3 Days in 3000 Rs – GOKARNA | Ep.1 #Bha2Pa #BudgetTrips #SoloTravel #BackPacking

3 Days in 3000 Rs – GOKARNA | Ep.1 #Bha2Pa #BudgetTrips #SoloTravel #BackPacking

Hello! I am Indrajeet and this is the first episode of the series “Budget Backpacking” in which I will be showing you, how you can manage your solo trip in a budget as low 3000 rupees. This time I have come to ‘Gokarna’ and I have shared the complete breakdown of my solo trip to Gokarna at the end of this video. Finally, I am a bit exhausted though but I have reached You will get a bus to the Gokarna village in every half hour, they will charge you just 10 rupees. I am not getting this song but it sounds cool. Ok, here’s a situation…all the shacks and guest houses are booked and I don’t have a place to stay So I was sitting in that eatery and a guy from Israel asked me to come with him and I came to this beach This is the main beach of Gokarna and close to this beach is this place where I got a hut to stay. The tariff for this place is 200 bucks for a night. Hello! I am finally feeling good because I caught a good sleep and Now I have come out here. So after coming here, you can chill….this place is best for chilling I am on my way to Kudle Beach and it’s afternoon so I will have lunch at those beach cafes which are really cool when it comes to their ambience. So I am Kudle beach in the Old La Pizzeria Cafe. The speciality of this place is Kalamari and I am going to try it. Amazing! When you come to Gokarna, try the seafood here. Its four in the evening and I have checked out from my shack. I am now heading towards Paradise beach. I am little late but I’ll hurry on the way. I am little late but I’ll hurry on the way. Paradise beach is around an hour’s journey from here. I will go there and set up my camp for the night. I will have to walk from here. I will first go to Half Moon
beach and from Half Moon. I will walk to Paradise beach
so you can say it’s an hour’s walk. I have got few bananas with me because you won’t find
anything to eat on Paradise beach, no hawkers…nothing. Fun fact – I have come here from Mumbai and have been staying here
since two days and have spent just 700 bucks! My position on my google maps was dislocated and I have come
half a kilometer in the wrong direction and now it’s getting
dark and I am literally running back to the correct route. I have finally crossed the jungles of that hill and reached this beach. So the rest of route is more or less like this. It’s all rocks. It’s dark but I have finally reached Paradise beach. This is my first time solo camping. I had never done this
before and I gotta say it’s a different kinda thrill. This is my sleeping back, this is the bag with all my clothes.
That’s my backpack, this is my sketch book and this
is my camp. This is my bulb, I will just turn it off. Good Morning! This is my third day and i just got up. I will be wrapping up
my tent and going to Belekan It’s a village close to Gokarna
and close to Paradise beach so I can go there and come back
to Gokarna via bus.
. I just reached Belekan, it’s 11:40 and the bus to Gokarna leaves
in 20 mins. I have a strong recommendation for all my fellow travelers
coming to Gokarna; visit this cafe. There is a famous hotel called downtown and this cafe is right across the street. This cafe serves an exquisite Fish platter and I am going to try it. In just 70 bucks you get this amazing platter. I can eat it throughout my stay here in Gokarna. So here you will see the Graffiti in every other corner. You will see a lot of these on Paradise beach So I will be crashing in Zostle for the night. It has this dormitory and look at this, they gifted me this as a christmas
gift. The people who don’t know what’s Zostle, this is a hostle for
travellers. There is one washroom and six beds so I am sharing this room with 5 people. It’s my last day in Gokarna and this has been an amazing trip. And I have spent just 2600 bucks in these 4 days, can you believe that! So I spent 735 rupees on the first day. On day two I spent 280 rupees I spent a little more on day 3 about 1030 rupees, it’s because i stayed at Zostle. and today I will catch a bus which will cost me 10 rupees, I will have lunch
which will cost me around 100-150 rupees and I will be travelling back to mumbai so the ticket will cost me around 200-300 rupees so after adding all the expense, the entire trip cost me about 2600 rupees. This was the trip. Let me know how you like it. If you’re looking forward to explore a place or you think that a place should have backpacking videos do let me know in the comment section. Moreover like this video, share it and subscribe to
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