2017 Servco School Supply & Backpack Drive

2017 Servco School Supply & Backpack Drive

It’s back to school and Servco Pacific’s
Team Serve is back in action for it’s ninth annual School Supply Drive at
Waianae Elementary. This is our second full week of school and having
Servco come in to bring school supplies for our first graders is just fabulous
and having supporters such as Servco allows our students to get the school
supplies that they need so that they can access a quality education.
It’s a warm feeling on the inside to be able to give back to these kids. We know in the future
these kids are going to be the next up-and-coming generation, so we want to
give them the best that we have. We want to give them every supply they could
possibly need to be successful. Servco set a goal and conducted an
internal drive, where employees donated thousands of items from composition
books to watercolors. We loaded up the backpacks one Saturday and we got a lot
of people together. Just come on down, stuff a backpack. We got that set and
then the following week, we’re distributing out to all the schools.
Employees voted on which Oahu schools would receive the 200 backpacks and this year
the lucky ones where Aiea, Waimanalo, and Waianae Elementary. Initially, we started
with each dealership selecting a school in their community and we started
with that. We evolved to the point that we wanted to share with everyone so we went with basically demographics of income and seeing if that would share it to
more schools in our community. A lot of our families, you know, every paycheck,
every dollar, every cent really matters to them and being able to have
supporters that can give financially, but also their time to come
here and let these keiki know that they’re important and that
education matters, it’s priceless. But perhaps even more
priceless was the excitement on these kids faces when they were presented with
their styling backpacks full of shiny new supplies. The kids are not asking for
laptops, they’re not asking for iPads. Their faces were filled with joy because
they got binders, pencils, erasers, markers, watercolors, and you know those are
things that they value and they’re appreciative of because they know that
it’s important to getting a quality education
here at school.

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  1. your videos are not working on your webiste. However, keep up the good works as the community depends upon your generousity.

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