10 Things Women Cannot Resist On Men (INSTANT Attraction!)

10 Things Women Cannot Resist On Men (INSTANT Attraction!)

10 Things Women Cannot Resist On Men
[0:00:00] So, as a kid, I remember going fishing at
Buffalo, Wyoming, and at the end of my pole I had this silver lure my lucky lure and I
would throw it right there into the river and within seconds, I would pull out a rainbow
trout. That lure was irresistible. If you think about it, human beings are just
like animals. There are certain things that cause us to react without thinking.
In today’s video, gents, ten items that the ladies just can’t resist.
First up on this list, a bit of flash, an accessory. Something that sets you apart from
the crowd, something that is unexpected that’s really nice like a really nice pen. And, yes,
I’ve read the stories about how a man loans a woman he works with a pen, and she’s like,
“Wow. This is a really nice one.” All of a sudden, she wonders more about what this
guy is into. This is an interesting person. And, guys, it’s small things like cufflinks,
like the watch, like choosing to wear an accessory. Now, some people are going to call this peacocking.
I’m not going to call it that because to me that’s more like a costume. That’s
something that isn’t functional. That’s something that you – you’re just not – I’m
not talking about wearing a bright color or a bright hat. What I’m talking about is
owning the hat. If you’re going to choose headwear, then
make sure that you wear something that you are comfortable that you’ve practiced wearing.
Something maybe that’s functional that serves a great purpose, but at the same time is a
work of art in of itself. So, find something that resonates with you.
I really like functional pieces and I do think headwear especially during the colder months
or inclement weather can work. But, you want something that sets you apart.
Now, it’s not going to be for everyone and you’re going to find that most women are
not even going to notice, but it will start the conversation and that’s what we’re
looking to do. Now, let’s talk leather. Notice the difference
between this jacket and the sports jacket? A very different feel, a much stronger feel,
a much more masculine feel. And that’s what leather sends the signal of, strength and
masculinity. And this has been shown in research and it’s probably a reinforcement of mass
media and history. For thousands of years, human beings have
clothed themselves in leather have used the durable properties of leather and it has been
considered the material of strong men. So, if you want to change things up, maybe look
for a leather jacket, look for maybe a suede jacket. Bring in something that sends that
signal of strength. Another reason why to bring leather into your
wardrobe, look at a leather bag, a leather backpack, a leather briefcase, a leather duffel.
Tons of options. And, if you’re looking for a leather bag,
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Next up, have a signature scent, and this is a fragrance that you choose for yourself.
This is a smell that you are comfortable with that you’ve practiced wearing and that sends
the message, hey, I have entered the room. If you want to go with something bold or maybe
it’s spring maybe it’s summer and you want to go for something fresh something unique
or maybe you just simply you don’t care and you’re going to wear what you like and
some people are not really going to like it, other people are going to be, oh, my gosh,
I want to get close to this guy. The thing is set yourself apart, have something
that defines you. And a man is capable of figuring out a signature scent. So many men
are they just don’t get into it, guys. Find what works for you and own it.
So, these next three I’m going to put them together. We’ve got sweaters, we’ve got
suede, and we have flannels. What do all of these have in common? Texture, and that’s
where it’s at. Texture is something human beings are drawn to.
So, when we look at sweaters, cashmere sweaters, a very fine virgin wool sweater, something
that whenever she goes by you, she just has to touch it. We’re friends of friends’.
You’ve never really spoken to her, but she just wants to touch that beautiful great-looking
sweater that looks good on you, she was already attracted. Now, she just broke down that barrier
and she got closer. [0:05:07]
Or that suede jacket, you set yourself out from the crowd because, yes, leather jackets
are cool, but suede jackets are even cooler. They’re very different. You’ve got to
be careful about the weather. They’re not something maybe you’re going to wear in
the snow or you’re going to wear in the rain, but it is something when you wear it,
you stand out from the crowd. If you know how to pull off suede especially
in a strong color maybe purple, dark green, a dark brown, a chocolate brown. All of a
sudden, she wants to touch it. She wants to get closer.
And, flannel. So, notice this right here. This isn’t flannel, this is actually wool,
but it has a napped surface similar to flannel and oftentimes you could wear flannel trousers,
something very simple. But, you know you’re sitting next to her,
a colleague at work that you’ve been wanting to speak wit. Oh, and she doesn’t even know
what she does she touches your trousers, she touches your legs simply because she likes
the look of it. She’s like, “Where did you get these?” And all of a sudden, you
have this moment when you look at her and, yes, she couldn’t help herself. She had
to touch your leg. Next on the list, a bold dress shoe. So, right
here, see the combination? We’ve got the brogue design, but we’ve also got blue suede,
that combination right there. She’s going to see this, she’s going to say nice shoes,
start the conversation. But, it doesn’t just have to be dress shoes.
You can also look for a casual loafer, maybe a horsebit loafer. But, you notice right here
we’ve got the perforated leather. Again, she’s going to notice these, they’re different
all of a sudden she’s going to wonder who is this guy that pays attention to the way
he dresses. And it could be a simple classic dress shoe,
but you decided to go for a color combination that just puts you apart that stands you apart
from the crowd. The next on the list, we’ve got well-fitted
jeans. Now, I will put in the caveat you probably need to have a decent body. But, notice I
didn’t say body like Adonis or an amazing body, I said a decent body.
The issue here is that most men are wearing jeans that are too large on them and here’s
the thing. We get into what we think is comfortable we start wearing these baggy jeans and you
can try sizing down just a bit. I’m not saying that you need to size down on the waist,
I’m saying maybe go for a slimmer cut. I’m not saying skinny, I am saying slim.
I’m saying if you go for a loose a baggier fit that you’ve done, yes, since high school,
maybe go for something that is a straight fit. What you’re doing is looking just to
get stuff a little bit closer to the body. Bring in somebody that knows style, you may
feel actually a little bit uncomfortable. It’s not because it’s uncomfortable, it’s
just unfamiliar to you. You’ve never actually worn jeans that fits your body. And when you
take care of your body, you want to wear jeans that reflect that and, yes, maybe grab her
attention. Next up, we’ve got a military style jacket.
So, first up the olive green. This is a great color, but it’s not so much the color as
it is. The pockets, if I have epaulets right up here on the shoulders, you would see that
actually on a classic trench, it would build up the shoulders.
Jackets in general build up the shoulders, but the pockets right here also build up the
chest. You want to go for something that fits you well something that, yes, fatigue jackets
are fine as long as they’re not overly fatigued. That point is things with a military heritage
are oftentimes very attractive and it can help you stand out.
Next up, gents, we’ve got boots. Ladies love the boots. But what do they love about
the boots? Number of things actually. So, let’s look at the material, leather.
But, let’s look at the overall built, a very strong and masculine built. Now, the
key with wearing boots is to wear them for the right occasion. You don’t want to look
like a dufus by actually trying to wear a casual item like boots with a formal item
like a suit. But, it is something that, yes, in inclement
weather there are certain boots like chelseas that you could pull off, but overall boots
are going to be attractive because of the association of strength and masculinity. Also,
they’re going to make you look taller. So, the heel, notice we got about an inch, inch
and a half of height that will add when you wear these.
And, let’s not forget, gentlemen, the classic suit. A suit by definition is a jacket and
trousers made from the same material. But, it’s so much more than that. Think of it
like a suit of armor. When you put on a suit, all of a sudden you feel more confident. You
walk taller because you actually look taller. The monochromatic look allows the eyes to
go up and down. It’s building up your shoulders right here on the jacket. Yes, make you look
taller. It slims up the waistline. You become kind of a different person, and women pick
up on this. They see the confidence, they see the swagger in the shoulders and they’re
drawn to it. And, of course, gentlemen, smile make eye
contact, but what are the rules on eye contact? I’ve got you covered with this video right
here, the rules on eye contact for men. I talk about the percentages, how much eye contact
you should have with speaking with a woman, with speaking with multiple people all covered
in this video right here, guys. I will also link to it down in the description.
[0:09:36] End of audio

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    – and one thing i would like to highlight is that other style youtubers do similar topics (women-related) with all kinds of points, which deviates from the original goal/roots of the channels. however, in your videos, the content is mostly still about style. This is why I always like your content and continue to support you.

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