100 thoughts on “2 Chainz – 4 AM ft. Travis Scott

  1. This shit fire, 2 chainz killing the verse than trav comes in and hits you with that vibe on the chorus and that shit hit every time like it’s the first time you’re listening

  2. You know the world has gone mad when women's tits and ass could be openly displayed but product branding printed on a shirt is censored.

  3. Ok you popped on by surprise ok but i see I never took for the poppin type!!! it’s cool that they’re making the a documentary about Travis Scott on Netflix it’s like I’ll get to see how he created astroworld and shit like it’s going to be fucking awesome!!!!

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  7. "If it weren't for the struggle I wouldn't be me" So true. I may not have had it the hardest but I learned from mine and my families hardship

  8. And some how this is not age restricted but afraid from NBHD wtf I mean I like 2 Chainz and Travis but I'm talking YouTube rules here

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