I’m sorry I’ve seen it too much I’m
sick and tired of it and I’ve had enough hey guys it’s Cassie welcome to my
channel if you’re new welcome back to my channel your seasoned member of the 2102
crew guys today I’m gonna talk about the most popular bags that i wouldn’t buy we
are gonna rank them yes number 5 is going to be the one that if somebody
bought it for me I would still I would still happily carry all the way to number 1
which is going to be if you have to you would have to give me give me money to
have that swinging off my arm shall we begin let’s begin start off
with number 5 the Hermes Birkin listen we know the trials and tribulations one
must go through to get this bag no I’m fine I’m fine keeping my money here
thank you very much no I don’t like it that much the other
thing with the bag is I feel that you just have it for status personally I
don’t like the shape of the bag I think it’s boring I think if it wasn’t the
Birkin I feel like if it didn’t have the status and the and the elite-ness that
it has that it wouldn’t be all that so there we go nevertheless if somebody got
me one out out still I would still carry that like my life depended on it so
number four it’s going to go to the Gucci Sylvie bag and that is because I
think this bag has the perfect name Sylvia seems to be the name of some
video that’s just like a Stepford wife you know she’s perfect she cooks every
day from from scratch she makes pasta from scratch that’s what you know
something serious okay when people like pasta from scratch
nobody does that lightly anyway she’s that she’s that kind of woman it’s
Sylvia and I feel like the bag is that the bag is very prissy it’s very like
sophisticated very much like a lady and I’m not if you’ve been on this channel for long
enough I’m not so that is why this bag is made number four number three is the
Celine nano luggage with the crossbody chain this one has made it because I’m
sick and tired of seeing it every which way I look I used to be a fan of the big
luggage i’m just not a massive Celine bag fan therefore the Celine nano
luggage I’m sorry I’ve seen you too much I’m sick and tired of it another one
number two the Saint Laurent sac de jour again I am sick and tired of
everybody having this sodding bag it’s just so sodding boring I just think
that it’s a it’s a it’s it’s a boring lazy bag I feel like I feel like for
that price point you can get something cooler something that’s still a classic
something that chic and lastly another controversial choice is the Givenchy
Antigona if I see another one of these bags I
will stab myself in the eye I am so sorry and being such a right now I like
things they’re a bit different I like you know let’s have stuff that
not everybody has you know let’s not just be buying the stuff that’s super
popular and if you know that’s let’s let’s be different so sorry
I mean also it’s just heavily structured I feel like this is the thing I haven’t
used that bag I don’t know how soft the leather is but it looks very hard and
structured to me I feel like if I were to put my arm in it the sodding zip
would grate me it is that structured I might be very wrong it might be a
great bag I’ve heard it is a great bag that’s why so many people have it but
it’s it’s a no it’s just sort of no from me this was me pressing a buzzer like
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  1. I need to know which bags you have had enough of!? Which super popular bag would you never been seen carrying!? Iā€™m dying to find out šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ™ˆ

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