$900 Retail Arb HAUL – $550 PROFIT – Bras, Shoes, and Makeup

$900 Retail Arb HAUL – $550 PROFIT –  Bras, Shoes, and Makeup

(Gary V) Boom, I sold $650,000
in used books on Amazon in 2015. Good sh… Rezzy Resells. You see that?
That’s hustle (music) Luna who’s your favourite Muppet baby?
[Luna] Gonzo [Reezy] Why?
[Luna] Because he likes… [Reezy] Morning guys,
time to make some coffee. Luna is getting better,
she’s still sick. We all slept in the living room on the
floor last night and watched a muppet babies marathon all night (laughs). Luna’s favorite Muppet baby is
Gonzo so that’s pretty awesome, I’m about to make some coffee. After you get your coffee and your
portafilter, you got to distribute it in a concave method and say hello to the magic of the
Pullman Cat and Cloud tamper. First step to getting money is
get good coffee in your body. What’s up guys, I apologise for not
having a more exciting story these last couple days, my kids are sick
so I’m pulling double-duty. I can’t really get out to hustle much. If you’re watching this
there’s a job available. The job description is called,
doing this so I don’t have to. Would like to introduce to you,
the newest member of our family, say hello to the Miraflores
Honduras single origin espresso. Accounting is done, that is a
tremendous weight off my shoulders, feel so much better. Everybody’s sick. Got to know about your book bundles. I’m about to sneak away from
the house for a minute and try and get some money real quick. I
just got here, I’m at Marshalls, surprise I come here a lot.
I promise you, I’m not leaving here
without some money guys. Grabbing just one pair of these but
it’s going to be a profit of $22, rank is 4,000 in shoes. Two pairs of TOMS up another $20 bucks
each, so $40 for those two pairs. I’m in the makeup and perfume aisle.
I’m starting to feel more and more comfortable in this
aisle every day guys. Already found a winner guys by for $20,
sell for $70, make $30 profit plus easy. Run it back on that, I was
lying guys this is restricted. I got trigger happy forgot
to look it up, no no. Now this is an aisle I’m still slightly
uncomfortable in but I’m learning more and more, don’t periscope. Do not
periscope while you are in the bra, just don’t do it. It’s not a good idea. But do scan all the high end bras.
If you don’t know start scanning you will know, ask your girl,
ask your mom, they know. Time for a pro tip, so I seen a bunch
of these on the rack and they scanned them and they’re not coming up but this
one does come up and it’s a moneymaker. It’s like $15 profit
so I double checked. It all turns out they are the same,
they just actually have different manufacturer barcodes but when
you look on the garment itself, the model numbers the same. I’ve touched more bras
in the last 3 months than I ever have in my
entire life. (laughs) I got like $60 of profit in bras and
$60 in the three pairs of shoes. We’re going to go get some more stuff. Never bought men’s clothing here
before but we’re going to do it, we’re going to make money. Did it guys, this is going to cost me
$30 but it’s going to sell for $70-$75. It’s going to make me $30. I know that was super blurry so there’s
the MSRP. When you see the tag is $30 and the MSRP says $90,
you want to scan that. Another one, look at that colour
combo killing it. Might keep these… Hold my alert guys, if you sell health
and beauty, you know what this means. This is all profit, little big profits. This little tiny box is going to cost
me $15 but it’s going to sell for like $22-$25, $29 maybe. Make like $5-$7
profit easy and there’s four of them so just off the makeup right
here, we’re up like $45. Added another $40 of profit to
the pile with five of these. Done with the makeup, added another
$21 in profit with three of these. All of the makeup I got
was Elizabeth Arden which is a high-end brand name I think. Must have just put this out or
something. Just swooped five or six pairs of these going to make $4-$5
each, the rank is ridiculous. Looks like I’m about done, I’m going
to give it one more walk through and check out the ladies shoes. Then I’m
going to go home and eat some barbecue. Like I predicted, we found some profit.
We got five pairs of these for an expected profit of $85, really
good rank on these Tom’s. This is what the cart looks like guys.
It’s going to be hard to balance this all the way up to the front and I’ll
give you a recap before I leave. My total ended up being $900 and
my expected profit is $560. Not too shabby for an hour and
a half walking around a store. Time to go home and eat some barbecue. (singing) Say whoa, whoa, back
up off me, back up off me. That burger was delicious, so good. Last one for the night guys,
final push before bed time. Hey guys, thanks for watching my video. Please remember to
subscribe to my channel, add your comments down below and give
us a thumbs up if you liked the video. See you later.

12 thoughts on “$900 Retail Arb HAUL – $550 PROFIT – Bras, Shoes, and Makeup

  1. I hope everyone in the family is feeling better.

    Your videos are so informative, I like the way you set up the videos at the end where you stack up the items, and then add their cost and the potential profits. Keep up the great work on those videos. I started FBA in mid October 2015 and you have helped me up my game. Thank you so much. (HelpingPayBills)

  2. By far the most inspirational videos to date. you don't just talk the talk but you walk the walk. Anytime I get discouraged and feel like I'm getting nowhere, I watch one of your videos and get back out there and kill it. Thanks for doing what you do!

  3. DUDE, you need to sip that espresso and SAVOR IT! I'm here drooling when I see that shit, but watching you gulp it down brings a tear to my eye!

  4. that fragrance that is 20 dollars is usaully and normally old amd expired with the smell. similiar to knock off..every smell goigio armani that was 2 yrs old…not quiet the same anymore…thats. an easy way to get a bad review..just saying…they it once…its a gamble forsure

  5. Reezy Resells I recently got approved in apparel and was wondering if I could list clothing which are not by big brands and still follow Amazon's policy

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