25 top 5 Nintendo Switch Gifts 2019!

25 top 5 Nintendo Switch Gifts 2019!

(“Deck The Halls”) – The holiday season is in full swing. So everyone is in that stage of looking for the perfect gifts. So, to help you guys
out, we’re gonna go over some of the best products you can grab for the Nintendo Switch. We’re gonna talk about
five different categories and rank the five best
stuff to grab for each one, and everything we’re gonna
talk about in today’s video is linked down below in descriptions. If you wanna grab any of
that, just look down there, and it’ll be waitin’ for ya. (upbeat music) Let’s talk controllers. ‘Cause when you get a brand new Switch, or maybe you’re buying
one for someone as a gift, it does come with a pair of Joy-Cons that can be used attached to the system, or separately wirelessly,
and they get the job done. There are some games where I think they are actually a really good choice, but there are a lot of
alternative options out there that are a lot more popular,
especially for certain games. So let’s take a look at five of the best ones you can grab. First off, ranking in at number five is actually something a little different from the rest of the
controllers on this list, and that is a singular replacement for the left Joy-Con that comes from HORI, and the reason why this exists is one very specific
thing it looks to fix, the lack of a D-pad on
the regular Joy-Cons. So to fix that, HORI
released their own special D-pad-design Joy-Con, it runs cheaper than regular Joy-Cons do, and
it is a wired-only connection. You can’t use it wirelessly,
or anything like that, but for playing on the go
and actually having a D-pad on your Switch, this is
a very popular solution. Coming in at number four, let’s talk GameCube-style controllers. One of the most popular
games on the Switch, period, is “Super Smash Bros.” and something that game’s been
known to really popularize is the idea of always having access to a GameCube-style controller, which was made really famous by one of the earlier entries,
“Super Smash Melee,” and my personal favorite
comes from PowerA. The PowerA controller is, in my opinion, the closest to being a lot like the actual old school GameCube controller. It’s not a perfect one-to-one comparison. There are some slight differences. The D-pad is a little bit larger. The sticks and shoulder buttons
feel a little bit different, but as far as brand new options go, I think it is one of the best. Third is the official Nintendo
Switch Pro Controller. This is the only real official controller Nintendo has made for the Switch that is like a
traditional-style controller, that’s meant to be used on a
variety of different games. They have released a few other options that are meant to mimic
things like the NES or SNES, but as far as an actual controller
design for modern gaming, this is really the only option out there, and it is a really good one. Unlike the Joy-Cons, there
aren’t a ton of different color designs for the Pro Controller. It really just comes in
the same stock black, but they have also released
a number of different special edition designs
that you can track down and spend a little more
money on that look awesome. Second place, we have
another option from HORI, that is again, something
a little different from everything else on here, and that is the Split Pad Pro. Now, whereas the Switch Pro
Controller is a great option if you wanna use a traditional
controller wirelessly while your Switch is docked, the Split Pad Pro is instead an option that’s meant to address the issue of having really small Joy-Cons attached to the Switch main body. Normally, when you wanna use
the Switch in handheld mode, you have rely on using
the regular Joy-Cons, which for a lot of people, are just not actually very comfortable. They’re small, the sticks
and buttons are small. There’s really not any
kinda grip shaping to it. It’s just, causes a lotta
hand cramping in the long run. So, an answer to that
is HORI’s Split Pad Pro, which turns the system
into a much larger design, but also one that is
a lot more comfortable for people with larger, or honestly, even just normal-sized hands. Coming in at first place is
the SN30 Pro+ from 8BitDo, and as things stand, it’s
really the only pro controller option out there for the Switch right now. I mean, yes, Nintendo’s
controller is called the Pro Controller, but it
really is just a standard one. The SN30 Pro+ on the other
hand, offers special features that you don’t really get on
other controllers out there, like being able do things
like button remapping, adjusting rumble textures,
all that kinda fun stuff. It’s a more customizable controller that is also really comfortable, and staying very true to its roots, is also excellent for
more retro-style games. In fact, it has one of the best D-pads out of any controller
for Nintendo, period. (upbeat music) Now, of course the main
reason why you’re getting someone a Switch, or why
you already have a Switch in the first place, is that
you need to play games. So let’s talk about some of the best games you can grab someone as a
gift this holiday season. Now real quick, there are a few titles that are older that I think everyone kinda already knows about, “Zelda,” “Mario,” “Super Smash Bros.” All great games, but
let’s focus on some stuff that’s come out just a
little more recently. Starting off at number
five is the newest edition to one of Nintendo’s biggest franchises, and one of the latest releases this season “Pokemon Sword and Shield.” Now, right before “Sword
and Shield” came out, there was some negative
buzz attached to it you might’ve heard, a
lot of people are angry about the concept of the
not having the complete list of Pokemon, and that it
is still a problem for it, but that aside, it is actually a really, really solid “Pokemon” game, and more than anything, I think it makes an excellent introduction for anyone that has not played one previously. What does help separate
it from previous games though, is the concept
of Gigantamax Raiding, which is a really fun
co-op idea they’ve added. If you can get other friends
that also have “Pokemon,” this is just a great new way to play and experience the game, making it a really good gift for kids, or adults alike, that just love “Pokemon.” Coming it at number four is I think one of the bigger surprise hits
this year on the Nintendo Switch and that is “Astral
Chain” from PlatinumGames. Now, if you’re not familiar
with PlatinumGames’ previous work, they’re mostly associated with a lot of intense action games. They’re mostly known for “Bayonetta.” They did that one “Metal Gear” spinoff, and they’ve done some Nintendo titles as well in the past,
like “The Wonderful 101” and “Astral Chain” continues that trend with being one of the best
action games on the Switch. It is visually one of
the most striking games on the Switch, and looks
good both in handheld, and docked mode, which
is really surprising considering how much happens on screen, and yet, it still
maintains its frame rate. I think there are some people out there who look at the more
kinda heavy anime-style that’s going on and are a
little more hesitant about it, but trust me, if you just
love fast-paced action games, this is something you absolutely
need to check out and try. At third place, we have the sequel to one of the biggest hits on the WiiU, for what hits the WiiU
had, with “Mario Maker 2.” Oh wait, no, I wanted to rearrange those. That’s right. – [Cameraman] Figured. – Never mind, it’s not third
place, it’s second place. At third place, we have the latest entry in a cult hit series on Nintendo systems, “Luigi’s Mansion 3.” If you’ve never played a
“Luigi’s Mansion” game before, basically imagine if you
took Luigi from “Mario Bros.” and combined it with “Ghostbusters,” and turned it into an adventure where you’re just going
through a haunted mansion, constantly hearing Luigi
freak out and whine, but capturing those ghosts all the same. “3” in particular takes place in a hotel with multiple floors,
each which has their own very distinct heavy theme,
and often pushes the point where it doesn’t really look
like you’re in a hotel anymore. At number two, we have the
sequel to one of the biggest hits on the WiiU, at least as far as the WiiU could have hits, with “Mario Maker 2.” “Mario Maker 2” takes the same
base premise of the original, allowing people to make
their own “Mario” levels, but just adds a lot
more content in general. More world styles, more
items to work with, and has allowed people just to make, honestly, nightmarish landscapes. I cannot stress enough
how hilarious it is to me that the entire concept of this was hey, make your own fun little levels, and instead, people found
ways to just make absolute, I already said nightmares, absolute, thesauruses, help me,
absolutely soul-crushing levels that I cannot get enough
of despite the fact that it takes me way too many
tries to get through one. What’s really impressive about it too, is just how much they’ve been
on top of updating the game and adding even more content. In fact, they just dropped a new update, where you have the ability to make levels where you play as Link instead of Mario, and completely changes the
way the game plays entirely, and at first place, my personal
favorite game on this list, which makes sense,
’cause I put it at first, is “Fire Emblem: Three Houses.” Now, I’m a little bias here
because I’ve been a longtime fan of the “Fire Emblem” series,
but “Three Houses,” honestly, is an amazingly good game
that has done a great job of taking some of the classic
formulas from previous games, and remixing into something
that’s a little bit different. Basically, take the classic
formula of older games with fantasy nations going at war, but then mix it with a little
bit of high school drama, and maybe just a touch of
Scooby-Doo mystery solving. The game is a great mix-up for people that’ve played the past ones, but is also a great entry point for someone that’s kinda
heard of the series, but hasn’t taken the dive in before. It’s extremely replayable, with three, kinda four storylines to go through. It’s just honestly the best
game on the Switch this year. Do not let it pass you by. There are a lot of really cool things you can grab for the Switch
that don’t necessarily fit in one neat category, that’s why we have (chimes whooshing)
the Miscellaneous section. (“Deck The Halls”) Kicking things off at number five is actually one of the very first products I really heavily pushed as something you should grab for the Switch, and that’s Joy-Con grips. One of the really neat
ideas behind the Switch is this concept of hey, do you wanna play multiplayer with a friend? Just take one of your
Joy-Cons and hand ’em to ’em. Cool idea, but in
practice, it’s not always the most comfortable way
to actually play a game, and this is a really
nifty solution to that. There’s a lot of these
out there on the market, super cheap to grab, it’s just
a basic little plastic shell that’ll go around the Joy-Con,
adding shoulder buttons, and more importantly, proper handle grips. So, if there’s ever a game
where you just wanna share your Joy-Cons amongst everyone,
whether you’re playing a local game of “Mario
Party,” “Mario Kart,” any kinda local multiplayer situation. This just makes it a
much better experience, especially if you’re
planning on playing a game for longer than five minutes because using the Joy-Con by itself, you’re just asking for hand cramping. Fourth coolest on the list, not
because it’s not super cool, but just because it’s a
little more particular than the other items is
a Fight Stick from HORI. Now, there’s not a ton of fighting games on the Switch just yet,
but for the small handful that are out there, a Fight
Stick is a really awesome pickup to get the most out of the game. A lot of them are designed to run actually these kinda
style of arcade controls. Not to mention it gives
just this kind of feeling of playing fighting
games back in the arcade. At third place is another
long standing product we’ve always loved talking
about on this channel, the Light-Up Dock dock from PDP. This is just a really simple way of adding an extra little bit of flavor to your Nintendo Switch setup because while the Nintendo Switch dock is necessary to hook
up your Switch to a TV, it’s the most compelling looking design unless you happen to be lucky and got a special edition system. For those of you that don’t
have a special looking dock, this is a great way to customize it. It just fits around the dock, plugs into one of the USB ports, and comes with a number of
different little light-up slides with different designs. You can do a cycling color
like this, or one stable color. They’ve done stuff for “Zelda,” “Mario,” and a couple different “Pokemon”
designs, awesome looking. Runner-up for best
miscellaneous Switch accessory is a solution to one problem
a lot of people have with it, is the fact that the Switch does not have built-in Bluetooth audio. If you want to use a wireless pair of headphones with it, you can’t. So, an easy solution to
that is a Bluetooth adapter like this one from GENKI. There are a lot of different
adapters on the market, but this was really the
first, major popular one that it came through Kickstarter, and is still one of the
best working ones out there. You just plug it in to the
USB-C port of your Switch. You can use it also with an
adapter on the Switch dock, if you wanna go that way, and just gives you a
way of using Bluetooth headphones nice and easy. Now depending on the kinda codec your Bluetooth headset uses, you might notice a little
bit of input delay, but if you’re using the right kind, it’s gonna be a very seamless
experience that is amazing. It even allows you to
sync multiple headsets at the same time if you’re
playing with multiple people. For number one, we’ve got another slightly different kinda style controller. One of the most popular
games on the Switch is “Mario Kart 8” and a
solution a lotta people like to use for that is grabbing
one of these little plastic wheels so you can use the
Joy-Con, and turn, and this stuff, and that’s fine, you can
play the game that way, but if you wanna really get in to the “Mario Kart” experience, you can get a wheel. HORI has made a line of racing wheels you can grab for the Switch. There are two versions of it, kinda like with the stick
we were mentioning earlier, where there’s the nicer
one, this guy right here, and a smaller, cheaper option that’s maybe a little more appropriate if you’re grabbing it for kids, but the idea is that it gives you a true racing wheel experience. It’s not actually
exclusive to “Mario Kart.” I mean it will work for any of the number of kart racing games on the Switch. That’s just the most popular example, and of course, makes a lot of sense, considering, you know, “Mario” theme. (slow instrumental music) Next, let’s go over one of
the most essential items that really I think every Switch owner should have in some form, a carrying case. Starting us off at number five is a really nice simple option
with cases designed by HORI, specifically the ones for the Switch Lite. This is actually the case
that I initially used by default when I got my Switch Lite, and something I really like about them is that there just a very good
straightforward basic design, plenty of space to
carry additional cables, room to store games, and they have a nice little
color matching going on where you can buy one that matches the turquoise, gray, or yellow design. Now if you want something
that is a little flashier, let’s talk about our number four ranking with a PDP case, specifically the ones that have been branded
for one of Nintendo’s biggest franchises, “Pokemon.” They have a lot of different
Pokemon-themed cases for the full-size Switch
that have really intricate and fully detailed designs. This is actually the main case I used for my regular Switch before
the Switch Lite came out and I made the move over to that. So if you know if someone has
a certain favorite Pokemon, or you’re looking to
get a case for yourself, and you know which ones you really love, there are some great looking
designs to choose from. Now starting at number three, we’re gonna talk about
something a little different from a standard carrying case. It’s actually kind of two products in one, but carrying cases are a
very important part of it, and that’s a grip for your Switch. Skull & Co. is one of the two
most popular grip designs, we’ll talk about the
other one in a little bit, but the really big strength
they have going on for theirs, is the fact that when you
buy one of their grips, it comes with multiple grip types that you can switch in and out
depending on your preference. So, you might find that the
smaller grip works for you, or maybe the larger design is a bit better for your hand size. Now for second place, we’ve talked a lot about regular-size cases that
are just meant to be small, handheld ones that you
could fit into a bag, or even just carry around by hand, but for something that’s
a little more different, and actually a lot larger and it’s really just the bag itself, I’m a huge fan of PDP’s Switch Backpack, especially the Elite design. This is meant to be a more complete way of transporting not only the Switch, but also a dock, any other
additional cables you need, controllers, games,
everything all in one place, and also doubles as just a
regular, useful backpack, and for our number one choice, going back to a grip option for the Switch that also comes available
for the Switch Lite is the Satisfye Grip. Now what makes the Satisfye Grip a little different from the Skull & Co. is that while it doesn’t have
the adjustable grip sizes on the back, it just
has one overall design that I think is a really
good one-size-fits-all. Something that’s also a bit
different about it in general, is that the right grip is
actually just a little offset compared to the other one,
and the main reason for this is it makes it a more comfortable position for you rest your thumb
on the right joystick or still reach the ABXY
buttons if you need to. So, depending on the
kinda game you wanna play, it’s always going to be a comfortable fit. (festive music) Now games and flashy accessories
are all well and good and make for fun gifts, but something else really worth considering,
especially if you’re getting someone their first Switch, is some important essential items to add on to that to make sure they get the actual most out
of their system that they can. Starting off at number five, and probably actually the silliest out of these essential
items is a dock sock. That’s right, a dock sock. Now if you don’t know what this is, or why you would need one for the Switch, this is just a simple
little piece of cloth. You can find a lot of these made by individual people on Etsy. There are some official ones you can find on Amazon as
well, and the way it works is you just slide it over
the front of the dock so that way, every time
you take the Switch and put it in the dock, or take it out, it’s gonna have a nice
soft surface rub against instead of that hard plastic, and the reason why this is important is because if the person who owns a Switch is constantly docking and
undocking it all the time, if they’re not being very careful about it with the regular dock design, it’s totally possible to accidentally scratch up the screen by just holding it a little bit too close to the
front plastic all the time, especially in the case of kids, this is something that’s
just a really nice, easy way to safeguard against that,
plus it adds a little more personalization to your dock design. At fourth place is something
that can also solve the same problem, but does
it a little differently, and that’s the always-safe option of getting a screen
protector for your Switch. Again, if you’re constantly
putting the Switch in dock and taking it out, you run the risk of scratching there, but on top of that, if
you’re using the Switch on the go a lot, and you don’t
have a proper carrying case, or you like to put a lotta
stuff in the carrying case to a point where maybe it’s rubbing against the screen a little bit, you just always run the risk
of slightly scratching it, and that is something you don’t want to have happened to a handheld, ’cause if you scratch the screen up, well, that’s just
permanently a part of it. At third place, some of
you are gonna question my logic and sanity a little bit here, but I swear this is actually
really important to grab depending on the games you’re playing. A LAN adapter. Out of the box, the Switch
does not have any way of directly connecting to the Internet. It just relies on Wi-Fi, which for a lot of things is fine. If you’re just downloading
games, it’s fine. If you’re playing certain
multiplayer games, it’s fine, but there are some games
out there where you need a much stronger, better connection,
and you’re not gonna get that without relying on one of these. The really big argument for one of these, honestly, is “Smash Bros.” If you know someone that
plays “Smash” a lot, and they’re not using one of these yet, that that is the wrong way to go about it because you’re always gonna
have a lot of different connection issues with
having smooth matches and the best way to fix that is having a strong, actual Ethernet
connection to the Switch. It’s just a USB hookup,
you plug it in the dock, hardwire it to your internet, and it’s going to massively improve the multiplayer experience of the system, especially for “Smash Bros.” Now the runner-up for
most important essential to grab for the Switch to get the most out of
it is a battery bank. Now, I personally love to
use my Switch as a handheld. I really like playing on the go. I don’t use it docked very much, and the one thing that’s a
really heavy limiting factor on that is the battery life. It’s worth noting, there are
two different models of this. This is the larger battery, which gives a lot of life to the Switch. If you wanna save a little more money, they do have a smaller one that works really well as well. In general, if you just know someone that’s gonna play
something on the go a lot and isn’t always gonna
be around a power source to plug into, these are a necessity, and at first place, the
most essential thing to grab for your Switch, is a micro SD card. Again, I know, not the most glamorous, or super nice looking gift out here, but these are an absolute necessity for anyone that owns a Nintendo Switch and if you’re giving it
to someone as a gift, you should include one of these. Even if you’re buying games physically, the DLC for them, parts of the games that do need a hard install, it’s going to fill up over time, and it’s just never
going to be enough space for the very large, very good library of Switch games that is out there. There are also some officially
Nintendo-branded ones out there that feature things like the Mario mushroom, and
star, and all that kinda stuff. They cost a little more,
but if you like the theming, they’re fun to grab.

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