100 thoughts on “5 TYPES OF WOMEN WHO RIDE

  1. Sport bike girl not buying fancy shoes? You sure? https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/sidi-crossfire-2-srs-boots 😁

  2. I’m not going to be slotted by media of @what kind Of girl am I”. That’s BS. I RIDE WHAT I WANT WHEN I WANT…. so the media has to define everything, fight it women! Don’t box me in.

  3. More gals and less dudes is always better. Thank you Doodle for continuing to be the best🏄‍♂️🏄‍♂️🏄‍♂️

  4. I'm not sure I have a little over a year and 2500 miles on my rebel. Not sure if I should buy a sportster 883 or a ninja 400.

  5. I like both naked bikes and cruiser so my Rebel 500 fits perfect, it's like combination of both. In spring, I'm planning to get compact fishing gear to trout fish in mt rivers. I'll be able to do two things I enjoy at same time ride & fish! Today I rode GA Hwy 60 Between Dahlonega, GA to Morganton, GA, so many fun twisty with ups and down. Doodle, I highly recommend you give it a try. Do be careful on some of the blind curves. One down hill curve, I thought my rear was sliding out under me but it was way curve was slopped in odd way to help keep traction. Very fun road! Take Care and God Bless!

  6. Oh gosh! First let me say I love so many different bikes. If I was able to I'd have a garage full of unique bikes, but I guess I'd need a garage to begin with. The problem is my height. Most sport bikes are too tall, so that's out. Adventure bikes too. Shoot! So on and so forth. I guess I'll stick with crazing.

  7. Cruiser girl here. I have two HDs (2011 Sporty and 2015 Softail Deluxe CVO), but I love all bikes and my hat's off to all women who ride!

  8. I admire all women riders, but being an old fart on a cruiser, I was blown away the first time a sport bike girl pulled up next to me !

  9. I'd say almost anybody rocking 2 X chromosomes on 2 wheels is cool in my book. But you left out the female stunt riders! 😱


    She has a very interesting and inspiring story. Right in line with your strong, independent female rider message.

    Anyway keep doing what you're doing and great vid. I like the "types of riders" list, especially from someone that doesn't demand that their audience worship their thighs (though you might be able to pull that off better than some 😉).

  10. I love biker chicks of all kinds, but if I had to choose, it would be a combination of cruiser and adventure as I myself am. I love my old cruiser but I love strapping down luggage on the back with tent and sleeping bag and seeing where the road goes

  11. Two questions: How did you get the name Doodle? And what is your day job (general occupation)? I enjoy your videos and personality, and you're a lovely girl

  12. ME'OW growl Raaaaarrrrr & purrrr That last girl li'l Canadian Loveliness ARRR she does have a head start on me BUT I got a really FAAAST bike en Im gonna catch me that sweet little adventurous wandering ROSE 🐞😆

  13. I'm a cafe racer rider got a Custom BMW R9T but I would Love to Ride with a Sports Motorbike Girl which I'm currently doing and we Love it 🙂

  14. I'm all for it if it gets them off my bike alot funner riding solo with your old lady riding on your side.

  15. Sports bike girl is the one, but not on a liter or even a 600. 50 horses is plenty for the street. I traded in my Bandit 1200S for a Ninja 400 and love it. A Ninja 1000 goes from 0 to 60 in 2.5 seconds. A Nebraska oak tree stops a Ninja 1000 in 0.0 seconds.

  16. Love the sport bike girls. I'm a sport bike guy. I'm 56 and been riding sport bikes all my life ..Love them . Never change lol

  17. I started riding just shy of 4 years ago, and the sport / naked bike attracted me right away. I have mad respect for all lady riders, whatever they choose to ride. I decided to go for the BMWS1000R (after watching Katkam vids), and have never looked back. Love this bike!!

  18. Good friend of mine is a cruiser girl- its all true 🙂 Started on a S40, now on a HD. She rides with the Motor Maids- all woman club, they go all over the place.

  19. Any person whom rides a bike is unique. Bikers are individual. Typically no passengers. Don’t know too many women bikers. Women who do ride have my respect. From bikers point, there is nothing like experience G-Force on bike in a turn (high speed road turn or Mx course railing a berm). Feels good. Stay safe all Bikers. God Bless. PB43.

  20. I’m an old fart, but I give props to all the girls I see riding, I often think they have more____ than their male counterparts!

  21. I love all girl bikers. They are all my dream girl. Wish there were more of them. Good job on putting the videos together.

  22. I don’t see much girls riding, sad… i think, if I ride in the summer, at my best of the year and a “sportbikegirl” would pass me, with her knee down in a corner the next parkingspace I think I go down on my knee and ask her to marry me 🥰😎

  23. I’d love to own one of everything! Currently though, I’m a sport bike girl. I love catching curvy country roads on my Ninja. I also ride my hubby’s sport touring from time to time.

  24. My wife rides a Can Am Spyder RT-S. I ride a Honda GL1800. She loves to go on 6000 to 8000 mile interstate cross country trips that would cause many lesser riders to pale at the mere thought of such a trek. My hat's off to the ladies who love to ride!

  25. Love how you featured other YouTubers that was great! In our NYC International Motorcycle Show video we found women who run a coop garage in Brooklyn and wrench their own bikes. I was encouraging them to start a channel.

  26. one of my first girlfriend's used to have a 250 Suzuki trail bike riding with her was pure you're imagination will do the rest

  27. i once went on a ride with the southern cruisers in n. carolina. there were 2 girls riding old standards, and they were better riders than 80% of the crew i showed up with. i was very impressed.

  28. you can add my favorite, the stunter girl! wheelies, drifting, burnouts and lots of other tricks plus doing their own mechanics!

  29. Ага, фотомодель, дрыщь, слесарь, чокнутая, толстуха.
    Спорт,кросс,HD,тур-энд-дура, мотолюлька.

  30. I want to learn to ride a motorcycle. But don't know if I should start with a dirt bike. Oh well this will be my goal for this coming year.

  31. I’m a sport bike guy.
    Wife thought she was a sports bike gal but after learning on one I think she may stray over to a cruiser.

  32. Female aussie learner here (but been around bikes my whole damn life!). I totally applaud the use of real biker gals and their own bikes in this video. & very inspiring!!!!!! ❤ Im thinking Im gonna be a cruiser & sportbike gal myself.

  33. I really don't see you in any of the categories you discussed in this video. So if you had to, how would you categorize yourself?

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