$500 HANDBAG, IS IT WORTH IT?! Teddy Blake Review

$500 HANDBAG, IS IT WORTH IT?! Teddy Blake Review

hey babes so today’s video is a review
on Teddy Blake they are a handbag company and their line has gorgeous
gorgeous handbags it was so many to choose went to review but I did choose
the Cadi small silver in beige I am in love with
this bag you guys this one looks familiar because it looks similar to my
black handbag that I absolutely love I love this head to bed I just love the
very sleek sort of square look to it when I got it I was like oh my god I was
so happy with the color because I really wanted a bag that was sort of this muddy
darker taupe and I was hoping it was gonna turn out like that so that’s
exactly what I got and I really love how this silver hardware is just so sleek in
cost like it comes with this very silky duster bag I really like using these
when you want to switch purses and you don’t just want to stick them inside of
your closet so it’s actually a good protector so I just flip it back into
these duster bags when I want to use the different faith for next time so I
really like that it comes with this I also came with this little card on here
just explaining that it is made in Italy and all made by hand which is so cool
and I can tell by the leather that it is really really good quality for me I
really like leather bags and this leather I can feel that it’s super soft
and really real and I just really like it I actually appreciate the little so I
hope you guys can see but there’s like a little creasing on the sides here that’s
actually a natural thing with leather a lot of people might think that that’s
like a defect or something but it’s actually just the nature of the beast
just what they say so with leather you will expect that creasing and it’s
normal if they have any sort of little details like that because that’s just
what leather does it will crease over time and it will wrinkle over time but
for me I appreciate that about leather so it doesn’t bother me at all
so that’s something just to keep in mind if you guys are looking into getting a
bag like this so also inside of the bag it comes with this card that says Teddy
Lake New York the back of the car just explains how to clean the product which
is actually very important especially because it’s real leather and it just
explains how it’s handmade and other details about the product so I love that
so I’m gonna show you guys how on the inside and all the little tiny
details as the silver hardware on the frontier I love this like square detail
it does come with the lock also inside but I just don’t like to use the lock I
like it sleek just like this so with these here I like to fully pull them out
just like that I like to stretch this out as much as possible and I’m okay
with them just hanging like that with this bag you can either pull the strap
here and put it over here and close it up like that just like this
and it just keeps it more small more tighter like that what I like to do is I
do like to take them out I don’t like to put them on there because the bigger the
bag the better for me so the handles are a really good size as well they aren’t
big enough for you to pull it over your shoulder but I will show you what else
it comes with also comes with a really nice shoulder strap I really like the
length of it it’s not super long but I feel like it’s long enough so that it
still looks like a person not so much a ruler on crossbody bag so that’s
something I really like about it and it also has the silver hardware on the end
so on the inside it has this really soft suede interior I’m obsessed with it I
think it makes it look so rich I love it so much and it has this large pocket on
the interior here which I love for my phone and my iPod I always put my phone
my ipod in that pocket and I love that it is super wide and then on the back
side we have this flap that you guys can actually I’ll show you guys what this
does so that is what that flap does it flops over here and the two pieces of
hardware here and you can fold this over as well but again I just like it super
clean and I never close my bag so I just like these opened and I want to show you
guys this really nice pocket that they have at the back here this is if a
pocket at the back it is really nice and white as well you can fit so many
different things in there and again I just love how the interior has this
really soft suede inside this bag is definitely very very practical I think
that when before I had a larger bag than this one this was a little bit smaller
than mine and I felt with the big bag just got so super-heavy and I feel like
I just kept stuffing stuff inside of it it is 12 inches I’ll show you guys a
close-up of it so you guys couldn’t see on the inside they’re all the suede cuts
the back of it just really nice and plain and also comes with this little
hook here at the back by the strap which is really cute because you guys can pin
your keychain on there with your keys if you want to and it’s actually really
super easy to find your keys I can definitely see myself using this in
everyday bag and I mean my last one is basically the exact same thing as this
except in black and a little bit larger and I have been using that bag for a
very very long time I would say over a year now so going to this one is really
not that big a video because it’s exactly the same sort of style and I
just love that it has the same features as my last handbag especially with the
pocket at the front and the large that were at the back I need that pocket for
my iPhone and my iPod and I also need that learn to stick with pocket at the
back because I carry a time ton ton of things and the other thing I actually
want to mention to you guys is I love how it’s like one big face I don’t
really like my handbags have so many different like departments or dividers
in the center of it I really don’t like that because I feel like I’m constantly
looking for something I just lift one big space where I can see all my stuff
that’s inside my purse so for me it’s just kind of an organization sort of
thing the stitching detail on it I really like
how it’s just very faint it doesn’t like pop out at you because that’s something
that I wouldn’t like if it was very like white and bright so I really like that
the stitching is also very very neat I like how the hardware is actually a nice
silver and it’s not like a tacky silver it’s super super classy so a lot of you
probably want to know price range so for this bank in particular it is five
hundred and nine dollars right now I believe regular it’s seven hundred and
fifty dollars so it’s definitely on sale right now I will include a discount code
below for you guys so that you guys can use it if you guys are interested in
getting the bag it is on the pricier side for sure for 510 dollars but I will
say I can understand why they have priced it that way I can feel I know
leather and I can feel that this is definitely a very very good quality
handmade it’s made in Italy it’s made it all by hand it is a lot
less expensive than buying an actual designer handbag because those can cost
you from like three thousand to ten thousand dollars I can see myself using
this bank for a good two three years so if you think about it two three years
what you’re spending for five hundred dollars is actually not that bad
so I definitely will say as a review on the price it’s definitely not super
super affordable but it is much more affordable than buying a designer
handbag that is actus quality because this I can tell is at the quality of a
really high-end designer handmade so now I’m going to convert from my old mates
my new bag and I’m going to show you guys how much I love it using it I’m
going to show you guys how I’m gonna be using this bag and how practical it is
so in this front pocket here I love putting my iPhone and my iPod that’s the
first thing that’s gonna go in there you’re like it’s so super easy to just
reach in your bag and know that your phone and your ipod is in that pocket
because these two items I use all of the time plenty of times you’re in the day
so it needs to be easy for me to find the next thing I’m going to put in my
bag is my wallet I’ve changed to my black Michael Kors wallet that my sister
gave me so that is just going to be going in the bottom there like that and
then the other thing that’s very important to me is my little makeup
pouch it has everything from my lipsticks my vitamin E my lavender oil
everything is in here so that’s just gonna go right beside my wallet just
like that fitting in the corner it actually fits really really perfect then
I have this other little pouch here that has my little utensils my cuticle cutter
my tweezers stuff like that that’s also gonna go just right behind my wallet
just right there and then my sunglasses case which is also very important that
I’m gonna be using all the time so I was showing you guys that they do come with
this little hook here at the front right by the handles so what’s cool about that
is you can actually hook your keys on to that little hook but how cute is that
like now you know where your keys are all the time the next thing I’m gonna be
putting in here are my gloves so my nude fuzzy gloves that I have to always have
in winter so those I’m just gonna lay it over top it actually covers things
inside of your purse below to privacy to thank you and then I
I did some Kleenex inside my bag as well I’m gonna stick that behind in my makeup
bag all my feminine products are inside this back into the pocket so you get
some privacy of course and I love again that it is very wide so you can tell
that the zipper almost goes the whole way of the bag which is so so good so
and that’s what the bag looks like with all my stuff in it so so cute I really
really love it love it I can find my keys everything fits in it and I still
actually have some room as well okay babes let’s pasting it for my Jenny
Blake review I hope you guys enjoyed if you guys are interested in getting this
exact same bag I’m welding the exact link in the video description box along
with the discount code so that you guys can save a little bit of money make sure
you guys click the notification button and also click off show also that you
guys be notified for all my newest videos I hope you guys enjoyed watching
and I will see you babes next time we’re not home who even uses the home phone
anymore mmm God my voice today subscribe it up
you are my new best friend

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  7. Hey doll! You are too cute! I just wanted to share…the two loops by the handles are for attaching a drop strap. But they do make a pretty good key chain keeper too! Love the handbag!!

  8. Love the bag! I clicked on the link you have posted… just want to confirm the colour you bought, Dark beige or Ficelle?? Also, I'm in Toronto, what's the shipping cost/time??..roughly ? xoxo

  9. Wow it's so bretty! My dream color <3 It looks like a Birkin but it's not and actually i will prefer wearing this than a real Birkin, because i am not rich and if i wear a Birkin i will feel strange 😀 So this bag is more for me haha

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