$10 VS $20,000 EBAY MYSTERY BOX Challenge Unboxing Haul! (Penny worth more than Bitcoin?!)

$10 VS $20,000 EBAY MYSTERY BOX Challenge Unboxing Haul! (Penny worth more than Bitcoin?!)

what a ninjas today I am buying the
most expensive mystery box on eBay! I’ve got Vy behind the camera! Kick Bump! Vy how much are you going to let me spend? ten dollars no we need to go big time Vy. I just saw Guava Juice
do this that’s how I got the idea he spent twenty thousand dollars on a
mystery eBay box oh my gosh so we need to spend $20,000 Vy I’m sure we won’t get
ripped off guys don’t do this at home first I’m gonna buy a $20 mystery box
and then I’m gonna go to an eBay mystery box the highest one is a Pokemon box for
$80,000 a Pikachu is expensive yeah here we go
youtuber mystery box $20,000 Wow this box will be custom tailored to
match your personality should we buy this maybe we get like 15,000 thumbs up
yeah give us a thumbs up wishing us luck hope we get $20,000 worth of something
give us good vibes give us a thumbs up maybe we’ll be as lucky as guava juice
cuz his box was worth like thirty thousand dollars when it is ordered now
we just gotta wait for it to arrive a couple days have gone by and I just
noticed a package has arrived up so this is the inexpensive box let’s bring it
inside and wait for the next box to come a few more days have gone by and we got
another package in the middle oh this is really white this better be worth
$20,000 let’s start with the twenty dollar one what do you say be alright
like Christmas come on ninja hurry up I’m trying then
just don’t use scissors yeah if I had a sword I opened it up to reveal what’s
inside another bag ah what is this remote control flying shark you did one
of these leave a comment below if you want to see us make a video using this
guy’s because this is really cool you can fly this thing around your house
with a remote control I’m gonna go online and real quick and
just see how much this cost but that is the air flying shark fish swimmer $19.99
alright we’re already winning here we go oh whoa lots of stuff finger twister
let’s set a plane with your body you play with your fingers I’m gonna spin
this and it says ring finger green so I go like that cool let me spin again and
then the other person does middle finger red it’s a good thing eventually you get
all tangled up like this and then whoever falls Baloo’s is USB massage fan
with switch ah it’s so hot in here look what I got my phone fan what is
this it’s like a little basketball game and I got a truck that’s right okay
let’s see if you can do it Wow yuri-chan mini handheld sport basketball
shooting game five dollars and 35 cents what do we have here might be for you oh so like how you do it with your hands
and they go this way black black white shiny one blue one looks like a phone
case too bad mine’s broken oh if you guys know what
we’re talking about leave a comment down below that means probably saw one of our
last videos where Vy broke her iphone pretty oh it’s my color don’t read so
this phone case oh it’s a red thermal sensor magic phone case check this out
three two one – awesome just a telescope whoa you can see super far away can you
see my eyeball no no you could look at like your neighbors but don’t do that
they might get mad at you if you’re spying on your neighbors with this oh
this is for your phone so here’s that painting on that phone here and I get it
in just the right place what kind of zoomed in is Wow evie our goggles are
you ready for some for tool reality oh this is cool you’re gonna love this Oh much cuter yeah you slip your phone
right into these and you pretty much got virtual reality with your phone
well thanks CN direct for sending all those I’m putting links to all these
items down below check them out guys if you want to check any of these out
alright let’s dig into this twenty thousand dollar box Vy I’m pretty
worried actually but before we get into this let’s check out the mail you did
just house-sat me I got a bunch of fan mail from you guys Malmo Sweden whoa
yeah look what they sent me put their name on it thank you whoever sent this
to me from Malmo Sweden Knox from Jax Florida yeah they sent me some of their
favorite items they sent me ten thousand dollars this is better than our mystery
box oh wow look at this airplane dinosaur eating a fuzzball Oh Black
Panther the Minecraft keychain thanks for the mystery box Knox and we
got a couple letters here North Adams Massachusetts dear champ I’ll play my
name is Adrian I’m in the third grade you are cool to me and I’m a big fan of
yours I like you because you use weapons and caught fruit well thanks Adrian I
like you too Noonan all the way from Georgia look at
that flippy knife CWC hi Chad you are my favorite youtuber and I think you are
really cool I love all of your videos Vy’s channel is also cool your fan
Dominic thanks Dominic and this is from Shilo Clearwater Florida
CW soon if you guys want to send us anything at all here is the address and
I’ll open some of your fan mail in one of the next videos the $20,000 miss I
probably shouldn’t throw this around so much huh okay
if diamond in there a dive into Diamond minecart minecraft okay air air bubbles
a ladder dear Chad congratulations on purchasing
the $20,000 eBay mystery box inside you will find many items some
will be worth pennies and others much much more okay good more valuable than
pennies take your time examine everything carefully and don’t throw
anything away or else you’ll be feeling blue air bubbles peanuts styrofoam oh
okay or something oh it’s like a magic 8-ball but it’s like a magnet thing give
it a spin like this and then you ask a question will we be ripped off will we
get $20,000 worth of items in this box maybe it’s that’s it okay I guess we’ll
just open these eggs up hey first itch it’s a little Hulk hey they know I like
Marvel characters but this sure ain’t worth $20,000
what else we got in here guitar picks so they know they have done their research
I do play guitar spider I have a huge spider-man comic book collection what
else we got here okay this is more like it
well don’t get too excited because we paid $20,000
there better be like 200 of these right yeah take that moist towelette they must
know that I have dirty hands I gotta wash my hands this smells like exploding
already okay it’s just it’s a french fry squishy
then if this does not love to be $20,000 I’m gonna be like yeah a candle superglue a car charger USB so you plug
your phone into your car I actually do need one of these a band-aid even though
the only thing I’ve ever cut myself is when we made candy weapons okay this
one’s really heavy oh hey bunch of pennies the note did say
that there was gonna be some pennies hope that’s a joke it’s this one a
quarter okay it’s a button okay I’m wrong okay so they don’t we make videos
oh we’re getting down low V come on big money big money big money little candy bones emergencies ha ha ha
so you mix this with water if you’re feeling sick I think I’m getting sick of
these eggs not holding anything of high value Vy a $2 bill I was hoping to be a
$20,000 bill if there were such a thing okay here’s a flashlight Oh remember
this it said or else you’ll be feeling blue is that a clue the final egg here V
now this one’s a golden egg so this one’s got gotta have something of value
idea yes it feels pretty empty did we just get
ripped off mr. magic magnet thing did we just get ripped off let’s see what it
says it says maybe looks like a note I hope this note sheds some light on
this situation Oh light is all caps let’s what if we shine this light on it
do you see that you can see like writing let’s turn the lights off and maybe then
you can see it you know what is worth more than a Bitcoin what penny
but not just any penny that’s it the thought set so something to do with
these pennies over here yes the black way it doesn’t do anything on the penny
so string lights back on okay so these are like really old pennies like a look
at this one look at the back of this see that yeah it’s like an old wheat penny
oh look at this one this penny is like a silver penny of 1943 maybe there’s worth
money V let’s take a look okay so this was during World War two and they needed
to save copper so they didn’t make pays out of copper in 1943 these are made out
of Steel let’s keep looking at the other pennies here IV check this one out so
this is a penny with an Indian Head on it according to this website I’m looking
at worth 2250 top of this don’t lose that 19:09 s vbd wheat penny worth 2417 up in
time how could a penny be worth that much protective pouch for that one super
old 1877 worth $3,200 fun opening this mystery box now beer like this one 1914
D weed penny worth 4268 dollar I guess so you never know what kind of penny
you’ll find 1873 another Indian head one worth 10,000 how could a penny be worth
that much money put that in here please I feel like these should be kept in a
safe or something yeah not in a little pouch well be let’s go to the coin shop
and Havey what have you ever done heads or tails of the $10,000 penny no it’s
gotta be back here somewhere well V&R not gonna move the fridge out
and try to find that petty please give us a thumbs up for a good luck and funny well hey shout out to all the
notification ninjas down at the bottom we’re showing your comments down here
thanks for getting here during the first hour because you have the bell symbol
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some awesome merch next video we will hopefully have that penny back kick bump
from the floor

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