7 Designer Handbags I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT! *most worn & functional*

– Hello everyone, and
welcome back to my channel. In today’s video I’m
sharing seven designer bags that I have here in my collection, that I can’t live without. Just kidding, I can live
without them very easily. However, these are the bags
that I personally think are the most useful and
the most functional. So, which ones could they be? Could it be my Chanel bag? Or maybe a Gucci bag? Or, maybe one of these? So the next video will be all
about the five designer bags. I’m not gonna share every
single bag that I own, and put it in the best and the worst. There’s a lot that fall in the middle. However, there are, I have a list here, five bags that I’m finding myself loving but, to be totally
honest, I never wear them and I’m not saying I’m gonna sell them or I think they’re bad, but I think it’s interesting
how we love something so much and then we end up just never wearing it. So that will be my next video, so if you are new, subscribe down below so you don’t miss that because it’s definitely what
you might not be expecting. So, the very… I have hair in my mouth. The very first bag that I
just can’t live without, even though I really can live without it, is one of these, but which one is it? The YSL or the Pochette Metis? Because these are very similar and I feel like some people
might think one over the other but the winner is… The YSL College bag. Yes, I love this bag. I wear it so much. I just love it. Ever since I got this, the Pochette Metis has just been sitting
on the shelf a lot more. I’m not saying I don’t
like the Pochette Metis, I want to keep it, but this is just, I think it’s because it’s leather, I don’t have to worry about it. I love this chain strap, but
it still is really comfortable, with this shoulder pad here. It has the amazing little flap
back here for my cell phone, the magnetic closure, guys. It is so easy, and then
it still holds a lot. So, I just really, really like this bag and I can wear it with
a lot of outfits too. I feel like the Pochette Metis
is a little bit more casual, where this, I could wear
it with this outfit, I could wear it with something
very, very dressed down. If you do want a more in-depth
comparison between this, I think LuxMommy, I’m friends with her on
YouTube here, Amanda. She’s not gonna go crazy in-depth, but I’m pretty sure soon
she’s gonna be posting a video contrasting these bags, so if you want to see something
a little bit more in-depth, then check her out. But this is definitely my number one bag and I feel like I’ve been
saying that for a while, so it’s definitely true. I’ve got my Starbucks here, I feel like I’m getting sick
which is super annoying. I’ve got to be peppy. I’ve got to be peppy. Okay, the next bag is this Chanel. What is the name of this, I forget. Oh my gosh, what is it?
(groans) I feel like it’s a location. The Salzburg. The Chanel Salzburg backpack. I love this bag. It is so functional and
guys, I’m telling you, it’s hard to find a good backpack but I have some suggestions and I’ll tell you why I think this, or something like this, is
what you need to look for. Now, obviously everybody
has their own opinion but I think it’s really
important to find one that, it goes, again, with different outfits. So I’ve had ones in the
past that are very casual and even this, it’s not like
I’m dressed to the nines, but that particular
backpack or that style, the Louis Vuitton backpacks
that I had in the past, it just didn’t really go well
with my outfits, I guess. But this one can be dressed
up, it can be dressed down. That is an important factor for me. Another important factor is the ease of getting into the backpack. So you want it to be
somewhere in the middle. You don’t want it to be too hard, where it’s just you see it
sitting there on the shelf and you’re like oh my gosh, it’s gonna be such a pain all day, but you want it to be hard enough that people can’t just
sneak into your backpack, you know what I mean? So this one is right in the middle. I can feel if people are getting into it, but it’s still really easy
for me to get my wallet out, get anything out that I need,
and it holds a decent amount. It’s been a long time coming, guys, but I finally feel really
good about this backpack. I love the color, I think it’s universal
any time of the year, and again, running theme of
the bags that I have here, a nice little spot back
here to hide my cell phone. Yep guys, this is the next bag and I feel like I make
people mad with this bag because everyone seems to get annoyed that it’s so similar to
the Louis Vuitton Alma, but actually it’s different,
and let me tell you why. This is a very good size for my body. The Louis Vuitton Alma
comes in a larger size and it comes in a medium size, and it comes in a mini, mini, mini size. This is in between the
mini and the medium, so it’s a little bit smaller
than just that regular Alma, that just seems too big for me. It just doesn’t work for me. I can use this as a cross body bag, I can use this on the crook of my arm, I can put it over my shoulder. There’s just something
about it that feels so nice. It’s really sturdy, really well made. Again, it has this flap. It holds a lot, and it’s really, really
easy to get in there, like the opening. Pretty sure those snacks have been in here since the last time I filmed. I always bring snacks for the kids and then they don’t eat them. It holds so much stuff. I just thoroughly enjoy it and I find the functionality of it, just the way that I can wear it and how many times I’m reaching for it, I dunno, it’s just a useful bag and I’m so happy I got it. So if this isn’t for you, I understand. Maybe you prefer the Alma, but this Balenciaga bag has done me well. The next bag is a Gucci bag, so I wonder which one it could be. So the winner is… my Gucci Marmont in the medium size. It is in a nude leather and I
love a lot of my Gucci bags. Some I wear definitely more than others. I love that purple one, I always say that, but I definitely have to say that I probably reach for this one the most, just because it does hold quite a bit. The size is so good. Like I said, this is
called the medium size, it is fairly large, but
this nude color guys. It’s just the best nude
shade in my opinion, because it’s not too
yellow, it’s not too blue, it’s just really a neutral nude. And then this gold detailing
here is just so pretty. I do store it, actually,
with this paper in it and that’s just because I
am concerned that over time it’s going to start getting
pointy here at the top because it’s a single flap. My Chanel jumbo double
flap has a double flap for protecting the shape of the bag, so that’s the only thing
I would say about this. I go a little above and beyond with making sure that
it doesn’t get squished but it’s so lightweight
and it holds so much and every time I wear it, I just think it looks so nice. So it’s definitely one that
is very, very well loved and used in my collection. Intermission kitty break! This is my cat, the Kitster. She has made this closet her home. Oh my goodness, she’s whiny. She has a good life,
she needs to be thankful for her huge closet that
she gets to sleep in, and get fur all over my clothes. Carry on. I have your cat fur on my lips. Sorry if this is gross, because I do have a tendency
to gross people out. Any-whosy. So the next bag is a no brainer. I feel like I’ve been bringing it back a lot more on my channel recently. It’s an oldy but a goody, and I’m curious what
your opinion of it is, because there’s many
opinions about this bag and it is the Speedy 30
in the Damier Ebène print and it is the Bandouliere version. So this has been on my
channel from day one. I love it, and I especially
love it with my organizer, so I can link the video
that I recently did talking about how I do stuff this. A lot of things I just
keep in here at all times and then I have a lot of
things that I throw in when I do want to carry this bag. This is the best every day bag, really, so check that video out. I can link it right here. It’s 23 items or something
I carry in my every day bag and it’s a cool video. It gives you some idea
of what you might need and it just gets your life
a little bit more organized when it comes to your
bag, but this is so nice. I love it. Comment below if you like it. There’s a lot of people out there that think this is purely
an entry level designer bag and that a lot of people have it, so they would never want
to be seen wearing it, but still, this is an expensive bag so to say that this isn’t
worthy of a designer bag seems kind of weird to me, but I understand everyone
has their preferences too. So I’m really curious
what your opinion is, comment down below. So when thinking of
bags that are so useful, really functional, can be worn
in a lot of different ways and a bag that I actually wear, I have to talk about
this Senreve Maestra Bag. Now, let me just ask myself
a few questions for you, on your behalf. Is this video sponsored by Senreve? No. Do I have a discount
code that I can give you and you can save money, but
then, it in turn makes me money? No, I don’t have that. Does Senreve know that
I’m filming this video and that I’m gonna talk about this bag? Again, no. I haven’t told them anything. They have no idea I’m filming this video. Was this bag gifted to me? Yes. This bag was gifted to me,
but I really, really like it. I wear it a lot. I have it in the mini-size,
which was also gifted to me, and I have it in the large size, and I wore that large, black Maestra Bag for so many months to work. I recently purchased a Tory Burch bag, and I’ve been wearing that lately but I still like the large one. I think that this midi
size, which is the medium, is the most versatile. You can wear this bag four different ways and I wear it probably in all of the ways. I do love how it can be a backpack. I probably do gravitate
more towards my Chanel one, but this is a really good backpack and again can be worn
with a lot of outfits, but I also love how it looks cross-body and over the shoulder. It really is very, very
versatile, functional and useful. Let me just talk about the inside, because it’s so nice and it holds a lot. That’s something that I do
hear some complaints about. Because it holds so much, this
bag can get pretty darn heavy and I definitely agree with that, but I think it is a
beautiful bag that I don’t, I know it was gifted to me, but I love it. So the next bag that I just love so much and I can’t live without but I
really could live without is, insert the cheesy music
clip of drum rolls… (drum roll) my Louis Vuitton Neverfull Tote. So, it’s a great bag. It could be better. It doesn’t have a zipper. That’s a thing that I feel
a lot of people would want, but that doesn’t stop
me and I just feel like, I know I don’t wear
this as an every day bag because it’s the GM
size, it’s pretty large, but I wear it every single time I travel and I do have an insert in here as well and it’s full of stuff. And I just, I don’t know, I love it and I can’t live without it. Even though again, I totally
could live without it, but, at the end of the day, you just need a really good tote and this one fits the bill for me. I love the red interior, I love the brown checkered
pattern of the Damier Ebène print and it’s just been such a good purchase. So it’s kind of like the Speedy. A lot of people have Neverfulls,
but it doesn’t bother me. It’s functional, it’s useful,
I get so much wear out of it. That is this video guys. I really hope you enjoyed it. Stay tuned for the bags that I never wear and I do want to say that, for those bags, I still love them, but I am gonna talk about I guess why I don’t really wear them, even though I want to keep
them because I do like them. So, stay tuned for that,
subscribe below if you’re new. Thank you for watching this one, and I’ll see you on this video, next. I’ll link another one. Bye!

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