5 MacBook Upgrades from Amazon!

5 MacBook Upgrades from Amazon!

Hey, how’s it going Dave 2d here? so I’ve been using the same few MacBook accessories of the past little while for the past like year, year and a half and I wanted to see if we could do a little better I wanted to see if there were like better versions of the ones I’ve been using or just like better products that kind of did the same kind of thing So I went to Amazon checked out the ratings and just like bought a bunch of stuff and here are five MacBook upgrades that I was able to come across the first one I know this sounds a little silly, but this is important to me It’s the case and think this is something that a lot of people kind of overlook when it comes to laptops I use a skin on it which is great I mean it looks cool But it doesn’t give a ton of protection the case that I’m using in the past is this it’s made by initech It’s a great case the one thing. I don’t like about it. Though. Is that after a while it starts to pill This is actually the third one that I’ve purchased from them Just the material. It’s felt. It’s nice, but it actually starts to get fuzzy and just kind of gross looking so I replace it I wanted to find something little bit different. I found this this thing’s rated 4.5 star in Amazon and There’s two things that I really like about it the first one is the inner lining it’s got this like flap on the inside that Protects the edge of your laptop so oftentimes if you have a zippered case you’ll put your laptop in and the zipper will just rub Against the case because it’s just it’s literally right against the metal or plastic zipper And it’ll just rub and rub and eventually it can wear down the side of your laptop This one has a flap in it the MacBook tucks underneath And it just protects it from that zippered edge the other thing. I like about it is the actual zipper itself It’s made by a good company, so Zippers are often overlooked when it comes to just cases because you can stick some really cheap zippers on these things and get away with It this is a YKK zipper It’s like that japanese brand super popular brand, but it’s just like a very durable well-built case I highly recommend this. okay, Next item is something that I had high hopes for so if you’ll remember the old MacBooks had magSafe It’s something that I think a lot of people enjoyed and something that kind of made MacBooks what they were There have been a lot of products that have kind of tried to emulate that or replicate that experience with some kind of magnetic connection On the USB-C thing this was one of them And I had really high hopes for this that this video was actually gonna be about how this was an awesome upgrade I’ve had this for three weeks now, and it died literally like 12 hours ago this thing died just before I made this video So I no longer recommend any of these, this is actually the fourth or fifth version like some kind of USB-C magnetic thing that I’ve tried on the MacBook they all seem to fail over time I’ve tried the Griffin one which was bulky and expensive I’ve tried some cheaper ones some moderately priced ones and finally I tried this one was made by bassies or something like that and like come on man I don’t know why they can’t make these things properly, but the idea of it seems simple right it just seems like it’ll work, but I’ve tried so many they all don’t seem to work I don’t recommend any of them unfortunately okay moving along we have This thing is something you’ve seen in a lot of my videos. There’s various companies that make this the more popular one is Satechi I’ve used that one this one’s made by QacQoc or something like that They’re all weird names But they all do the same kind of thing it’s a USB-C hub that plugs into your computer and for the most part They’re pretty good. There’s one issue that occurs with them Though is that if you use the hub heavily like if you have a media drive connected to this for a video edit it can Get quite hot so I found something that was significantly better, so this is made by its a brand name one, Kingston It’s like a fancy brand It’s 80 bucks. So these are normally like 60 bucks It’s a little bit more and it’s quite a bit larger But the thermal performance on this thing is significantly better this thing barely gets warm So if you use a hub heavily and you kind of need to have your files transferring through these things like non-stop I highly recommend picking up one of these because relying on this like I’ve had edits to just stop in the middle of it because this thing gets too warm so Kingston nucleum That’s not bad name. Okay moving along, this thing, We’ve seen this a lot of my videos I really like this batteries made by Anker. It’s got power deliveries. You can charge laptops and stuff like that It’s a good battery pack, but I found something that’s a little bit better This is made by a company called Jackery And what makes this thing kind of special is that it’s got a power outlet built into it So it’s got your standard stuff like USB-A , USB-C , and it charges via USB-C It’s got like an indicator, whatever But the power outlet allows you to connect your AC adapter to charge this thing Significantly faster than it would be if you’re just using power delivery through the USB-C So a regular battery pack will charge MacBooks reasonably fast But when you have a power outlet like this, it actually charges it as if it’s plugged into the wall. It’s awesome So it’s a little bit bigger I actually think it’s like the same kind of weight this thing holds 20,000 mAh and change This is like 26 both are good but if you need a battery pack that can power your laptop while it’s running full tilt like if you’re doing 3d stuff or video editing on the Go and you want to be able to just give it extra juice without an outlet. This is your choice Okay, moving along we have the cheapest item in this whole video It’s the 9$ USB adapters made by a company called Nonda or Nunda I think it’s Nonda the one I’ve used before is this regular standard USB dongle which is fine This one is a lot smaller and when it’s plugged up to your laptop. It’s just a cleaner look I’d much prefer this aesthetic over the whole dongle life thing It doesn’t have a perfect review like it’s a 4 star review on Amazon I think a lot of that comes from the older model like there was a 2016 version of this that was not very reliable and a little bit bigger, but the new ones two thumbs up okay, I looked for an upgrade for the mouse and There really isn’t any you’ve seen this a lot in my videos like the MX Anywhere 2s. It’s a great Mouse They have them for like 50 55 bucks now, but you can’t get anything better at least in my opinion This is seriously a great Mouse. Okay, that about wraps it up these are all like little upgrades that I was trying to bring my MacBook experience little bit better and There you have it some of them most of them are good This one or any of these magnetic cables are terrible. Okay. Hope you guys enjoyed this video, thumbs if you liked it Subs if you loved it. See you guys next time

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  1. The best case I found is the standard InCase zipper sleeve, it is a reasonable price, very durable and has fully padded edges including the zipper, which is YKK.

  2. I wash and shave my felt case 😁 i just wash them in a washing machine and use a razor (i have some clothes that have that material that tends to fuzz up so I have a razor just for that) to pass gently and take the fuziness off.

  3. Top tip, I have had few magnetic tips and it's always been the cable that fails. Buy just the adapter to plug to the original USB c cable and no issues, had it for a year now

  4. Thanks for your honest recommendations! I'm looking at getting a 2018 MacBook pro here soon and was wondering how you like it? My only concern is the keyboard issues of it sticking. But I tried one out at best buy and loved it just curious what your thoughts are?

  5. A case, USB-C adapter, a mouse, a battery pack… (one failed item) I'd really say these were basic items and you've put little thought into this pointless video.

  6. I've had good luck w/ this magnetic adapter: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07L3QMBFJ/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o03__o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

  7. Friendly man, and I like his ad at the start of the video. I’m currently trying to make something similar in LumaFusion for iPad Pro because I have NO PC/LAPTOP only an iPad Pro. I also use a SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick for external storage.

  8. hey dave, please review stickers! especially dbrand – would love to know your thoughts. Also – I found a modular usb-c hub that works great called Shinevi. Hope you can review those. Thanks for making great content!

  9. Which USB-C hub should I buy for just charging, connecting a mouse and music production and some school file work?

  10. I may be overlooking it, but I can't find a link for the HDMI adapter without the wire. I'd really like the size of it rather than a typical, corded adapter. Thanks for all the great info!

  11. This is the most unexciting video I've ever watched. I'd not buy any of the product that you recommend, that's how dull this video is

  12. Apple plan completely works, let the consumer spent money on connectors. Even if the consumer doesn't buy our dongles (and most do), by not including those connectors on the macs our profit margins will go through the roof. THIEVES

  13. With the battery pack using a 110 outlet you are going from DC to AC and then back to DC. You won't get as long of a battery life on your backup battery.

  14. Did you get a chance to try the Vinpok Bolt magnetic USB charger? I saw an Unboxing Therapy video about it and he seemed to like it. I’m wondering if that’s because it was new or if it’s maybe an improved version of magnetic charging?

  15. First on (I know it’s picky or how you would call it) but that’s more a sleeve than a case.. okay jokes a side.
    Did you try Volta cables? As far as I’m concerned they offer a lifetime warranty on the cable…

  16. Thank you, great as always!
    I was looking forever for a case with YKK zipper and zipper protection!
    Unfortunately I found your video too late, but it will definitely be the case I will recommend.

  17. It's funny to know that you're paying a premium on your Mac for lacking all these features that are standard with most of the notebooks LOL

  18. The MX Anywhere 2S is fantastic, I bought one a while ago because it was advertised to work on glass, which was only an occasional issue for me because I never had a mousepad, but it's overall a really good mouse and I'm glad to see it on this list! It's a worthwhile investment for sure.

  19. Man, how much are you spending on accessories? There are much cheaper alternatives that work as well as the ones you are showing. First of all, IMHO I don't think those kind of cases are protective. Ok, they protect against scratches and other little damages, but do not really protects against bumps. They are not padded enough and are more like sleeves, not cases. I bought a much cheaper one (about 15$) than yours by Mosiso on Amazon and I think it is much better. It has some convenient padding so that you can put it everywhere and it protects from bumps, it is well refined and after a year of use it is still as new. Also, I bought a very good usb hub by Dodocool that costs half the price of the Kingston one and it is just as good. It may get a little warmer, ok but nothing to worry about.

  20. You're the real MVP. Talking fast and without filling in any aahms or uneccessary adjectives. I really enjoy listening. No nedd to speed the video! Perfect!!!

  21. Logitech mice all suck now. I need a number pad on my mouse for blender and they are all corded. Logitech has had 20 years to go full bluetooth and ditch that little pos dongle that comes with their crap. They can't. Look at their career page. They have no idea who they need.

  22. In your background I have seen a screen. In that I have seen MacOS but it is not iMac. So, how can you run that os.

  23. Apple please bring back at least one Pro model laptop with magnetic power socket, decent cooling and all of the useful ports built-in; my 2014 15" Pro is not going to last forever 🙁

  24. I've been using those magnetic connectors on my phones, headphones, kindle etc. for years. Never had a problem. Plus it's nice to only need one cable for my micro-usb, usb-c, and lightning connectors.

  25. I've had the Griffin magnetic cable for 3 years, and it has not quit on me. Yes, it is a little bit bulky. But it works. And if it stops working, it has a lifetime warranty.

  26. i might buy mackbook 15, should i or shoud i go with bang for the buck laptops or XPS even?

  27. Have been using the Volta magnetic cable (https://voltacharger.com/products/volta-2-0) with my MacBook Pro for a couple of months now. Works great and no issues so far. Use their cables and connectors for (i)Phones and other Micro-USB devices for years and work great and reliable.

  28. If you plug the wall adapter into the powerbank it will drain faster because of the efficiency factor but if you connect it directly with the usb c cable it will charge slower but you have more battery life

  29. They used to say you need a powered hub (with outlet plug) if you're taxing the hub. Is this no longer true with the newer laptops?

  30. Guess no one is stupid enough besides the sheepels to buy a new mac book pro/air nowdays, with or without all of you the Youtube influensers help lolol They outright suck now. Quality issues, overheating issues, no repairablity, performance is underpar/price. If apple continue like this, they will find themself going down lik they did pre Jobs return.

  31. Super misleading thumbnail. Thinking I was gonna see a mag usb type c charger you can recommend and you straight up say you don't recommend any of them

  32. have you ever tried the safemag adapter and not entire cable?
    There is another option very similar to the Mini USB-C but for chargind allowing to use the original apple charger and cable

  33. Why isnt there any wireless mice with USB-c receivers? There are some really low quality ones on amazon with bad reviews but I cant seem to find anything else…

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