10 timeless handbags worth the investment ǀ Justine Leconte

10 timeless handbags worth the investment ǀ Justine Leconte

Hi everyone, it’s Justine. Let’s say you want to invest in a premium,
high-end or luxury handbag. Maybe 🙂 Given the price, of course, you
want to make sure you are getting the “right one”, which means a bag that won’t go
out of trend, that’s good quality and a bag that will retain its value over time. Because in the handbag market, it’s important
to also look at the re-sell value. I have made a selection of 10 handbags that
fulfil ALL these criteria. And for each one, I will tell you why I think
it is a good investment piece. 1. Hermès Kelly
Let’s start with the crème de la crème des handbags: every designer, including myself,
dreams of creating a bag that successful and that aspirational. It’s the Kelly by Hermès. It’s also a very smart re-branding story…
because it actually wasn’t called Kelly when it launched. It was created in 1930 by Robert Dumas and
only became famous in 1956, when actress Grace Kelly, freshly engaged to the Prince of Monaco
but already pregnant, hid her baby bump behind her handbag… and paparazzi got the photo. Then Hermès re-named the bag after her – which
was an extremely smart move. The bag itself is hand-made by one single
person, who needs up to 25 hours: it includes 36 leather pieces + all the studs and the
padlock. It is sewn backwards and then turned upside
down. The result is a very clean bag on the outside. When looking at it, I couldn’t say when
the bag was designed – which typically means that the design is timeless. But there is a catch: the bag is not available
for sale – unless you know someone who gets you onto
the waiting list. But even celebrities who know someone must
pay the full price. You CAN buy it second-hand: the price varies
depending on the size, leather and style, but it is safe to say that a Kelly starts
at a price over 10,000$, up from around 8,000-9,000$ 3 years ago. Yes, the Kelly gains value over time. So if you manage to get one, take great care
of it, keep it 20 years & you’ll actually make money doing so. 2. Hermès Birkin
The Birkin was created in 1984 for Jane Birkin: she stumbled upon Jean-Louis Dumas (who was
the new creative director at Hermès) in a plane and complained that she couldn’t find
a purse in which her baby’s bottles would fit. He must have said something like “hold my
champagne” and created a new bag, which can fit a lot: it was deeper, more supple
than any bag on the market at that time & you could expend the sides. The bag was named after Jane Birkin, she receives
royalties for it, which go to charity. And Hermès got the perfect story for their
bag. The bag is not advertised. No one knows how many they produce per year. It’s all about exclusivity. How to get a Birkin? You can’t, unless you have already purchased
one in the past. It’s like the story of the chicken and the
egg: which one was here first? On the second-hand market, the Birkin even
beats the Kelly, and its worth grows even faster each year. Victoria Beckham reportedly owns over 100
Hermès bags, for a total value of over $2 Mio. and counting. It is much smarter than to invest in stocks,
actually. The pink Birkin on that photo, alone, cost
$150,000. 3. Chanel 2.55
When this one came out, designed by Gabrielle Chanel, in February 1955 (2nd month of 1955,
hence the name), it was quite a sensation. Until then all purses, at least for chic ladies,
had to be carried. Now this is a bag that you could wear on your
shoulder: how practical! The quilted surface, now a Chanel symbol,
was inspired by horse-riding apparel. But the Double-C logo that appears on this
bag today wasn’t there in the initial version: it was added by Karl Lagerfeld in the 80’s. The strap was in metal only. Now it is made of metal and leather. And it has 2 flaps: when you open the top
flap, there is a second one underneath, to prevent things from falling out. Let’s talk about inflation for a minute,
shall we? In 1955, the bag retailed for $220. Now it costs between $4000 and $6500. So I hope that your mother or your grand-mother
got one in the 50’s… But if not: the worth of this bag keeps rising
so it is still a good investment piece, even if you buy it new. 4. Louis Vuitton Speedy
Vuitton used to make only travel bags and suitcases. For a long time, they didn’t make handbags. In 1956, Audrey Hepburn asked for a smaller
version of the KeepAll travel bag. Being a major actress has it perks and so
she got her handbag – made “for everyday use”. The bag is made in coated canvas, waterproof. Normally coated fabrics were extremely stiff,
not good for purses. But Vuitton found a way to make a more supple
coating. The original Speedy was 30cm long. Now it also exists in 25, 35 and 40cm. It had a checkerboard pattern, but the bag
was copied so much that Vuitton introduced a monogram pattern, harder to copy – for
a while – because it is more detailed. Now counterfeiters caught up and they can
reproduce the monogram as well… The Speedy has been declined in multiple colors
and Vuitton initiated the current collaborative way of working: when a house partners with
another designer who re-designs an iconic piece in his own aesthetics. The simple Speedy 25 without strap starts
at exactly 1000$, and second-hand you can find one for around 600$. It is more affordable than other famous handbags
because it is mostly canvas with just a bit of leather. 5. Céline luggage tote
I’m a fan of Phoebe Philo, who was the creative director of Céline but unfortunately, not
anymore. She designed several handbags that are absolutely
timeless, timeless was almost her aesthetics, she was brilliant at it: one of them is the
luggage bag from 2010. You see cotton totes everywhere, supermarkets
gift you totes to put your groceries. The Céline bag elevates the tote to a luxury
item. It has a masculine, business touch but with
a twinkle in the eye because it looks like a face where the zipper is the mouth. It is spacious, your laptop fits in, it’s
perfect for a city lifestyle. New it currently costs between 2700 and 4000$,
depending on the size you choose. You can get one on the second-hand market
for under 1000$. Note that Céline switched designers: the
new one isn’t as celebrated as Phoebe Philo… so when the switch happened, everything she
designed for Céline rose in worth overnight. It’s a common phenomenon so if you are looking
for an investment piece, be on the look-out for brands that are changing designers soon. 6. Longchamp Le Pliage
This bag is a total best-seller, designed in 1993 by Philippe Cassegrain. The secret here is the marketing: they advertise
a lot in the press, they collaborate with celebrities like Kate Moss and Alexa Chung
to create special editions of this bag… it has already been declined in over 150 colors
or prints. It is cheaper than other famous bags because
it is made mostly in nylon. The point of it is that you can fold it like
an envelope, to turn it into a mini-handbag for the evening – so it’s 2 handbags in
one and it’s perfect for a young woman who wants to get a famous handbag but can’t
yet afford Vuitton and Co. It starts at 145$ for a new bag. Longchamp has a leather version too, special
editions and many more-expensive bags but this one is really their entry level products…
that still feels premium. 7. Dior Lady Dior
In 1995, princess Diana came to France on a state visit and the wife of President Chirac
wanted to gift Diana a special handbag for the occasion. The bag “Lady Dior” was created and named
after “Lady Di”, as we call her in French. Afterwards, Diana was seen with several different
variations of the bag, which means she really loved it, and the bag became closely associated
to her image. The bag exists in multiple “basic colors”,
which hold their value over time. And then there are all the special editions
which, if you pick wisely, even gain a lot of value over time. On average, the Lady Dior has increased in
value by 14% between 2014 and 2016. I believe the trend is the same up to 2019. And the house Dior keeps increasing the price
of the new bags, like Chanel. So get a Lady Dior… and just wait. 8. Prada Backpack
Designed by Miuccia Prada in 1984, inspired by military backpacks, I think it is quite
easy to notice when looking at it. This backpack represents everything Prada
stands for: utility, practically, nomadism, elegance. The closures have been declined in endless
colors and textures but the shape has remained the same over time. This bag retails for 1100€. For me, that’s a timeless design. It works with an 80’s wardrobe, with grunge,
with normcore, with a minimalistic wardrobe, etc. Since the bag came out, all backpack brands
have been copying it. Over and over again. Look at the hipsters in Berlin, right now,
and you’ll see many backpacks that look pretty similar to this one. 9. Stella McCartney Falabella
This is one of my personal favorites: launched by Stella McCartney in 2010. It was the time of the mega shopper bags,
as seen on Paris Hilton at that time. Women would carry a small purse + a big bag
like this, where everything fits. But the brand was smart enough to decline
the bag in several sizes and colors, so that it survived the trend and established itself
as a classic. It’s one of the first high-end designer
bags which is completely vegan. The hardware is a special development and
the bag is sewn to the chain. Great design detail, simple cut, timeless. The bag retails between 700 and 1200$, depending
on the size. Sometimes less if there is a sale and you’re
quick. You can get it second-hand for 500 to 800$
so it holds its value pretty well. 10. Givenchy Antigona
This bag is a bit under the radar. Though it is a classic and a perfect business
bag. It’s a mix of masculine and feminine aesthetics,
it comes in 3 sizes, it has the name and the quality of the house Givenchy behind it, which
is a good guarantee when talking about investment pieces. It retails between 1300 to 2500$ new. And even the smallest one still costs over
1000$ if you get it second-hand. That’s one of these high-quality bags that
hasn’t been trending or made famous by someone famous – but it is being produced since
2011 and it holds its value. I think it’s a great investment piece. The prices I mentioned for all the bags will
vary over time – mostly upwards. I have linked everything in the description
below, for you to see the current prices, new AND second-hand. Basically, the more you wait, the more you
pay. So it makes sense to try to spot a future
best-seller right when it launches, before its price starts to increase and before the
designer changes. I hope you enjoyed this video? Thumbs up if you did, thank you! In the comments, today, I’d like to ask
you this: how does your ideal handbag look like? What should should it do? What should it bear? – Thanks you! I will see you soon in a new video! Take care!

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  1. Hi everyone! Did you notice the lipstick on my teeth? Yes, me too 😭 So let's move on to another subject… What do you expect from a good handbag: Size? Features? Material? Secret pockets? etc. Thanks a lot for your opinion!

  2. Hiya Justine, I realise this is almost 2 months old, but just came across it; great info, just subbed! IMO I love my vintage Gucci Boston handbags; the same style as the LV “Speedy”, LV never appealed except for a few collaborations I wish I’d snapped up like Takashi Murakami, Yayoi Kusama, Stephen Sprouse who I knew well in the 80s). Started collecting them in the 80s when no one wanted them, have a collection spanning the 60s-80s, various fabrics, leathers. Paid anywhere from $1-$20! Sold a few for $600 in the early 2000s & they were far from perfect; now I know I could get even more for the styles in demand. When I injured my back (herniated disk) everything made my back hurt worse. Pulled out a vintage Boston handbag & no pain! So back to carrying them & purchased other luxury handbags; same thing- no pain regardless of size! Same thing with shoes, my luxury shoes never gave me back or foot pain regardless of height. I can’t afford to buy new right now but have quite a nice collection of classic styles but usually in unusual colours or leathers. I love vintage, been collecting/ selling over 50 years. So to me, having an eclectic style mixing old with new I never jump on the latest trend but buy what I love, will use forever. I’m currently on the hunt for a Lady Dior handbag, perfect style for me! I’m so petite that I can wear many handbags on my shoulder which is best for a New Yorker (keeping your bag close to your body is safest). My fave Boston bag un imbécile tried to snatch when on my shoulder, my arm under it holding close to my body in Orlando Florida (*never* in NY, handbag stheives are the dumbest of thieves but at least in NY they’d be smart enough not to try when someone is holding their bag tightly against their body🙄) all they got were the handles😢which we searched for but couldn’t find late at night. Won’t send to Gucci (they remove original hardware, replace with new, jamais!) so will try to find one I can switch handles & have my fabulous cobbler fix. Such a shame as it’s in as new condition. My dream is to find a real Chanel 2.55 in some little thrift shop for a super cheap price! Sounds crazy, but I know many people who’ve done just that; I suppose the shop thought it was a counterfeit. In that case it’s illegal to sell, still don’t understand how thrift stores get away with that. Have a lovely week! Jet 🧡🎸🎶⚡️

  3. No more Vegan handbags, why not just say Plastic handbags, that's what almost all vegan handbags are made of. Ethically harvested leather is so much better for the earth and environment. Ignorance has run a muck.

  4. I am more a shoes person than a bag person but when it comes to bags, I want a bag that can carry a lot but won't look baggy and with lots of pockets outside and inside the bag so that there are many places to put different materials.

  5. For me with luxury handbags, it's all about the feel. I feel confident when I use it. I feel that it's worth it. I love it every single time I see it.

  6. If a bag cost over $2,000, and doesn't have genuine gold/ silver hardware, or real leather. It's not worth buying to me. Companies like Chanel, Hermes, LV, Dior, etc., have some nerve. I'll rather buy a mid-range or lower-end luxe bag that's hand made with care, than to purchase a Chanel bag in this day and age. Chanel and LV aren't what they use to be when it comes to producing quality products anymore.

  7. i think the reason the hermes bag is so wanted is because of everything is done in secret, it is super exclusive, bla bla bla….

  8. I tend to use a wallet. I have never bought a single purse or bag I own. Not even the diaper bag. I would have gone with black, not a grey with metallic silver parts if I had gotten a choice, but it was a gift from a friend will bolder fashion choices. Correction. I bought one. For an anime convention around 2008. With words I do not care to explain in polite company that I refuse to get rid of for sentimental reasons

  9. I like practical bags – not too big and not too small, not heavy, cross body with a pocket in the front and back. I was very happy with a bag I got around a year ago as it ticket all the boxes but recently I noticed that the stitchig on the back pocket is coming off, so I might need to start looking for something similar but pay better attention to the seems and overall quality.

  10. Thank you for a great video, Justine! I would love to invest in a handbag some day; to be able to enjoy it and to either hand it forward to a child or grandchild, or sell it, in the future. When I’m buying a bag I look for these three things: 1) is the bag holding its shape? 2) How much of daily necessities does it fit (calendar, pens, phone, water bottle, keys, small make up bag etc)? 3) Does it have a pocket on the outside so I can reach my phone and/or keys without diving into the bag? And then of course the over all look needs to be pleasing – a nice color (muted tones, classic black), a material that is easy to keep clean, no useless decorarion (tassels…) and the color of the hardware (I’m a silver girl).

  11. I never gave a second thought to handbags until i kept getting grief from a coworker. I went to a sale a couldn't believe i was actually debating on whether or not to buy a $250. Coach bag. My daughter and I saved a baby duckling that was stuck in some leaves and algae after the waters receded from a flood. We later went to a Dooney and Bourke outlet store and paid $200 for each bag. Not as high quality as the ones you're referring to but our stories and the stories you shared brought me to this conclusion; how lucky are we that we as women can have such amazing and diverse yet still similar "right of passage" as the purchase of our first quality handbag. I love this!!! I have the most deep, thoughtful grin on my face.

  12. I like a nylon or canvas shoulder tote bag that zips shut, has an interior lining in a light color, and has pockets on the outside and inside. I carry a non designer canvas tote bag that has all the things I like. I used to be a designer bag girl but no more. Great video, thanks. 

    I didn't know the Kelly bag was for Grace Kelly. Duh.  There's a documentary about her wedding that covers how she and her friends sailed to Monaco, the events leading up to the wedding and some of the wedding itself. The movie studio designed and gifted her wedding gown. The doc is or was on youtube, I haven't seen it in a while but it's a good one.

  13. Sorry but my American ears are having a bit of trouble with your accent. (Your English is excellent. The problem is my hearing, not your speaking!) I could swear you've referred to "declined" or "declining" a number of times when describing various versions or editions of a handbag. Have I heard that correctly? What does that mean? Love your channel and subbed by the way! 🙂

  14. The perfect handbag for me is vegan, therefore, the Stella McCartney bag, which I knew you’d talk about, is SO my fav! 😊👍🏽

  15. If I spend a lot of money on a handbag it has to stand out. Definitely not black and have to be able to hold all my goodies.

  16. All luxury handbags used to be lined in either kid leather or suede; now they are lined in fabric, at least most of them..

  17. It's funny to have a video about handbags suggested to me while I'm making one. As with all my craft projects, it started out as something completely different. It was a hat, a terrible hat. It's turning out to be a decent bag though. The material is my own invention, spiral-sewn finger knitting in a coarse wool. It's quite thick and holds its shape and has an interesting spiral pattern at the bottom.

  18. I've been wanting to buy myself my first luxury bag for a few months now but I can't decide what I want. I really want a Gucci or Chanel small every day purse because I think I'll get more use out of it. But the Longchamps and ones that can fit my laptop in I could use every day for work, but it will sit underneath my desk all day anyways. It's such a tough choice!

  19. By sheer luck I inherited a black quilted Chanel bag from my mother who kept it in exceptionally good nick. I was the executrix of her will and was instructed to equally distribute everything with my sister. At that moment in time she was going through an eco-warrior period and recoiled in horror, so I did have it valued and made sure she was properly compensated. I had no idea of the value increase at that time, so whenever she records music these days I invest in the production costs. I have to say that I don't use it every day but enough occasions come up where it's more than appropriate. I'd be interested in what other people in your audience think of these luxury items. I don't eat any animal products any more since 5 years but recently I had an argument with a dear friend who has since passed away and by way of apology he sent me a herringbone pattern black and gold mink coat by way of apology. I wear it to classical music concerts etc.; it was an unnecessary but completely in character act of generosity and a personal memory of someone who should still be with us, so I honestly don't feel guilty. You'll notice that both of these items are above all sentimentally valued, not status symbols, but I am nothing if not human and they do also give me confidence in certain social circumstances. For fun, e.g., Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's (and Robin and Marion that brilliant cult classic, reminded me very much of my mother (Once upon a time there was a very beautiful, very frightened young woman who lived alone with a nameless cat:), so for fun when they made a replica of The Hat, I couldn't resist and bought one, hair pins and all against windy weather. Sunglasses and all, it's great good fun and definitely beats 10 layers of sunscreen!! 🙂

  20. I look for classic styling and high quality in stitching and material; at least one inner pocket, medium size (carries much, but not like a tote bag), cross body shoulder strap (I add one, if there is none). I like leather or quality treated canvas, though, I once lived in a city's downtown and preferred nylon. I don't care about designer names. In fact, from now on I'm making my own in leather or canvas. Enjoyed this video, as I do all of yours.

  21. I look for versatility! I want to be able to wear the bag with as many outfits as possible. I hate changing handbags often so if I can wear one that goes with many clothes it’s such a joy! My red MK tote is my favorite since it looks great with so many different styles.

  22. Not too heavy, good material, useful, last but certainly not the least, it makes the user look young and energetic.

  23. I'm not a purse sort of girl, but I do use backpacks, so that's what I'm looking for when it's time to shop for a new one. I'll usually end up buying whatever $20 Wal-Mart type kids school backpack catches my eye, as I like enough things like Pokemon that a "kiddy" design is likely to sell itself to me; patterns also work, I've bought a fun one that was black with rainbow-colored skulls and stuff on it. The problem with all those bags, though, is poor quality (and I realize I'm not paying much for them). Even the black one with rainbow skulls, which I think was aimed more at teens or adults, had the same problems of the fabric and underlying plastic liner shredding at the top of the bag. I'm not sure when that started, as older backpacks tended to fall apart along seams or other places, but I've definitely seen a trend in recent years of the top section shredding before anything else shows major wear.

    So a year or two ago I invested in a $50-ish "Bag Of Holding" hoping it would last a while, as it's made of canvas and supposed to be higher quality all around. Annoyingly, the design is terrible and really makes it difficult to use the thing as an everyday bag; the clasps are also so strong they do nasty things to fingers that get skin caught. I'm well aware the bag is a niche, geeky thing based off an item in the game Dungeons And Dragons, but they really should have abandoned this one at the design stage. So I'm again looking for a bag that will hopefully not be just another $20 thrown at sweatshop kids backpacks, but I honestly don't know what else to get anymore. I kind of want a legit military backpack of the sort a person would usually invest in when joining the armed forces, but those are really expensive for my budget and also maybe a little too big. Mrr!

  24. I wouldn’t be able to afford the handbags above but I do have reasonable price hand bags that I’m super happy with and they have lasted for almost 10 years. So I have 2 very good hand bags A Dooney & Bourke ($250)Natural leather large satchel hand bag with a thick shoulder strap and handles. Lovely bag. Then a beautiful soft black Nine West($150) tote with double handles ( it looks square and clean cut.) works great for work. 1 Satchel hobo bag with a leather strap that I actually found at a festival witch I LOVE! and it was only $40 it’s my go-to bag and I love it

  25. My handbag has to be light in weight and an organizer with pockets, zippers and outside slip-pockets. The size should be of a medium size (7" x 10" x 2") to no larger than (9" x 12" x 4") or so. A strap that fits on the shoulder, but in the case of the smaller bag can be used as a crossover as well. I enjoy the Barbados collection of Brighton and have a nice collection of Coach purses, wristlet and backpack. All made with quality leather or fabrication.

  26. Hello dear Justine, thank you for yet another interesting video! In a bag I look for mostly 2 things. 1. to be able to fit my wallet, as it is quite big. 2. to be a good fit for my sporty style and my office style of dressing.

  27. Handbags for me are like shoes for some other women! Even if I don't need one I find myself longing to buy a new one. If I am shopping for a specific purpose, such as travelling or a special event, then I look at function first and then aesthetics. Otherwise I prefer a small to mid-sized bag that can contain my wallet, cell phone, lipstick, powder compact, and comb without being too heavy. I like the look of the mid-twentieth century bags which to me feel both elegant and feminine without being too fussy or pretentious. I also dislike bags that feature their designer label as a major part of the design, (I am looking at you Coach).

  28. The only “luxury” bag I have is my £150 vegan leather Dr Martens backpack 😅 very tough for vegan leather and I love it

  29. Honestly, I don't have a heart to own any luxury bag, but I love the Givenchy Antigona. I didn't know that this bag is a luxury bag hahahaha, If not in this video I'm still wondering what brand is this bag hahahaha I saw this in some magazine when I was 18??? and I was like "I love this bag, it so me".

  30. So happy that I am the proud owner of the PRADA backpack OG edition….I cherish it and try not to use it too often….

  31. Thank you for your videos, I have just discovered your channel and I'm hooked.
    I've been looking for a bag for ages now and I can't fins anything that meets my needs: I need a bag that can fit my computer in safely (13 inch, although I might buy a 15 inch in the near future), that is light, that i can pack inside a suitcase without damaging it, that looks nice preferably made of smooth thin leather or a good beautiful waterproof material and that it doesn't look bulky or from a suitcase store. I know the foldable Longchamp meets my requirements, but I just don't like that look. Maybe the backpack they made to further that collection I like better, but still not quite what I'm looking for.

  32. I don't buy any bags, just take my laptop bag to work, which came with the laptop and then I have woven bags for shopping, grocery shopping

  33. Hi Justine! Mabuhay from the Philippines! What i basically look for in a bag are the following: size (the bigger the better because i put everything inside), quality, strength of the lining, overall design, functionality, color and price. I have seen many locally made bags that are beautifully made but are reasonably priced. And a lady can never have enough bags, right? 😉 Thanks for the video! 🙂

  34. I would like to respectfully submit that the Prada Galleria is absolutely a timeless handbag! Especially since Scandal showcased it in absolutely every color. I have a visceral association with it as the perfect business bag.

    Perfect bag wishlist:
    1) structured! I like to set my purse on my desk during work, and I hate for it to lean over or slouch.
    2) big enough base that I can put my Tupperware lunchbox in it without stretching out the leather.
    3) high quality leather with no rubber stamping so the bag can be polished and maintained.
    4) some kind of closure at the top so things don't fall out, but simple enough to open one handed when you're grabbing something out.

  35. I seriously could care less about designer handbags (even sold a genuine Coach bag that my Mom had found at a laundromat sale because I would rather have the cash). But I watch these videos because her voice is amazing, and she is so informative about everything!

  36. My ideal bag is lightweight and durable with a timeless edge. I don't enjoy too much hardware, though the cute lock and key on the Hermes Kelly is highly desireable. It's a big yes to most of these, though never been able to enjoy the back pack. With so many pockets, they feel too much like the functional, but boring, Stanley Knife. Thank you very much for this completely absorbing video.

  37. I think it's quite disgusting, actually. People starving and others spending 150.000 dollars in a single bag. This is a mentally ill society. Totally insane.

  38. Aaaand I've just realized I own a fake 2.55… xD Good to know that it was a good and classic choice tho. I hate bags but I needed something to go well with my '50s inspired dresses

  39. Heya. I love all your videos so much, I just discovered you and you're wonderful. Lots of love from Australia

  40. i was suprised neverfull didnt make the list
    i got mine in 2012 for 700 canadian from LV store
    and today it is sold for more than double: 1700 canadian
    i love it and it just looks better with age❤️

  41. My perfect handbag is either a bagpack or a crossbody bag. I need something practical and comfortable that I can carry all day and fit my necessities in. I am glad that there is such a variety of styles on the market so you can find something pretty AND comfy. My favourite bag is handmade by leafling and it makes me happy everytime I look at it 🙂

  42. For me it's a cross body with lots of pockets larger is better so I use a laptop bag or travel bag as a purse. I carry a mini purse in it to grab and go.

  43. Black, big, squared and CHEAP. I like handbags but if I have to spend thousands of euros or dlls. I buy GOLD or invest in REAL DIAMONDS.

  44. So the Fake Housewives who all claim to have Birkins probably have second hand ones. Like, who even knows them in France?

  45. Vuitton is tacky. I would never walk about with logos and monograms, which is how most US designers make their bags. No thank you, it's tacky.

  46. The most polished, elegant, work of art is The Kelly. Everything else is meh and hype, especially the Birkin. I find it interesting that NO ONE French house has a famous Deneuve or Bardot!!!!! Those two women are timeless and broke through style barriors, true style icons. What this tells me is that to get a bigger market share, French houses tried to appeal to the US and English market.

  47. I would never be able to afford any of these bags but it’s really nice to know their value. Berkin bags are very good heirlooms for daughters.

  48. I bought the Givenchy Antigona (small) after watching your video 😅. It is very well-structured and was made with beautiful leather. It looks very luxurious. But it gets heavy after I put things in.

  49. After watching this video, it really makes me think more and more abour how Jeffree Star just casually bought a Birkin just to match the colour of his new car lol

  50. One of my class mates was famous for super rich at my highschool. One day, I asked her, if she has any hermès bags or something. She answered me, that she had a saddle by hermès. (She owned two horses.) I was like, hmmm, it makes sense!

  51. My wife looks for quality of leather easy access and good clasp .Since she is petite if it has a chain it cannot be too long she prefers no chain. One of her favorite bags she will never part with is Enzo Angiolini its very simple but made with beautiful leather and its just perfect classy . I call it her granny bag .

  52. If I got one of these bags, I'd sent it swiftly to you for all the very useful, helpful information you have given. Thank you so much.
    What I look for in a purse:
    One I can open mostly with one hand while I am wearing it.
    One I can see clearly inside, lighter fabric.
    More than one season.
    Ages well, not trendy.
    Color that goes well with most things.
    Style that goes with my clothes/style.
    Pockets or/and barriers, not a big jumble that I am searching through.
    Not too heavy or with too much hardwear.

  53. For me personally I do not like to buy and handbag or any luxury item for that matter that clearly has the identifying logo on it. For example I prefer the classic version of the Chanel flap because it doesn't have the inverted C's logo. For me any kind of logo or large monogram seems to cheapen the look of it in my eyes. My opinion stretches especially for branded T-shirts like the Gucci logo styles that seem to have spread these days. A piece with no obvious or large logo is much more sophisticated and classic to me.

  54. An ideal everyday handbag would stand on its own (not slouch), hold the width of at least two books so that it can fit items beyond just phone, keys and wallet.. and not get dirty on the outside so easily.
    What an informative video. Thanks for the history lesson

  55. Even though I cannot afford one of these bags, with this video I could understand why I'm so obsessed with the bag that I've been using for years (only one! Could you believe?). It's similar to the Prada backpack in terms of shape. It was made in Peru and it has a lovely patterns inspired by the indigenous textils. It combines with almost EVERYTHING <3

  56. When I was a little girl my mother had a companion woman in her eighties who carried a red crocodile Kelly as as a rule, she gave me a bag to carry my seashell and rock collection in…she told me the name which slipped my mind beyond Hermes and after I spilled apple cider on it I gave it back feeling like I had ruined a nice gift, she offered to get it cleaned but as a ten year old I thought I didn’t need a purse and really just wanted a fanny pack 🤦🏻‍♀️
    Ten years later at age 21 I recognized the same bag in the arms of a woman in New York, I had a pang of nostalgia and immediately realized what I had forsaken so I asked what her Hermes was called since BIRKIN had slipped my mind over the years…oh how she laughed and said honey, you can’t have a birkin just like that! I was devastated and am currently at age 41 searching for a similar bag to the one I had as a kid. This is such an example of how the very wealthy live 😩😩😩
    Who just gives a ten year old a birkin to carry ROCKS in?!?
    Jane, thats who her name ironically was Jane and though she gave it to me I GAVE IT BACK.
    Truthfully I miss it because of the memories and even as a child I recognized the quality.
    I’d never sell it, I’d do anything to have that thing back, it was truly perfect, not tacky, the texture was supple, and it carried rocks and shells without any creasing or damage.

  57. Some of these just scream “old lady handbag” to me. Maybe it’s because my grandma dressed like Jackie Kennedy Onassis when I was little. Even the Lady Dior one for Princess Diana seems like a bag an older woman would use, now. So I’d be afraid of looking dated (stuck in the past), rather than timeless.

    For my own bags, I prefer good quality leather (stands up well), at least 2 compartments—preferably 3–with some business card pockets and at least one small zippered inside pocket. One on the back of the outside is nice, too.

    I like sturdy, well-sewn handles, but also a cross-body strap. This way, I can chose how to carry it (are my hands full, for example) or maybe wear it as a cross-body for security in a crowded place.

    I hate top zipper closures. Give me some kind of flap or envelope closure on top.

    And I prefer a length to get my iPad in, for everyday use.

    That said, with my return to teaching, and finding students are always forgetting pens, pencils, need highlighter markers, paper clips, tissues, or hair elastics—-and then there are the times papers must be taken home and back to school, a messenger bag is a better fit. A purse is too small and, frankly, a messenger bag is a bit too big, but I haven’t found a purse yet where I can put a small amount of teacher supplies inside (pencil and pen slots, etc).

    Maybe I should design my own!

  58. I'm clumsy! :p So ideally I need something both durable and a bit resistant to grubbiness! If I had one of these bags I would never dare to actually use it for fear of scuffing it or spilling coffee on it. 😀 These are beautiful stylish bags and I enjoyed the video because you make every subject you tackle interesting. But for me I would like something spacious, elegant on the outside (not too fussy) but with sensible compartments for organisation inside, ethically produced and affordable that I can enjoy without breaking my heart if I slam it in a car door by accident!

  59. Thank you for the video! That was very educating. As for your question, I like my bag to not look big, but fit all my stuff (aka a small waterbottle, a book, my calendar, my wallet and, ideally, a small food container), and not have much dingle-dangle on it, if you know what I mean. It's a challenge to find a handbag that fits these criteria, but who knows, maybe you are designing the one right now 🙂 PS Sorry, I'm really late to comment on this, but maybe you still see it~

  60. Must be leather, high quality and durable, I like gold embellishments, plenty of storage (I usually buy totes).

  61. I have 5 Longchamp handbags, I love them all. But I’d love for them to redesign the inside. I love the small bags they have.

  62. I strongly recommend colletorsquare in Paris to buy preloved bags. Especially when it comes to Hermès, they have a very famous authenticator on board.

  63. I do myself my bags 🙂 not luxury ones but unique for sure 🙂 instead of a luxury bag, I would spend money to travel the world… obviously it's a personal preference. Merci Justine, très intéressante la vidéo

  64. Can you do one of these for small crossbodies? I know the Chanel bag was kind of like a crossbody, but not my style. And I don't like big bags. The biggest I have is the Sydney Satchel from Fossil.

  65. You can actually more or less get into a lottery for the Paris Hermes stores and you can win an appointment where you maybe will get a bag or not. They don't always have them in store and not all the colors.
    They apparently changed it to this system to make it more fair.

  66. Really interesting video – and I loved your choices – but I wold have added the Bottega Veneta lattice work tote bag – the bag I would chose to own if I could. I do own a Longchamp Le Pliage – it is so lovely and lightweight and the only one of these bags I can afford – sadly.

  67. Crossbody, big enough, but not huge and light weight. I am not a small purse person, but as I get older I've found I can't carry around heavy leather purses anymore and have the "stuff" I need. Nylon or canvas all the way, these days. It would be a big deal if I had a car, but I live in NYC and depend on MTA. Gotta keep the weight down.

  68. Justine! You are fantastic!
    I got to say I looooove purses and have had so many from trying to find “my perfect” purse. Your video about how to find quality purses was of great insight and I have examined my purses for quality and have only kept the ones I truly value and has good quality. So, thank you for that!

    To answer your question, I look for a purse that the look is timeless, will not be heavy to carry, is of great quality to withstand the pass of time and use and not deteriorate. Plus, it most fit all my basics (wallet, glasses case, small makeup pouch, cell phone, and a zipper to hold things out of sight —housework keys, pads, check book). 😉

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