5 Days Of Sleeping On The Floor | Try Living With Lucie | Refinery29

5 Days Of Sleeping On The Floor | Try Living With Lucie | Refinery29

Hi I am Lucie Fink and this is five days of
sleeping on the floor. Here it goes! Hey guys. Welcome to our YouTube channel! If you are new please click right here to and subscribe right now. Otherwise, welcome the heck back! It’s good to see you! You look good. I always ask you guys to comment on my video with suggestions for future videos ideas. So when I saw one commented asking me to try five days of sleeping on the floor and I saw how many thumbs up the comment got. I just knew that I had to suck it up and do it. It doesn’t sound fun though, right? I mean it’s not something I was excited about. But that is just the way this works. And I don’t only do these challenges for myself but I also do them for you. So that I can try things you might be interested in and give you a little taste of it. So this one is for you. Not me! The first thing I did today was contact a doctor. I am not sure if you know Doctor Mike is. But here is a brief overview. He has over two million Instagram followers. He is a DO, which is a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine. And he is a board certified Family Medicine Doctor. So he’s the real deal! But he is also my friend. So earlier today I FaceTimed with him because I needed to ask him a few questions before I just dove right onto the floor. The floor is so hard. It often cuts of circulation to really important body parts and it puts pressure on certain body parts that are also very sensitive. I don’t think it’s the end of the world and I don’t think you are putting yourself in any danger. But expect to need an extra cup of coffee in the morning. To take his skepticism one step further. I also came across an article online that was written by a Refinery 29 wellness writer. Telling me basically the exact same thing. It’s not good to sleep too hard of a surface. Your quality of sleep might be disrupted. etcetera, etcetera. But! If you tried watching Try Living With Lucie in the past you know there is usually a but. Not this kind of butt. A google search for sleeping on the floor, yields a whole universe of positive results from people who say that they swear by this. And that sleeping on the floor has changed their lives, improved their posture, corrected back pain and a whole slew of other things. That’s when it’s time for me to just take maters into my own hands and try it myself. There is my old sleeping spot. And here’s tonight’s sleeping spot. Tonight I’m laying my yoga mat, one pillow and one blanket. Here we go! Hi. I had a ridiculously horrific, horrendous nights sleep. I seriously cannot stress this enough. I actually started out fine. But as the night progressed I felt exactly the opposite of what pro sleeping on the floor people say. Which is that your circulation is going to feel improved. I felt like my circulation was cutoff. I’m not sure if this scientifically what was happening but it did feel like certain pressure points on the backs of my feet and also my back and my tailbone, where just digging into the earth so hard. Cutting off proper circulation. I was also pretty cold. Which is no surprise because heat rises. So naturally the floor is going to be the coldest part in the room. But the blanket that I had to protect myself was just not big enough. So I would pull it to cover my right arm and my then left leg would get exposed. And then I would try to cover my right leg and then my left arm was was out in the air. Highly infective blanket. Any way it was a horrible, horrible night sleep. I truly could not, not recommend this challenge anymore. Then I can right now. It was just total body soreness as if I have done some rigorous workout the day before. Which I had not. So I stretched a little bit and then I did what Dr. Mike told me and poured myself a huge cup of coffee. Which I needed to get through the day. And tonight I am just going to do it all over again. No, no, no! I really don’t want to. No. No. You hear that siren? Imagine hearing that internally just all night. I set up for the night with my yoga mat, two pillows beneath my head this time. A tempurpedic pillow beneath my body that I used as body cushion. And two blankets this time to keep warm. I dressed in a long sleeve and long pants pajama set. Just to keep warmer than I was then I was in my shorts. And I also had Michael tuck me in like a burrito before I was going to bed. Just to avoid any exposed limbs. Got my pimple cream on. Ready to get tucked into bed for round two. Completely tuck me in. So I have my butt on the ground. And then the body pillow was underneath my lower back all the way up to my neck. And this caused my back to do a slight arch thing as I was sleeping. Which is just not comfortable. Don’t ever do that. I don’t know what else to say. And when I woke up in the morning the arch in my back felt as if I was doing cow position all night long. And I don’t know if you know yoga well but there is a cow when you are arching your back and a cat where you are actually rounding your spine. So when I woke in the morning and it felt like, ugh sirens stop! I have a headache! So when I woke up in the morning and my back was arched like this, into cow. I needed to come to the living room and cat position to counteract that arch. As you can see here I have been getting really terrible night’s sleep. Like on and off waking up throughout the night. I’m feeling sore all over. And really disheveled and tired. So tonight, I am going to try to switch up the sleeping location and I am actually going to try to sleep out here. And I am hoping that a location change will help a little bit. Here goes night number three. Whoopty doo. I feel that is necessary for me start this webcam by telling you that this is a perfect embodiment of the way I feel right now. Which is just totally torn apart. And disheveled. I didn’t really think that things could get much worse after Monday and Tuesday. But I was really, really wrong. Firstly I moved away from this floor region and into the living room. So I could mix it up get a new environment. Yadda, yadda, yadda. I brought my yoga mat, two pillows, my body pillow, one big blanket and then one small blanket. Because it was warmer so I didn’t feel like I needed two heavy blankets. And I faced myself towards the television and created a little makeshift bedroom area for myself. This time I put my body pillow in a lower position so it was under my butt too and it didn’t cause that back arch. And things were actually going great. I fell asleep pretty easily at first. But then I was hot, I was cold, I was comfortable. I was not comfortable. My pillow was too hard, my pillow was too flimsy. I must have changed the temperature in the living room 80 times last night. The body pillow I used was a little too squishy. So I took it off and I replaced it with a folded blanket. But that was not squishy enough. It was miserable. Miserable! Les Misérables status up in here. And today has been the worst of the days. Naturally because it’s now been the longest amount of time that I have gone without a goodnight sleep. So my head has been pounding all day. And I woke up this morning and tried to go to a medication class. Forget about it. I cannot do mediation in the morning when I haven’t slept well for three days. Because I was just so tired and falling asleep. And of course part of the meditation practice was lying down on the floor. And there I was comfortably sleeping on the floor in mediation class. Yet I can’t do that here. What is the deal? Tonight I am going to go no phone and no TV. I am just going to read a book and hope that it calms my mind before I try to go to bed. Guess what guys? I finally slept! Woohoo! Last night set up right here was my yoga mat, one pillow, the body pillow, and one blanket. So amidst all of my stress yesterday of me telling my coworkers how horribly I have been sleeping and how restless I’ve been at night. One of them asked me which direction I was facing. And that’s not something that ever popped into my mind before. But I told her I was facing north. And her jaw dropped. She told me to do some research on feng shui and the best direction to face when you sleep. And as discovered, a many an article on the internet, facing north is a recipe for disaster. It’s called the death position. So that should tell you something. So last night in addition to the zen and calming environment that I created on the floor. I was also making sure that I was facing west. Which is supposedly good. I lit a whole row of candles. I did a ten minute meditation practice sitting up on my yoga mat. I started a new book. It was all good and the it was all the best way to put my mind at ease and get ready to sleep. Anyway tonight is Friday and it’s last night of this challenge. And I am headed back into the bedroom tonight with my yoga mat, two pillows and two blankets. I gotta be honest with you here because I always try to be honest on this series. This is not a challenge I would recommend. And I’m not doubting that plenty of people out there have found sleeping on the floor has healed their back pain. Or corrected their posture. So by all means if you are one of those people who loves to do this. You do you! But I definitely think that the biggest thing to think about here is being comfortable. And if you are not comfortable in the floor you are not going to get a good quality of sleep. And if you don’t get a good quality of sleep, that’s not good. Getting bad quality of sleep this week has made my mind foggy. Its given me headaches. It’s made my body ache and more. So for the rest of my life I am going to be on a mattress unless there is not one in sight. Comment below and and let me know what other challenges you want to see me try on Try Living with Lucie. But remember that I read your comments and I actually will try the challenges that you suggest. So make sure you want to suggest something that is more fun than this one. Maybe a luxurious facials. Or five days of eating cake. I don’t know just a thought. See you next time! Hey guys thanks for coming back to our channel. Click here for another video on Refinery 29. Right here to subscribe to us on YouTube. Definitely click that one. And right here for my personal YouTube channel if you want to see more vlogs. Bye!

100 thoughts on “5 Days Of Sleeping On The Floor | Try Living With Lucie | Refinery29

  1. For the best results you ideally want to sleep on your back, it allows you to stay properly aligned and distribute your weight evenly

  2. Lucie reminds me of Lizzie Bennet from the Lizzie Bennet Diaries. Also you can see Lucie slowly losing it as this video progresses. Her sunshiney personality is just fading< poor Lucie

  3. Off topic but this reminds me of when my parents first came to the US and were extremely poor and they slept on the floor for months until they could afford a mattress

  4. I have been sleeping on the floor since last summer bc of night terrors. I sleep on the carpeted floor in my room with an electric blanket then a soft blanket. I sleep on top of both of them. then I have my comforter over me with like 3 pillows and a big body pillow. I sleep fine now and there is so much more room to roll around hahaha

  5. Of course you couldn't make your doctor friend look bad, so you had to over exaggerate how bad floor sleeping is.

  6. Lucie, I love how in tune with yourself you are. You will often say things like, ‘I just felt like I was ________, so I __________”. I would love for a video on how in tune you are.

  7. My question is I think you should try 5 days fasting I've done it before but I'm wondering if somebody could really do it 5 days you try some pretty crazy things like not washing your hair sleeping on the floor mine's a little bit more simpler

  8. so you slept 5 fucking days on the floor and made a fucking video about it????… jeez you "internet tubers" are so superficial and full of shit!

  9. I sleep on the floor and I really love it. It improved my sleep and I can finally wake up in the morning. Truly think it changed my life.

  10. "It's not good to sleep too hard of a surface". Well i grew up sleeping on wooden beds without mattstresses because it's really hot where i lived and my parents house didn't have AC. Now when i become an adult and get used to sleeping on a hard surface, i find it very hard to sleep on a 'soft surface'

  11. Poor Lucie! I feel bad for her!!! I will never suggest a painful challenge. She is normally so upbeat and cheerful and in this video she is miserable… 🙁

  12. I’ve been sleeping on the floor for months, and I love it. But I would hate to sleep the way you’ve been – most floor sleepers opt for a sleeping mat or a Japanese futon, which offers more cushion for your bones and pressure points but still allows for your back to decompress against the hard floor.

  13. That is really weird! I've ALWAYS faced the north west to sleep and found it my favorite way! I did sleep on a floor when I was working at a riding camp, but they had very good memory foam for me to put my sleeping bag over top. Given the amount of work I was doing, I slept like a log. I would NOT be able to do that now, 30 yrs later 😀

    Sadly, the exerpeince you had on your Weds night sleep will happen to you again—when you hit pre menopause. Even in bed, you will not find a comfortable position and will be hot cold hot cold throughout the night. It royally sucks!

  14. I want to try this but I have bed bugs and it’s just gonna be easier for them, I thought bedbugs were just made up but nope and they’re terrible and so annoying

  15. I slept on the floor for 16 years I grew up just fine… I still do it occasionally sometimes in the middle of the night I would slide to the floor 🤘

  16. • If u put a big fluffy cover on the floor and a blanket to cover up and a pillow u would have been fine lol

  17. Lol most people in my country sleep on the floor, the Japaneses too. Sleeping on a bed is really uncomfortable in my opinion.

  18. It might just be me but I rather sleep on the floor. My mom says I enjoy sleeping uncomfortable🤷🏽😂

  19. I couldn’t do this 😂we haven’t had a couch in over a month after we moved and we been laying on the floor to watch TV and I’m OVER IT . Luckily we have carpet and I put an extra rug over it but I’m OVER IT

  20. I feel like instead of adding and switching variables every night, try doing the same routine for all 5 days. too much change can be disrupting sleep.

  21. I love sleeping on the ground but never on my back because it is rely uncomfortable and I prop up my head with soft firm pillows

  22. I've slept on the floor with nothing but soft carpet and and a big fluffy sweater for a bed and a blanket because obvi but this a true story

  23. You should have used a pillow on day one under your knees as support to flatten the natural curve in your back.
    Also, Yoga mats don’t breathe and become warm quickly. Even if you throw a blanket on top there’s going to be a feeling of humidity developing underneath.

    The advice your doctor/friend gave you is exactly what happened to me when sleeping on a bed. I refuse to be like others I know who are repurchasing an expensive mattress every 5 years for quality sleep when I can work out the kinks of sleeping on the floor within a couple of weeks by preparing myself with adequate study on the best ways to do this —- before I ever started. You claim you did this but it’s obvious you never came across or really listened to helpful information to get you through the challenge.

    I could already tell after day 2 you had no real intentions of turning this challenge into something positive- otherwise you’d researched it more.

  24. i wonder if me and my former broke up because he always made me sleep on the floor because he liked it. i thought it sucked- i have a ruptured disc and scoleosis and i thought it was gd horrible

  25. i personally love sleeping k the floor, probably cause my mattress is very uncomfortable and my bed it tiny

  26. I feel bad the experience wasn’t great, I’ve been sleeping on the “floor” for the past couple years and it’s been fantastic. It took a bit of messing around to get it right but it’s more effective if it’s not super hard floor or uneven like you did here. I currently sleep on a Japanese mattress on top of gym mat puzzles (like a yoga mat but thicker, Japanese use tatami mats which have even more give) which is like sleeping on a big pillow with some give from the puzzle mat. You’d need more pillows under you in an even way so every bit of you is laying on some pillow to be effective. When I first tried it, I literally found all my spare pillows and made a full sleeping mat with them. It definitely helps my lower back issues and I even wake up more refreshed and less headaches then softer beds plus the added bonus that it all folds up and hides in my closet. *I put floor in quotes as I’m technically sleeping on a mattress but it’s like super thin and I can feel the floor underneath me but supports areas that need it just enough.

  27. Supposed to put pillows underneath your knee and put like blankets underneath your back etc
    Also if you don't have back pain and herniated discs etc sleeping on the floor isn't helpful to you

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