of life. If the man owns a house, a car, maybe a holiday
cottage with a boat, his lady love can enjoys all this with him! Women who are financially independent are
also inclined to date a man who is established or things come easy to him. Come on, wealth makes dating more enjoyable,
right? Number 8. They are better communicators
Being a great communicator is not necessarily based on age because some guys are born with
it. But for the rest of us, it takes a lot of
time to learn the art of listening and connecting through it. Till the time boys haven’t developed this
skill, they are mostly pretending to listen to their girls while they are undressing her
in his thoughts! We hope we haven’t offended anyone with
this statement because hello, we said that in good humor or maybe that is just a cover-up! Okay so older men are more likely to hold
meaningful conversations at a first meeting or even flirt well at a bar. Women like this “best of both worlds”
idea! Number 7. They’ve got time
A young woman may have a lot of reasons to love a man her age but it will die down if
he has no time at his disposal to spend with her! Young men are generally too engrossed in building
their career and doing late nights to impress their superiors that they often end up with
time schedules with no time slot for their lady love. This will not go down too well with the woman
who would eventually look for a man who can wind up work early on a Friday for a weekend
getaway! An older man seems like an ideal choice here
because he is further ahead in his career and doesn’t have to put in 60 hours of work
every week to earn his bread! Number 6. They’re better at relationships
You get better with experience- that is applicable in all fields in general but for now we are
focusing on the relationship bit! While we are young, we often make mistakes
and gradually learn from them. In case of relationships, after guys are over
their amateur mistakes and flaws as a boyfriend, they become a keeper! And age has a role to play in it, with years
of dating behind them, they learn to keep realistic expectations and lay them clear
in the beginning without beating around the bush. Also they learn to respect their partner’s
needs and wants and have the confidence to take a step when things aren’t working or
for the opposite! Number 5. They are smarter and wiser
Come on now, with all those years in their backpack, you know that they have conquered
wisdom and smartness! So while the younger boys are downing one
beer after another, the older men are using their years of experience to discuss important
topics with their lady and making her fall for his intelligence and wisdom! Let’s face it, boys take a while longer
to reach maturity and some girls can’t wait for their boyfriends to grow up and that’s
where the older man comes in the picture! Number 4. They’ve kicked bad habits
You’d probably say that with age our habits tend to grip us even more and it gets difficult
to leave behind them. You’ve got a point there but you’ve conveniently
kept the maturity aspect out of it. While young men in their 20s would be struggling
with their smoking habit or how ogling a woman is not nice, older men have seen the long
term consequences of them and have quit these habits for good! That makes for another reason to love a man
with grey in his hair! Number 3. They are more confident
Older men have faced their youthful insecurities, dealt with them and moved on in life. They have emerged victorious and lead a more
confident life in general which is generally not enjoyed by young boys. These mature men tend to exude more comfort
and create a fun atmosphere for their lady. There is nothing sexier than a man who is
confident in his own skin and makes an effort to make others feel the same way about themselves. That’s a quality most women look for in
their partner! Number 2. They aren’t looking to change the woman
An older man has been through many relationships and has learnt that there is no point in trying
to mold a woman to make her fit into his life. He would rather go for a girl who he finds
compatible with him the most and would enjoy her being what she is. Many women believe that even when they are
living in the age of feminism, many young men can’t tolerate a woman who is strong
headed, opinionated and desires independence. Older men on the other hand have been through
this phase and know that being less controlling is the key to a happy partnership! Number 1. They know what they are doing in bed
Get her to one orgasm with foreplay and move to the thrusting part. That’s how most young boys behave in the
intimacy of their bedrooms. But as their experience with ladies increases,
they focus more on the pleasure of their partner. This means that they are not in a hurry to
cut the chase and move to the end thing but the foreplay session where they are getting
her hot and bothered will end up with orgasms- yes plural! Older men know that a good night is one where
their woman loses count of her orgasms. Boys, take the hint! What is your take on young women dating older
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16 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why Younger Women Like Dating Older Men

  1. When the guy is obviously super old and wrinkly the young women even if she doesn’t need his money likes his establishment lifestyle. It’s attractive to women to see a man with his shit together with a sprinkle of his kindness on the top 🍒 his old ass will be snatched up quickly by some young stunner 😂.Women don’t want to be seen as shallow so they rarely like to admit that if he were a broke unattractive old man she wouldn’t give him the time of day, hell she wouldn’t even give him a 1/2 of a glance. You have to have physical appeal if you don’t have the money to back up your repulsive looks.. Not unless she’s one of those women who are super tired of meeting or dating f*ckboys and manchilds, so encounters with an old man’s chivalrocity is music to her ears. It’s like being in the dark for yrs and then some old nice chivalrous established man comes along and offers you a🔦.Women are just like guys, when a guy is a stranger and she doesn’t know him from a can of paint she bases her first glance of interest on his looks first. Truth be told when a woman doesn’t know a guy and never held a conversation with him she can only base her interest off of his physical appearance. I know I know looks aren’t everything but…..Looks are something. Just stating the unsaid 🤷‍♀️

  2. I am 63. In a relationship with a 42 year old slim beautiful educated Asian woman. A 21 years age gap. Asian women know how to look after their partner very well. Washing you & massaging your body. Cutting your nails & checking that you look smart before going out. Asian women often prefer you to be much older than them for many reasons. I am retired & able to provide for my partner. A younger man is not established & mature & experienced enough in handling women.

  3. Most young men today think that younger girls are only after the money, but this isn't always the case…Women that are looking for an older man are looking for stability, confidence, and experience. I'm 63 years old and I can tell you that the younger men today are arrogant or they just don't have no balls! When a young man just thinks the younger women are just out for money, It's more of a mind that's unsecured and has probably been hurt before.. However, it's true that there are some female sharks but their not always after the gold..

  4. I dated a 30 year old senior man and he had no money and not generous financially. I was in love with him because he was a wise, handsome and youthful for his age and most of all classy and was a brilliant communicator, nice in bed , not affectionate but caring. Money would have been much nicer if he had it or was inclined to share which he wasn't.
    I learned a lot from him. The power struggles were tough since he never liked me putting him in his place when he was blind to his behavior.It was a very challenging relationship and he ended up passing which broke my heart less then the unrequited love.

    A male friend of mine is dating 30 years his junior and its still hard for me to see why young women prefer older men but in truth I think its the life experience especially mostly having learned how a woman needs to be treated , listened to, deeply understood an cared for. Woman need a strong male to lay down their worries and cares with. Someone who can have their back without saying;"It's not fair that I carry the heavy loads or, "Why should I buy you flowers and romance you to get some action?"

    I think when some men eventually realize what matters most to woman which is security of all kinds ideally and step up to the challenge they win.Yet some other the men prefer to hold on to their baby beer bottles surrendering to the belief that its just too much growing up to do for them and sadly on some level they don't believe in their own potential and don't bother trying in this wolf eat wolf world. I think if a man works hard at his life then midway he has earned the wisdom to know how to handle a young sensitive and somewhat more naive counterpart.

    Of course this old age" trend" is so very unfair for older single ladies who have less options available to them and younger men who are still finding themselves and establishing their worth and roots.
    Life in my experience is a tragedy cause in the end the older man will leave the younger spouse behind after her adopting the role of his caretaker in to old age that is if there is true love and devotion to start off with.
    In the end, we all lose on one plane or another . The inevitable deep sense of longing becomes the only path of belonging to the summoning pilgrimage on a vacant road that is more murky because of yesterday's broken ocean of tears shoving us forth towards the inevitable.
    My only concern and confusion is that so many young woman so easily pull down their pant on the first date these days for men they don't even know, young or old?! Whats up with that???

  5. The only reason young women date or marry much older men is because of the money. Old Men who are interested in Women young enough to be their daughter or granddaughter is disgusting 🤢🤮

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