60% OFF Columbia Backpacks + Cheap RFID Blocker!

60% OFF Columbia Backpacks + Cheap RFID Blocker!

– We’re gonna protect your identity with a huge giveaway. $33 Columbia backpacks and what not to buy. (soft electronic music) Hi, I’m the YouTube
Deal Guy, Matt Granite. I’m here for you everyday
to save you more cash than anyone else in the country. And if you are subscribed, you know that. I give so many items away for free to the amazing people watching and at the end of this
video, I’m gonna give away 12 of these RFID blockers
to protect your identity away for free to subscribers. Also, if you’re watching right now, I just want to mention to everyone, there’s gonna be a live YouTube, but I’m gonna be going live
tomorrow with intern Casey, so all of the intern Casey fans out there, very easy to do. Just set your watch to 5:30
p.m. eastern standard time, we’ll be live right here. You’ll get a notification. If your notifications aren’t turned on, we’ll show you how to do that
at the end of this video. The item I would not buy right now, which we just finished testing. I’m expecting a huge price drop. Smart home thermostats. If you can hold of, keep your alerts on. This is not only a
giveaway, but a huge deal right around the corner. Also, before we get to the
radio frequency ID theft, I want to show you one of my
favorite Columbia backpacks. A $69 Thundercone Daypack from Columbia. We can lower the price to $27.60. Shipping adds six bucks,
but if you’re part of the membership club,
your shipping is free, so just join if you want
to score the free shipping. And then you can really
lock this in the coupon code and the limited time deal is located right under the video screen. Next up, radio frequency ID theft. I featured these last year and sold out. And one of our mom
testers experienced fraud. Our amazing intern Cody experienced fraud. It’s on the rise all around the country. Many of those new chip credit cards, which were meant to be more safe are now getting scanned
left, right, and center. They’re great in protecting
you against certain types of identity theft, but for
database ID theft and well, take a look. – Hey Matt, as you know, a few years ago when I was doing my Christmas shopping, got to the register, my card was denied, I was frauded, it was horrible. Last year, I bought the scanner guard. Had no problems whatsoever. I even told a few of my friends about it, but a couple didn’t listen to
me and what happened to them, they got frauded. I absolutely love it. I bought enough for all my
handbags, all my wallets, this is always with me
whenever I have a credit card. Works like a charm. – Unfortunately, this year intern Cody, you have an issue in
your family too, right? – Yeah, Matt, my father and grandfather recently had security concerns
tied to identity theft with two separate incidents
and this product’s gonna help them stay secured
and protected in the future. – This really is simplicity
and protection at its finest. Very simple, you take one
of the scanner guard cards and place it on the bottom. You sandwich the credit cards in between with another scanner guard card on top. This now has a buffer creating a block. So your credit card
number can’t be lifted. I slide this into the wallet, no issue. You close it, and you are safe. At 18 bucks, down from around 36. The top of the line scanner guard cards that fit into your wallet and
sandwich your credit cards to protect your driver’s license, your credit card numbers,
your debit cards, whatever smart card it is
from pick-pocket thieves using RFID scanners is 100% effective in al circumstances. But all it really takes
is someone to brush up against you when you least expect it. If you want to take
advantage of these deals, there are a lot of
knockoffs on the market. But my problem with them is, they’re not of the same caliber. And you’ll see those sleeves
you actually, physically put your credit cards into them, those are just annoying. These create that barrier on
both sides of your wallet, which is key. And again, that Columbia backpack deal is right under this video screen in a very limited price drop. Alright, you ready? Giveaway time! Using two of Buddy’s random selection tool of find a subscriber who’s commented in the last six months. You guys are each getting four RFID cards. First winner, Brandon Carraway, you rock! Just email support at mattsdailydeals.com to claim your freebie. Second winner, Jose, you are amazing, really appreciate you being here. And our third winner is, Marvin Lawrence who wrote,
“I never win anything.” Marvin, you just won! Yes, all three of you
are getting a two sets of these RFID blockers. I hope you enjoy them. Thank you so much for being here. For everyone else watching right now, if you are not yet subscribed, and you’re looking at
getting in on a giveaway, make sure you don’t miss our live stream right here tomorrow. Very simple process. – Hey everyone, I’m away
at school right now, I miss you all and Matt so much, so I decided to pop in
to one of Matt’s videos. If you want to become a
subscriber to his channel, click on his head somewhere over here and you’ll be come a subscriber and never miss out. And if you want to learn how to comment and turn your YouTube notifications on, click right up here. And if you want to see
another incredible deal, click right over here.

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  1. These are great deals thank you for finding these great deals. One of these times I'm going to be selected to win one of these great deals you find for us.

  2. Watching The Deal Guy always brings a smile to my face, not only because of the great deals but also because you guys are so upbeat. Keep dancing! Thanks.

    2. Better lighting perhaps.
    3. May be a better camera.
    You have a great channel, and I really like your videos. You have a lot of subscribers as well. But your view count is SHOCKINGLY LOW compared to subscriber count. Something's going amiss here.

  4. Thanks for these tips. I seriously need to get some kind of blocking for credit card. So you think these sheets are better than the one you slip your card into? Did you get to test the other kind?

  5. Wait! What? Who are these mofo's doing this? I've never heard about this. (remember, I'm overseas). Is it happening indoors or out? Every mall I enter has metal detectors. The guards at the door look thru my bag and pat me down.

  6. so the chips in the modern cards are not for nfc if your card has nfc and needs that protection there will be a a WiFi looking icon on the back. no icon no nfc

  7. doesn't matter who it is whether rich or poor someone can always benefit from your YouTube channel and your amazing stuff I really hope you're successful in life even when you stop doing YouTube so keep up the good work

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