8 Ziploc Bag Tricks That Make Life Easier

8 Ziploc Bag Tricks That Make Life Easier

98 thoughts on “8 Ziploc Bag Tricks That Make Life Easier

  1. We're just scraping the surface with these tricks. Got any other cool uses for zipper bags?
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  2. The only other thing I use bags for are filling them with water and freezing them. It's an effective ice pack for food storage. Speaking of ice, I freeze filled plastic amd unopened water bottles riggt before going through plane security. That's a solid, so it's all ok.

  3. Uhh.. can we talk about how those freezie-pops are just dangling in the freezer? Don't just show that shit like it's a totally normal way to store them

  4. We can also make smaller bags by pressing a hot knife on the Ziploc bag there by sealing the smaller bags.

    We could make tube like Ziploc bags and use them to make popsicles.

    I'm just suggesting what I learnt from King Of Random.

  5. I'm going to combine the duct tape trick with the cold pack hack and make a sturdy bag before freezing it. I'm even going to write on the duct tape what it is rather than leave the open/weak area. =)

  6. I used the reinforced bag idea to make a stash bag when I was in California. I just covered the bag with masking tape and drew a design on it (duct tape is harder to draw on)

  7. Thawing frozen meats and vegetables. Fill a sink or bowl with hot tap water and put the meat/veg in a bag, use the trick in the video to get as much air out , seal it and put it into the water. Safer than leaving it out and slow enough it doesn't cook the contents. Also if something happens (like a last minute invite to go out for a meal) you can just wipe the excess water off the bag and refrigerate/freeze it again (although don't refreeze more than once or twice).

  8. If it rains a lot where you live and you can't afford an otterbox or waterproof phone you can put your phone in a zip bag. Your bluetooth headset will still work

  9. You can use a zipper bag and a piece of cardboard and put it inside the bag and add important documents that shouldn’t get wrinkled inside your bag. like if you agree

  10. he's one= Do any of you fish? the small "snack size" ones works great for taking with you just a few soft lures instead of taking the whole bag and you can take more choices in less space.

  11. Placing your travel size lotions and potions in your glove compartment may work short term, but unless you want your liquids separated or altered from the heat or freezing, I wouldn't recommend it. I do like the bags over the mirrors though.

  12. Tbh the best life hack channel ever. All the other channels are so shit these days, their hacks don’t work, it doesn’t make any sense and it just creates more work for you.

  13. I use a zipper bag to put all my liquids in my suitcase when traveling. Things like shampoo, hair spray, shave cream, etc. How many times have you arrived at your destination only to find your suitcase is soaked because something leaked?

  14. I use my ziploc bags to asphyxiate my victims, works every time! They're slightly thicker than normal plastic bags so no unsightly holes for your victims to breathe from!

  15. When I fold my bed sheets I tuck the set into a 2 gallon zipper bag to keep them all together and fresh until it's time to change sheets again.

  16. When going on vacation with kids. I put an entire outfit in a gallon zipper bag. Socks, undies, shorts, and shirt and anything else. Squeeze all the air out. Saves spaces and kid can dress the self without throwing everything out of suitcase looking for stuff

  17. I also use the gallon size bags for travel. I've had things leak and it's annoying. This works well for a household emergency kit, so if your kit gets wet the contents are wet.

  18. There is no safe plastic. It's just a pollutant that we all use then toss it mostly after one use. These are neet uses I'll agree but we should get rid of all this stuff and use recyclable natural products. Just saying…

  19. What a waste of my time. Not one of these "hacks" is innovative or hasn't been seen before a million times

  20. I put my fruits and veggies in zipper bags before putting them in fridge. Helps to seal odors of onion to itself and to keep tomatoes from smelling like onion

  21. Ziploc bags are the best for organising!

    In my tool bag I have one with my most common used screwdrivers, one with less common use screwdrivers etc.

    In my desk draw. One for pens, paper clips etc, one with ram, one with my most common used cables, etc.

    The best place of all was the garage, with ziploc bags used within my plastic storage tubs. (ie tub of power adapters has 6 bags each with different types of adapters)

  22. Reusing the same hack 3 times lol. rubbing alcohol, sponge, zip bag all for freezer cold packs lol.

  23. Did anyone else see the thumbnail and think it was some new way to sniff drugs?
    …and here's a life hack for all you druggies out there. Take a zip lock bag, fill the bottom of the bag with your drug of choice and zip it closed, shake the bag to aerosolize the powder, open the bag just enough to fit straw into the bag, insert one end of the straw into the bag and the other end into your nostril and cover your other nostril with your finger, now force the bag flat with the palms of your hands and viola! You just power snorted enough drugs to kill a horse in no time!

  24. I tried using the funnel before I saw this video and I couldn’t get it to work so I made a funnel out of Saran Wrap which kind of works

  25. Too expensive to use zip bags as shipping material. Instead, use the extra plastic shopping bags from retail stores…just crumple and shove….

  26. I have an idea for a zip lock or any plastic bag. Take a sandwich bag and put something like a skateboard wheel in the bag make it tight fit and wrap the duct tape around the wheel and bag but not above the wheel leave that part be and cut the pieces for the bottom and tape it really good with layers to make it as thick as you want it..then cut the top of the bag off where the tape is around the wheel and take the wheel out and if it makes sense let me know and I will tell you how to make the lid for it. It is a little stash box or container

  27. At my school everyone would blow up the ziplock {bag that was used to store your lunch}and stomp on it it would make the loudest BANG and it was used to annoy everyone but it was fun

  28. I used gallon sized ziploc bags to transport sick kids to the doctor. I'd insert it into a paper bag and set it next to the sick child. If they were ill in the car the bag was readily available to use when needed. The paper bag hides the yucky contents and the ziploc seals in the stench.

  29. Nope, my vacuum sealer is a necessity. I used to do the straw trick to such air out of bags to freeze foods, but nothing compares to a vacuum sealer. They're pretty inexpensive now too, and they really do keep frozen foods from getting freezer burnt of accumulating frost in the bag.

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