hi guys today I’m going to be sharing
with you Isabella’s five month old routine and schedule and I thought I
would show you her now because she’s about to have her bottle so she’s going
to be down here on my lap and I thought I’d sneak her into this video quickly
she is very active at the moment she just wants to get up and go so I’m
hoping she’ll stay nice and quiet for me to film this video and it’s one of the
things that I Google the most baby’s routines and schedules and I think it’s
kind of every parent’s desperate attempt to get some sort of life back when your
baby is in the schedule or a routine it kind of makes life a little bit easier
I’m all for routine and schedule but I have to admit I’ve been a little bit
more relaxed with Isabella than I was with James and it kind of works out well
for our family I think if I were in a strict routine with her things would not
go down well I would be permanently stressed and so yeah I have kind of like
an ideal routine that I try to stick to and most days it works but sometimes it
doesn’t and if it doesn’t it’s not the end of the world obviously you guys know
by now watching all these mummy videos that none of us know what we’re doing
we’re all doing what we think is best for our kids and we’re trying to take
inspiration from other mums and just do our best really so this is a routine for
a five month old baby who is mixed fed so she’s breastfed and bottle fed and she
also recently just started weaning so I’ve included the time that I give her
solid foods in the schedule as well before I start the video I just wanted
to let you guys know that channel mum has done a whole series of baby
development videos which are simply brilliant and I wish these were around
when I had James as a first-time mum because I was internet with apps and
things and websites looking at development and what to expect from my
baby it’s so much more intuitive to what a video and your baby’s development
rather than just read like a generic article because on the videos you get to
see lots of them talking about how their babies have are developing and these are
approved by health visitors and made in conjunction with health health visitors
so you know you can trust them so if you fancy watching then if you have a new
baby and you want to know everything about their
development there’s a video for every single month of your baby’s life up
until 12 months old and I think for the first months they have one week two
weeks three weeks and four week old development videos I’ll leave a link in
the description box below for you to check it out so let me get her sorted
and we’ll get started right so she’s down here having her bottle and I’ve got
my note on my phone to help me through this video so let’s start with a wake
time so if the banner usually wakes up at half past big give or take everything
here give or take about an hour but it’s usually half past six that she wake for
the day and before I had kids I used to think like if they are still feeding
through the night how do you know when they are awake for the day but you do
know because they just will not those also go back to sleep they are ready and
their eyes are wide open and they don’t want to be in the bedroom anymore it’s
like they’ve had a Nelson theme in the bedroom so half of 6 is at the end of
her tether and I cannot sneak in anymore five minutes of sleep so house get her
downstairs and also I do that because I don’t want to wake James up James this
is about a big brother who is 2 and he sleeps in until a little bit later than
half a stick so if I keep her upstairs she’s so loud and she’s going to wake
him up so I just bring her downstairs with me and because she still feeds
feeds through the night which is something that you’ll see later on in
the in the routine she gets plenty of milk in the night this girl breastfeed
all night long so when she wakes I’m not that desperate to immediately feed her a
bottle with my first as soon as he woke up he had a bottle in his mouth because
I worried that he was going to be starving from you know all my long
sleeping and all that but with her because I know she’s feeding in the
night I know she’s getting milk so I’m not that sort of quick to go and feed
her so we come downstairs I make myself a coffee make myself some cereal trying
in webs and breakfast well if I can change her nappy catch up on some
YouTube have a little play around the floor with her and usually just try and
lay the morning feed for a little bit longer so then I go and make her a
bottle and she has first bottle and around about half-past seven and she
used to fall asleep having a bottle and sometimes if she’s really tired she
still will but nowadays is a little bit less common for her to fall asleep
whilst having milk which makes it harder to settle her to sleep so she has a
bottle at house 7 and she is in real snacker she will have bits and bobs and
a little bit here and then she’ll stop and play and have a little bit more so
it’s a bit harder to keep track of whether or not she’s finishing that
bottle or am I going to have to make her a fresh bottle because she’s taken so
long to finish it but if she has the bottle within an hour of me making it
then I’ll still feed it to her so at a roundabout we have a look half a state I
put her down for a nap and this is his first nap of the day and it’s usually
the longest nap so she naps from half a state to half-past nine and yes so to
nap for a good hour and first first thing in the morning so then when she
wakes at half 9:00 her big brother will be awake by that point so everybody has
some playtime down here and it’s just a very fast-paced household you know we’re
just running around doing things all the time I work from home so I’m trying to
sneak in some work at the same time as giving the kids breakfast and getting
them sorted being the second baby she’s learned that she needs to be a little
bit more independent in that she if she loses a toy she’s going to have to find
a way to get it if she wants it quickly so that’s been quite different to me
because I’ve always been kind of a very hands-on you know help you every step of
the way mum with Jane if he lost a toy I’d be right there to give you his toy
back and that’s not always a good thing but you know it made him feel like
someone was always there but with her I’m not always there like immediately
when she needs me because I might be with James I might be doing other things
so she’s kind of learned to be a little bit more independent which is good yes
so we’re talking about you so what’s next I try to put her down for a nap
two hours after she wakes from a nap and I also try to give her a bottle every
four hours so that’s kind of the schedule that I try to stick to I’m so
sorry the light keeps changing I’m using natural light in the Sun is out so it
makes it’s making things either too bright or too dark but I’m just going to
carry on and hope for the best so lunch time so she’s having her lunch
time solid foods at about half past eleven and she’s only just started so at
the beginning of weaning at least this is how we do it I start with one meal a
day and her meal is lunch time so that’s what she hasn’t half a lemon and she
also has a little drink of water and at 12 o’clock she has a second bottle of
the day and she will usually fall asleep having that bottle so she will down for
a nap around about quarter past twelve and then sleep until about twenty to one
and that’s when we all start to get ready to go out because if we’re going
out that day obviously if not then things just carry on his normal but if
we’re going out that’s the best time to go out for us because my son James he’s
happier when he’s got he’s tummy full and it’s not the end of the day still so
midday after he’s had his lunch after the Bellas had her nap is the best time
for us to head out somewhere and for us all to be happy and content so that’s
when we would go out if we do go out around about one o’clock so then she’ll
have another nap at around about three o’clock so if we’re still out to nap in
her car seat or in her buggy if we’re back home then I’ll put her in her crib
or in her cot stairs so she’ll nap for about 40 minutes she
is a real cat Napper as well she won’t have like really long naps but she is
getting better as the months go by so sort of around about three to four
months old she’s have 15 to 20-minute naps now she’s getting more into 30
minutes and 40 minutes 45 minute naps so then the next thing is you have a bottle
at 4 o’clock and then it’s the struggle to make it through and so fast time at 5
o’clock because both my kids are exhausted by bath time at 5:00 so they
are a little bit grisly er than usual around about 4 to 5 o’clock so they have
a bath 5 o’clock both of them and then at 6 o’clock she has another nap and I
would love for this to be her bedtime like her actual going down to sleep and
not waking up until at least 11 o’clock but she
does tend to think that this is an app and even though my son has an early
bedtime as well because he’s dropped his snaps he doesn’t nap in the day anymore
so he’s shattered by 6:00 p.m. she goes down at 6:00 but she wakes up about half
an hour after thinking that she’s had a nap but I’ve done something recently
that’s changed this habit of hers so she goes down at 6:00 she wakes up at half
past 6:00 I gave her a bottle straight away sort of half past six you know 6:40
I give her a bottle and she will kind of like have a top-up feed and feel still a
little bit drowsy I try not to interact with her too much because I don’t want
to put her down on the floor to play and crawl because you think really is
playtime when in an actual fact I want her to be staying asleep so if I’m lucky
when she’s having that half-past six bottle she’ll go straight back to sleep
and I’ll put her down again and she was been asleep if not and that happened
sometimes she’s still awake after the bottle or she doesn’t want to drink the
bottle then I just walk her around a little bit give her a cuddle and then I
put her back down in the crib and kind of rub her back and try to sing to her
without picking her up or doing too much like looking I don’t look her in the eye
that is the death of bedtime if I catch her eye that is it I don’t know why I
don’t know if any yawns babies do that but my children if I sketch if I look
them in the eye when we’re trying to put them to sleep it’s ruined so I don’t
look her in the eye I just kind of reassure her that I’m still there she
doesn’t really cry she sometimes she moaned a little bit just kind of like
just baby moan but she doesn’t really cry and yeah she finally settles back to
sleep by me rubbing her back sometimes I have to pick her up and walk her around
but recently she’s been going down quite well to sleep like that just by having
like a muddling near her face to smell and me rubbing her back so yeah it’s all
goes well she goes back to sleep at around about seven to half past seven
and it’s at that point that she has a longer stretch of silly but I’ve cut
down feeding her to sleep because I realized that I was actually given her
more interaction and keeping him more awake by picking her up giving her a
bottle or breast feed to try and get him back to sleep and it wasn’t working so
I’ve cut those feet out of her Albertine and I will only
give her a bottle then at around about 11 o’clock if I can’t get her to sleep
any other way and then yes so if she’s still asleep 11 I leave her asleep until
she wakes but usually she wakes up 11 to midnight and she has a bottle or a
breast feed and then I try to get her back to sleep
but usually that’s when our cluster feeding starts so if the Bella is not
very good at settling in the night without feeding and I get worried that
I’m going to wake James up if I don’t give her a feed and try to get her to
settle in any other way so I’ve been doing the unthinkable and I’ve been
feeding her too steep and she stays latched on all night long which is not
ideal but that’s the next thing that we’re going to tackle so yes from eleven
o’clock until about half-past six I am hopping from one side to the next of the
bed feeding her on both sides so I don’t bottle feed her in the night because
it’s just more convenient for me to breastfeed and it’s the only time that I
consistently breastfeed her at the moment and yeah that’s what we do I will
try my best to cut down the cluster feed in the night and only have set times
where I feed him so that is our routine for Isabella at five months old she’s
going to be six months in a few days and if you guys would like to see a
six-month-old routine sort of when we’ve settled more into her six months then
let me know in the comments below if you liked the video give it a thumbs up if
you have friends that have babies and who are struggling to get their babies
into a routine and maybe show them this video that they might take something out
of it that might might help them I can’t tell you how many times I’ve taken
things out of videos and articles that have helped me immensely especially the
first-time mum I used to take out like random scheduling routines off the
internet and try and follow it and adapt it to our needs in our lives and it has
been really helpful to me so I would love to be able to help other mums out
there and if you’re not subscribed already make sure you hit the subscribe
button so you don’t miss our future videos and I will see you in my next
video bye see bye bye say bye bye yay


  1. Here is Baby Isabella's 5 moth old baby routine and a sample baby schedule for a 5-6 month old baby, including times for feeding, sleep, naps, activities and solids. This routine is for a breastfed and bottle fed baby who has only just started weaning onto solid foods. Every baby and every family is different, so this is just something that works for our family and I thought I would share in case it's helpful! 🙂

  2. Aw cluster feeding u must feel tired all the time not that u look it. I have 2 boys 7 and 4 and 5 week baby boy. I'm breastfeeding him I haven't done so with my other 2. He's putting on weight and been doing really well. Just at night I find it difficult. Although he's sleeping pattern is not bad sometimes he sleep 5-6 without feeding which is not bad for 5 week baby. It's hard during the day because I have my other
    2 as well and he tends to feed during the day more which is taking a lot of time. Isabella she's beautiful 💜( really want a girl)😩

  3. You deserve way more subscribers and viewers !! Your such a true person and your family is so beautiful.
    I am 8 months pregnant and live near London and I enjoy watching you. Your english is so good.

    Please don't stop making videos.
    All the best!

  4. Thank you so much for continuing to post videos. I am a first time mom to a 4 month of beautiful baby girl. I thought I was the only one whose baby remains latched on through the night. i'm hoping its a phase because yes it not the most restful sleep. Big big kudos to you for doing all this with 2 little ones. some days must feel impossible but i appreciate your honesty in the videos and all the support you give. keep posting please!! I look forward to all your videos.

  5. Isabella and Olivia are very similar! She only really cat naps but is slowly getting better and we definitely feel that 5pm struggle! She's an utter cutie and looking more like James every month! X

  6. Isabella looks just like my youngest daughter. I have a 5 and a 4 year old and 6 mounths twins, boy and girl. And your afternoon routine looks like ours🙂, if i put the twins down for sleep at 6:30-7 pm, my boy will always be awake after 30 min. I can not find a solution to that problem.

  7. Ysis could you do an update on James' sleep routine, super curious since I know you had trouble a few months back! Love your channel!

  8. New Sub here from Australia with a 18 week old baby and a Mum Vlogger as well!
    So glad i stumbled across your channel. Oh my goodness the EYE contact so true!!! I'm just about to start giving her some mushy solids…approx how much did you start Isabella on? A few teaspoons?
    Thank you so much for sharing this information.

  9. My baby has just hit the 5 month mark and this was so insightful! As a first time mum I always worry about if I should be doing things differently, and so I look up articles. This is the first time I've looked to YouTube for help and I came across this video! Thank you!

  10. She is a beautiful baby! My 5 month old seems to sleep better at night if I give her a little baby oatmeal before bed. She still is latched most of the night though

  11. Omg how long ago was this video? My baby is exactly the same …5 mos catnapping and bfeeding at nyt.. altho ive jst tried her giving her a bottle voz she never takes it…. what was her weight at 5months?x

  12. watching it without the sound because feeding my 5 months old baby. will watch it again in the morning..you have a beautiful child..will watch her other videos too

  13. I heard that there was something called sleep training. It is supposed to help your newborn to get on the right schedule when it comes to sleeping. I want to know if anyone has heard about this.

  14. This video gives me life cuz my baby is such catnapper also starts cluster feeding at 11 pm which is really exuhsting. I am breastfeeding and my baby is gaining lots of weight but I can't help myself of thinking that he doesn't get enough milk cuz he is so awake and fussy all the time. I try to feed him more and now he is at 5 months mark and eating solids; I thought that he will sleep better at night but lord nothing seems to be working 😭

  15. Hi Ysis,
    I love your video.
    Ive been inspired to try sharing my routine with my daughter Esmerelda who is also 5 months old.
    Id love some support to help build my channel if possible. <3

  16. As a Mum …when I watch this video I feel bad,first of all..how you manage to put on makeup?and second ..your house is so tidy …not even a tissue paper in a corner or something….just be realistic and be natural…

  17. Cute baby , and video was very informative. Our baby Angelina , wont eat baby foods …keeps pushing away and crying. Any ideas would help. Cheers

  18. I have a 5 month old with no routine whatsoever. He wakes up, eats, sleeps and play at different times every single day and I just do what he wants 😂🤣 my son is a snacker too, he’s exclusively breastfeeds against my will because he does not like any formulas, he throws up, spits it out, lets it spill out 😂 and he drinks a lil but every hour 🤦🏻‍♀️ my mother looks at me and prays for me everyday but I’m a stay at home mum and I don’t give my self a hard time I don’t force myself to cook or clean I can go all day without any food just water and when my husband comes home from work he takes him and then I’ll cooks us fish or chicken and rice etc. And I eat with him, that’s all my 3 meals, he does the dishes I feed and put baby to sleep. Once baby has gone to sleep usually around 23:30 for 3 hours, taking 20 minute naps every 1.5 hours throughout the day from 9am. In that time me and my husband chill, eat, catch up on shows, music, chat and uno 😂 once he sleeps and I’ve given baby a feed at 1:30-2 it’s mummy time til 3am, give him another feed. Then it’s my bed time till 8am. What do I do about the formula so husband can help me on the weekends and take him out & I rest?

  19. Hi you are doing so amazing! Beautiful children.
    I have a soon to be 5 month old and a 23 months old and have no routines, except for the older one has 1 nap.
    Can you please tell me when did you know James is ready for skipping his nap?


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