7 fashion trends for 2020 that you NEED TO KNOW! *GET READY TO SLAY!!*

7 fashion trends for 2020 that you NEED TO KNOW! *GET READY TO SLAY!!*

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let’s go the first trend is exposed decolletage weird neck lines loads of
brands are kind of doing very strange and interesting things with this area of
the body this year it was very much like a kind of square shape it’s not leaving
us okay it’s coming back and it’s coming back in full force and get ready to have
your boob game strong truly this is the only advice I can give you because we’re
gonna be seeing it everywhere we saw this very much on Jacquemus
at Proenza miu miu bottega which is the biggest it brand at the moment that’s
gonna carry on into next year keep your eyes open we’re gonna be seeing way more
from bottega another trend that is a continuation of this year are romantic
florals not only just florals the kind of romanticism in general imagine things
like bustier kind of situations built into tops we’re gonna be seeing a lot of
that there’s a brand called I think you pronounce it Khaite Khaite Khaite I think so
one of their tops actually is one of those pre-ordered items on moda
operandi for the next season so people are loving it people love it loving the
built in scaffolding the kind of Little House on the Prairie very kind of
romantic and whimsical and extremely feminine frills even more poofy
shoulders and bigger sleeves and all of that a lot of people are offsetting the
kind of Romanticism vibe with like very masculine features of the outfit like a
very cutesy a romantic dress with some like bone crusher
boots kind of thing you know to kind of balance the look trend number three is a
color that we will be seeing a lot of and that is quite okay
everybody is going to be loving whites summer whites winter whites they’re all
going to be happening for us okay the most recent Valentino collection I think
like a crazy percentage of that collection was white we’re gonna be
seeing a lot of it white cotton pieces white shirt dresses for the summer that
kind of thing really really my only ask for whites is that they are double lined
like let’s just make our lives easier and just make sure that everything is
double lined and I can live my best underwear life the next trend is a trend
I fully support I’m 100% behind and that is the continuation of utility example
number one over there this kind of thing we’re going to keep seeing a lot off
okay shoes with pockets shoes with tiny bags
attached to them fendi are during this DSquared2 are doing this Prada you’ve
seen the Prada boots that everybody wants and loves they have got this down
on lock okay this is definitely something that’s gonna continue
Louis Vuitton have come out with a kind of utility belt which is a belt with a
number of useful pockets attached to it just to make sure everything’s at your
fingertips we’re definitely also gonna be seeing
more than one bag at once whether it’s a concoction kind of like this or it’s
like a mini bag paired with a bigger tote kind of vibe but I’m very here for
it I love the utility vibe I think it’s interesting and just you don’t like a
little bit fun you know may I have like a weird thing with Lara Croft even
though I’ve never seen any of the Lara Croft films or played any of the games
but I like her vibe trend number five that I am doing for this video is
statement earrings the bigger the better the bigger the hoop the bigger the hoe
hoe it out when it comes to the earrings Versace was really rockin some large
earring it’s down the runway okay they were just absolutely loving them in gold
with these kind of jewel tones that kind of thing I think that it’s one of those
things honestly you could just put on a black sweater and jeans and throw on
some like ridiculously interesting earrings whatever and just it just all
of a sudden just like elevates the look gives it a little edge makes it a little
bit more interesting and look like you thought about it even though you haven’t
so the next trend is a color family and this family of colors is sunset think
yellows oranges burnt oranges pinks kind of fuchsias maybe even like a like a red
vibe okay that kind of sunset family and we’re
gonna be seeing a lot of I love it it’s kind of taking the neon thing and
muting it down a bit so it’s like okay I see your neon yellow and we’re gonna
scale it down to a sunset yellow to kind of warm and fiery yellow five kind of
thing so that’s how I see neon being reworked still flex with your neon
honestly because I’m going to be but I’m just saying this is the way we’re going
the last trend is one that I feel might be a little bit scary for a lot of
people it’s a little bit scary for me but I feel like there is a time and a
place for this trend and this trend is sexy okay we are back to mini dresses
back to skirt slits cutouts things like that highlighting the fact that you
haven’t been to the gym for months I’m triggered if you can tell I feel like
with this whole sexy vibe that’s going I mean the Versace is one of those brands
that is just timelessly sexy but they were kind of doing this attico is
another brand that is doing these like mini dresses brandon Maxwell those
kind of brands here’s a thing with the whole sexy thing let’s not let’s not get
too scared of it the good thing about this trend is that there’s different
ways of doing it like oh maybe you want to have an off-the-shoulder top or it might be let’s flash a little bit of thigh with a little bit of a thigh slit you know
whatever the options are really there and you can really take it as far as not
so far as you would like to and I think that that’s the good thing about trends
in general is that you can pick and choose little aspects of each thing you
like and rock them while still feeling confident and as comfortable as you want
to take them you know guys let me know which trends you are excited about let
me know if you’ve heard of any other trends that you’re excited for for 2020
so that we can all slay the game together I’m going to link to another
trends video here in case you wanna spend more time with me you know
guys have an amazing morning afternoon or evening wherever you’re on your see
my next video bye guys

82 thoughts on “7 fashion trends for 2020 that you NEED TO KNOW! *GET READY TO SLAY!!*

  1. Cassie, looking gorgeous in that top! Could you do a list of best designer deals (bags and shoes specifically) for Black Friday in the UK? I know a lot of people are doing that but i would love to know your recommendations. Love your style. Xx

  2. Loving the romantic white and floral things haha! Also! We want to see your black Friday and cyber Monday purchases🎉❤

  3. Thank you Cassie. Mostly loved of all these trends for me is the utility thing, especially when it comes to bags, and especially if her name is CHANEL 😉 xx

  4. This was great because you gave me the chance to just know the trend not necessarily wear it

    The one trend that I’m really not happy about is high waisted pleated or baggy jeans that taper at the ankle it doesn’t do me any favors

  5. 😅 “Let’s just make our lives easier and just make sure that everything is doubled lined and I can live my best underwear life.” 😬

    Yes please, even tho it should always.

    But I cannot with the utility boots and all, looking straight out of jail 😂

  6. Utility I agree, def everyone jumping on that train…..
    bigger the hooop lol this brings me back to middle school…
    I love some statement jewelry….

  7. Omg yess, i agree with everything but the most with the utility bags and shoes😍 i am in love with the prada bag like i need it!😍😍

  8. I'll be doing the romantic, white, sexy, interesting necklines and if I see a fiery color I like, I'll be doing that too. Great video. I Would…Really…Love…to Know, what you think of Balmain. Thanks Cassie!!!! 😉

  9. I’m all for the combat boot trend especially the Chanel ones 😍 not sure I’d want pockets on them lol but love all the news of the trends so I can stay on point!

  10. i need to go to the gym because i 100% want to participate in the sexy trend! the statement earring and utilitarian trend is so my style so i love ittt!

  11. I love your fashion advice it's always so spot on. I watched your versace collection video the other day and died over your bag collection. Deceased. Love your channel❤

  12. Can you straighten your hair for your next video ? I would love to see how your hair looks! But I’m really loving your natural hair it’s just like mine 🙂

  13. Informative as always! May i know where your watch is from? Have been eyeing it for quite sometime. Couldn't find it in the description box.

  14. Yaaasss, huge earnings are EVERYTHING…. Im all in on the white too…. Rock it with CONFIDENCE…. CASSIE❌⭕❌⭕❤❤❗❗

  15. Every time I open YouTube the first thing I do is check to see if there’s a new video from you 😂 also I’m so ready for square necklines !

  16. You’re so pretty Cassie , and I Love your clipped tones 🥰 I could listen to you for hours .. you’d be boss on TV as a fashion advisor ..
    the earrings thing .. was the same in the 80s .. my decade ☺️

  17. Sunset! Earrings! Florals! Cleavage! I am excited for 2020. If only democracy would come back into fashion, it’d be perfect.

  18. I love your personality. You are so unapologetically YOURSELFFFF. ANYWAY, loved the statement earring trend. Oh and the utility trend is something I am really looking forward to. X themavenlifestyle.com

  19. I guess I played it right getting a huge white faux leather trench and a few pairs of big bold hoops these past few months lol. It’s really exciting starting to get good at guessing what’s coming and going. Still enjoy seeing others’ ideas too tho 💕

  20. My aunt used to say, “if your hoop earring isn’t big enough to sit a budgie, you can go back to studs” 😂

    Wearing hoop earrings to her is like all or nothing. Go big or go back 😂

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