8 Tips for TRAVELING with your DRONE

8 Tips for TRAVELING with your DRONE

– What is up guys? Let’s talk about
traveling with your drone. (techno music) Guys, if you’re new to this channel and this is the first video you’ve seen, then you probably don’t
know what’s going on. So basically, for the
entire month of December, I’m putting out a new
camera tutorial every day, or photography or something
in the filmmaking world. So it’s 31 days of filmmaking,
awesome and cool stuff. So guys, if you end up liking this video, make sure you hit that subscribe button. Alright, so we’re talking
drone and traveling, two things I love, I love
drones, and I love traveling. But people always ask me
what kind of cases I use or how do you travel with a drone, like how do you check things? So that’s the topics that we’re
gonna go into in this video. Okay, so I’ve narrowed it down to eight things that
you need to think about when you’re traveling with your drone. Alright, the first one, and
this is like the biggest thing that I try to tell people all the time, and that is know the rules and regulations before you go into a country. Before you even step foot
on a plane, wherever it is that you’re leaving from
going to somewhere else, make sure you know the
rules and regulations. If you’ve seen some of the
other videos on this channel, you’ll realize I’ve had
my drone taken at customs in Nicaragua, they took
it and it really sucked. I’ll put a link the description to that video so you can check it out, the whole story behind
what happened there. You don’t want that to happen. Let me tell you, it is the worst feeling when customs agents are
sitting there with your drone and saying, you can’t take
this into the country. And they put it in a box and that’s it. Well, there goes my drone. You don’t want that to happen. There’s plenty of
information on the web about country’s laws and regulations
and all that good stuff. Just go into Google and type
in drone rules and regulations in Nicaragua, and you’ll
see a ton of stuff pop up. Just start going through
the different listings and see what information is out there on the country you’re going in. Usually you’ll find it
pretty quick, if not, go into some forums, check
out what other people are talking about flying
in different countries. Don’t wait ’til last minute when you’re trying to figure this out. Give yourself a week or something. And if you’re in the US and
you’re flying somewhere else in the US, I would say do
the same type of research. Where it is that you’re going, you might not be able to fly a drone. So if you’re flying
somewhere to go check out a national park, well
guess what, you can’t fly. So what’s the point in bringing your drone unless you’re gonna be outside the park doing something else, but if you’re going just to go see like Yellowstone,
there’s a good chance that there’s no reason
to even bring the drone. Okay, the next tip I have for you is have protective
cases for all your gear. So I put my drone in
hard, protective cases. I like the ones that are really snug and fit right around the drone, because that way I can pack it
in my bag with other things. Some people will have just a case that has all the parts in the case. For my Spark I have that. For my Mavic I have the individual cases. I’ll put a link in the description to the ones I use for
my Spark and my Mavic. Personally, I love having a
smaller footprint with my drone because I’m working with
a bunch of other gear and I want to be able to just slide it in my bag with some other stuff. So I don’t know where I’m
gonna be when I’m traveling, I don’t know the situation,
having a big drone case doesn’t necessarily always work, so that’s why I go for the smaller cases. Backpack is super important. So when I had the Phantom
3, I had a special backpack just for the drone, and I
could fit some stuff around it. With the smaller drones,
which is why I suggest using like a Mavic to travel or a Spark, you can pack it in with your other stuff. The bag I use is an ultra
light camera bag from F-Stop. They have some great backpacks, I’ll put a link to that one below. Guys, I don’t need to keep saying it, if I’m talking about a product,
I’ll put in the link below just so you guys can take a look at that. I like an ultra light
backpack, I like something that’s not gonna be super heavy, something that has a frame
so it sits well on my back, and then also I like modular systems. So I don’t like backpacks that have like, the predefined cutouts for everything. I would rather build my own layout. So with the ultra light that I use, I have things in different bags. And that’s what I’m saying with the drone, the protective cases, there’s
small little protective cases so when I put ’em in the backpack, I could fit things in differently depending on what gear I’m
bringing for what trip. So if I’m bringing my stabilizer, multiple cameras, a ton of lenses, or if I’m just bringing
like a couple things, then maybe I’ll put a jacket, water bottle, and some
other stuff in there. Something to keep in mind,
you really just gotta find the backpack that works for you. It’s taken me years to find a backpack that I’m really happy with. And actually this one is pretty awesome, I think I’m gonna be using
this bag for a while. Okay, another big tip
when you’re traveling is carry all your drone stuff on you. The last thing you wanna
do is put your drone in like a checked bag and
then have it disappear or have it broken when you
show up at the location. So that’s, again, why I
say I use smaller drones, because I can pack it in my backpack and keep it on me wherever I’m going. And even if it is bigger,
say like the Phantom 4, you can put that in a hard case or another type of rolling bag that you can put in the
overhead compartment. So I like to either have it on my back, my backpack, or I bring
a second rolling bag and that has other gear in it
and that goes in the overhead. You just don’t want to check
things if you don’t have to. There’s only certain
situations, I would say, you’d check something,
but for the most part, always have your camera
gear, your drones, all that, on you when you’re going
through the airport and going to another
country or another state or wherever it is that you’re going. Okay, another important one
for the safety of your gimbal is use some sort of clamp, either the one that came with your drone,
but if you’re like me, and you accidentally threw
that away a long time ago, buy a replacement, get a clamp on there, so that your gimbal is
not spinning freely. You’re gonna be throwing
your backpack on, off, you’re getting on and off planes. If your connection is tight,
you’re gonna be running through the airport, you might get hit. There’s a lot of things that
are gonna happen with your bag, so you don’t want your
gimbal flying around and to get broken in transport. Alright, when you land,
before you start flying, I have a couple things
that I suggest you do before you get out there and start getting those awesome shots. So you’re gonna wanna reset
your gyro and your IMU. So basically those are the
things that keep your drone stable in the air, that keeps
it from drifting, tilting, doing all that stuff,
keeps it super stable. Things may happen when you’re traveling. It may go out of whack by the time you get somewhere and you start flying. Just a precautionary thing, get there, reset your stuff, make
sure that everything’s good to go before you start flying. Okay, the next tip goes
right along with that. You need to do a test flight. So you need to turn on your drone, make sure everything’s connected, make sure the GPS is
working, all that good stuff. Then take it up, let it sit
there for 20, 30 seconds, bring it back down, land it,
and then turn it all off, because you want to do a test flight. Basically, the test flight makes sure that everything’s working properly, that you’re not gonna get a flyaway as soon as you take it up in the air. What happens if like 20
seconds into your flight you loose connection and it takes off? So you just want to make sure that things are working properly. I had an issue when I was in Ecuador. I actually did not do
this, and I took it off and it went flying right
away, and within 15 seconds, I lost connection and
the drone went crazy. It was like flying all over the place and smashed into a brick wall. It sucked. Take it up, let it sit for a
little bit, bring it back down. You know everything’s working,
now you can start flying. And it’s just one of those things when you’re traveling
and you’re moving a lot, you just gotta make sure
everything’s in working order. Drones are a highly
technical piece of gear. There’s a lot that could go
wrong, it’s not just a toy, and a lot of people treat
it like it’s just a toy that they just take it up and
fly and get a cool picture. But there’s a lot going
on, so just make sure things are in working
order before you fly. Okay, and my last tip
is be smart and be safe. If you’re feeling a little
sketched out where you’re at, maybe it’s the people,
maybe it’s the location, don’t fly, don’t do it, just wait, maybe there’s gonna be a
better opportunity to fly. If you’re traveling internationally, you don’t know if the
locals are gonna be hostile. So if you’re getting a bad
feeling about something, I just wouldn’t take the drone up, ’cause you’re gonna draw
more attention to yourself. You know, most of the times when I travel, I never have any issues,
and usually the locals, wherever we’re at, will
wanna see what’s going on and hang out, watch
the drone, do all that. Some people just don’t even care. But there are situations
where you start getting looks, you start having people talking amongst themselves and walking over. You just don’t want to get in a situation where something bad is gonna happen. So just be aware of your
surroundings, be safe, be smart. Think about it, if you have a
bad feeling, just don’t fly. Alright you guys, so those are my tips for when you’re traveling with a drone. Have fun, be safe, and also
don’t let your drone take over your entire vacation, wherever
it is that you’re going. Don’t make everything
about flying your drone. Take it up, get some cool shots, but then also enjoy the experience. And this is something I
tell people all the time, is that when you’re traveling, you wanna be there in the moment, you don’t always wanna be
sitting behind technology. Get those shots, make the awesome film, do whatever it is that
you’re doing with your drone, take a step back, put it away, put it in your backpack,
and enjoy the moment. Because you’ll have a
much better experience when you take a step
back from always shooting and always being connected. Alright guys, that is it. Make sure you hit that
subscribe button if you like this video and you wanna
see more videos like this. Like I said, I’m doing
31 videos this month. All of December, a new video every day. It is a lot of work. There’s a lot I’m putting into this. I am also traveling this month. I am shooting a ton of these right now, I’m actually shooting like, I’ve shot like a bunch
in the last few days because I’m jumping on
a plane to New Zealand. I need to get a bunch of these uploaded because I have no idea
what the internet situation is gonna be, I don’t even know what I’m doing in New Zealand yet. But we’re jumping on a
flight in a couple days, so I’m gonna put a bunch of
these ready to go on YouTube so I don’t miss a day,
but then I’ll pick back up and start shooting more of
’em as I get into New Zealand. And I’ll shoot some awesome
footage while I’m there that I can use in these
filmmaking tutorials. There’s some cool stuff coming, I got a lot of awesome
videos ready for you. So make sure you hit that subscribe button and turn on those notifications
so you don’t miss one. Alright guys, so if you haven’t already, head over to Instagram,
checks us out at wanderworx, and I will see you on the next one.

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