7 Tips To PACK LIGHT & Avoid Luggage Fees (Travel Essentials For Men)

7 Tips To PACK LIGHT & Avoid Luggage Fees (Travel Essentials For Men)

How to Pack for a Week
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Nothing ruins a trip more than too much luggage. You have to pay extra, wait too long at baggage
claim, and it’s a real struggle lugging it around. You can solve these problems by packing light. If you can pack for a whole week in one carry on
bag, you save yourself time and money on your travels. Here are seven steps to pack light for a week. [Music] Save space in your luggage by rolling your clothes instead of folding it. This way, you can pack them more tightly in your suitcase. You can also save room by layering your trousers and jackets. Let the ends hang out of your suitcase and fold the garments in on themselves. [Music] Bonus. This will minimize wrinkles saving you an ironing job once you get to your hotel. [Music] Another space saver? Roll up your socks and underwear. And stuff them in the shoes you’re going to pack. [Music] Most shoes will fit 2 or 3 pairs of either. [Music] Don’t forget to keep your suitcase clean, gentlemen. Cover your shoes with a plastic bag or shower cap to prevent them from getting dirt all over your clothes. [Music] Finally, you’ll also want to prevent sticky messes in your luggage caused by leaky toiletry bottles. Here’s how. Cut out small pieces of plastic wrap and seal your soap bottles shut with the plastic between the cap and the bottle. Boom! No more messes. [Music] Thanks for watching gentlemen. Why not share this video with a jet setting friend or two? [End of Audio]

52 thoughts on “7 Tips To PACK LIGHT & Avoid Luggage Fees (Travel Essentials For Men)

  1. Me packing light is just bring a fresh pair of underwear in case we hit some turbulence on the plane ✈️

  2. I was just wishing to Get such a Useful Video.. Thank you and love you Antonio #RMRS #Love ♥️♥️♥️

  3. Have you mastered the rolling of your clothes method? Comment below!

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  4. These animation style videos get to the point! Well done. 😀Packing light is every traveller's dream. Who wants to carry a piece of heavy luggage everywhere? 😂

  5. I'm a big fan and I just realized I never subscribed! What's wrong with me? Sub! Thanks for all the help.

  6. Awesome video, thanks Antonio!

    My favorite tip for packing light is to wear the heavier stuff. I find ONE blazer serves me well for most holidays, so I wear it the day of the flight.

    I've been stuffing my shoes with socks and underwear for years. Grat minds think alike, it would seem! 👊

  7. 3 pairs of shoes? Waste of valuable space. A hat seems to be unnecessary too unless it's a baseball hat that slips in your outside pocket of you bag. Wearing a sport jacket on the plane instead of packing was missed too. This list wasn't real world enough for either business or pleasure. Sorry, but been in the air for nearly 20 years. Maybe next time, mention things like suiters and how keeping shirts and slacks in the original dry cleaning bags prevents them from wrinkling.

  8. This is the best moment of the year to post this video!
    I will use these tips next week when I travel

  9. I love the old rmrs entrance!
    Grazie tanto, tanto, tantisimo, Antonio!
    Who was the voice of the video by the way?

  10. Awesome man🙌
    Love this new animated video.
    Wanna learn this animation.
    Love you big brother ❤️❤️

  11. Amazingly I also use these rules for travel. Unfortunately since most of it is for work, I have to add a backpack with the same dimensional restrictions for my tech devices and dopp kit. It works, and never have to check any bag in, especially of my fear of bags not arriving at final destination when traveling internationally. Thanks for the video.

  12. Good information to pass along. I just feel it would be better delivered by you and without the background music. Your subscribers watch your videos to get direct info from you i feel. not to watch a video anyone can post that we can see anywhere. My opinion. As always, keep the videos coming Antonio!

  13. You showed T-shirts being rolled up in this video. Is it fine to be rolling up button-down collard shirts as well? How do you store the sport coat you're taking with you?

  14. Hey Antonio I have a great build but a super bad "farmers tan" and the beach season is almost up and I want to look good with my shirt off. Any tips? Please Please help.

  15. Great Info  I agree with this !  I always just pack one  carryon backpack for my  20 day trips.  You can easily buy items there.  and There is Laundry there or you can do it yourself.

  16. Pack like author Lee Childs character Jack Reacher. Toothbrush; passport for identification and your ATM card. Buy your clothes at the local Goodwill when you get to your destination

  17. “Eid Mubarak! Warm wishes and prayers. May Allah shower all happiness on you and your family this Eid-ul-Fitr.”

  18. Once my older brother taught me to military roll my clothing, I NEVER had problems again packing. My hubby says I am not the stereotypical female when it comes to the skill of packing light- which is a compliment, to be sure! Neatness counts and I am definitely an efficient, neat freak (neat neat, tidy tidy).

  19. Shoes take a lot of bulk up , try take your one best all round shoes , if you can use a washing machine just take enough to rotate them in the god dam thing.

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