5 Tips for Transporting Goods with Backpacks, Mules, and Caravans in Ashes of Creation

5 Tips for Transporting Goods with Backpacks, Mules, and Caravans in Ashes of Creation

Hi friends! Today we’ll be talking about
backpacks caravans and mules and I’ll be sharing some strategies on how to
protect your goods as well as how to attack other people for their goods. Now
according to the Ashes of Creation Wiki people will be able to transport goods
for sale in three different ways. In their personal backpacks, on mules, and in
caravans. A mule will carry ten times as much as a backpack and a caravan will
carry ten times as much as a mule. To prevent individual players from being
attacked Ashes has implemented a system called corruption. If a non-combatant
player is attacked the attacker will suffer a loss of experience and personal
items. They will also be marked as corrupt and the bounty will be placed on
their heads by the game. But before I go off on a tangent let’s get back to
talking about transporting our goods. Probably the safest way to transport
goods is in your backpack. Since you are protected by corruption and you can’t
carry very much you aren’t really worth attacking.This is probably the safest
way to transport expensive goods. Transporting goods by mule is a little
riskier because they carry ten times as much as your backpack. Depending on what
you’re carrying, you might make a good target. However, I
think mules are protected by corruption because of this quote. More on this later.
Caravans are the riskiest mode of transporting goods of all. Caravans will
constantly be under attack since they are not protected by corruption. In fact,
caravans are designed to be attacked. Now let’s talk about the strengths and
weaknesses of these different modes of transporting goods. Backpacks will be
useful for a small items, for instance let’s say you want to sell your Sword of
Infinite Power for 10,000 Embers You don’t want to put that on the
caravan because there’s a high risk that that caravan will be attacked. You want
to walk it over to the next town in your backpack so you won’t be noticed.
However, if you want to transport 10,000 Silver Bars to the next town over you
don’t want to make 100 trips with 100 Silver Bars in your backpack each time.
That would take too long. You might want to use a mule and make 10 trips with
1,000 Silver Bars on each trip instead. If you are transporting something
expensive you might get some friends to go on the trip with you for protection.
Caravans are best used to transport things you can afford to lose, things
that can be replaced easily, and cheaper items like wood. Now that we know how to
transport our goods let’s learn how to steal items from other people.
I don’t know if I want to give you these tips since you might use them on me but
here goes. I’ll throw in some good tips to even things out.
Tip 1, when to attack solo players. Not too long ago I watched a YouTube of a
guy complaining that the armor was too pretty. He wanted to start the game with
rusty brown armor so he could brag about his beautiful armor later when he earned
it. I completely disagree with this because I think it provides people with
incentive to cheat. Which solo player should you attack? The one with the
beautiful golden armor because if they have expensive armor they probably have
other expensive items you want to loot too. So tip #1 is attack the most
expensive looking player. Tip #2, if you have something expensive in your
backpack dress down. Wear your crappy armor so you don’t attract attention. Tip
#3, attacking mules. Attack the mules surrounded by guards. If it’s
important enough to guard then it probably has good stuff on it. Tip 4, tell
your friends not to cluster around the mule they are protecting. Spread
everybody out so they don’t look like they’re protecting you. Send some ahead
or let some lag behind. They can’t look like they’re protecting you or they’ll
make you a target, Tip 5. Caravans. Wait until the caravan is alone in the woods
to attack. Don’t attack it 10 feet from the city gate. Why? Because cities are
heavily populated. People are constantly coming in and out. If they see a caravan
being attacked they will join the fight. If they defend the caravan that makes
your life harder. If they help you defeat it then you have to split the loot more
ways. That’s less loot for you. And now it’s time for a bonus tip. Tip 6,
learn your cities and hang out near the correct one. If the city is a good place
to sell wood then all the caravans entering that city will be carrying wood.
If the city is a good place to sell silver then all the caravans coming in
will be loaded with silver. Well that’s all the tips I have for you today. If you
liked this video and found it informative
make sure you ring the bell and leave a nice comment below. My next video will be
coming out soon. Thanks for watching!

2 thoughts on “5 Tips for Transporting Goods with Backpacks, Mules, and Caravans in Ashes of Creation

  1. Transporting "Doods", huh? lol Don't know if i want to transport those types of "goods"… (typo at the 0:18 mark)

    You gave some interesting tips. I'll be curious to see if the mechanics for transportation remain as stated, or change over the course of development. Thanks, FT!

  2. You have a fundamental flaw in your logic here

    If you had a valuable sword you wanted to transport, you'd of course want to carry it with you since you don't drop loot unless you are corrupted.

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