73 Questions with Victoria Beckham | Vogue

73 Questions with Victoria Beckham | Vogue

100 thoughts on “73 Questions with Victoria Beckham | Vogue

  1. Of all the stars I have seen that this man asked them questions,this girl is one of the most respectful and humble ,go and look 73 questions with Kendall,she didn't even offer him water.

  2. She’s really happy right now?????? 😳😳Oh man that face😖 So she doesn’t just not smile ever but she truly purposely looks angry all the time? I never realized that it was intentional. Man that forehead doesn’t budge does it? I’m sad for her. How does a woman with all that fame & money AND that gorgeous man and babies have such a deep insecurity about her looks & aging? She needs to be insecure about looking insecure. I wonder if after seeing herself here if she’s made any changes?

  3. I wondered for a second how she would manage an interview of this kind without her rigid pre-programmed pose (facing sideways on and looking at the camera) but even in this she manages to position herself every time so that she can still deliver that same pose without letting her guard down for a second. Her vanity knows no limits. I'd like to see her just relax, look directly at the camera, let herself go just for once. She's still a national treasure but nevertheless she's so stiff and vain, I find it extremely irritating.

  4. Came to watch this after the Liam Gallagher 73Q. This is terrible, so scripted and rehearsed. I feel for Victoria because I'm really not sure she's comfortable in her own skin. Btw…the Liam Gallagher 73Q is hilarious.

  5. Do you know that orange is the least favorite color in the world? She seems like an intense person. ( I love orange too).

  6. What's up with that awkward walk and extremely awkward almost-hug-turned-into-arm-grab thing at the beginning of the video?

  7. I can't stand such people, i mean she might be sweet but looks so cold and uninterested and serious and what not. I'd never even talk to such a person.

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