2019 Philmont Gear Series: Shakedown #2 – 16.72 lbs – Going Lightweight

2019 Philmont Gear Series: Shakedown #2 – 16.72 lbs – Going Lightweight

well hey everybody thanks for joining me
today Andy here and on today’s episode we’re going to take a few minutes and
give you an update on my Philmont gear loadout. I’ve had a chance to take some
feedback make some adjustments do a little bit more research and try and
dial down my setup to be comfortable and efficient and cover all the bases of
what I’m going to be on our 2019 trip out to Philmont in July so I’m going to walk
you through… first, I printed out my list, so this is my loadout it’s got
everything down to the ounce of everything that I plan on bringing. I’ll go ahead and post that link down below so that you can go see even as we go through the video you’ll see
a visual (list) of everything laid out. then you can go refer to this list and
see just exactly what my pack setup is going to look like my sleep system, my shelter
and my hygiene first aid, all that stuff. I’ll have that listed in here. I find that that helps. if you haven’t done that, consider
doing that. this is at www.lighterpack.com which is a great website it’s free to
use but I encourage everybody to go take a look at that and it’s pretty user
friendly. I’ve used gear grams which is another website before but Lighterpack.com is just a little bit more convenient. and it’s still extremely helpful so
here’s what that looks like and you can see that it’s going to give you at the
top, a basic rundown of different categories that you can assign and what
the weights of those different categories added up are and then it’s
going to give you section by section each item description & weight Pack, Sleep System, Shelter, my packed clothing, miscellaneous items, electronics, water… Hygiene, my cook system,
the items I’ll be wearing on my person, and I’ve got a section now for food or
snacks which I haven’t yet decided what that’s gonna look like. I’ve also got a
section of things that I’m still deciding on. items that may be taken.
things that I may bring, I may not… so for example coffee is a part of
that, do I need to bring my own stove? do I need to bring my own canister? a bic lighter, a sponge, that sort of thing and coffee? or is that something the adults are gonna
coordinate, but this will be my setup that I will plan on taking on our second
shakedown (hike) Trip so we’ve done our first (hike), I had that list at
the end of that that first shakedown hike I’ll link that
at the top and you can go take a look at what my gear looked like and so that you
can compare just what’s been adjusted from that first trip, coming back and doing an evaluation And then here a month or so later after doing a little bit more research and dialing that in a little better… this will be my list then, of what we take on Shakedown #2… these are my big three so we’ll start on
the left there that’s the granite gear crown x60, a 60
liter pack it has a few modifications on it, not much, but I’ve got an ultralight
bag there from Justin UL and a utility bag there too on the front. so one will
be for my smartwater bottle and then for a cell phone or pocket knife, or
chapstick, sunglasses, things like that can go in that front pack too. so that
along with… I’ve got a rain cover from Dutch wear and I also have a pack liner
from LiteSmith it’s nyloflume. it comes in at .9 ounces so I’m
okay bringing both just provide a little bit of redundancy so we can pack some of
the items on the inside and keep them waterproof but also keep the pack from
getting wet too and just absorbing some water potentially with that with the
pack cover so then I move on to my sleep system which I’ve got my enlightened
equipment quilt it’s a 20 degree enigma that comes in at about 23.2 ounces and I’ve got my thermarest X-therm which I’ll take without
the stuff sack which comes out to about 18.66 ounces and then I have
my shelter which is the Big Agnes Fly Creek HV UL2 which comes in at about
37 ounces and I’ve got a ground sheet which is just a polycryo
5×7 sheet that comes in at about 2 ounces. so… 2.88 pounds for the pack 2.62 pounds for the sleep system and 2.44 pounds for the shelter and those make up my big three. so next
will be my packed clothing that I will bring in addition to what I’ll be
wearing so I’ve got my Marmot precip jacket and pants there on the left
I have my mount Hardware Ghost Whisperer jacket with I just have some wool glove
liners and a Smartwool beanie and then I will have my ice breakers which are my
thermals they’re just a 200 weight wool top and bottom I will have an extra pair
of underwear and a couple of darn tough socks so I’ll have one to sleep in and
one as a backup for hiking but I can interchange them as need be so and then
we will also have a crew shirt this is just an example of one a short sleeve
synthetic that should be fairly lightweight we’re kind of targeting
somewhere in the 5 to 8 ounces range so that will be my packed items. if you look
at the weight for all of those that comes in at right at 3.6 pounds so I’ve
been able to eliminate a few items to to get that down to that
to that point. now this is some of my miscellaneous categories some my
electronics and other gear so I have the Helinox chair zero that I will be
bringing right at 17.25 oz I will have a mini tripod that
I’ll bring for filming that’s just 6.5 ounces. I will
have my anker solar that I’ve decided to bring it’s right at 14 ounces for 21
watts of power generation so that has been a very efficient one for me and the
anchor 10,000 milliamp with quick charge that I’ll bring for my phone and then
also the new black diamond spotlite 160 which comes in right around 2 ounces and
then some spare batteries also. in that utility pack 2 I will have
on the left is really my utility kit which will have some extra cordage and
it will have repair kits things like that so I will probably bring a smaller
bag than what’s in it right now but that’s my utility kit repair
kit and then on the right will typically be a little bit larger that’ll be my
first aid kit and my hygiene so all the items will fit
into that bag. so this is my basic hygiene first-aid kit then I’ll be
taking with me so I’ll have a pocketknife I’ll have some gold bond
I’ll have some sunscreen toothbrush toothpaste some body glide some hand
sanitizer of some adventure cream I will have some Eucrisa if you haven’t
seen what that is look it up that’s great, a little pocket towel and a little
chapstick. I’ll have a little bit of leuco tape and then I’ll have a couple
medical things like imodium or tums I’ll probably have some advil that I’ll add
to this and then I’ve got just a few band-aids and a gauze pad so that’s
basically what I’m gonna have in my hygiene slash first-aid kit. now also
with these items I’m going to repack them so that the containers that I bring
are going to be smaller you know I don’t need this much goldd on body powder I
won’t need this much body Glide I won’t need this much toothpaste I
don’t need such a large bottle if I’m only you know this is half full I may
take about that much in the Purell but I’ve got a smaller bottle that I can I
can repack that down to save some weight okay so then I’ve also got my
water kit that I’ll bring. I’ll bring a liter smartwater bottle bring a CNOC
bag that’s a 2L bag and I’ll bring my Sawyer squeeze what’s not
pictured in here I will also have a 20 ounce gatorade bottle that’ll be my
my smellable bottle for all the drink mixes and things like that so and then
right next to it is my cook kit which will just be a bowl and a titanium cup
and lid and then depending on discussions with the other leaders I may
also have a stove and a container of fuel that’ll go in there with a bic lighter
and a little sponge for making coffee in the morning. we haven’t quite
coordinated if we’re gonna do that as a group or whether we’re doing that on our
own or how many people want to bring coffee or something like that
so we’ll definitely bring the bowl the cup and the spoon which are in there but
I may also bring up a stove and canister so I’ve got that and then… I’ve got…
moving down I’ll have a couple storage bags so one will be for a food bag at
night everything will go in there you know with my hygiene bag anything
smellable will go into that bag I’ll have some some extra Ziploc bags that
I’ll bring to and I’ll have a dry bag too for some of my clothing items
anything that I don’t want to get wet so sleeping gear insulated gear things like
that it might not be these exact two dry bags and there’s a few others that I’m
considering bringing but basic setup won’t change and then I’ve got the items
that I’ll be carrying or wearing I’ll have my Black Diamond carbon cork
trekking poles I’ll have some sunglasses that’s my Outdoor
Research hat I’ll have a buff that I’ll be bringing
I’ll have as my Columbia titanium feather light shirt comes in under four
ounces I’ll have some underwear and some darn tough socks and then I
this is what I’ll be wearing on the next shakedown this is just a Columbia Silver
Ridge stretch convertible pants so that will be my shorts for hiking and that
will also be my long pants for the different activities or just for warmth
in the evening so I’ll have that as my items that I’ll be wearing so here’s my
pack all loaded up I left the clothes aside that I’ll be
wearing so those are not included. so let’s go ahead and weigh this and see… The moment of truth… 16.72 pounds. that’s my base weight
for the upcoming shakedown #2 that’s my weight for this time 16.72
pounds. that’s down from my last shakedown hike which was at
22.5 pounds so there’s been quite a bit of weight savings so
again go check out that other video if you want to see what the full list was
at that point of time and compare that to now just to see where I shaved off
some ounces and some pounds. So those are my items. leave your comments down
below. have I missed anything? do you have any other suggestions for me? the
feedback has been great and I encourage that. please leave a like if this has
been helpful to you. share this and subscribe I’m going to be continuing to
dial in this list and continue to put out more content so if you feel that
it’s been useful if you’ve liked it go ahead and subscribe and click that
little bell because as we all know subscriptions might not mean a whole lot
unless you have that alert set thanks for joining me again today. we
will see you next time, be well

4 thoughts on “2019 Philmont Gear Series: Shakedown #2 – 16.72 lbs – Going Lightweight

  1. Awesome improvements from your last video, you can check out my video for Philmont on my channel. As for coffee Philmont will give you Nescafe sleeves but I'd recommend bring Starbuck sleeves much better coffee. I'd definitely get with the other leaders to share the weight of a coffee stove, my troop uses jetboils for cooking so I just used one of those for coffee. As for snacks Philmont meals are so big that there is always something that you don't eat that you can snack on, my opinion. If you look at my video, check out my electronics you might see a weight savings ideas there. I plan on doing an up date video soon too.

  2. Great video! Headed to Philmont in August. You and I have a very similar load out, but I was curious about what you are taking for sleeping clothes?

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