2018 Osprey Exos 58

2018 Osprey Exos 58

Remi are you in shot? Are you in
frame? oh yeah solid Oh what’s going on guys and gals I
wanted to go over my new pack that I picked up for the 2018 season I’m going
to be going with the 2018 version of the Osprey EXO’s the 58 liter when would
this pack primarily for the suspension system when I started looking to get in
a lighter weight pack I wanted something that had a frame suspension if possible
and checking out these new Osprey suspensions they are insanely
comfortable so I’ll give you a close-up on this thing here so this is what
Ospreys got it’s called their air Spri airspeed
suspension it’s pretty similar to the older XS models I guess I’m the the 2018
it’s a little bit of a different mesh but basically it’s a suspended mesh and
on the sides here right here you can see the aluminum frame but the mesh is
separate from the pack like you’ve got and I can fit the width of my hand in
there so when you’re wearing this up against your back you just feel this
nice comfortable mesh you don’t actually feel the pack pushing against your back
moving up into the shoulder straps I was actually pretty surprised like pretty
impressed on how thick and like I thought on a lightweight ultralight pack
the padding would be really thin like obviously the straps are smaller but
yeah just insanely comfortable coming down to the hip belt it’s got enough
padding no hip belt pockets which I’m okay with
I mean obviously if you’re going for a pack like this you’re not looking to
haul like you know 50 to 60 pounds like the maximum load range in this pack
Osprey says there’s no more than 40 pounds I mean I don’t plan on carrying
anything more then about 30 to 35 tops in this thing
with a setup that I’ve got so yeah I keeping that in mind that’s why I’m over
this pack I just over the years my gear is all gotten lighter and I guess I’m at
the point now that I don’t need I don’t necessarily need the load hauling
capabilities to carry say 40 to 50 pounds on every trip I just I don’t need
that so go in this road here obviously my pack is lighter which means less
excess weight that I’m carrying for no reason so it’s a top loading pack like
most you’ve got two buckles on either side for the front lid comes back on the
lid glove friendly zipper pull fairly sizable lid on the underside you’ve got
this nice mesh pocket with a zipper key clip inside super handy the lid does
detach on either side right next to your shoulder straps you’ve got two buckles
the lid completely comes off we’ll get into that later so coming down on the
sides of the pack you’ve got compression straps running on
either side which is pretty standard for most packs on this side I’ve got to
configure so that the compression straps are running over top of these side
pockets and then the side pockets here to from your back you’ve got access you
can literally like when you’re on trail you could reach in through the side like
this to grab your water bottle or whatever but if you don’t like it so
that the straps are running over top of the pocket you can flip it like I’ve got
on this side and I rerouted this strap underneath the pocket so that way your
pocket is completely unobstructed you’re strapping compression
runs underneath it so you can do it either way on the front of the pack
you’ve got some daisy chain three sections here on either side you’ve got
a couple daisy chains on the lid as well then you’ve got this front pocket just
clip here got some stretchy mesh pretty good size
pocket on the front just hold a lot of stuff oh I guess going back to the
suspension system I did forget to mention to this is hydration compatible
you’ve got the hole here there is a sleeve inside for a water bladder I’ll
show you that to you so that access the mean portion of the pack you’ve got your
cord lock with this little toggle on it I like this system you literally just
pull the toggle opens up nice and easy so like I was saying where the lid comes
off on this pack built into it I think this is kind of cool and I know Osprey
does this on a bunch of their packs they’ve got this flap of material that’s
got two buckles on it and they call this their flap jacket so any width that is
if say I didn’t need my lid or for whatever reason close it up you pull
this piece of material over the top and I mean this like I don’t I don’t believe
that this is waterproof in any way but it just comes down over the top covers
the top your pack it’ll stop you from getting debris stuff like that in I mean
I guess I know I’m assuming in a light rain it would probably work but I don’t
think this is waterproof definitely recommend either a pack liner or a a
pack cover with this one but and then yeah the the inside of the pack
when you open it up just threw my quilt in there just to kind of make it full but the inside is literally right to the
bottom just one giant pocket you’ve got this red compression strap over the top
so you can use that to kind of cinch your gear down hold it down like I
mentioned before you do have this sleeve on the inside that runs down the back
panel with a little clip to hold your hydration bladder upright so it does not
sag and then right by that clip there’s the other side of that port for your
hydration sleeve your hydration tube other features I guess on this pack like
this is cool to me I’ve never used a pack that’s got something like this
before I’ve seen it on a couple different Osprey packs but they’ve got
this thing called the stolen the go trekking pole so when you’re wearing the
pack it’s on your left hand side on your left hand shoulder strap you’ve got this
little so the plasticy shock cord bit here and then following down onto the
left side of the pack you end up with this other elastic e plastic covered
shock cord so the idea behind that is when you’re wearing your pack you slide
your trekking poles down through here and the handles come up into this
section and you just sort of lock it into there so you can put your trekking
poles and they kind of sit right along your side here kind of out of the way so
you don’t have to like take your pack off fiddle with them kind of a cool idea
really doesn’t add a whole lot of weight to the pack yeah that’s
that’s the most of it I mean I guess you’ve got these little sleeping pad
straps on the bottom here I actually had no clue what these straps are even for
they are when you first got the pack they were like tucked inside of this
like me pouch here so I just kind of saw these little buckles poking up but yeah
I’m assuming these are what you could use for like strapping a bed roll or
whatever to the back of it you’ve got another one of these little kind of
shock cord tensioners on the backside and like a little gear loop here I’m
assuming you could use that for if you want to put your trekking poles on the
back cord ice axe or whatever that’s what you’ve got there and other than
that that is pretty much it it’s uh pretty bare-bones
in terms of features and pockets which I like I’m a big fan of just kind of one
main big pocket maybe a couple pockets on the outside I really like the idea of
this stretchy pocket on the outside gives me a way that I can separate
certain types of gear that I’m gonna want to keep sort of off on their own
like my tarp is gonna go in here rain gear my gaiters basically anything that
I’m gonna need to grab really quickly it’ll just be really nice and that’s the
kind of stuff to like that’s gear that’s most likely gonna be like wet and damp
and I’ll have a pack liner inside so keep the wet stuff on the outside I
don’t care about it so yeah that’s the idea behind that yeah that is my I guess
initial impressions first looks at the Osprey EXO’s 58 I’ll definitely get I
got a I’ll get a full review on this thing once again some time to get it out
on the trail I just picked it up I haven’t found a whole lot of information
on this pack so I kind of figured maybe you just a quick overview this thing you
know let you guys see it check it out actually
let me know guys like you thanks for watching

10 thoughts on “2018 Osprey Exos 58

  1. Nice review, I have an Exos 48 and like it a lot but I need more space for a remote 320 mile thru-hike where I will need to carry all my food. So I think the extra 10 litres will be great along with a front kangaroo pouch and two extra hip pouches which I have already bought and use with my 48.

  2. What a gorgeous backpack. Now I've got major pack envy! Looking forward to seeing how it holds up over the summer and how you're feeling after all the adventures you've got planned. Solid review man!

  3. I have this pack and have put about 70 miles on it, so far. I love it. The stow clips for trekking poles work better than I would have ever believed. Sometimes I wish It has more pockets, but it is extremely light and incredibly comfortable.

  4. is it possible to fasten the detachable brain (top flap) of the pack between the shoulder straps and use it to store misc. gear/snacks? how big is it?

  5. Dude…. I love mine! Hiked across Pennsylvania on the AT with it. There was SO much space and you are right, the mesh was super comfy on my back.

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