5 Reasons NOT To Buy a Chanel Jumbo | Chanel Classic Flap

5 Reasons NOT To Buy a Chanel Jumbo | Chanel Classic Flap

– Today, I’m giving you five reasons not to buy a Chanel Jumbo. (cheerful music) A lot of times on YouTube, we have this YouTube made me do it, people are talking about all
the great things about the bag. They’re showing you their
bag in its best angle, it its best light. They’re not always showing
you the dark side of a bag. And a lot of times, you’ll
watch YouTube videos, look at Instagram, and think
this is the perfect bag, I must get it for me. Then you get it and you realize
it does have some issues. That is the purpose of this video, to give you the dark side. Today’s video is five reasons
not to buy a Chanel Jumbo. I do own a Chanel Jumbo, but I don’t think that
they are for everyone and I am going to explain why. This video was inspired by Amaya Lynxx. She did a video on five reasons
not to buy an Hermes Birkin, even though she has quite the
collection of Hermes Birkins. She said there are reasons not to buy one and it is good to be
aware of those reasons. She did not call it a tag video but she did invite anybody
to do a similar video on a bag of their choice and I have chosen the Chanel Jumbo. I am no stranger to
going against the grain. I did a negative review of
my Louis Vuitton Speedy. I will put that up here. That is a bag I don’t advise,
even though I do own one. There are all kinds of reasons I think you shouldn’t buy the Speedy. Today we’re talking
about the Chanel Jumbo. Here is mine. Mine is the Chanel Jumbo
in the single flap. That is no accident. I used to own the double flap and that one had so many problems that I sold it and I got the single flap. The single flap was not
available at the time that I purchased this,
it wasn’t available new, so I did buy this bag pre-loved. Getting it in a single flap
does fix a lot of the problems but not all of them, so here they are, five reasons not to buy a Chanel Jumbo. The first is is that it is a heavy bag and you will hear people
talking about that. And you may think, I like I did, oh, it’s no big deal, I mean, how heavy can it really be, right? It’s pretty heavy. I mean, it just really
starts to hurt your back. It’s not a good thing. Now, getting it in the
single, that does help. I have done a full review of this bag. I will put that up here too, in case you want to take a look at it, but you can tell that it’s a single flap because the grommets are
like this on the bag. In the double flap, they are like this. Here, they’re like this. And, as the name suggests, when you open the double flap,
it has another flap here. The single just has one flap. It’s a big opening like that,
so that is the difference. Getting rid of that extra
flap opens up more space, it enables the bag to hold more, and it cuts down on the
weight significantly. The second reason not
to buy a Chanel Jumbo is this strap. This is one of the most
awkward straps there is. It is very, very long. I am 5’7″ tall. This strap is too long for
me to use as a shoulder bag. It’s fine when the strap is doubled but not when it is in one long layer. And it’s even too long to use cross-body. It is just a very, very long strap. I’m able to finagle mine a little bit. I’m able to pull this up and it will stay and I just let it drape there or there, so I can adjust it the way that
I want it and it does stay. I don’t know if most Chanel
Jumbos do that, however. I think most of them would
go back to just being longer. This one, I am able to finagle. If I weren’t able to do that, my only choice for carrying this bag would really be to double up the straps. So an awkward strap is the second reason not to buy the Chanel Jumbo. Number three, you’re not
gonna like to hear this, it is unflattering. This is not the most
flattering bag to the body. It is rectangular. It is very squared off. It’s large. On most people, this just
isn’t a flattering shape. A lot of times, it looks
like the bag is wearing you, as opposed to you wearing the bag. Do keep that in mind. It’s such an iconic bag,
it’s such a recognizable bag, so people do notice it, but that doesn’t mean that
it is flattering on you. It just means that they like the bag. So you kind of have to decide
what you think about that. Try to look at it
objectively in the mirror and think if this didn’t say Chanel, if this weren’t a Chanel bag, if I didn’t have all of this going on in my mind about this bag, would I still think that
this is a flattering bag? And you may very well find
that the answer is no. Number three, the Chanel Jumbo
is a cumbersome bag to use. This is especially true
with the double flap. For a second here, I’m gonna show you my Medium/Large double
flap to demonstrate this. I this size, you can
undo this and lift this and get in all with one hand. It’s much easier to do. With the Jumbo, none of that is as easy. The flap is really big. The second flap is really big. This little maneuver right here is not an easy thing to
do with the bigger bag, so you really do need two hands to get in and out of the bag. The single flap does fix that. I can easily get into this
bag with just one hand. It’s still relatively cumbersome. It is a big bag and it’s a rectangular bag and it is stiff, so it
sort of swings around and can kind of run into things. It’s not as easy to use as you may think. Number five is price. It may surprise you to hear me say that because we know it’s a Chanel bag and we know it’s expensive. I have been buying Chanel a long time, for quite a number of years. It’s always been expensive, Chanel has always been an expensive brand, but I felt like they were
worth it for a long time, they were worth the price. Their price hikes are way
higher than anybody else’s. They are outpacing the value of the bag. I just don’t think that
Chanel is worth the price that they’re charging anymore. As they have hiked the price up, they’re mass-producing more
and the quality has gone down, not only the quality of the bags, but the quality of the experience when you buy and also if
you have a problem later. All of that has gone down
while the price has gone up. It just doesn’t make sense
anymore, not when I do the math. There is the pre-loved
market, that is a way to go, but if you’re talking about
buying the Chanel Jumbo new, price is a major deterrent. Those are my five reasons
not to buy the Chanel Jumbo. Thank you to Amaya Lynxx
for inspiring this video. Of course, I have her original video on five reasons not to buy an
Hermes Birkin linked below. I invite you to do the same. If you have a bag and
you think to yourself I know five reasons why
someone shouldn’t buy it, I invite you to do this video. Please let me know you did. I would love to watch it. I am fine jewelry designer Jill Maurer and I love taking the
mystique and the intimidation out of buying and wearing jewelry. A lot of times I talk about
jewelry on this channel, but I talk about all aspects of design, including luxury handbags. If any of this sounds interesting
to you, please subscribe. I would love to see you here again. Until next time! (cheerful music)

6 thoughts on “5 Reasons NOT To Buy a Chanel Jumbo | Chanel Classic Flap

  1. I sold my Chanel double flap jumbo for so many of these reasons , to cumbersome for me , very heavy , very annoying to get in and out of ! While the single flap may have worked out better , this particular flap bag just didn’t do it for me , Chanel doesn’t do it for me at this stage in my life ! I will never say never but right now Chanel prices are borderline insane and not for me ! Thanks for sharing Jill ! Xoxo

  2. Great video. I agree with you about jumbo flap. I did exactly same video few months ago . Thank You so much for sharing darling ❤️

  3. I purchased a Chanel flap inspired bag from Amazon a couple years ago. Just to see if I wanted to save up for real one and I hated it. It was smaller than yours and had the double flap. I think it was the same as the size medium? And while I don't dress with the "according to my size" rule, I don't have a few limits. This bag looked like a rectangular box of tissue protruding from my tummy and banged into everything I came close to 😂🤣😂🤣😂 I ended up donating it to women in need of bags to go on job interviews.
    I do however may consider a mini one day because it won't be quite so boxy.
    And I can't agree more on their process increases! Such a turn off for a bad that can easily be scrubbed off on the corners. I've looked at tons of preloved ones online. I just don't think they're worth it. Ugh!

  4. I'm beginning to feel the negative things about my jumbo. I have used it once for about a week only. I bought mine brand new last April only, woooh! Thank you for sharing this video my friend…I absolutely love it! xoxo

  5. Great idea for a video. Excellent points. Sounds like I wouldn't be able to carry it with my back problems. The Chanel business affinity has the same awkward strap length problem. Interesting about the 2nd flap being more difficult on the jumbo than the medium. I'll start thinking about whether I have a bag I could do this video about.

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