100 thoughts on “3 Day Solo Winter Snow Camp – Bushcraft, Canvas Tent, Woodstove, Bowdrill

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  2. La ben adamı türk sandım bekliyorum ne zaman konuşacak diye,meğersem yabancı yerdemişim..Ama güzel videoydu adam işi biliyor

  3. Yo tell me why that first sausage meal ok the stove looked like it cane straight out if a gourmet restaurant like that actually look good asf

  4. sabanda iş yok dayı yandığı halde üstü kat tutuyo sobanın kendine hayrı yok. gel Çorumdan bi kuzine soba alalım sana.

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  6. petite remarque: Beaucoup trop de perte de chaleur ! laisser un trou aussi grand autour de la buse juste au dessus du poêle, laisse filer toute la chaleur, il serais plus judicieux d'entourer la buse, là ou elle "touche" la toile de tente d'une couche d'isolant ( laine de roche ) ce qui permettrait de bien fermer la toile autour de la buse sans risque de l'enflammer et sans perdre autant de chaleur !… Garder aussi une section de buse plus importante à l'intérieur de la tente en pratiquant l'ouverture dans la toile plus haut (en placant le poêle moins près du bord de tente)… bon, ce n'est que c'est mon avis, qu'en penser vous?

  7. Been watching a few of these videos and it's becoming rather predictable. How about mixing in a bit of reality? All Sunshine? No wind? No insects? No precipitation? Pretty plain this video targets weekend drive-in campers. What did you build a fire and reflector for? Waste of calories when you humped a stove all over Gawd's Half-acre. Orient your tent with the back of the tent into the wind and fly facing a large tree. You can also forget the cast iron frying pan. Purchase an Army mess kit and canteen/cup combination. Oh…..and two things about winter camping. Put your energy into insulating layer on the floor of your tent, and use some of the debris you kicked away around the periphery of the tent outside. Some one also needs to tell you about the issues of heat loss in relationship to alcohol consumption. One more thing, homey. Here in the States we commonly measure snow by the foot so you need to have more respect for Mother Nature than worrying about how to season your bangers. Start with learning fire discipline and management or your whole visit to the woods will be about finding and processing firewood. That means the nutrition from your fancy dinner will be burned off in a couple of hours and won't be available to keep you warm in your sleeping bag. One last thing. You need to make some choices. You have far too much redundance: fire AND stove; knife AND hatchet AND saw; prepared meals AND cooking kit. Pretty plain you don't carry your own or at least you don't hump it very far. Just sayin……

  8. Some guy out in the woods testing out his filming equipment!
    It's so picturesque and artsy! And look at the cute little camping equipment.
    I cannot stand these videos!

  9. Своё снаряжение Я тащу в рюкзаке, здесь столько комфорта – печка,сковородка .. видно привезли на машине, – городской поход.

  10. Can you remove translations from video titles and descriptions? It makes them completely unreadable and the text after google translate doesn't make any sense. The original english version is very clear.

  11. What a pleasing insight into your world. So engrossing and restful. We make 4k walks in cities, as we find these journeys restful ourselves but this is just wonderful too. I'll be looking from more to you I'm sure. Agree about the British media making a mountain out of things, good that you just carried on regardless.

  12. Wow 8.4 million views, mate you're very popular these days, I first started watching because of your dad's fishing channel but most outdoor stuff interests me. Your vids are well made and interesting, also you're a likeable lad, good luck with everything.

  13. Попал бы он в зиму на Дальнем востоке или Сибири. Он бы через 2 часа сказал "Ну его нахуй!…" А ночью бы вообще замёрз

  14. сука пиздец начал смотреть пиздец а это оказался пидор американский…пиздец…

  15. حياة سعيدة وهواء🇸🇾⚘🇸🇾 النقي في الغابة وبعيدة عن المدينة و راحت البال وخيمة ونار دافئة

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