24 Hours Handcuffed to my BEST FRIEND! (Mystery Note Found in Backpack) | Rebecca Zamolo

24 Hours Handcuffed to my BEST FRIEND! (Mystery Note Found in Backpack) | Rebecca Zamolo

– [Matt] What’s going on?? Daniel, Daniel! Do you see the key? – [Rebecca] It should be in there! Matt, What are we gonna do? I’m handcuffed to her! And maybe it’s in here! – [Daniel] Like, makeup and stuff. I don’t know- No, no, no!
Just look! The keys might be in here? – [Rebecca] Yeah, just check. It’s in here, it’s in here. Are we going to do
like, 24 hour challenge? – [Rebecca] No. You know, like, as best friends? – [Matt] You’re not best friends! We just met, but no, ugh. Daniel! I’ll just keep looking here
Just go through it. It’s in here. If it’s not over there,
it’s definitely in here. – [Matt] You’re just
making the biggest mess! Okay, well. We need to find the key, Matt. We’re handcuffed right now. Hey Zam fam! As you guys saw, we got
handcuffed together. Me, and my neighbor, Alice. Her best friend. We just met. But anyways, we’re handcuffed, and now it looks like
we’re gonna be doing, a 24 hour challenge in handcuffs. With my best friend. – [Matt] Daniel, did you find anything? – [Daniel] Still nothing, still nothing. The key, I think they key’s in there. It’s in one of those drawers. I know it’s not there, obviously. Everything is out. Today turned into a different
type of challenge, obviously. I’m excited. – [Matt] How did you guys
get the handcuffs on? Yeah, how did we? All I know is, I was there, and then you put it on, and then- But no one told me what it was for, and I got it on my arm, and it looked like it worked, so I thought I’d put it on your arm. – [Rebecca] Is that a tattoo? Uh, yeah. Do you like it? So what I’m gonna do is ask you, and the Zamfam, what we should do today, because until Daniel finds the key, we’re gonna be in these so
we need some activities. So let me grab my phone. I’m gonna go on my Instagram, and I’m going to put out a video. – [Matt] Rebecca, really? Yeah, I’m gonna ask
them what we should do. We need ideas, Matt. I mean, if I’m gonna be
handcuffed for 24 hours. Okay, so I’m gonna go do a story with you, and we’re gonna get people
in the Zamfam to decide, what we’re doing, okay? I don’t know if that’s a good idea. Why? I, um, I think they might get mad, I haven’t really been
approved for Instagram yet. Don’t worry, we’ll put an
emoji over your face, okay? So I won’t be visible? Nope, not at all. I’ll make sure. Okay? I think that’s okay. Okay. Hey Zamfam! Right now we are doing
a challenge handcuffed. I’m doing it with someone right here. You won’t be able to see their face, but I need you guys to vote and decide, what we are going to be
doing for the next 24 hours. So go and vote. Okay. So I just put a ton of polls
out on my Instagram stories. Hopefully you guys are
following me on Instagram, at Rebecca Zamolo, and we’re going to see, what you guys decide for us to do today. This is gonna be a challenge. Hey, look what I found!
– [Matt] Oh, headphones. Noise canceling headphones.
– [Matt] Ohhhh! Have you ever played this? – [Matt] This is fun, look. Okay, look. So I’m gonna put this, over here. Okay, so before I hit play, we’re gonna discuss what
phrase we’re gonna say, and then once I put the music back on, you’re gonna have to try, and guess what we’re saying, okay? So hold on one second. I thought this was the
handcuffed challenge? Okay, ready? Here we go, and…. Play!
What? Oh my gosh, I love this song. Okay.
What? Hey!
Why are we doing this? I thought this was a 24 hour challenge? Don’t get mad, and act really happy- because she can’t hear us.
Ohhhhh. What we need to figure out
what’s going on right now. – [Rebecca] Ohhh! You’re right. You’re right. I’m really happy I’m still in this. We should be discussing something- Exactly! Okay, so. But don’t make her think
like we’re arguing. Okay. She purposely put handcuffs on you. What? No, no guys, no she- She really did. No. Yeah. Clearly not a mistake. Okay well what’s the plan? We need to figure out how
to get the key, right? Because I don’t want to be handcuffed. I know you can’t be handcuffed, because I don’t really trust her. Guys I think it’s fine with that, but I just want these handcuffs off. I don’t want to do a 24
hours handcuffed challenge, with my best friend. Okay, well Daniel we really
need to find the key. So whatever we do, we just got to find that key, okay? Okay, yeah. And stop. Can you hear us now? Okay, great. So you guys like, really
need to find that key. Otherwise, we’re gonna
be here a lot longer- Wait. than 24 hours. Uh, did you hear all the
stuff we were saying? Not exactly, but you guys say “key” a lot. Yup, we do need to find that key though. Right Daniel? So yeah, why don’t you get
back to finding the key, and I’m gonna figure out, on my Instagram stories, what the Zamfam wants us to do first, for this 24 hour challenge.
Sounds good. I’m gonna work as fast as I can. Yes, please. I put out a poll on
Instagram for you guys. The first thing I asked you guys, is if you wanted us to
cook as best friends, or order delivery, and you guys chose cook. We’re gonna try to cook, but okay, are you left
handed or right handed? Right. I’m left. So we’re gonna be using our bad hands. We’re gonna be like, conjoined twins. We’re gonna be like, one person. Yup, this is gonna be fun. I was thinking we make pancakes? I love pancakes. I do too. Okay, this is gonna good. Let’s go. Ladies, I’m gonna switch out of my outfit. Okay, you don’t want to be a rainbow? I guess we did the eating
rainbow foods for 24 hours, so. Exactly
Yeah. Okay, go quick though, we got to bake! I need to get heat- Pan’s down here, right? Yeah, yeah, exactly. We cooked earlier, Matt. The grilled cheese remember? – [Matt] Oh yeah.
Yeah. Like the frying pan. – [Matt] We are you guys making? We are going to make pancakes. We need the Bisquick. – [Matt] Don’t break the thing. Okay, we need you. Alice how tall are you. Only 5’2″. Oh, I guess I’m taller than you, because I’m- 5’4″. Yeah.
Well I say I’m 5’5″, but I guess, I’m yeah. I’m 5’4″. Matt we need your help. I’m the tallest one here, and I’m not that tall. – [Matt] Okay, here.
Perfect. Okay, so now all we need is an egg, and some milk. So I’ll grab the egg. I’ll grab the oil.
Wait, oh. I think it’s that one. Where’s our egg? – [Alice] I just need a little- Milk, eggs.
How many eggs? Found two eggs, that’s fine.
Perfect. We need a bowl to mix. Medium right? This is a much harder challenge. Yeah, okay.
Bisquick! We got this. It says, 2 cups. Two cups of that.
Milk. Okay I don’t know, are you guys right handed, or left handed? Comment below. I’m left handed. Yeah you can just guest-imate, it doesn’t really matter. It’s not exact. They’re gonna be delicious, and Matt, you are having some of these. – [Matt] Not any of those. I’m gonna just do some milk. Not sure how much there is, but, yeah. That’s pretty close to a cup. Yeah. I think if you guess, it’s fine. – [Matt] You guys are like
the same person right now. Okay, I think-
We got it. Okay, gonna put this back. Oh yeah, sorry about that. Forgot that we’re handcuffed for 24 hours, unless Daniel finds the key. So here… Oh! Oh no! Think you might have gotten
a little shell in there. – [Rebecca] I think so too. – [Alice] No! – [Rebecca] It’s fine, it’ll all mix in. It makes it crunchy. Yeah, it’ll be fine.
Okay, hold on. Let me try to do this. I haven’t done this right handed before. So this is my new strategy. If I-
Oh. We might of had a few shells in that. – [Alice] It’s fine, we’ll just stir. – [Rebecca] Yeah. Matt, high five! – [Matt] Yeah!
Ohhh! Whoa! Okay I think we’re
ready for some pancakes. I think we got most of it, all the clumps out. A little chunky. I think the chunks are
supposed to add the flavor, of the pancakes. – [Matt] That is not true. Whatever book you’ve been
reading, please don’t. Time to make the pancakes. So do you want to pour, or do you want to spray? I’ll do pouring. So we need normally like, we can just pour it from the container. I feel like that’s fine. I’m spraying, I’ve never
used this kind of spray. Ahh! It flamed, it flamed
Okay. So yeah, just pour it on, and we’re gonna eat
these delicious pancakes. There we go, yum. Why did you guys vote for us to cook, you know we should’ve just ordered food. Yup, there. – [Matt] We’ve reached the limit. We got to-
we got to work fast. Whoa, there’s a lot of chunks in that. Little crunchy.
Okay, yeah. It’s fine. Oh there we go, four. Or, or if we do one big pancake, we could like… – [Matt] No, no. I don’t think we have a choice, I can’t hold- – [Matt] No! You know like a large cookie, when you cut the cookie- Yeah.
So one for you, one for me. – [Matt] One for both of you. Two girls, three spatulas. Two girls, three spatulas. So before we flip we
flip this giant pancake, I want you guys to subscribe, have notifications on, give the video a thumbs up in, Five… four… Three… two…
One. Comment below, 24 hour challenge. Rebecca’s best friend is Alice! Comment below 24 hour challenge, Alice best friend. Yeah, comment that below
if you did it in that- – [Matt] You got to flip
it, you got to flip it. Oh no, okay. – [Matt] All at once, all at once. Okay, maybe we- Oh, okay. We flip it towards you, like that. Okay? We turn it that way.
Oh. Three…two…
One… Flip! – [Matt] Oh! We got it, we got it. That one’s Matt’s. We got it almost all, Matt. This one’s for you. We’re just hoping Daniel
finds the key soon. Or it’s another 24 hours of bonding time. – [Matt] Alice, you want
to take the backpack off? Because something’s like, kind of poking off the back here too. Oh no, it’s- Yeah it’s fine. It’s fine. Okay, I got plates for us to eat. The doll house has such good sweets. The doll house? Where’s the doll house? Oh it’s just this place that I was at. Yeah we’ve never, never been to a doll house before. Matt, do you want me to carry yours? Okay. – [Matt] Oh you got three hands? Here’s Matt’s. Blackjack’s happy about this challenge, I can’t believe the first thing we did, for this 24 hour challenge is eat food. Just hope I don’t get the eggshell. Oh yeah. There is a surprise in
one of these pancakes. Yup, who gets the surprise you guys. Who do you think? Matt you have to try your pancake. We haven’t made pancakes
with handcuffs before, so. Not bad.
What? Crunchy. Oh, no did you get the shell? You got the shell.
You got- No, no Matt! Don’t, don’t, don’t, Matt! No! It’s so good guys, thanks. For my next Instagram story’s poll, I asked you guys if we should get coffee. You guys know that I love
a 2 pump vanilla latte. With almond milk. Yup with almond milk, or if you wanted us to go shopping, and you guys voted that we go shopping. I love shopping. I know so we’re gonna go get
some cute things right now. Let’s do it.
Okay. Let’s go. Okay, so we’re here at William B. You guys voted that we go shopping. We’re gonna pick out some outfits, right? Some really cute outfits. We have to do something
where we may be matched. We picked the same thing. Have you found anything? There’s like so many
cute things here, right? I love everything, but I just feel like they’re
not right bright enough. Like there’s not enough, color. Yeah, I love color too. Okay, you’re right. Oh this is cute. Oh I like this. I like this too. Oh Matt, I don’t have my wallet, because I can’t- You have! Matt’s buying! – [Matt] Come on. Buy us twin dresses, which we can’t even try on, because we have handcuffs on. You guys voted for us
to do a lot more things besides shopping, so once we get this, we got to get it back,
and do the other things. This is so cool. Okay, so we got our matching dresses, and now you guys are deciding, if we are working out
on the roof, or inside. Ready?
Let’s do it. We got a cute outfit! Okay so we’re back from shopping, we have cute dresses that
we can’t actually put on, because we have handcuffs, you know? So I asked you guys in the Zamfam, if we should workout inside or outside, and you guys chose outside, so we’re gonna go up on the roof, to work out. Right now? Yeah, that’s what the Zamfam decided, the roof. Oh, um. Yeah I guess, I guess it should be okay, yeah. Great. So let’s go get a workout on. All right guys, I’ll be right there. Okay. Okay that was really weird. I think something about
the roof is really like, bothering her. I need to get the rest of that note, to see what’s on the bottom. I feel like there’s
something else on the bottom. Give us a thumbs up right now, if you think that she’s
hiding something about a roof. So here is the roof. This is the roof? It’s covering your roof too, because you’re right there, yeah. Well I don’t actually have the key. Oh. I can’t find it, so I haven’t been able to come out. Oh, well now you now the roof. Okay so Matt is gonna give us some moves, and we are going to attempt to do them. – [Matt] Okay jumping jacks. Jumping jacks? Okay. We got this. We just got to go straight up. Okay. – [Matt] Okay, push ups! Push ups?
Easy. Ready? Oh this is-
this is fine. We’re good. – [Matt] Do some sit ups. Sit ups?
Okay. We got this.
Okay. Alice your backpack, you can’t take it off? – [Matt] The backpack! Maybe you could take one arm off. Yeah we could always move it this way. – [Matt] Yeah, there we go. All the way up, all the way up. I feel like we’re not we’re not in sync. – [Matt] Nope, not in sync. Bicycles. Bicycle crunches?
Okay. This is hard. We’re good, we’re good. – [Matt] All right, challenge complete! Okay, so the next thing
that you guys voted on, is doing a TikTok. Have you done TikTok? No, they didn’t allow us to. What? – [Matt] Who’s they? You guys, we had you vote on Instagram stories, if you wanted it to be two best friends, doing TikTok, or us plus Matt, and you guys voted for Matt to do it too. So Matt, we’re gonna go do a TikTok. – [Matt] Blackjack! – [Matt] He really wants you backpack. He can’t. Their specifically for Peanut. Well let’s get down and
do some cringey TikToks. This is gonna be fun. Rebecca and Alice are
doing TikToks right now. They’re setting up and practicing. But I want to come in here, because you guys said, while we were eating only
rainbow foods for 24 hours, that she was doing something to Peanut. – [Matt] She was sort of
like messing with his shirt. Peanut, come here. Come here. It’s okay. There’s something- there is. I’m gonna take a photo of this right now, put it up on the screen, please let me know what this means. I have no idea! – [Matt] All right so the
photo of that is right up here. Comment down below what this means. It looks like it’s a code of some sort. Okay, so now you guys
wanted us to do a TikTok, and you guys voted for 3 of us. Which means Matt is involved, so, Matt come on down for a TikTok. Okay.
I’m back. You guys are gonna watch us
film this cringey TikTok. Obviously we don’t want to get copyrights, you’re gonna have to
go to my TikTok to see, the real thing. We’re gonna add different music, but enjoy. I don’t even know what I’m doing, but- Okay. We’re gonna go like this Matt, Dun na na na na na. And then we’re gonna go like this, Matt. Right, together, left, together. That’s the one. That is it! So if you guys want to see that, make sure to do to my TikTok, and watch the cringe. Yeah. I guess it’s-
Ahh! So for the next poll, I asked you guys if we
should go to the beach, yes or no, and you guys definitely
want us to go to the beach. Yeah! Obviously we can’t really change, we have to go in this, because we’re in handcuffs. So, yeah. I mean as long we don’t
get my backpack wet. Okay, yeah, no we won’t get it wet. We might have voted for the ocean, but the Zamfam might have
chosen something else. So, lets do it. Oh, um. So we are here now, at the beach, in handcuffs. Two best friends, at the beach, in handcuffs. Two best friends at the beach, in handcuffs, exactly. I asked you guys, if you guys wanted us to
post an Instagram story, or if you guys wanted us to go live. Everyone wants us to go live. I mean, not everyone but
the majority right now. Okay so I am going to get
on my live, right now. Oh.
This is awkward cause, wait maybe, uh. Let’s switch sides. Okay. Because I have my right hand. Okay, hopefully we get
connection here at the beach. Hey guys! I am on live right now, we are doing an Instagram
video as you guys can see, and you guys voted for us to go- to go live. Woody, do you want to say hi? Hi. Hi, okay. So I guess, it’s supposed to be both of us on live, but- I just don’t think I should, um, go live right now. Okay.
You look great. Okay, okay so I’m here, and Matt is filming right now. You guys I guess will
have to watch the video. One comes out tomorrow. Love you guys, and make sure you vote. And I guess you’ll have
to see who that is. Okay, bye! – [Matt] Are you okay? Yeah. – [Matt] What was that? I, um.
I’m really camera shy. But you’ve been on the
camera this whole time. I just-
it’s different. You know? It’s getting so late in the day, and you know, I, uh, I have things that I have to get done. Just feel like we should move along. Okay, okay. So for the next poll I asked you guys, if you wanted me to
post an Instagram photo, on my actual Instagram
feed of the two of us. They voted, yes. When is this gonna be posted? When this video comes out. Is that okay? Yeah, yeah that should be fine. That’s okay? Yeah.
Okay. So I think it’s time
for us to take a photo, and it’s gonna go on to my Instagram feed. Matt, can you take it for us? – [Matt] Yeah, for sure. Okay here we go. Okay. – [Matt] You guys should
get in a little close to it. It’s okay! – [Matt] Why don’t you guys switch sides. Three…two… Okay Zamfam, so I want you to go on my Instagram, and comment that you came from here. Check out all the pictures, and I guess just pick your favorite one. I think it’s time to announce, what they finally have us do at the beach. So, we asked you guys in the Zamfam, if you guys wanted us to play volleyball, with handcuffs, which would be very challenging, right? Or go into the water. What do you think the Zamfam chose? They obviously chose to play volleyball. Yeah, yeah. You would think that, but no. We’re going in the water. But, my backpack. Like, what about my backpack. I mean, we have to do it. It’s part of the challenge. It’s the handcuffed, 24 hour challenge, best friends, right? Can we do it without
getting my backpack wet? I mean- – [Matt] Can you take your backpack off? Yeah. – [Matt] You can keep it here with me. Um, I can’t. The handcuff. Okay, all right. Time to go in the water. So shoes are off, we’re gonna just go in. Are you ready? As ready as I’m gonna be. Three.. two.. run! – [Matt] Meet on the rooftop. Meeting on rooftop? I need that. – [Matt] Hey, hey, hey. Meeting on rooftop? Yeah and also Peanut has that note, like what is that? What? What do you mean Peanut has a note? I-
I don’t know what that means. What?
Why didn’t you tell me? I mean, you’ve been handcuffed. What do you mean? What is it? She’s been looking at
Peanut this whole time, so I went and looked underneath his shirt, and there’s a code underneath his shirt. A code? A code for what? I-
I don’t- I don’t know what exactly… What? Zamfam, you guys told us that
she kept looking at Peanut. Is that why, there’s a code? They didn’t tell me-
What- I don’t know what the code means, yet. I’m supposed to go to the meeting. You’re not supposed to know, you’re not supposed to be there. It’s on our roof? – [Matt] It’s on rooftop. It might be our rooftop. Okay, we have to go. We have to spy. You can’t be there though. Well, we’ll figure out a way. We’ll hide. When is it? They have to send me a message
to let me know what time, I just know it’s supposed to be later. Later, like what, like today? It could be,
I just- Whenever I get the
message I have to go up. We need to get back. Let’s make a plan, so that we can attend this meeting, okay? Let’s get back. Let’s get set up. There’s a meeting happening, come on. Daniel, we need the key. – [Matt] Daniel! Hey, Daniel. He’s not here. Where did he go? – [Matt] He was looking for the keys, did he put it anywhere? Where-
how do we not have the key. They just texted. Meeting is gonna be happening soon. Soon? Like, soon what? They just said, wait for a second text, but be ready. We need to get these handcuffs off. Okay, okay. Where’s the key . It’s, it’s metal. It’s like small, it’s round, we need to see it, it wasn’t in here. Wait. They gave me like, a key. – [Matt] They gave you a key? What? Like this? It’s not any of th- – [Matt] Wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait, wait. Wait.
That’s the key. They put it under my doormat, I found it this morning. I just didn’t know, I thought it was for the roof. This is it. I’m pretty sure, right Matt? – [Matt] Yup. Who gave this to you? They gave it to me. Okay Zamfam, let’s see if this works. – [Matt] Hold on, hold on. Hold on. Okay, what. If we agree to take you out
of these handcuffs right now, and it works, you have to let us come
to that secret meeting. It’s one or the other. We’re going to the meeting, no matter what. So we can either go on handcuffs, and they’re gonna know, or you let us spy on you. Okay, okay. Just get the handcuffs off. – [Matt] You agreed? Yes, yes. But you guys have to stay hidden, they can’t know you’re there. Okay Zamfam, so make sure you are subscribed, turn that notifications on. Shout out to you guys, that have worn the Zamfam merch, and tagged me on Instagram. Make sure to check out the
photos that we did on Instagram, and posted there. Thanks to all of you guys
that voted on the polls. Check out the video right here, where we only ate rainbow foods, for 24 hours, okay. Okay, are you ready? Okay. Three.. two.. one.. – [Matt] Oh it is the right key. It worked! – [Matt] Get yours off. Hold on, hold on, hold on. We have a meeting to attend.

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