$20 IN NYC vs $20 IN TORONTO

but it was David Haye so when it’s damaged oh and we’re doing the whole $20 20 euro 20 versus toilet we’re doing 20 20 today except this time we’re both in New York City and we have our girls reppin their City what up guys Becky here in Toronto and today we’re teaming up the demon jump and doing that $20 challenge now we did this whole thing before let’s flash the cliff can I do have hot coffee let me do one of yous how much is it – 15 okay I could do that coffee in a bag New York is one of those places where you can do a lot of free things it’s obvious like Times Square is free so I’m sure price free looks a lot of museums are free but we’re trying to show you with that extra money what can you do what can you eat and what can you most of will eat things that aren’t so obvious and we got some big ones y’all cutting into my budget we can’t even afford that today I don’t want this I want this but I don’t want that I don’t actually I want my eggs with – jeez yeah I like the way this one looks all right let’s go hey how much is an egg and cheese okay that’s fine 27 Swiss cheese on whole-wheat who I’m gonna be with pepperjack please it’s one no we asked for two two sandwiches for the price of one hey $6 no taxes included I like that oh and there goes Columbus cafe saw in there two eggs three fish they’re trying to have you pay more for less jeans thank you so basically in Toronto you call it teaching seeing like when you’re transiting or taking us away or any of the public transit usually the tokens are 325 but if you buy them in bulk they’re a bit cheaper so we ended up getting four for the day that means some three dollars each st. Patrick st. Patrick’s Day [Music] everything in here cost $2 that is like what I’ve eaten every day for two so Karen where they have an all-day breakfast that’s only five dollars it’s amazing okay yes $3.00 breakfast sandwiches those sound good oh my god that sounds good water is free but it’s a bonus one flavor that’s amazing and I got fruit was my okay you saw me up to the amazing meal together with tax and tips that you feel like 1114 so we each spent about five dollars and fifty cents so far not bad at all bodegas are where the New York Dean and I get a regular coffee with three sugars that’s what you’re saying this is an apple they good cop this is not bodega coffee this is coffee from an espresso bar as a hair in mine Oh getting it to get for trespassing priceless I’m just kidding gotta go now we’re on our way to the Canadian opera company so a couple days a week a couple times a year they’ve free like a little playing concerts for 12 till 2 their activity and it’s $0 obviously I’m sure I don’t even have to tell you guys this but if you come to Toronto you have to see the CN Tower the salon are we feeding off our company for this free little showing we’re walking up Queen Street which is a really popular shopping district we’re here we’re not allowed to film the show but that’s fine it’s kind of the vibes piano down there and it’s very full of people standing room only well it’s a really cool I’ve never done this I feel like a tourist in my own City it’s kind of cool so that was a Russian vocal series which is so good but also I don’t speak brush and I know David enjoy you guys speak lots of your languages but I don’t think that you speak Russian 10:44 it’s Roman and seven Buster’s goes all the way down Broadway so you’re gonna pass a lot of things in like this if I call the circle then you got some trash yourself your lips get a break from the stairs you see I see I see [Music] three the next four Street a minute movies favorite crying because this cover is so freakin cute a pet street [Music] lemongrass tofu spicy a little bit funky colored Canadian money I only got bread in that but we’re taking a little yoga class yoga to the people is one of those amazing yoga classes that you could pay donations the donations to pay a certain amount oh honey which I don’t want to be known as that guy who didn’t pay a lot something because on a budget we’re donating $4 each the website says a suggested donation 10 next time we’ll do one more team will do 50 the team will one-up our thing just know that it’s donation only [Music] every time they do the hit pose it’s just like I’m not stepping to like the birth anything so that’s like for the og yoke you know what she was like crisp [Music] back then kick it through your legs then all right we are in Kensington Market right now which is this really cool like an eclectic really interesting neighborhood that has tons she needs a seat somewhere to go the classic the iconic two bros or how people get by in college here baby [Music] thank you thank you I think I would eat this four times with me in college another tip is to check if you’re a city or wherever you are has like a like a website that tells you events that’s going on we have something in Toronto here called blog tio but it will tell you what’s going on that’s free that you can go check out and we’re gonna check out an art exhibit is on tonight that was listed as free we are kind of our interesting much more than we expected it’s time for us to reveal one of our best-kept secrets of New York City you gotta get tipsy for three dollars plus tax the tip tell us your thoughts on spending twenty dollars a day in New York there’s no way you can’t do it have you ever been to the Continental oh no I have not I lived six shots or twelve dollars do you know cheap things to eat around here cheap things to do work the other face over there then they have happy hour till 10:00 three dollars the most she knows that’s what we were going please say the Continental you know where I’ll be every Monday to Thursday from 12 to 10 p.m. and Friday to Saturday 12:00 to 8:00 you know it’s our subscribers when they know where the cheap spots even hesitate he had like three good spots right he’s like dollar pizza 654 total that’s 327 each let’s give a $2.00 tip this is like five dollars each ending our little eternal venture with happy hours cheap drinks [Applause] okay okay how’s the margarita kickin it it’s a good I love how we just closed to check out a total of six dollars all right not about and our day in total we spent 18 nose and seven cents to speech I don’t know how we pulled that off challenges on demand Joe just saying I know I’m gonna be impressed if it’s lost them all we’ve been you know our tab is only up to this much right now but that’s not including the Metro that we have to go home to 75 total now how do I do a column below who did it fast New York City for $20 of Toronto for $20 no we can subscribe to our channel in here Damon and Jo also go over to this our girl Shannon subscribe then I’ll do social media is down below and don’t forget to check out the video we filmed on their channel as well that’s also in the description box you have a super fun collab with the image on our channel where we tell you some DIY is for traveling and travel hacks I’m okay with the day like today I really had while we did another combo of New York City even though we do more in New York it was probably another New York State really for the next 20 was 20 they do this by having it okay with that I’m okay with that okay okay hi guys wait you should be like what up is Kelsey and Becky and weird Kelsey Becky you’re welcome honey Oh Yugi also you know I’ve had a good month when the only thing that could pull my flowers in is a champagne [Music]

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