4 day 3 night Cline River backpacking trip. Pinto Lake, Cline River, and Landslide Lake. July 2018

4 day 3 night Cline River backpacking trip. Pinto Lake, Cline River, and Landslide Lake. July 2018

we’re just waterfall in behind we are
talking about it plummeting on Sunset. Pass Trail going to campus hit the lake
tonight and then over the next couple days make our way to Lake in the fall of
Latin side lake like in the plan Junction for the sunset lookout and
continuing on this way to sunset pass in Pinto Lake well it’s a switch box it’s
been nothing but climbing so far Oh a very uneventful climb opens up to spectacular meadow here now obviously
try and grizzly territory in a spot like this you definitely want to be making
sure you’re making noise but oh this is stellar here Wow so we are just making her way to the
normal Lake Campground where the Saltaire have some lunch and continue
our way onto sunset pass and pintle eight tables ten pads are back over this
way you got a fully enclosed outhouse and we
are gonna sit and enjoy the views and have some lunch
pretty steak here oh we are making our way through the meadow here and if
you’re ever wondering what prime grizzly territory and habitat looks like a most
likely place you kind of run into grizzly bears he’s going through this
kind of shit just uh open meadow they love hanging out here getting all the
berries in’ so you’re hiking through stuff like this make a ton of noise and
of course we got a thunder booming off in the distance over that way but we are
headed this way where it’s looking a little more clear and less dark so
hopefully you see behind me we literally just bumped into like thirty people I think we got a little bit of climb the
clouds are starting to come in so hopefully you get to camp before it
starts raining holy oh dude this is stellar absolutely sick Valley here and she is
looking pretty nasty but I do believe this is what’s gonna be hanging over us
most of the night here so they know to miss this storm so we can finally see
Pinto Lake here and it is pretty unreal from up here Wow oh dude that is sick
and like just like that the rain clears up so that last video clip that I took
of all the rain down the Klein Valley that was literally ten minutes ago and
now it’s just cleared up like it’s been like that all day kind of spitting on us the ball man this is an unreal view from
up here that’s where were sleeping tonight right
down there at the corner yeah is all set up but the more pressing matters I think
is dinner and some pretty sick dinner views it’s beat city living man
good morning it is day 2 7:00 a.m. I can’t mostly packed up already just
gonna sit and enjoy the morning coffee a little morning smoke and enjoy the view
absolutely stellar here at Pinto Lake like yeah this is unreal this is my
breakfast you this morning Yin loving this alright so here at the campground
that I’m stayed at here at Pinto you’ve got fire pit here which is right by the
Pinto Lake sign the bear hang situation which is pretty cool you I haven’t seen
this a whole lot in Plews line areas it may be more common but there is
dedicated bear hanging you see Craig’s bag hang in there so it’s a cable across
between the two trees and then they’ve got cable pulley systems with like hooks
on the trees to tie off to so very similar to like the Jasper and Banff
style which is awesome the washroom here is a green throne so you’ve got your
eating area that weighs your food hanging and then in behind me up in here
is the camp area yeah you can see Craig’s tent there and then see my tarp
over here and then there’s a sign for the washroom that heads back that way
it’s a green throne a little bit of rope finding this morning and a couple Ford’s
that weren’t necessarily expecting I may have taken us on a more scenic
bushwalking road a little bit but I think we’re in the right path now we
just got to hopefully find a spot here to afford the kleinen we should be home
free this is what we got laid out in front of us here
nice little Martian what is looking like a Ford coming up like a thunderstorm
over here and the Thunder so over here and we’re
headed that way so like we’re wrapping around this mountain here where these
blue clouds are so hopefully these storms don’t follow us but Craig’s just
getting his boots off he’s gonna cut across here this should hopefully be our
last forward and then I’m really hoping this should be if this isn’t the main
trail this will connect up with it we’re on the right side of the river now so I
did not get us lost for very long there’s the views the whole way here are
just awesome like the trail just skirts the river and
for the most part of your white on the open you get this all day and the clouds are clearing up it’s
gorgeous out it’s not hard at all it’s nice and cool yeah this is this is what you get it’s absolutely stunning here got a nice little rock slide here to
navigate but as always here the views unreal absolutely gorgeous here like two
hours ago we were sitting in a thunderstorm and absolutely poured on
and now it’s blue skies she didn’t warm walk along the river
with amazing views zero complaints about this I am literally only filming this and
putting this video because I just wanted to see this view again this is just
leaving the waterfalls Creek Campground here
I just unreal the weather we have had thunderstorms
we got poured on we had lightning right above us and now like absolutely
phenomenal we got a helicopter above us somewhere I can hear them I can’t see
them Oh way up there a helicopter so we are making the way across this bridge
you’re just kind of picking our way down the river still absolutely phenomenal
here though unreal alright oh we got some fun stuff
going now the whole side of this Bank slid out so we came from the trail here
and the bank is all washed away so we’re just kind of picking our way up here
we’re realizing why there’s a detour trail but it was a big climb and we
didn’t really want to do it this seemed like a better idea Hey
be straight up there yeah it looks like it camp spot 492 we’re basically at the
so we basically got to the junction for landslide Lake and Lake of the Falls is
a big day today we need 26 K feeling it it’s gonna be a
good night though you got a tree we’re gonna buck up and the fire and enjoy it
weathers looking beautiful you get night welcome to hammock life oh shit thank you note underneath me my
Tyvek you’ve been shit dry and my I got Remy’s bed keeps my feet warm I step out
all my stuff just lays on the ground under me it wake up and lean out with
some sick views this morning this is all right you guys some really good thoughts
ain’t really good egg rolling gonna last light Lake today we’re talking about
yesterday it’s a big day yesterday I figured a
lake of the falls and last I’d like today it turns today into another big
day we’d be looking at two back-to-back almost three climber days honestly I
just don’t really think I want to do it we’re just gonna take a short day of
client-side lake from here and with the lake all day good oh just kidding write
your role I can’t hear make your way up the line slide like we’re uh something
pretty dark and behind us here but open it spirits bounces we are heading off
that way where it is blue so fingers crossed would be nice have a gorgeous day at
that like today on the main trail here this direction here this would be coming
from the Kline River Trail here and staying on the main trail when you get
to this little rickety dinky ass bridge that crosses this tiny little Creek here
so this is the main trail that continues up here by this pink flag and swoops off
into the trees that way to get to landslide Lake and Lake Falls you cross
this bridge and you follow the trail this way I offer views today but not really too conservative to use until
we get to Lake that’s where I want it be use it’s been a pretty overcast today
which is been kind of nice not really overly hot been keeping this nice and
cool being able to push a pretty good pace it’s a pretty gradual incline but
it is mostly kilometres where you turn off from the river you come to the
junction here across the bridge so like in the Falls a little trail here up the
line side lake that’s we’re headed but halfway today so this is Craig’s
Grail water filter I had never seen one of these in person this is the coolest
thing ever and just like that he’s got about 750
bills of filter water that’s cool man that thing is cool
that’s quick and you can like you can seal the lid on that thing so you can
carry filter water in there too as like I guess an extra backup water source but
yeah super cool way up to land side lake still we’re getting close so I think
it’s a massive rocks here super cool so once you pass the bridge from Lake of
the Falls it you go up and you go flat and you go up then you go flat and then
you want more and then you go kind of flat so it’s it’s pretty short like it’s
I’m nothing’s March but I’m guessing it’s probably about three klicks from
the bridge turned off to like the Falls to get up the landside Lake but yeah
very pretty up here though the Sun is starting to burn off the clouds a little
bit ahead of us then we’ll get some blue skies today a bit of a climb and
starting to spin a little bit but landslide Lake absolutely stellar wow that’s pretty dude very that is
pretty alrighty let’s go find a spot to set up
camp get out of the rain yeah landslide Lake is very pretty but it has been very
very cold rainy and miserable would you agree Craig but I think we
found where we’re gonna camp here found some deadfall here already we got a nice
fire pit so I want to try and get the shelters up real quick and hopefully the
rain stops a little bit we can get a fire going that’s kind of yeah yeah her
son is chasing us from behind so hopefully he’s gonna burn these clouds
from where we have camp set up come down the trail here you walk out into this little slice of
epic and it’s starting to look like he’s cleared up we got some people here do
some fly-fishing yeah this place is absolutely stellar I don’t know why I’ve
never come here before a kintu landslide lake so where the landslide Lake
interpretive fire trail comes up which we are going over that way tomorrow you
can’t really see it through the trees here but the big creek that feeds into
the end here we’re gonna follow that and then up that way over and down to my
Jeep and off we go home tomorrow yeah it’s been it’s been a pretty nice sight
I’ve kept my range shell on almost all night because it’s just spitting off and
on and you know that well you can see in the sky you got blue here and clouds
here and it’s kind of I know she’s cool out we haven’t had a whole lot of Sun
today it’s been pretty pretty cool and windy today thankfully the rain held off
till we basically got to here and we didn’t really climb in the rain at all
today but we got our food up and the hanging behind us was just pretty rad
you don’t usually see that oh there it is yeah
bear hanging there you don’t usually see hangs like that in blue sights so that’s
pretty sweet good morning from landslide Lake absolutely gorgeous out this morning just looking beauty making our way up to
a pass here a landslide and our views here this unreal so you kinda you skirt
through the trees in here and then you come out into open little meadows like
this and the stream running beside you 360 views man this is wicked yeah finally starting to give these the
link and we look back pretty awesome here this is wicked oh man where you
climb here I’m better than you yet this is sick almost there you just want to stop it
enjoy the views that come back in the lake here’s the views from the top of
the pastel on inside thanks to us last night so that’s where we’re going that’s where we came from incredible up
here wow it’s pretty breezy coming up iconic look you know why it’s slightly
it’s pretty sick just making our way across down to our descent this is
absolutely phenomenal up here though unreal now there’s no trail here at all
you just kind of work your way across so we came from like directly and behind me
over there there’s a couple of Cairns along the way but it’s you but you just
kind of walk along and enjoy it got some grape using the David Thompson Highway
down below us an amazing 360 views all the way around here this is awesome
absolutely unreal phenomenal way to end a hike amazing weather okay pretty good
weather most of the hike actually and they decide from yesterday
we’re a need a good chunk in the evening most little grains quite a bit overnight
to you today has been nothing but sunny skies clear absolutely fucking beautiful and this is what I’m dealing with just love in my life right now so I got
going on in front of me I’m just walk into this Karen here I
should get a good view down the side of the hill that we’re dropping down and oh
maybe maybe I’ll see my Jeep from up here see how this this section here that I’m
doing this is consider the interpretive trail so there is no real trail here
it’s kind of just you know what direction you’re going find your way
there that’s what we’re doing makes navigation fairly easy you’re walking
here it’s pretty pretty easy it’s kind of Shaylee but it’s pretty hard packed
up here so you’re not really seeking oh look at that go so we get our walk out
unreal just unreal yeah this down here right along the
river here that’s the highway all we gotta do is just get down to that
highway not too far that’s you far to go see you right now walk it through the
old forest fire section it’s always like you just look through all these old burn
trees you just get this gorgeous wildflowers I don’t know much of a
flower guy but this is pretty definitely pretty here we’re walking into you Oh home stretch now it was a pretty
enjoyable weekend I don’t know if Craig’s very happy with me but oh it’s
good we had we had really really good weather like considering the forecast we
were looking at from four different forecasts there was one that was looking
favorable and that 100% is the one that we got and I could not be happier with
that we only really had rain like her but maybe two hours of morning day two
and then kind of spitting off and on last night but it wasn’t really bad
enough that erect anything amazing views on the walk out lovely four-hour drive
home so for anybody who has stuck around I wash my dorky little videos to the end
thank you very much it was fine Craig get a good time in feel good about it I’m tired and ready
for bed hey man it’s an accomplishment Pinto Lake is no joke everybody that I
know gets turned around and gets lost going to Pinto Lake we made it there
landslide Lake is a tough is a tough track you made it there yep that’s
pretty fresh a little bit of fresh bear scat which we knew was gonna be there
actually we had bumped into an older couple they were on their way up and
they kind of let us know to expect some rest
fresh bear scat about ten minutes from the car so that’s what we got left we’re
gonna say goodbye now and enjoy the rest of our Sunday it’s awesome here man

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  1. Those are great trails in there… so many options. Great views of Pinto Lake from Sunset Pass, and Landslide Lake from Wildhorse Pass. Cool trip.

  2. That was quite a hike! The views were unbelievable! Pinto Lake is unreal and talk about secluded!!! Nice job! Glad you all were safe despite a little bit of off weather!

  3. Finally got the chance to watch this! Looks like a really great hike. I love it when the weather treats us well on the trail.

  4. Hey dude. Saw this post on the youtube outdoors subreddit. Thanks for posting there. It is a very small reddit that I would like to build up. Awesome and extensive wilderness experience you give here. The one thing I wanted a bit more of was an intro. Something like highlights to look forward to, or a more of a clear explanation of the video from you. Anyways keep it up and I will check out some more later.

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